Best Shower Curtain Reviews 2023

Back in the day, shower curtains were just there to stop water splashes from messing your entire bathroom, but those days are gone. Now you can have a stunning, visually striking shower curtain which will improve bathroom décor and even feature pockets to store your toiletries. In this review, we picked 5 exquisite shower curtains from some of the best shower curtain brands out there. Set a budget, check them out and start shopping!
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Our Top Choice
Maytex Mesh Pockets PEVA Storage Shower Curtain
Maytex has over 80 years of experience in manufacturing shower curtains. Its products are well known for their innovative designs, premium quality and good prices.
This shower curtain is premium quality and it has 9 pockets to store your favorite products. It is transparent and measures 70 x 72 inches so it fits perfectly in any bathroom.
One complaint that a pocket on the curtain broke. In the specifications it is mentioned to store maximum 2 pounds in one pocket.
70 x 0.1 x 72 inches
Non-toxic vinyl
12 metallic grommets
Chlorine-free PEVA
Best Value
InterDesign Thistle Shower Curtain
InterDesign manufactures innovative products that are of great quality. Its shower curtains have a beautiful and elegant design that can improve your bathroom's look.
This curtain works with standard hooks and can be easily installed. It has a high quality fabric and an attractive design which will give your bathroom a beautiful look.
One customer complained that the color is much darker than the pictures.
3 sizes available
Multiple colors available
12 metallic grommets
Machine washable
Ambesonne Blue Anchor Wooden Boat Shower Curtain
Ambesonne is a brand that designs premium-quality curtains for every room of any house. Its curtains have special designs and reasonable prices.
Lightweight shower curtain with attractive and vibrant printing. The material is soft and the package also includes 12 hooks. It can be used as a shower curtain or as a shower liner.
One complaint that the colors of the curtain were super light. Check out all the patterns and decide upon one.
3 sizes available
Multiple colors available
Machine washable
LiBa Clear Shower Curtain
LiBa specializes in kitchen and bathroom products, and this brand does a really good job. Its products are affordable, well-built and quite varied.
This curtain is made from a superior quality fabric that is water and mold resistant. Its size is suitable for standard bathroom and its color can complement any space.
Isolated complaints that the shower curtain is not waterproof.
72 x 72 inches
Antibacterial & mildew resistant
Carnation Home Fashions "Ez On" Shower Curtain
Carnation Home Fashions is a distributor of housewares, but its specialty is basic bath products which are sturdy and made of high quality fabrics.
This shower curtain is heavyweight so it doesn’t move when you shower. It is made of sturdy transparent plastic and comes with a reasonable price.
One customer said the curtain didn’t fit his shower. Measure your bathtub or shower before ordering
3 sizes available
100% PVC
12 metallic grommets
Anti Mildew treated material

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What is the Best Shower Curtain?

First of all, make sure that you measure the size of your bathtub or shower before ordering a curtain, so that you know what size to pick. Also, don’t bother running to the closest home improvement store for curtain hooks, because they are included in the package when you purchase a curtain. We made you curious? Let's start with the first one!
Our Top Choice
The Maytex Mesh Pockets PEVA Shower Curtain is multi-functional as it can help you store your bathing products apart from stopping water from splashing all around your bathroom. It is made of 100% vinyl and it can be easily cleaned. If you prefer a different design, then you should definitely check out the Maytex Sylvia Printed Faux Silk Fabric Shower Curtain in purple color.

Maytex Mesh Pockets PEVA Shower Curtain with 9 Storage Pockets, Made from Durable Vinyl

Apart from shower curtains, Maytex also designs basic bathroom accessories, slip covers, window rods and table cloths. This brand is really cherished for its window curtains which have a beautiful design that can make any room more beautiful. The fabrics it uses are of premium quality and they can last for years. Furthermore, Maytex currently has almost 500 products on sale on Amazon and many of them are Best Sellers, so this brand is renowned and highly appreciated by the general public.

If you have a child, this shower curtain is ideal for you as you can store your kids' toys in the pockets while they have a bath. The Mesh Pockets PEVA Shower Curtain can be used as a shower curtain or as a shower liner. Its metal grommets are rust-resistant and it can be used with standard hooks. Lastly, you don’t have to sweat cleaning this curtain because the vinyl it is made from can be washed effortlessly with a damp cloth.

As we said before, Maytex designs pretty impressive shower curtains. Here are some other options:
  • Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner – Machine washable shower curtain that comes in 4 colours
  • Maytex No More Mildew 10 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner - Anti-bacterial shower curtain that can be easily cleaned
  • Maytex Soft Microfiber Water Repellent Fabric Shower Liner - Shower curtain with magnetic bottom that is available in 5 colours
Best Value
This InterDesign Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain is machine washable, has rust-free metal grommets and is available in 10 beautiful colors and 3 different sizes. It is also an Amazon Best Seller! If you are into stripes, you should check out the InterDesign Mildew-Free Water-Repellent Zeno Shower Curtain. You have 12 colors to choose from!

InterDesign Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain, Available in 3 Sizes and Multiple Colors, Includes 12 Metallic Grommets

InterDesign produces multiple bathroom and kitchen accessories. Its shower caddies have an elegant design and are rust-resistant. Apart from these, this brand also designs micro-fiber bathroom carpets that match perfectly with its shower curtains. Lastly, InterDesign also makes impressive closet organizers which can prove useful if you have too many socks in your drawers and have a hard time organizing them.

This shower curtain has a soft fabric and can be easily cleaned. It is available in 3 different sizes that can match any bathroom dimensions. The material is resistant, classy and durable. Apart from that, you can get this curtain in multiple colors, so this accessory will help you add a splash of color to your bathroom. Don’t forget that the metal grommets are rust-resistant, so they won't be damaged over the years. Lastly, the curtain can be easily washed using basic cleaning products, so its aspect will be preserved indefinitely.

Check out these other amazing products from InterDesign:
  • InterDesign 63621 Padma Medallion Fabric Shower Curtain - Polyester material that is machine washable
  • InterDesign Zia Aluminium Bathroom Shower Caddy – Keep your favourite products organized with this rust-resistant shower caddy
  • InterDesign 75310 Formbu Free Standing Bathroom Storage Ladder - Store your towels or toilet paper on this nice ladder
This Nautical Anchor Rustic Wood - Shower Curtain is available in 3 sizes and has an anchor design. The fabric is waterproof, machine washable and mildew-resistant. If you didn't decide upon a pattern yet, check out this summery model on Four Seasons - Shower Curtain - Berry Green Red Yellow Navy Brown.

Ambesonne Nautical Anchor Rustic Wood, Water, Soap, and Mildew Resistant and Machine Washable

Ambesonne designs shower curtains in a wide variety of colors and patterns. For example, you can have your curtain with the Eiffel Tower printed on it, or one with palms or even the periodic table of elements! If you are a parent, you should definitely check out the kids’ curtains this brand makes because you can get your kid a curtain with his favorite cartoon. We are happy to mention that this company currently has approximately 36,000 products available for sale on Amazon and most of them are shower curtains, so you definitely have plenty of options to choose from.

Apart from having a great design and an ideal fabric, the Nautical Anchor Rustic Wood shower curtain also has a reasonable price. It is made of 100% polyester and is water and soap resistant. In the package you will also find a set of hooks to successfully install your curtain. What we liked the most at this model from Ambesonne is the simple fact that the design stretches over the entire size of the curtain, with no black edges. This will really draw you into the picture!

Ambesonne really loves what it’s doing. Check out these other shower curtains. The patterns are amazing!
  • Shower Curtain Fall Trees Print – Machine washable and eco-friendly
  • Rainy Scene Mystic Foggy Forest Abstract Artwork – Attractive graphic and mildew free
  • Shower Curtain Collection by Ambesonne – Includes 12 hooks and it is machine washable
This Mildew Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain is made entirely from polyester, has an antibacterial fabric and can be easily cleaned with cold water and a piece of cloth. It is currently an Amazon Best Seller! If you prefer a shower curtain that is made from eco-friendly materials, you should see the LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner.

LiBa Mildew Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain, Waterproof/Water-Repellent & Antibacterial, Amazon Best Seller

LiBa wants to complement the houses and lives of its customers. Apart from shower curtains, this brand also makes bathroom accessories like shiatsu and cellulite massager pillows at a reasonable price. When it comes to the kitchen department, LiBa can also flex its muscles as it sells high-quality vegetable slicers, electric kettles and more.

We have chosen to review this shower curtain because it is a best seller. It is durable and made from high quality materials. It is both bacteria-resistant and nontoxic so it doesn't harm you or the environment. The last curtain we chose was one available in numerous visually striking designs. This one from LiBa is plain and simple, featuring a classic beauty. It will look excellent in every bathroom and even add to the interior décor.

LiBa really knows its customers. Check out these other products it makes for your comfort and wellbeing.
  • Non Slip Antibacterial Bath Mat – Machine washable mat, made of organic rubber
  • Women’s Shaver & Bikini Trimmer – Portable shaver that helps you have smooth skin
  • Shiatsu Back Massager – Heated or normal massage at 4 speeds
This Carnation Home Fashions Super Clear Shower Curtain Liner is extra-long and available in 3 sizes. It is made 100% from PVC, and the fabric is treated to be mildew resistant. Looking for a fancy shower curtain? Check out this Carnation Home Fashions The Starry Night Fabric Shower Curtain which has a unique design!

Carnation Home Fashions 10-Gauge Anti Mildew Extra Long Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner – 3 Sizes Available

Carnation Home Fashions distributes high quality bath products and accessories for reasonable prices and with interesting designs. If you want to give your bath another look, you can check its portfolio as it has everything you will need, including bathroom window curtains. At the moment of this writing, this brand has almost 1,000 products for sale on Amazon and almost all of them have received positive reviews from previous customers.

We have chosen this shower curtain for our review because it has a great price and it's sturdy. It also has metal grommets included, so you don't have to worry about getting them yourself. The curtain is available in 3 different sizes and the fabric is specially treated to prevent mold and mildew development. At the end of the day, this curtain will make your life easier because you can wash it quickly using basic cleaning products, it is easy to hang over your shower and it will even improve interior bathroom design.

Check out these other great shower curtains from this brand:
  • Carnation Home Fashions 8-Gauge Vinyl Shower Curtain  - Water resistant shower curtain available in 15 colors
  • Carnation Home Fashions 72 by 84-Inch Waterproof Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner – Extra large shower curtain made 100% of Vinyl
  • Carnation Home Fashions Chelsea Fabric Water Resistant Shower Curtain – Machine washable shower curtain with a unique design

How Do I Choose the Best Shower Curtain?

Details matter, and this can be seen especially when talking about interior design. Attention to detail can be the difference between nicely arranged homes and ones where the owner doesn’t seem to know exactly what they want. When it comes to the bathroom, decorating can be hard, especially when you want to coordinate with a nearby room or hallway. So, what can you do in the bathroom to make it look full of color? The simplest solution: a shower curtain! It’s a fairly cheap piece of home décor that can easily refresh the entire appearance of your bathroom.

If, however, you want to fully redecorate your bathroom, but you’re on a budget, forget about replacing the tub or painting! A good looking shower caddy, a colorful bath mat and an LED shower head will make your showering experience better—at a much lower cost.

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a house, but this doesn’t make them easy to decorate. If you have a bathtub that requires a shower curtain, there are many options available on the market. Shower curtains are both practical and decorative; they prevent water from spraying all over during your shower and they add a splash of personality to an otherwise drab room!
Shower curtains have various prices, from really cheap ones to really expensive, designer or limited edition ones. A good idea is to decide how much you want to spend on it before you start shopping, but you shouldn’t settle for cheap shower curtains as they are not mold-resistant and the quality of the material won’t be as good.

Usually, the price of a good shower curtain is influenced by the material it’s made from and its design. Prices range from $11 to $15 for curtains that have vibrant printing and include hooks.
When you want to buy a shower curtain, start by analyzing how your bathroom is decorated and decide if you’re satisfied with how it looks. You should also decide if you want to match your shower curtain with the actual design of the room, or if you want to try a different color. If you’re redecorating, you should go for a shower curtain that matches the shade of the floor, towels or your other bathroom accessories. Some other features to consider before buying are the following:
  • Size - Measure the width of your bathtub and the height of the room.
  • Color - Decide if you want a colorful one or if you want to go for a white one that complements any room.
  • Material - The material is very important as it has to be water- and mold-resistant, as well as durable.
  • Accessories - Check to see if the shower curtain has accessories included with it, such as hooks. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy them separately. This may cost extra, but it gives you more control over your bathroom’s design.
Construction and Design
Shower curtains can be found in many designs and materials such as vinyl, polyester and cotton. It’s important to note that vinyl and plastic curtains can be cleaned while you’re showering, but other materials have to be hand- or machine-washed. Some shower curtains are made of mold-resistant material, so you should go for one of these if you aren’t planning on buying a liner for your curtain.

Similarly, shower curtains have different sizes. Some have large, bold designs that can make the shower stall very dark. If you have a small bathroom space, you may want to opt for a small, delicate pattern, or a white or transparent shower curtain.
Performance and Ease of Use
To install your shower curtain, you’ll need a shower rod and hooks. Make sure that the weight of the curtain can be supported by the hooks, especially if you’ve purchased a heavy liner to go with your cloth curtain.

One of the most unpleasant aspects when it comes to shower curtains is having them stick to your body while you’re trying to shower. If your tub is metal, buy a curtain or liner that has magnets in the bottom of it. Most tubs typically aren’t metal, so you can also try buying a curtain that has weights or suction cups on it. If none of these options work for you, look for a super heavy curtain. It might cost more, but the weight of the curtain or heavy-duty liner will keep it from sticking to you.

Get the Best Shower Curtain of 2023!

Ultimately a shower curtain will add to the aesthetics of your house and protect your bathroom floors from water splashes. We hope that our suggestions sparked your interest and you already have a tape measurer in your hand. Pick wisely and you will be just fine!

Our Top Choice
Maytex Mesh Pockets PEVA Storage Shower Curtain
Best Value
InterDesign Thistle Shower Curtain
Ambesonne Blue Anchor Wooden Boat Shower Curtain
LiBa Clear Shower Curtain
Carnation Home Fashions "Ez On" Shower Curtain