Best Sippy Cup Reviews 2023

When your newborns grow into toddlers, you’ll need a few reliable sippy cups on hand to help them transition to regular drinking glasses. It’s no secret you want to purchase from reliable brands, so we’ve done your homework for you. We’ve researched and selected 5 of the best sippy cup brands, cherry-picking some terrific styles with features proven to be popular with children and parents. Let’s dive in and find the perfect sippy cup for your little one.
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Age Range
Our Top Choice
Munchkin Miracle® 360° Spoutless Sippy Cup
Steven Dunn knows a thing or two about product development for infants and toddlers. He has been in the business since 1991 with his Munchkin brand.
You can promote proper oral development for toddlers by giving them this spoutless, spill-proof cup that makes fewer messes and is safe and easy to use.
Dishwasher-safe, but make sure you take it completely apart so mildew doesn’t grow under the silicone washer.
360 degree spoutless
12+ months
10 ounces
7 color options
Best Value
Gerber Hard Spout Advanced Trainer Cups
Dorothy Gerber started the Gerber brand in 1927; now Gerber Graduates helps your infant grow into a healthy toddler.
Three great features make this sippy cup a standout: the fact that it’s bite-resistant, the hourglass shape that prevents it from tipping, and a place to write your child’s name.
10 ounces may be too large. There are other smaller cup sizes available in different styles, like the 7-ounce sippy cup.
Bite-resistant spout
12+ months
10 ounces
Green and orange
ZoLi BOT Toddler Training Cup
ZoLi has a blend of sustainability and style. It engages in environmentally friendly manufacturing processes in its line of baby products.
This sippy cup features a weighted ball that finds the liquid for easy sipping, no matter what the orientation of the cup is.
There have been a few customer complaints about leaking.
Weighted straw
9+ months
6 and 9 ounces
5 color options
Philips Avent Bottle to Cup Trainer Kit
Philips Avent is a truly global brand with an endless array of products for infants and children. It's based in England, and it began operations in 1984.
This is a great sippy cup to transition your baby from breast or bottle feeding, with a flexible, nipple-shaped spout and easy-to-hold handles.
Some parents thought the parts could be more durable.
Stage 1 transition cup
4+ months
5 ounces
3 color options
The First Years Take & Toss Sippy Cups - 4 Pack
The First Years is headquartered in Massachusetts. It has been providing parents with everything they need to take care of their babies for over 60 years.
Great for traveling or just to have plenty of extras around. These sippy cups come with just two parts, a cup and a lid, so there are no tricky valves or straws to clean.
The lids sometimes come off easily.
Valve free w/travel cap
12+ months
10 ounces
4 color options

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What is the Best Sippy Cup?

We’ve explored all you need to know to pick the best quality materials and design that’ll make all the difference for your toddlers. Now, let’s browse through these top 5 picks and find the one perfect for you.
Our Top Choice
The Munchkin Miracle® 360° Spoutless Sippy Cup mimics a regular drinking glass for optimal oral development, yet it comes with a unique spill-proof design. Our featured product comes in a two-pack, and holds 10 ounces per cup. If you would like a 7-ounce cup with handles, check out the Miracle 360 Trainer Cup by Munchkin. It also comes in a two-pack.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup – Set of Two 10 Ounce Toddler Training Cups, Mix and Match 4 Color Options

Steven Dunn knows about developing products that are safe, fun, and easy for toddlers and infants to use. He has over 20 years of experience in product development and design for small children with his company Munchkin Inc., which opened its doors in Van Nuys, California in 1991.

Do you worry about normal muscle development for your child’s mouth, and wonder if using a typical sippy cup might hinder your child’s oral development? If that’s the case, you will love this spill-proof sippy cup that mimics drinking from a regular glass.

The Munchkin Miracle® 360° Spoutless Sippy Cup has a valve in the center that only opens when your child takes a sip. There is no spout, so your toddler can drink from any spot on the rim of this BPA-free cup, which is what makes it 360 degrees.

There are enough messes that come with taking care of your munchkin. Using this Miracle sippy cup means one less chore for busy parents. This affordable two-pack holds 10 ounces per cup, and there are seven different color combinations you can choose from.
Best Value
The Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy Cup helps your growing child to drink independently after 12 months. It is bite-resistant, 100% spill-proof, comes with an hourglass shape that is easy to hold, and has a place to personalize the cup with your child’s name. If you want a soft spout, Gerber Graduates makes those too. Check out the 7-ounce 4-pack Soft Spout option.

Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy Cup from the NUK® Family of Brands – Two 10 ounce cups, Green and Orange

Who can forget that adorable Gerber baby face? In 1927, Dorothy Gerber was straining foods for her daughter Sally. Dorothy’s baby food caught on, and the manufacturing of Gerber Baby Food began. Now Gerber Graduates keeps up the long-standing tradition of taking care of the needs of your little one with its line of products that help infants grow into strong, healthy toddlers.

There'll be no more nibbling on the spout with the Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy Cup. It helps children graduate to independent drinking after 12 months. They will love this 100% leak-proof, break-proof, and spill-proof design.

This Gerber Graduates sippy cup comes with an hourglass shape that makes it easier for little hands to hold on to, and keeps the cup steady when on the table. There is room amidst the cute swirly circles that are part of the design to personalize it with your child’s name, so it’s easy to tell whose cup it is when other toddlers are around.

This sippy cup comes two in a pack, in green and orange. Each cup holds 10 ounces, and they are BPA-free, latex-free, lead-free and dishwasher-safe.
ZoLi's BOT Toddler Training Cup features Siliflex straw technology with a weighted ball that finds the liquid regardless of the direction the cup is tilted. It's BPA-free and phthalate-free. ZoLi also makes a cleaning brush for the straw, to help you keep your ZoLi sippy cup sparkling clean. The brush comes two in a pack.

ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup with SILIFLEX-Straw Technology – Available in 3 Sizes and Choice of 5 Colors

Julianna Shaw was a busy mom with a background in marketing and launching products for top brands when she created ZoLi. She wanted eco-friendly products for her child, but found them sorely lacking in the marketplace, so she began manufacturing her own. Chet Hong soon joined her, recognizing ZoLi’s potential and helping Julianna create a successful business. Now ZoLi offers many sustainable, eco-friendly products, including teething rings, diaper mats, and nail trimmers.

ZoLi's BOT Toddler Training Cup has a weighted Siliflex straw. Little ones love this straw that seeks out the liquid in the cup, no matter what direction they tip it in. Of course, with ZoLi's eye on quality production and eco-friendly practices, this cup is BPA-free and phthalate-free (we would expect no less).

This sippy cup comes in 6 ounces or 9 ounces, and you can select from a variety of colors, including purple, blue, green, orange, or pink. You can also purchase this sippy cup in a twin-pack.
Have your child make a smooth transition from the breast or bottle to a sippy cup after 4 months with the transparent 5 Ounce Stage 1 Philips Avent My Natural Trainer Cup. As your little one continues to grow, Philips Avent has other options to grow with them, such as the My Sip-n-Click Cup for 12+ months for toddlers, who are constantly on the go.

Philips Avent My Natural Trainer Cup – 5 Ounce Stage 1 Sippy Cup, Choice of Clear, Blue or Pink

Philips Avent is headquartered in England, and has been making baby products since 1984. Its popular baby bottles are recognized worldwide, and that's just a small part of its extensive line of products. It offers everything from breast pumps to bottle warmers and baby monitors to make life easier for parents.

Once your child is ready to move on from breast or bottle feeding, you want to ease your baby into the transition to drinking from a cup. Enter the My Natural Trainer Cup from Philips Avent. It’s an appropriate sippy cup for babies after 4 months, with flexible handles on both sides that make it easy for them to hold on to.

These Stage 1 trainer cups are compatible with other Philips Avent bottle and cup parts, so you can mix and match as your baby grows into a toddler. Start with a medium flow nipple, so the transition isn’t very noticeable for the baby. When your baby gets used to drinking from the trainer cup, switch the nipple out for the soft silicone spout.

This cup is a great choice, as it is transparent so you can see how much your baby is drinking. It is BPA-free and comes in blue, clear, or pink.
The First Years Take & Toss Sippy Cups come at an extremely affordable price. There are 4 in a pack, they’re transparent, and they come in a variety of vibrant colors, with a simple lid and valve-free spout design. If your toddler is ready for a straw rather than a spout, you can get a similar package called the Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cup.

The First Years Take & Toss 10 oz. Spill-Proof Sippy Cups – Assorted Colors, Other Sizes Available

The First Years has been helping expecting parents prepare for their newborns for over 60 years. It's headquartered in Avon, Massachusetts, and has a line of baby products that include sleepers, bathtubs, bottle warmers, and nail clippers for complete baby care.

If you find that you are constantly losing track of your little one’s sippy cups, or can’t get the various valves and complicated interior components clean enough and they grow mildew, you will be happy with The First Years Take & Toss Sippy Cups. They come with two simple parts, the transparent cup and a lid with a built-in spout.

The spout is valve-free, and this purchase includes a bonus travel spout that comes with a cap. They are super-affordable and come 4 in a pack, so you’ll have plenty of cups on hand when you need them. They are dishwasher-safe and BPA- free.

How Do I Choose the Best Sippy Cup?

Kids are naturally fun. It’s amazing how your calm newborn suddenly starts finding joy in everything from feeding or being cuddled. Trust us, you don’t want to spoil the mood of your lovely angel by limiting his or her fun just to rehydrate! Sippy cups are perfectly designed to not only help you transition your toddler to regular glasses, but give them the freedom to play. You’ll want to save your expensive glasses, otherwise, they’ll be broken one after the other in no time.

Now breathe and let your bundle of joy have fun! They can be quite messy if left unmonitored. Keep your little one safe by keeping a sharp eye on what they do. A sippy cup is a start, but going for a cool video baby monitor will keep your pumpkin in sight – no need to suffocate them with your presence all the times.

You know what happens when your toddler plays too much, right? Hunger suddenly kicks in. The sippy cup quenches their thirst, but doesn’t do much for hunger. Unfortunately, they’re not as patient as we are. Stay covered by getting yourself a nice baby food maker so you can quickly fix a fresh and nutritious meal for your funny-bunny. While you both enjoy the meal, a stylish toddler chair gives your little one a feeling of importance aside from their extra comfort.
You might be wondering what it’d cost you to get a sippy cup, right? Through our research, we’ve found that even though they’re relatively cheap, the price of sippy cups varies depending on the distinguishing features they offer. Generally, you will find them for $5 to $30.

You need to keep in mind that a sippy cup made with reinforced or insulated material will cost more. They are far more durable than the ones without this feature. Similarly, you’ll also pay more for a specially designed one to give your loved one a perfect grip. Yes, there are dirt cheap sippy cups on the market. However, these are much less durable.

If you want nothing but the best for your child, we recommend you choose those on the higher side because they’ll give you the best bang for your buck.
Sippy cups transition your toddler to regular drinking glasses while offering them freedom of move and play. Here are some features for you to consider while shopping for one.
  • Material - Most sippy cups are made of BPA-free material so you don’t compromise the health of your child
  • Spill Proof - They are designed to relive you of the double trouble of losing the drink and having soiled baby clothes
  • Capacity - Depending on the age of your child, go for the sippy cup that holds the volume you want
  • Type - Sippy cups come in several types to choose from including 360 degree spoutless, weighted straw, bite-resistant spout, stage 1 transition cup, and valve free with a travel cap
  • Ease of Cleaning - Some sippy cups are uniquely designed with a separate lid for easy cleaning
  • Shape - Most of them have an hourglass shape to improve the small grip of your toddler
  • Colors - Brighten your little one’s day by picking their favorite color
Construction and Design
We understand parenthood fears – pretty much everything. What if that cup messes with my baby’s health? Through our research, we selected sippy cup manufacturers that prioritize your child’s health. The BPA-free constructed sippy cups should relieve you of these fears. All you have left is worrying about the quality of the drink you pour in it.

Parenting can be stressful. That is why we recommend you buy a sippy cup that saves you the trouble of dealing with soiled clothes. The spill proof spout will keep the fluids intact and only oozes out when your toddler digs in.

These sippy cups come in a variety of types for you to choose from. If you are just training your baby to sip those juices independently, we recommend you go for a stage 1 transition cup. You’ll find that it gives you freedom to mix and match parts of the cup as your bundle of joy grows. Surprisingly, you can always switch the nipple to the comfort of your baby.
Performance and Ease of Use
Let’s face it, overfeeding or underfeeding your child is always a factor. Such a thing is unimaginable for parents. That’s why sippy cups come in specific volumes so you know the exact amount you offer your toddler. You don’t want to get them so filled that they miss a meal. You can choose from a sippy cup that holds as little 5 ounces to as much as 10 ounces.

We all love our toddlers’ little fingers. They’re adorable, right? Why not allow them to perfectly grasp that sippy cup by going for one with an hourglass shape. The design specially allows the little fingers to enjoy both playing and the drinking.

When it comes to the feeding items of a child, cleanliness is a priority. We recommend you stay away from any sippy cup that has hard to clean areas. With a sippy cup, cleaning has never been easier. Some of them come with an easily detachable lid so you can thoroughly clean every corner. Trust us, nothing hurts more than a sick child!

Kids love colorful items. That’s why they rarely bother us in a decorated crib. Why not add similar sights to lunch time by picking a cool color for their sippy cup? In any case, it’ll spice up the look of your kitchen.

Get the Best Sippy Cup of 2023!

These sippy cups will take your child from 4 months right to the toddler years. They come in every size, shape, and design you can think of, so all you have to do is pick your favorite!

Our Top Choice
Munchkin Miracle® 360° Spoutless Sippy Cup
Best Value
Gerber Hard Spout Advanced Trainer Cups
ZoLi BOT Toddler Training Cup
Philips Avent Bottle to Cup Trainer Kit
The First Years Take & Toss Sippy Cups - 4 Pack