Best Shower Head Reviews 2023

Rain rain go away, come again another day – but in this case, we want the rain. Showerheads with different functions, such as single function, multi-function, jet, etc. Different showerheads have different spray patterns, like rain, massage, full body, etc. In order to assist you in picking the perfect showerhead for yourself, we took a look at five of the best showerhead brands, showcasing a model from each one to provide you with a sampling of what is available.
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Flow Rate
Finish Option
Spray Modes
Our Top Choice
Hansgrohe Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Adjustable Wall-Mount Showerhead
Hansgrohe is a German superstar plumbing manufacturer. The S 150 AIR is one of the most high-end showerheads on the market and takes luxury in the bathroom to a new level.
Rain AIR, Balance AIR and Whirl Air spray modes. Massaging sprays. Beautiful design. Water efficient. Easy installation. Luxurious performance. 1-Year Warranty
No real cons other than price, but this is a high performance showerhead. Isolated reports of quality control issue.
2.5 Gallons per Minute
Chrome or Brushed Nickel
5.4 x 5.4 x 2.9 Inches
Three Spray Modes
Air Injection Technology
Best Value
Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Multi-Function Wall-Mount Showerhead
Speakman creates some of the most popular showerheads in the market. The S 2005 Hotel Showerhead comes with solid Amazon ratings and several decent features.
Unique technology. Multiple jets. Massaging sprays. Self Cleaning. Very durable. Economical. 1 year Warranty.
Some users reported poor water flow.
2.5 or 2.0 Gallons per Minute
Four Finish Options
5.4 x 3.2 x 3.2 Inches
58 Customizable Sprays
Anystream® 360° Technology
Moen Velocity S6320 8" Two-Function Diameter Wall Mount Showerhead
Moen showerheads have been produced with the most noteworthy designs and workmanship. The Moen Velocity with oversized spray head is no exception.
Great coverage . Durable. Adjustable pressure. Powerful spray. 1-Year Limited Warranty
Some reports that the smaller pores can get clogged.
2.5 Gallons per Minute
Four Finish Options
10.3 x 9.5 x 4.1 Inches
Two Spray Settings
Immersion™ Rainshower
Kohler Forté 2.5 GMP Single-Function Wall-Mount Showerhead
Kohler is well known in the industry. Its products are featured on numerous lists, and make a good addition in any home.
Stylish Design. Self-cleans. Easy installation. Very durable. Lifetime Limited Warranty
Low pressure.
2.5 Gallons per Minute
Multiple Finish Options
4.7 x 5.5 x 5.5 Inches
Single with 66 Nozzles
Katalyst Air-Induction
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Showerhead w/ Massage
Culligan builds great water solutions that last for several years. The C 125 Showerhead is a top quality, affordable and easy-fitting product with a unique filtration technology.
Removes harmful chlorine, rust and scale from water. 10,000 gallon capacity per filter (included with purchas). Easy installation. No rusting.
Stream narrower than expected for some people.
2.5 Gallons per Minute
Polished Chrome
5 x 9 x 13 Inches
Five Spray Settings
Built in Filtration System

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What is the Best Shower Head?

Choosing the best showerhead ultimately comes down to your personal preferences, needs and budget. In order to help you find the right fit (and save you time), we scoured the internet for some brands that are known for excellent-quality bathroom products, so even if the featured product that we have reviewed isn’t the one for you, it’s a brand we know you can trust. Let’s see what they have to offer.

Our Top Choice
The Hansgrohe S 150 Showerhead is built for providing a luxurious shower experience. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable model from the same manufacturer, the Croma E 100 is highly recommended, owing to its value-for-money features and great reviews on Amazon.

Hansgrohe Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Showerhead with Air Injection Technology – Contemporary Wall-Mount Style Available in Two Finishes


Hansgrohe is a German manufacturer that has made a name for itself in the sanitary fitting niche. Its range of products include products for bathrooms, showers and kitchen. The Raindance S 150 is one of the popular products in the company’s line and boasts the superior quality and design that have become synonymous with the brand’s name.

When it comes to standing out from the competition, the Raindance does this through its unique Air Injection Technology which has been integrated into the showerhead. This technology allows you to choose how the water falls with different modes such as Balance AIR, Rain AIR and Whirl AIR. With this showerhead you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable and gentle shower, with greater volume. This makes up for a showering experience similar to being under a rain. No surprises that the shower has been labelled as RainDance.

We also think you will really love the massage mode that fires jets of water on particular muscle groups in your body. Why pay for a therapist when this works just as well? Some of the other great features of this luxury showerhead include:

  • Excellent Water Distribution: With a 6-inch large face, a flow rate of up to 2.5 GPM and 86 non-clogging channels to ensure proper distribution whenever you are in shower, you won’t have to worry about dropping in water pressure any time soon.
  • Efficient Water Saver: You know those times when you leave the shower feeling guilty over how much water you’ve used? Well this shower head will save up to 3600 gallons of water per annum. And on top of that the RainDance also saves you up to 700 pounds of carbon dioxide and eventually proves efficient in saving energy.
  • Self-Maintenance: This showerhead comes with a patented Quick Clean function. The Quick Clean eases out the whole process of removing lime deposits that clog the pores of the showerhead. This means that you no longer have to (grudgingly) take the time and the effort to clean your showerhead with store-bought chemicals.
  • Easy Installation. Just read the instruction manual to proceed step by step or watch a YouTube video to see exactly what to do.

Hansgrohe has always prided itself in giving their customers the best and nothing else. This is the reason for the S 150’s success and definitely why it is our Top Choice product. This high performance showerhead retails for $222, however when we looked it was significantly less on Amazon. It comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

Best Value
Speakman’s Anystream®  S 2005 has been engineered with functionality and durability in mind, while staying within your budget. If you are looking for a handheld shower head, the VS-3010 Neo features the same great multi-functionality and Anystream® 360° technology.

Speakman Anystream® Hotel Style Adjustable Shower Head - Wall-Mounted, High Pressure, Choose from 2.5 or 2.0 GPM, Multiple Finishes


Speakman is a premium producer of shower and bath products. Its products are not only beautifully designed but are also set to perform brilliantly. The S 2005 showerhead really stands out from the rest in its price category because of its patented Anystream® 360° technology with five integrated shower jets and eight different massaging currants. You can modify the flow through each of them to create a personalized shower for yourself without ever compromising on the experience – with 58 different combinations so you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you.

Other features packed in this showerhead include:

  • Excellent Flow Control: The showerhead comes with option of choosing between 2.0 or 2.5 flow control that gives it the ability to produce a smooth flow of water, irrespective of the pressure. The features comes thanks to Speakman’s intricate design and engineering that lets this head accommodate the entry and then release the filtered water. The water flow is further improved by the installation of the
  • Multiple Massage Spray: There are eight different massage streams that can focus on all the right spots and knots in your body. Moreover, with the 360 degree jets allow for full coverage of your body and you can play with streams to create the ideal shower experience – whether you want a light gentle shower, or firm deep pulsating streams of water.
  • Self- Cleaning Nozzles: Self-cleaning ensures that there is no undesirable obstruction (including lime build-up) in the nozzles and permits you to have a smooth stream of water, even with low water pressure.

This showerhead comes in four finishes so you can get one to match your décor. Choose from polished or brushed brass, as well as polished or brushed chrome.

Moen characterizes cutting edge technology for top execution and convenience in the shower. You basically can't turn out badly with Moen's Velocity Showerhead. If you are looking for a handheld shower head, Moen makes lots of great ones, including some with combination shower heads and the same Rainshower technology.

Moen Velocity Rainshower Shower Head with Immersion Technology – 8" Diameter Spray Head, 2.5 GPM, Wall Mounted, Four Finishes


Moen is one of the world's biggest makers of plumping supplies, founded by American innovator Alfred M. Moen, and is currently part of the Fortune Brands. The Velocity Rainshower is one of the most distinctive showerheads in the market at the moment and has been appreciated by almost all of its users.

Showerheads in Moen’s S6320 RainShower line come feature immersion technology that lets you easily change the water stream pressure while you shower -- switch between a self-pressurized spray or a gentle rain-like rinse with a simple flip of the lever. Venture into the shower and appreciate a focusing and amplifying water spray that can wash every inch of your body. This is a unique function that is not found in any of the alternatives available in the market. We pictured the antique bronze finish, but the Velocity Rainshower is also available in chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze to suit your décor.

Other features of the Velocity line include:

  • Innovative Showerhead: The shower head comes with a dual function. You find the opportunity to pick between a 30-channel concentrated, high-pressure shower and its 100-channel RainShower experience to replicate a gentle rainfall
  • Great Water Distribution: You never have to worry about putting your body in a certain position to receive coverage due to the optimum distribution supplied. Each time you utilize this showerhead you get the chance to appreciate an empowering, full body shower
  • Distinctive Design: Brilliant and appealing, this showerhead arrives in a chrome wrapped body. With a sumptuous metallic look and a quality finish, this item beats every one of its competition in aesthetics. Anyone entering your bathroom would easily have his or her eyes caught by this beautiful showerhead
  • Easy Cleaning: The shower head comes with a mechanism which removes any mineral buildup inside the body
  • Simple Installation: It is very easy to set up the shower head. You require an ordinary sized hose and that’s all. No mess is created

Moen is a reliable brand and it backs its product with a limited lifetime warranty to cement your trust in the product. The RainShower is a luxury shower head that lists for between about $250 and $425 depending upon the finish you choose, making it a relatively affordable piece with respect to its features – and we are happy to report that when we did our research, they were available for less on Amazon. Having this showerhead in your home can be the best choice you've ever made.

Kohler is a testament to high quality and performance. The Forté line is one of its most in-demand showerheads on the market. However, if you prefer a more premium product with better features and a hand-held design, try Kohler’s Flipside line.

Kohler Forté Shower Head with Katalyst Air-induction Spray – Wall Mounted, Single- Function 2.5 GPM, Multiple Finishes Available,


Kohler is an American company that’s become a premier supplier of kitchen and bathroom plumping parts since it first began in 1873. The Forté 2.5 GMP Single-Function Showerhead is one of the most popular showerheads in the market and seeks to give you a trouble-free bath at all times!

The Kohler 10282 Forte has been designed to give maximum water distribution and optimal flow rate. Its shower head has a diameter of 5-15/16. The spray covers the showering radius optimally and gives you a relaxing experience. The flow rate for this showerhead enables it to compete with other premium alternatives head to head. You can always adjust the head easily to ensure that the water spray is focused on you at all times.

Let’s look at what else makes this showerhead so special:

  • Standard Reach: This showerhead offers a good combination of water reach and pressure - certainly not the best, but better than average.
  • Self-Maintenance: The showerhead comes with MasterClean- Kohler’s own showering cleaning mechanism. This allows the showerhead to keep itself in shape at all times and also saves you a lot of time. The MasterClean works by removing the hard water and mineral scaling inside the showerhead and nozzles, ensuring a clear path for water to come out of at all times. The durable and rust-resistant build of the showerhead complements the cleaning technology to the extent that Kohler states that its product lasts twice as long compared to any competitor’s product
  • Easily Complements your Bathroom: The showerhead comes in a variety of colors and you can pick out the one which best suits your home. We chose to picture the oil-rubbed bronze but other options include finishes such as vibrant polished or brushed chrome, brass, and nickel, as well as a vibrant French gold.
  • Simple Installation: The showerhead only takes a few minutes before it is all set to perform. All you require is a sealant tape and a strap wrench

Kohler is a proud manufacturer and keeps customer service as its priority. You can purchase this product with the knowledge that it will be leak or drip free throughout its life. It retails for around $100 but when we did our research we found significant savings on all the different colors on Amazon.

Culligan makes products that help you save money without surrendering any features or convenience. That is the reason we've chosen its C 125 Filtered Showerhead. If you’re looking for handheld shower head with the Culligan’s same great water filtration features, we recommend checking out the HSH C 135 Shower Head with Massage.

Culligan Adjustable Spray Shower Head with Built in Filtration System – Wall Mounted, Massage Settings, Changeable Filter


Culligan is an international water solutions company, specializing in removing impurities from the water we drink, cook, clean and bathe with. It’s involved in the research and manufacturing of products that are used by large scale companies as well as by personal home owners. The WSH C125 is a unique showerhead in the market and is loaded with useful features that will leave you feeling cleaner after every shower – not to mention with softer skin and hair.

Let’s see what these features are:

  • Integrated Filtration Mechanism: This showerhead uses cutting edge technology and a marvelous engineering that has resulted in the installation of an effective filter that diminishes damaging chlorine levels and contamination. Each filter lasts about 6 months, or up to 10,000 gallons before it needs changing.
  • Versatile Settings: This product has five different shower spray modes for the level of filtration
  • Easy Maintenance: While the company has nothing special to promote regarding the actual maintenance maintenance of their showerhead, the fact that it comes with a filtration system and has anti-clog nozzles mean that you really require the least amount of effort in keeping the showerhead in its top condition. Culligan says that its showerhead will last for over 10,000 gallons of water before it needs cleaning
  • Simple Installation: You can undoubtedly install this showerhead without any professional assistance. There is a Teflon tape included with The Culligan WSH-C125 showerhead. Wrap until you feel that it fits, and you are all set for use. The filter is also easy to change.

Culligan is a renowned brand and its showerhead is just one of the many successful products that have been released by the manufacturer over the years.

How Do I Choose the Best Shower Head?

Picture this… you have had a long, hard, grueling day at work (we know how hard it can be, we’ve all been there) and nothing sounds better right now than unwinding and washing that day away with a nice, relaxing, warm shower, followed by a nice glass of wine or a nice brew. Sounds amazing, right? We think so. Your new showerhead is going to wash away those deadlines and nagging managers you’ve been having to deal with all day. So, pull back the shower curtain and step right in.

Rather than relaxing, you may see your shower session as a time to practice your vocals. If so, look no further. A lot of us have said that we like to listen to music when we shower. Usually, we use our phones to listen to music and to help us practice our vocals, but phones have their limits. When you really want to bust out your secret love for Mariah Carey and sing to your heart's content, then you’re going to need some good backup singers that do not judge your singing. This is where we were introduced to shower speakers; no more risking our phones for our love of ballads. Which means we can sing to our hearts’ content, and our backup singers are clearer than ever. It’s a true imaginary crowd pleaser and can take your vocals to the next level, and if you’re really passionate about it then you may want to consider a handheld showerhead; they truly make the best microphones.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the features of the best microphones – I mean, showerheads on the market.


Prices really do vary when it comes to showerheads. You can expect to pay anything from $30 up to $150, so you will need to think about your budget. Those that have the higher price usually have a higher surface area for the water to come out, which will make you feel it’s raining on you, as well as other fancy things we can talk about. We all like shiny new things with features, but sometimes the cheaper product is just as good, especially if you don’t need all those extra features. A shower is there to clean you, right? If it doesn’t, we’d be a bit worried, so you need to think about what’s practical for you and your budget. You might be surprised to find that even the cheap product comes with impressive features. Just stay away from the exceptionally cheap showerheads, as they might stop working soon after purchase.


Showerheads have evolved over time; it’s not just about splashing some water on you, there are options of making it rain, massage and even spinning the water on you (yes, it sounds crazy but it’s true). These are pretty cool features, but here are a few essential features to look out for.

  • Adjustability - Here, we are talking about the flow. Having the option to adjust the flow makes the experience better, especially when you have a fussy family where some like the soft touches of rain, whereas others may like it to feel like a firefighter has aimed their hose at them.
  • Surface Area - There are different types of showerheads available; some have a wide surface area to give you wider coverage of water and others have a bit smaller frame for a more narrow focus.
  • No-clog Protection - Nobody wants to buy a new showerhead, and six months later it gets clogged with limescale. This feature protects you from that, so it’s definitely something you want to keep an eye out for.
  • Air Induction - Now, this is something you will only find in a few of the ones we’ve picked out for you, but my gosh did we notice the difference. If your water pressure is causing your shower to look a little sad, then this can help. It infuses air into the water, giving it a stronger current. We truly felt the difference.

These are some of the features we think you will like, but there are many more to check out.

Construction and Design

All of these showerheads are constructed really well; some even allow you to change the filters, which is handy. As a result, they are designed to last and also help protect against bacteria. They are also constructed to be light, making installation easier. Some of the nozzles have added features to reduce the amount of unnecessary spray, which we feel helps you waste less water and that is always good.

The design options for these showerheads allow them to match any bathroom. A lot of them come in a choice of colors, meaning you can match it to your shower curtain. The material options are usually nickel, chrome and rubbed bronze, but there are also others to pick from. As mentioned before, there are different sizes of showerheads; this impacts the design and the number of nozzles on the surface area of the showerhead. But like people say, sometimes it’s about quality not quantity, and this is where our performance testing comes in.

Performance and Ease of Use

These showerheads really do perform; those that have the wider frame give really good coverage when showering, which is a bonus for those cold winter mornings when the only thing keeping you warm is the trickling water coming down from the shower. Those with a narrower width are more precise, which is great when you’re trying not to get your hair wet.

All our featured showerheads are super easy to fit onto the neck of the pipes, which makes them a practical purchase, as you can install it as soon as you buy it instead of waiting around for someone to do it for you. Whichever showerhead you decide on, we think you will be really satisfied, and even more satisfied when you get out of the shower and are welcomed with a nice beverage.

Get the Best Shower Head of 2023!

All the aforementioned products were chosen because they offer good value for money and have been produced by trustworthy brands. However, this is your choice. Whichever showerhead is the one for you depends on your personal preferences and your bathroom décor; we just hope we made it a little easier. We are confident that you will enjoy some great showers with any one of these products.

Our Top Choice
Hansgrohe Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Adjustable Wall-Mount Showerhead
Best Value
Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Multi-Function Wall-Mount Showerhead
Moen Velocity S6320 8" Two-Function Diameter Wall Mount Showerhead
Kohler Forté 2.5 GMP Single-Function Wall-Mount Showerhead
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Showerhead w/ Massage