Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews – Premium Steel, Carbon Steel, Titanium and Ceramic Skateboard Wheel Bearings

Today, we have standardized skateboard bearings that are meant to let your wheels spin freely anywhere without being affected by unnecessary friction. Getting the right bearings for your skateboard isn’t a walk in the park, considering the many types that are available. But that’s why we’re here.

After our research, we are happy to recommend 5 of the best skateboard bearings from top brands to make your ride a smooth and effortless one. Do note that these brands we featured have more variants of bearings on offer, so you can check them out for more options. And they're good for longboards too!
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Set of
Our Top Choice
Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings
Yellow Jacket claims to produce one of the best skate bearings for longboard and skateboards, a statement that has yet been disputed.
Built for high performance and durability. High precision. Guaranteed high speeds. Yellow seal for protection. Great value for money.
They become a bit noisy over time.
Set of 8
Chrome steel
4 ounces
Pre-lubricated w/ Speed Cream
Best Value
Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings
Bones Bearings is a popular name among skaters. The Reds Skate Bearings have undergone rigorous testing to ensure great combination of longevity and performance.
Good value for money. Great quality. Easy to clean. Exceptional performance. Bestselling skateboard bearing brand in the United States.
Not built for extremely high speeds.
Set of 8
3.7 ounces
Pre-lubricated w/ Speed Cream
Sector 9 Ceramic Skateboard Bearings
Sector 9 seldom disappoints. The Sector Ceramic Bearings are lightweight to reduce centrifugal skidding and loading to top performance.
Lightweight for top performance. Faster than conventional bearings. Removable rubber shield for easy cleaning.
A bit expensive because of the brand’s reputation and quality construction.
Set of 8
3.2 ounces
Removable rubber shield
VXB High Performance Skateboard Bearings
VXB is a highly acclaimed brand when it comes to all sorts of bearings. The VXB 608 ZZ Skate Bearings are made purely of carbon steel, closed with metal shields for durability and longevity.
High performance. Double shielded. Carbon steel material for durability. Affordable.
Metal shields are not removable.
Set of 8
Carbon steel
3.2 ounces
Double shielded
SupaFly Pro Skateboard Bearings
SuperFly is a trusted brand when it comes to quality skateboard bearings. The Alpha bearings are gold plated to ward off corrosion and dust, guaranteeing longevity.
Easy to clean and maintain. Gold plated to prevent corrosion. Less friction. Low noise.
A bit pricey, but worth it because of the brand’s reputation and the gold plating.
Set of 8
6.4 ounces
Rubber shield/nylon cage

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We gave you content that hopefully has helped you make up your mind on what you want from a skateboard bearing. In that case, go ahead and read our review of different brands/products while keeping in mind your needs. This approach will make it easier for you choose the most suitable skateboard bearing for your particular needs.

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Our Top Choice
For high-performing skateboard bearings, few can compete with Yellow Jacket premium bearings. They improve race performance for a low price, have higher precision and are quite easy to maintain. Need ceramic skateboard bearings? Yellow Jacket Venom Premium Skateboard Bearings are made with titanium coated ceramic balls.

Yellow Jacket Stingers Premium Skateboard Bearings & Pro Longboard Bearings - High Precision Rating Bearings for Inline Skates, Skateboards, Longboards and Rollerblades


Yellow Jacket has been in the business of skateboard bearings for quite some time, so we wouldn’t be wrong saying that this company is a pro in this area! It has a good name to protect, something that is evident with the quality products it releases to the market. If you haven’t tried its bearings, you should. You will be glad you did!

If you are a skateboard enthusiast, you've probably heard about Yellow Jacket bearings. If you haven’t, this is a great time to learn about these amazing skateboard accessories. The brand claims that these bearings are faster and more efficient than the Bones Reds. According to real users, they're high performing and quite affordable. The balls are made with high quality chrome steel, which means that they glide smoothly for optimal performance. Like most top brands out there, Yellow Jacket uses high speed nylon to seal the bearing cage. This means less friction and greater strength. You can get these bearings for about $15 for a pack of 8.

Here's what makes these bearings stand out from dozens of other models out there:

  • High precision bearings, built for electric skateboards, inline skates, longboards, rollerblades and skateboards
  • Built for high speeds, making them quite handy for skaters who love to race
  • Pre-lubricated using high speed, ultra-fast lubricant to guarantee high speeds
  • Nicely-designed yellow seal that helps keep the lubricant inside the bearings. It also protects the bearings from dust, rocks and dirt that may otherwise shorten the life of the bearings
  • Money back guarantee in case the bearings do not perform to your expectations. This simply means that Yellow Jacket is confident when it comes to the performance of the bearings

Yellow Jacket may not have a wide range of skate bearings to choose from, but this is great news for you. It has put its all to this product to ensure that skaters don’t have to find a second option. Try them and see it for yourself.

Best Value
The Bones Bearings Reds are re-engineered for top quality. They guarantee good speed levels, less friction, and less noise when you hit the road. You can use these bearings for years without thinking about replacements. If you want bearings that have spacers for faster acceleration and higher speed, get the Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings.

Bones Bearings Reds Roller Skate Bearings - Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream Racing Lubricant


Getting quality skateboard bearings can be a pain, especially for beginners. Few companies understand this better than Bones Bearings, and that’s why it offers a wide range of skateboard bearings to suit different skaters. Not only are these bearings high-quality, they are also pocket friendly.

You have a great skateboard deck and perfect truck and wheels to make your rides exceptionally fun. Right? Well, you wouldn’t want to spoil the fun by getting fake bearings that cannot do the job as well, or that break after a few weeks of use. The Bones Bearings Reds are specifically designed to give you that much-wanted performance and durability. For $18 for a package of 8 bearings, you will get these bearings with a nylon ball retainer that gives them great strength and fast speed.

Here are features that make the Bones Bearings Reds a great choice for your skateboard:

  • Skate rated when it comes to materials and tolerance
  • Non-contact removable rubber shield to decrease friction and allow for easy cleaning
  • Lubricant provides durability and performance
  • Nylon ball retainer helps the bearings provide greater strength
  • Pre-lubricated with racing lubricant to decrease friction

As a company specializing in bearings, Bones Bearings has a wide range of options to choose from. As a skater, if you prefer bearings made from ceramic, there’s a good variety to choose from. Similarly, if you prefer a set of two for a more affordable price, you could go with Bones® REDS Bearings 2pk. Check out the options they have for a perfect fit. There’s something for everyone!

With Sector 9, you're getting quality. Sector 9 Ceramic Bearings have lightweight ceramic balls that weigh 40% less than steel balls, for less friction. They're great for skaters who love to race. For a more affordable option, check out the Sector 9 Cosmic ABEC 7 Bearings. They are made of steel for strength and durability, and come with spacers to make rides even more fun.

Sector 9 Black Ball Ceramic Race Grade Bearings for Skateboards with Removable Rubber Shield


From complete skateboards to decks to wheels, and now bearings, there’s no doubt Sector 9 is one of the leading players in the skateboard game. It has a rich history in this arena, since they started making skateboards in a backyard in La Jolla, San Diego in 1993. Today, the founders have made a name for themselves, winning the hearts of many skaters out there.

The Sector 9 Ceramic Bearings get you riding smoothly without worrying about excess friction. They are extremely light, operating from 20% to 40% faster than conventional bearings. The outer groove exerts minimal force inward as the bearings spin. This reduces both friction and rolling resistance. You'll roll faster without necessarily having to use a lot of energy in order to maintain your high speed. If you opponent isn’t using the same bearings, chances are that you will beat them. Get these bearings for around $70 for a set of 8 and see it for yourself!

Let’s explore the features of the Sector 9 Ceramic Bearings and what makes them popular among skaters:

  • Lightweight ceramic balls for higher speeds
  • Pack of 8 bearings
  • Removable rubber-coated shield for easy maintenance
  • Faster compared to conventional bearings. You need less energy to keep the bearings rolling at high speeds

These bearings are made of ceramic that guarantees strength and longevity. But they are not the only ones that Sector 9 offers. The brand has a few other bearings made from different materials to suit different skaters. For instance, if you prefer steel bearings, you could check out the Sector 9 PDP Abec-5, also a pack of 8.

VXB is one of the top bearing brands. The 608ZZ skate bearings are double shielded to keep dust and dirt out and lubricant in. They're made of carbon steel, to last a long time without needing replacing. If you prefer a model made of ceramic, you need to check out the VXB 608 Full Ceramic Skate Bearings.

VXB Silver Double Shielded Carbon Steal Bearings for Skateboards - Carbon Steel Deep Groove Ball Bearings


VXB has been running an efficient business in the world of bearings since 1958. In fact, the company says its warehouse has over a million bearings. Yes, you heard that right - more than a million! This tells you that it has a wide customer base and a loyal following. We certainly don’t have a reason to mistrust it.

The VXB 608 ZZ Skate Bearings haven’t been on the market for very long, but they're already taking skating by storm. They come closed with nicely designed metal shields that protect the balls from possible contamination, such as dust, that may otherwise reduce their life. The great news is that these bearings are already greased and made to be self-lubricating, as long as you don’t get them wet. What’s amazing is that you get all this at an affordable price of $7.37 for a set of 8.

Let’s take a look at the perks of the VXB 608 ZZ Skate Bearings and why you should get them today:

  • Carbon steel material helps the bearings last for a long time with continued use
  • Metal shields on both sides prevent possible contamination from entering
  • Bearings achieve high speeds of up to 34,000 RPM with grease lubrication, so you are sure to roll faster
  • Can be used with other machinery as well, including robotics

VXB claims to have over a million bearings stored in its warehouse waiting to be shipped. Of course, not all of them are made for skateboards, but a good percentage are, considering the high number of loyal skaters out there. There are models made of ceramic, others with different colors such as red and black, and others with unique designs. All of these go for different prices depending on the package and other features such as material. You have a great chance of finding what you are looking for.

SupaFly Alpha Aggressive bearings have made life easier for skateboarders across the world. They combine durability and performance for a quiet ride, even on rough surfaces. If Gold isn’t your thing but you still like what SupaFly has to offer, try the SupaFly Aggressive Alpha Black. They look stunning, are more affordable and perform as well.

Pro Skateboard Bearings - Premium 608rs Titanium, Ultra-Smooth and Ultra-Fast Skateboard Bearings, Gold or Black


SupaFly Skateboard Company is among the industry leaders when it comes to skateboard bearings. Many skateboard riders prefer the skateboard accessories from this brand, because it doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products. You are sure to get just the right bearings for your skateboard with SupaFly!

The SupaFly Alpha Aggressive bearings are designed to offer durability and performance in one package. These gold plated bearings do not rust or corrode quickly, even when you ride in the rain. Going for $34.95 for an 8 pack, these sets of bearings are equipped with 15 steel ball bearings that let you skate at high speeds with extremely low noise. Of course, you'll have to take care of them if you want to extend their life.

Here are some of the things that make the SupaFly Alpha Aggressive bearings a great choice for skaters:

  • High grade bearings that provide better strength, speed, durability and longevity
  • Come with non-contact removable rubber shield that decreases the friction and makes cleaning effortless
  • 15 ball bearings made of steel that help provide high speeds with extremely low noise, not to mention less friction
  • Heavy-duty nylon cage to help with impact resistance
  • Gold plating prevents corrosion and rust that may come in the course of use
  • Attractive metal finish

SupaFly Skateboard Company offers three types of bearings in its line of Alpha Aggressive Skate Bearings. While the featured one is gold plated, the other models come with different colors and designs: alpha black and phoenix. Check them out if you fancy something different that will match with your wheels.

Best Wheel Bearings for Skateboards Guide – Metal Wheel Bearings vs Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Whether you are a pro or a rookie, you will agree that skateboarding is an awesome experience. Whether you’re picking one off the shelf or you’re building yours from scratch, there is an important emphasis on the bearing. They make the ride a smooth one, period. They distribute the weight of the rider and reduce the friction generated by the rolling wheels. With them, the skateboard trucks are spared from wearing due to excessive friction.

These little tough guys are often made with steel or ceramics. They are sold in a set of 8 as you will use a pair per wheel. You don’t have to worry about compatibility as all bearings are of the same dimension and will fit into any type of wheel. The best skateboard bearings have a high ABEC rating as that is an indication of how precise the bearings are. With these types of bearing, you can be assured they are top quality and will last you for long. So, get your skateboard shoes out and get ready to ride. And by the way, these bearings will work for longboards too.

Video: How To Clean Bearings For Beginners

Tips to Restore Bearings Back to Shape. | Courtesy of Sam and Kelly

Skateboard bearing are often honestly priced, that is, the more you pay, the more quality you get from it. That is not a rule carved in stone though. However, the most expensive bearings on the shelf might not even be the best for your needs, so which bearing you go for still comes down to what you need it for. But whatever option you choose make sure it is not one of those cheap skateboard bearings made with inferior materials and are not even anywhere near the ABEC standard.

A carbon steel bearing from a ‘not-so-popular’ brand with an ABEC rating of 3 can cost you less than $10. While on the other hand, a ceramic set of bearings from an industry-respected brand with a 9 ABEC rating can go for close to $100. As you must have already noticed, the material, brand, and rating are the main determinants of skateboard bearing pricing.


Calling all skateboarders, especially those who love to build their skateboards. You know how important those bearings are to your skateboarding experience. When you’re getting your next set, here are the things you should look out for:

  • Material
  • Type
  • Ratings
  • Options
  • Care

These features come together to give you premium skateboarding experience. After you’ve learned how bearing affects the skateboard, you’d be able to decide which options suit you the most.

Construction and Design

You will not have much fun riding if your skateboard wheels do not have bearings. These little tough guys help spread the rider’s weight and eliminate friction. Enduring so much strain, it only makes sense they are made with tough materials. Skateboard bearings are often made with steel or ceramic. The steel bearings are the most popular, but as with most metal, the friction creates heat and causes it to expand which can damage them. This is the more reason to regularly maintain your bearing. This issue with metal bearing is what leads to ceramic bearings as they are less affected by the heat from friction so they tend to last longer.

Skateboard bearings are available in 2 types, sealed or shielded. Sealed bearings are recommended for outdoor riding as they are made to keep out dirt and grit. The shielded types are best for indoors as they do not have protection against dirt and there is little or no chance of getting dirt in while riding indoors.

Video: Skate Bearings Explained

Types of Bearings Explained. | Courtesy of Thisissoul
Performance and Ease of Use

The precision of skateboard bearings is rated by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) standards. A higher ABEC rating translates to a better and more durable bearing. These rating standards are measured on a scale of 1-9 in odd numbers only. So, a bearing with an ABEC rating of 7 is more precisely made than one with a rating of say, 3.

There are some options you can add to your bearings to customize your riding experience. Bearing spacers are small cylinders that are placed into the wheels between the bearings to reduce the weight distributed to each bearing. This makes your skateboard more stable and your turns smoother, and overall, increase the bearing’s lifespan. There are also the speed washers which are thin metals that you place between the hanger and the bearing, and then between the bearing and the nut. They serve the purpose of reducing friction so the wheels can turn faster. They also offer some buffering protection for the bearing face.

To make your bearings last longer, you need to keep them in top condition by caring for them. Always clean out the dirt on the outside and the inside of the bearings as it can quickly accumulate. Most importantly, keep your bearings well-lubricated so they run smoothly all the time.

Now you have all you need to know so you can make up your mind which skateboard bearing is right for your needs.

Get the Best Skateboard Bearing of 2023!

Whether you are a novice skateboard rider or have been doing it for years, we hope that the information we have gathered after thorough research will help you get the best skateboard bearings to make your rides more fun and effortless. So, go on and purchase your choice today!

Our Top Choice
Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings
Best Value
Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings
Sector 9 Ceramic Skateboard Bearings
VXB High Performance Skateboard Bearings
SupaFly Pro Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard Bearing FAQs

What are the best skateboard bearings?
The best skateboard bearings are those that give you a smooth ride all the way. They should also be compatible with your skateboard. Also check for the material, type ratings, options, and care. You should check if your skateboard works well with ceramic or steel bearings. Another aspect to consider is the bearing’s ABEC (Annular Bearings Engineering Committee) rating, which ranges from 1 to 9. The higher the rating, the better the precision that went into making the bearings. We have a comprehensive review on skateboard bearings from some of the leading brands. Check it out!
Where can I buy skateboard bearings?
You can buy skateboard bearings on Amazon, the largest online retailer with the widest variety and unbeatable deals. If you are looking for skateboard bearings to buy, we have reviewed a detailed buying guide on the same.
How to clean skateboard bearings?
For you to clean skateboard bearings, you should start by removing the axle nuts using a wrench and skate tools. Ensure you keep track of the washers between the bearings and the axle nuts. Remove all bearings by sliding the wheels halfway to the end of the axle until you remain with only one bearing. Then remove the bearing shields using a safety pin, thumbtack, or razorblade. Once the bearings ate completely out of the wheels, soak them in an alcohol, mineral spirit, or isopropyl solvent or cleaner. Remove bearings from the cleaner, dry, and lubricate them. Finally, replace the shields and mount the bearings back to the wheels.
How to take bearings out of skateboard wheels?
To take bearings out of skateboard wheels, you should loosen the nuts on the wheel assembly using a socket wrench. Carefully remove the washers, placing them into a small container with a solvent or acetone. Allow them to soak for five minutes and put the washers and nuts on paper towels. Now remove the wheels followed by the bearing assembly. Clean the wheels in a soapy solution for up to 20 minutes and remove the dirt using the toothbrush. Rinse and dry with paper towels. Remove the shield and place it in a solvent for up to five minutes.
How to change skateboard bearings?
You can change skateboard bearings quickly after removing the old ones. For that purpose, you need a bearing press – a specialized tool for removing bearings. Push the bearings into the wheel with the metal side going in first. You should ensure the bearings sits evenly inside the skateboard wheel. Insert another bearing on the other side, using the same procedure.