Best Shower Caddy Reviews 2022

A shower caddy is absolutely necessary in every bathroom to store your toiletries and cosmetics. It has to be spacious, durable and easy to install. In this review, we picked 5 excellent ones from some of the best shower caddy brands currently on the market. Keep in mind that the larger the family, the bigger the caddy should be! Take a look at our picks and see which one catches your eye.
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Our Top Choice
ToiletTree Products Stainless Shower Caddy
ToiletTree Products is a top-rated seller on Amazon which sells bathroom and travel accessories as well as skin and oral care products.
This 3 shelves shower caddy is not going to rust as it is made from stainless steel. You can store your favorite bathing products on each level for easy access.
The back legs of this shower caddy stick out so it doesn't stay flat on the shower wall. You can keep it standing in any corner of the bathroom!
Floor caddy
Stainless steel
26.5 x 9 x 9 inches
Rust-free guarantee
Best Value
InterDesign York Over Door Shower Caddy
InterDesign designs innovative products for baths and kitchens, as well as storage options. Its products are stylish and practical.
With 2 shelves for bottles and 6 hooks to hang your towel or sponge, the InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy has an elegant design and it is ideal for your bathroom.
One complaint that the InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy didn't fit over the bathroom door. It fits on doors of regular sizes.
 Over the door shower caddy 
Steel and PVC
1 x 21.5 x 6.3 inches
5 colors available
OXO Good Grips Slide & Lock Standing Shower Caddy
OXO specializes in bathroom and kitchen accessories, and most of its products are made from rust-free stainless steel. OXO's products are highly appreciated on Amazon.
This shower caddy is easy to use and install. It fits perfectly in the corner of your bathroom. The top shelf is for the soap and the other two are adjustable.
This shower caddy is only 3 feet tall. The dimensions are mentioned in the specifications.
 Corner standing shower caddy
Stainless steel
9.1 x 16.9 x 36.4 inches
No assembly required
Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy
Simplehuman aims to make everyone’s day-to-day life easier. They design functional and efficient bathroom and kitchen products that are sturdy and modern.
The Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy has 2 adjustable shelves and one soap shelf with stainless-steel structure which can be cleaned easily.
One complaint that the top shelf doesn't have enough space. The dimensions are written in the specifications.
Adjustable shower caddy
Anodized aluminum
5.9 x 13.3 x 27.6 inches
ZPC Zenith Over-the-Showerhead Caddy
ZPC is brand that designs all the furniture and accessories you may need for your bathroom. Its products are innovative, sturdy and well-built.
The Zenna Home Shower Caddy comes in chrome color and it is expandable with 4 adjustable storage bins and hooks to store your products.
One complaint that the Zenna Home Shower Caddy slips. Check out the instructions before using it.
Over-the-showerhead caddy
4.2 x 10.2 x 24.8 inches
2 colors available

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What is the Best Shower Caddy?

When shopping for shower caddies, you have to be mindful about your budget, but as said earlier, you also have to consider the size of your family. That is because if you live alone, you don’t have that many bathroom products and vice-versa. In this review, we tried to incorporate shower caddies in a mixture of types, so hopefully, you are well covered!
Our Top Choice
This Shower Floor Caddy from ToiletTree Products is made entirely from stainless steel and has 3 shelves with a total height of 26 inches. It weighs 3.5 pounds and the baskets are in a triangle style. It also comes fully assembled so you just have to place it in your bathroom. Are you looking for a shower caddy that you can hang on the wall? Check out the ToiletTree Products Stainless Steel Shower Wall Caddy!

ToiletTree Products Shower Floor Caddy, Stainless Steel, Rust Free Guarantee, 3 Tier, 26 Inches Tall

ToiletTree Products designs and manufactures attractive bathroom accessories for your home or travel, and its products come at a reasonable price. You can buy many useful items from this brand such as nose trimmers, fogless shower mirrors and a wide variety of bathroom accessories. At the moment of this writing, ToiletTree Products has almost 200 items available for sale on Amazon, so you have plenty of options to choose from.
This shower caddy is the perfect choice if you want to keep your bath products organized. Its feet have a rubber coating so it won't slip and its storage baskets are deep so your products won’t fall over.

Want to find out more about it? Read on to see its characteristics:
  • Deep storage baskets
  • 3 shelves
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Rubber-coated feet
  • 26 inches tall
Best Value
This InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy has two shelves to store your bathing products and it comes several color options and 3 configurations. It is durable and eye-catching. If you prefer a shower caddy that has a satin color, then you should check out the InterDesign Raphael Bathroom Shower Caddy, Regular.

InterDesign ork Lyra Bathroom Over the Door Shower Caddy for Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Multiple Colors Available

Interdesign manufactures multiple models of shower caddies so there are plenty of choices. Its designs are both elegant and functional. This company started out in 1974 making high-quality household products and today it is renowned worldwide. Many of Interdesign's products are Amazon Best Sellers and you can choose from practical bathroom organizers to kitchen accessories and even closet storage units.

We have chosen this shower caddy for our review because it has a special color and can fit into contemporary bathroom designs. It is also practical, as it can store bottles and bathroom accessories, and best of all, it comes at a reasonable price.

Here are its features:
  • 5 color options to choose from
  • 6 hooks and 2 shelves
  • 3 styles available
  • Rust-free structure
  • Wide storage bins
  • Can be hung over shower or a regular door
  • No assembly required
This Corner Standing Shower Caddy from OXO has adjustable non-slip feet and 3 shelves to store your products. The shelves can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. It has a stainless steel construction so it won’t rust. Looking for a shower caddy that you can hang to your bathroom wall? Check out the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Shower Caddy!

OXO Good Grips Slide & Lock Stainless Steel Corner Standing Shower Caddy with Non-Slip Feet and No-Tools Assembly

OXO manufactures housewares that can prove useful in every room of your house. Its products have a user-friendly design and they are made from durable materials, all packed at an affordable price. We are quite sure that you have encountered the OXO brand in our other reviews and we keep featuring it because it is hugely popular and appreciated worldwide. Food storage items, wine accessories, baking tools and, of course, bathroom organizers: these are only a few of the products you can buy from OXO these days!

If you are looking for a shower caddy that is easy to use, adjustable and can be cleaned easily, we think that this OXO corner standing shower caddy is a good choice.

Not enough information? Here are its highlights:
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Easy to clean shelves
  • Large capacity storage bins
  • Adjustable bins for your needs
  • No tools required for assembly
The Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy is an impressive one as the shelves can be adjusted in any position, up, down, left or right. It also has different parts where you can store bathroom accessories Are you looking for a bigger shower caddy? You should really check out the Simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy with Adjustable Tension Pole, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum.

simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum, Hassle-Free Installation

Simplehuman designs functional and modern shower products that are meant to organize your bathroom space and to keep things in place. Apart from bathroom accessories, Simplehuman also makes high-quality trash cans which are equipped with sensors. In other words, you don’t have to press the lever anymore; the lid will open itself when it feels your presence!

The shower caddy that we have chosen to review is pretty amazing as the shelves are spacious and fully adjustable, in order to store all your bathing products and accessories.

Let's explore its characteristics:
  • Sturdy design, made from stainless steel and anodized aluminum
  • Easily adjustable
  • Spacious baskets
  • Rust-resistant construction
  • Space-saving design
  • Comes with hooks for your towels

Think you have seen it all? Check out the sensor mirrors made by Simplehuman if you want to be amazed. These items provide 5x magnification and they will really wow your friends and relatives!
The Zenna Home Shower Caddy is adjustable, featuring multiple hooks where you can put your accessories and boasting a stainless steel structure that is rust resistant. If you prefer a different design that is also rust-resistant you should definitely check out the Zenna Home E7523STBB, Over-the-Showerhead Caddy, Stainless Steel.

ZPC Zenith Products Corporation Expandable Over-the-Showerhead Caddy, 2 Colors Available

ZPC designs bathroom accessories that help you save space and decorate the shower cabin in an elegant way. We are happy to report that this brand currently sells more than 300 products on Amazon and many of them are Best Sellers. This speaks to the quality of this company! You can also buy shower rods and medicine cabinets from ZPC as well as soap dishes and shower squeegees.

We have chosen this shower caddy for our review because it has an innovative design as the shelves slide back and forth to store all your products, and it has an impressive chrome finish which makes it highly durable.

See the highlights of this shower caddy:
  • Spacious bins
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Chrome color
  • Available in 2 color options

How Do I Choose the Best Shower Caddy?

Choosing the best shower caddy might seem like an easy task, but it’s more difficult than it sounds, as it can tremendously impact the appearance of your bathroom. Shower caddies can keep your bath products organized and can really improve the entire aspect of your bathroom.

Shower caddies are designed to be placed on top of the bathtub or on the wall. They come in a huge array of designs and colors. They are particularly popular among those who like organizing things and having them easily accessible.

When choosing a shower caddy, you have to consider the size of your bathroom because we are sure you want it to fit in comfortably and make it look organized. You also need to consider the size of the bathroom when you purchase the bathroom rug and shower curtain which are other useful and practical accessories in a house.

If you are one of those people who likes to spend a lot of time in the shower, check whether the shower caddy you like also has hooks so you can hang your loofah and other bath accessories.
When it comes to the price of your new shower caddy, you don’t have to spend the earth. Most shower caddies will fall somewhere between $25 and $90 (if it’s taller than standard ones). There are also cheap shower caddies on the market but we don’t advise you to take them into consideration as they will most probably rust and won’t be so stable.
You must keep in mind the bathroom is a space used quite often for multiple purposes. Whether you spend time in your bathroom to relax in the bathtub after a hard day at work, to do your make up before you go out or to store personal items, it is important to buy bathroom furniture that’s suitable for your needs. When it comes to shower caddies, there are a few important features you should consider:
  • Size - The most important feature as you have to be sure the shower caddy will fit in your bathroom and won’t seem too small or too big compared to the available space
  • Material - We advise you to go for stainless steel shower caddies as they are rust - resistant
  • Number of Shelves - If you have multiple bottles of shampoo and shower gel you should go for a shower caddy with more than 2 shelves and deep baskets
  • Color - You can choose between chrome, bronze, black and many others
Now, let’s see the construction and design aspects of shower caddies.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the structure of a shower caddy, you should check the number of shelves and how deep the baskets are. For example, some shower caddies have adjustable shelves and allow you to deposit taller bottles than the usual ones. Similarly, the design is also important. If your bathroom is designed in a classic style, you should go for a shower caddy that has a more natural aspect like bronze or white. On the other hand, a white bathroom with chrome elements will certainly make a good impression.

However, regardless of the style of your bathroom, you should also keep in mind the functionality of the chosen shower caddy, not just its appearance. Try to choose one that is both attractive and functional and you will be satisfied.
Performance and Ease of Use
There aren’t so many things you should do to care for your shower caddy. Even though shower caddies are exposed to water whenever you take a shower, they sometimes require a deep clean to make them look as good as new. You can clean them with baking soda, vinegar and a towel and that’s it. Don’t worry, you just have to do this once or twice a year.

Moreover, shower caddies are really easy to use and usually require no assembly. You just have to place them in your bathroom and arrange your personal items in it. It will certainly improve the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Get the Best Shower Caddy of 2022!

What do you think? Which one fits your bathroom the best? Remember that these caddies are adjustable and available in various colors to match your bathroom décor. Most of them don’t even require assembly, so pick one now and make your bathroom more practical and attractive.

Our Top Choice
ToiletTree Products Stainless Shower Caddy
Best Value
InterDesign York Over Door Shower Caddy
OXO Good Grips Slide & Lock Standing Shower Caddy
Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy
ZPC Zenith Over-the-Showerhead Caddy