Best Shower Speaker Reviews 2023

Over the years, users have been limited to basic radio stations when listening to music in the shower. However, if the signal isn’t perfect, you won’t just get the gist of the music. Now it’s possible to enjoy the music experience you desire by purchasing a hi-tech waterproof shower speaker that remotely connect to your smartphone, computer, or tablet. To make your choice easier, we have reviewed five of the best shower speaker brands you can find on the market.
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Battery Life
Our Top Choice
Skullcandy Barricade XL Shower Speaker
Skullcandy has successfully managed to modernize audio and level the playing ground by making high-end, affordable audio products.
Excellent bass presence. Military-grade strap for easy carrying. Available in black or gray/hot lime. Bluetooth compatible. 10 hours rechargeable battery. Waterproof up to 3-feet.
Bulky to carry around.
IPX7; up to 3-feet submerged
4 x 6.8 x 3.4’’/1.1 pounds
Up to 10 Hours
All smartphones
Up to 33 feet
Best Value
Photive Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Photive offers the ultimate experience when it comes to sizzling sound, power, and protection.
20W of sound output. Features incredible bass frequencies as well as excellent volume. 10-hour battery life. Shock-absorbing design.
Can only handle splashing or mist
IPX5; 3 mins any direction spray
11 x 3.5 x 6’’/2 pounds
Up to 10 hours
Tablet, smartphone
Up to 33 feet
Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Waterproof Speaker
Ultimate Ears brings music to life through their uniquely designed wireless speakers
Amazing 360-degree sound. Ability to pair 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices. Waterproof up to 1 meter. Mobile range up to 100 feet. Pair with Alexa for hands-free control.
Premium price with premium features.
IPX7; up to 3-feet submerged
2.5 x 2.5 x 7’’/1.2 pounds
Up to 15 hours
Android and apple devices
Up to 100 feet
Libratone ONE CLICK Bluetooth Speaker
Libratone's signature sound system incorporates a delicate balance of crisp high, full midrange, and a deep base to ensure any music genre sounds great.
Features 360-degree premium sound. App allows you to perform EQ adjustment. IPX4 splash-proof. Over 12 hours battery life. Can pair 2 speakers together.
Deep bass sounds distorted at high volume.
IPX4; splash-proof any direction
4.7 x 1.6 x 8’’/2 pounds
Up to 12 hours
iPod, iPhone and iPad
Not specified
SoundBot Water Resistant Speaker
SoundBot’s attention to detail has seen them design and build products with multiple functionalities and features to withstand robust applications and harsh weather conditions.
6 hours of playtime. Many colors to choose from. Advanced digital sound. Bluetooth compatibility. Hands-free calling from up to 33 feet away. Water-resistant/splash-proof.
Some people had difficulty installing the suction cup mount
Water-resistant / Splash-proof
8 x 12 x 6’’/0.45 pounds
Up to 6 hours
All Bluetooth-enabled devices
 Up to 33 feet

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What is the Best Shower Speaker?

Drown out your shower time singing without being a nuisance to your partner or roommates by purchasing a decent shower speaker. These devices can deliver quality music from any Bluetooth enabled player. And what’s more, you can answer phone calls while scrubbing down and never miss a moment. With all this information, you should be ready to take a trip through our individual reviews and pick a shower speaker that suits your lifestyle.
Our Top Choice
The Skullcandy Barricade XL Shower Speaker comes with an excellent bass presence and a pretty spacious sound that is more powerful compared to most speakers of its size. Want to spend less by going for a wireless speaker that can only pair up to 2 Bluetooth-enabled devices? We recommend the Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker.

Skullcandy Barricade XL Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker – Available in 2 Colors

With a great focus on the modernization of audio products, Skullcandy has been a reputable lifestyle brand for a long time now. In stores, you will find a huge range of their products including ear buds, headphones, and other wireless devices. Many of the products offered by Skullcandy suit budget-conscious consumers.

The Skullcandy BARRICADE XL Shower Speaker is the loudest, most rugged and largest wireless speaker from the company’s line of wireless speakers. It comes with a clean and classic style that will look good at home or on the go. The waterproof construction enables you to go up to a maximum of three feet under water, making this speaker an excellent companion for any kind of adventure.

Here are other reasons why you should consider getting this wireless speaker.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any Bluetooth-enabled gadget
  • Has a rechargeable battery life of up to 10 hours, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes for a longer time
  • Impact-resistant, rugged design makes this speaker scratch-resistant and durable
  • Available in black and gray/lime to blend in well with your décor
  • Ability to pair together multiple devices
  • Dual 10W speakers produce very deep sound signature that is appreciated by many. There is noticeable bass even on lower volumes
  • Military-grade strap for easy carrying
Best Value
The Photive Portable Water-Proof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker comes with 20W of sound output, passive subwoofer, and bass radiator to offer you incredible bass frequencies and excellent volume. Want to save some bucks by getting a 7W sound output instead? Go for the Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Photive Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Subwoofer

Whether you are on the go or just chilling at home, Photive has got you covered with sizzling sound, power, and protection, whenever you need it the most. Their Bluetooth headphones and speakers let you listen to music wherever you are. They also have protective cases for your gadgets and a range of charging devices to keep you connected at all times.

The Photive Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has a rugged construction that makes it a perfect speaker for outdoor adventures. With a whooping 20W output, this speaker produces thumping stereo sound that lets you enjoy crispy, clear audios with spectacular volume. Bigger and stronger than its counterparts, this speaker has all the good qualities that make it the party lover’s best friend.

Other excellent features of the Photive Wireless Bluetooth Speaker include
  • Advanced Bluetooth allows for wireless calling and audio streaming
  • Up to 10 hours of rechargeable battery playtime
  • Wired connection through AUX-IN port
  • Bass matching technology provides enhanced bass performance, enabling you to have both towering highs and deep lows for all your favorite tracks
  • Rubberized modern finish adds a touch of elegance and style
  • Package includes the speaker, micro USB cable, users’ guide, 3.5mm Aux Cable, and 1 year labor and parts warranty
  • Built-in mic allows for hands-free conversations
With its amazing 360-degree sound and portable design, the Ultimate Ears Megaboom Cityscape Wireless Bluetooth Speaker lets you drop bold, immersive sound, wherever you go. Buy the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Portable Bluetooth Speaker instead and get 10 hours of battery life while saving some bucks.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and Shockproof) - Available in 7 Colors

Ultimate Ears has provided users with high quality wireless Bluetooth speakers with fabulous designs for many years. With its urban city landscape, the company strives to produce unique mega boom portable speakers to take music wherever you go. UE brings onboard two limited value edition designs for Bluetooth speakers with some great sound. It’s worth trying out!

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom Cityscape Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is insanely great with a loud 360 degrees sound with some deep bass. It’s lightweight and easily portable, so you can take your music wherever you go. Its wireless technology incorporates Bluetooth with capability to connect up to 8 devices.

Here are some extra features:
  • Wirelessly streaming with 150+ Ultimate Ears speakers from a single source
  • The mobile range of play spans up to 100 feet, so you can enjoy your music over a wide radius
  • It’s waterproof with an IPX-7 rating of 30 minutes under depths of up to one meter. It’s also shockproof making it suitable for adventure
  • Connects with 2nd Generation Echo Dot for hands-free voice control as an added functionality
  • Battery life of up to 15 hours allow for a long time of great music experience
If this is your kind of speaker, you will be happy to know that it comes in 7 different colors to allow you choose according to your style.
Featuring the brand’s trademark 360-degree premium sound, the Libratone ONE CLICK Portable Bluetooth Speaker delivers deeper bass and full midrange, crispy treble to provide a full sound profile. Wish to pay less for a different design? Check out the Libratone TOO – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Libratone ONE CLICK Portable Splash Proof Bluetooth Speaker - Available in 4 Colors

Libratone fills homes with bold sound devices with ultimate flexibility. Respected in the world of wireless speakers, Libratone utilizes Acoustic FullRoom™ technology to make wireless speakers that radiate sound waves in all directions, filling any room with rich, indulgent music.

The Libratone ONE CLICK Portable Bluetooth Speaker provides rich, quality sound that balances deep bass, mid-range, and highs at just the right measures. You can pair up to 6 speakers through Wi-Fi for a great listening experience. Whether you want to listen to music in a single room, multiple rooms, or outdoors, this speaker provides a great flexibility through its SoundSpace Link – it has never been this simple to play to multiple wireless speakers simultaneously.

Other features of the Libratone ONE CLICK Portable Bluetooth Speaker include:
  • Highly portable, making it suitable for travelling
  • Battery life extends up to 12 hours playback time, depending on the volume. The micro USB charging port alongside a 3.5mm input makes charging seamless
  • The Libratone’s app works with Bluetooth + 1 technology to allow linking for multiple speakers
  • Recharge times of 3-4 hours with USB-C Cable means you can quickly recharge your device and continue enjoying music for another 12 hours
  • State of the art IPX4 waterproof capability to withstand splashes and weather changes
  • Two interchangeable mounting accessories means you can hang it anywhere with great adaptability
  • The paperback shape allows easy slipping into a bag or purse when on the go
  • If you aren’t keen on the graphite grey color, check out the cloudy grey, cerise red or Caribbean green options instead!
The SoundBot Water Resistant Shower Speaker comes with advanced digital sound to give you up to 6 hours of playtime with balanced bass, crystal clear mid-range, crisp high notes, and full-fledged coverage. Want more playtime? Go for the SoundBot® SB571 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which has up to 12 hours calling time/music streaming!

SoundBot HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker with Built-in Mic - Available in 9 Colors

SoundBot understands that music is the soul of your ears. They believe that every moment deserves a song, whether it’s bad or good times. SoundBot was formed with a clear vision to produce premium quality audio accessories through quality, innovation, technology, and convenience.

The SoundBot Water Resistant Shower Speaker comes with enhanced HD listening experience. Its digital sound, unique loudspeaker cavity, and noise/wind reduction feature ensure a premium acoustic sound for an enriched music experience. It has a well-balanced sound spectrum with a good base, crystal-clear mid, and a crispy high note.

Here are some extra features:
  • Full featured ergonomic engineering design that incorporates a reinforced removable suction cup, splash proof surface, and water-resistant HD loudspeaker to improve usability and mobility in showers, pools, beaches, and much more
  • Universal compatibility with Bluetooth enabled devices like iPhones, smartphones, laptops, MacBook, android, and much more
  • Accessible built-in mic with dedicated control buttons for easy music playback and call management
  • Up to 6 hours of wireless music experience and hands-free talking
  • Up to 33 feet of remote distance in a clear line of sight
  • 100% risk-free product warranty with responsive customer service
  • Designed with acoustic back side loudspeaker for a clear music experience
Don’t worry if blue is not your color; this speaker is available in 8 other colors including camouflage, white, green and leopard!

How Do I Choose the Best Shower Speaker?

When you’re scrubbing down in the shower or just relaxing in a bath, the right music can make the experience much richer. Bathrooms have excellent acoustics for music, and singing in the shower is everyone’s favorite pastime. Today, you can find great modern speakers that are completely waterproof and can withstand getting submerged in water.

Just like any wireless speaker, you don’t need to run a cord to your mp3 player, smartphone, or computer. As long as your device is Bluetooth enabled, you can remotely connect it to the shower speaker and begin to enjoy your favorite playlist.

Since there are thousands of portable Bluetooth shower speakers out there, it can be daunting to pick an ideal model. Luckily for you, we’ve done our homework and found some fantastic models from reputable brands to make your choice easier.

Now, not all shower speakers are made equal. You’ll find models with added features for taking calls on speakerphone while you shower. You can choose lightweight, highly portable models to listen to your music poolside, at the beach, or while camping. These devices are ideal for any environment where you may have water splashing on your electronic gadgets. With these models, you can keep your electronics away from the water during use while still enjoying your music.

Generally, Bluetooth shower speakers are built for lower-volume audio output and won’t perform like a top range surround sound bar system. Although the volume may be lower, you can still stream your favorite beats with clarity and precision.

With those factors in mind, let’s take you through some factors to consider when shopping for a shower speaker, and then you can go on to our individual reviews.
When it comes to shower speakers, the price typically reflects the quality of the device. If you’re looking for a cheap shower speaker, you’ll probably get a lower powered model which will only produce low volumes with a tinny sound quality when you try to increase the volume beyond its capacity. Additionally, the body may be made from cheap plastic that easily cracks if you accidentally drop your speaker. However, if you’re willing to spend between $10 and $300, you can feel secure that you have purchased a quality speaker that is durable. In most cases, the premium price means the device will incorporate higher power, better sound, sturdier casing, and stronger battery power.
There are features that make a shower speaker stand out from the crowd. Ideally, purchase a watertight model that can withstand being submerged in water. Here are the critical features to look for when shopping for a shower speaker:
  • Battery Life – Shower speakers come with rechargeable batteries that you can charge with a cable provided in the package. The type of battery and the battery life are important factors. A battery that can last between 6 to 12 hours of playback time is a good choice. Again, check the volume level that can be supported by this battery life. Fast charging time is another important consideration, especially if the battery is charged via USB cables.
  • Portability and Mounting – You need a gadget that is easily portable, which means it should be lightweight and compact. Look out for models with a suction cup to easily mount on the bathroom wall. Some options are even buoyant and you can let them float around the swimming pool or bathtub with you.
  • Volume – What volume do you expect from your shower speaker? Always check the manufacturer specs to be sure you’re buying what you need. If you want a speaker exclusively for the shower, you can consider 3-5 watt speakers. However, if you’re looking for more range from your speaker, you should opt for speakers with more than 5 watts. Some models even come with more than one integrated speaker for an optimum sound experience.
  • Color Choices – Some shower speakers come with wonderful color choices. If you can find a model with a decent color that matches your style and bathroom décor, go for it!
Construction and Design
When buying a shower speaker, there are many colors, shapes, and sizes from which to choose. Whether you want to match your bathroom décor or choose a design that blends into the background, shower speaker styles are versatile and adaptable to your needs

Bluetooth is the common connection protocol for most shower speakers. Bluetooth has grown over the years and most modern mobile devices, car radios, PCs, and tablets are now Bluetooth enabled. The range of operation is however still limited to 30-50 feet, which is practical enough, especially if you’re playing from your smartphone. Some wireless speakers can accommodate more than one connection capability with options like NFC, WIFI, or Apple Play. Just be sure that the connection method included is compatible with your devices.
Performance and Ease of Use
Shower speakers make a bathing experience much more enjoyable. Listening to your favorite songs while you scrub can be soothing and relaxing. You want something that is hassle-free, so consider models that are easy to mount on the bathroom tiles without falling off or sliding down. Again, if you’re going to move it around to the pool side or to the beach party, consider compact units that are lightweight and easy to transport.

Always be sure to read reviews from others who have purchased the speaker you are considering. Manufacturers may claim that their products are waterproof, but there are models out in the market that won’t work if you completely submerge them in water.

If you want to make and receive calls via your shower speaker, consider models with an added functionality to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The controls should be simple to use, whether you need control keys on the speaker or prefer a remote control.

Get the Best Shower Speaker of 2023!

Today's waterproof wireless shower speakers incorporate smart technologies that allow you to play your favorite tunes, charge your mobile phone, and enjoy much functionality through a smartphone app. If you love music and want to sing along, then you need the best shower speaker that you can afford. Hopefully, we pointed you to the right shower speaker you’ve been looking for. Even if we didn’t, these brands still offer fabulous options that you can sample as well.

Our Top Choice
Skullcandy Barricade XL Shower Speaker
Best Value
Photive Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Waterproof Speaker
Libratone ONE CLICK Bluetooth Speaker
SoundBot Water Resistant Speaker