Best Skateboard Deck Reviews 2023

Whether you’re building your skateboard or want to buy a ready-made one, there are things you need to look out for. To have a fulfilling skateboarding experience, you need the right deck and have to know how to pick one. This review will help you make the best choice for your performance needs and budget. We have done extensive research and have come up with five of the best skateboard decks. For each brand, we have provided a sample product to help you get an idea of what they offer. Do keep in mind that these brands have other variants you can check out for more options.
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Our Top Choice
Powell Peralta Roach Skateboard Deck Only
Powell Peralta makes its products from top-quality materials and brings us an affordable deck with special technologies to maximize speed, roll, comfort and safety.
More pop for higher ollies. Robust polymeric strap protects users from groin-tearing splits. Built to last with laminated maple and silk-screening.
None reported by users.
Hard rock maple; Ligament Tech
8 x 31.45 inches; Weight: N/A
14 inches
Roach graphic, comes in 3 colors
Product lifetime limited
Best Value
Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish (Sutsu) Skateboard Deck
Bamboo Skateboards, a company committed to making durable products from sustainable materials, gives you a board that guarantees superior performance for longer.
Improved construction resulting in superior performance and durability. Made with safe, environmentally friendly materials. Heat-stamped logo to verify authenticity and guarantee quality.
Springiness, usually associated with bamboo boards, makes it unsuitable for big hill sliding.
6 ply bamboo/maple hybrid
8.25 x 32.5; 8 x 32; 7.75 x 31.5
14.25; 13.75; 13.75
Natural w/ green fish graphic
6 months (manufacturer defects)
Loaded Tesseract Longboard Style Skateboard Deck
Loaded is a popular brand among skateboard enthusiasts. It presents a high quality deck that comes with excellent design innovations for superior support and performance.
Top-end features for better performance. Provides excellent support for toes when cornering/sliding. Enhanced comfort on long downhill runs. Built with high quality materials.
It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for with this high quality deck.
Bamboo; fiberglass/epoxy skins
9.5 x 39 inches; 4.8 pounds
Variable 24.5 to 26 inches
Black top/multicolor bottom
Lifetime, original owner limited
Skate One/Mini Logo Quartermaster Skateboard Deck
Mini Logo has a reputation of building high quality skateboarding products. It makes an easy-to-assemble, well-built deck that will survive tough situations.
Great product at a great price. Easy to assemble. Good enough pop. Handmade, solid well-built deck with no warping and de-lam.
Some users complain that the concave isn’t deep enough.
Rock hard maple
Multiple size options
14.375 (but depends on size)
Available in 8 colors
Lifetime (manufacturer defects)
SCSK8 Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck from Switchboard
When you need a blank deck to unleash your artistic genius, SCSK8 gives you a great starting point with this sturdy 7-ply maple blank deck.
Sturdy build. A blank surface for you to express your artistic flair.
The pop is a bit dull according to some skaters.
Standard maple
8 x 31.7 and 7.5 x 31 inches
Info not provided
Natural wood finish
Info not provided

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What is the Best Skateboard Deck?

Now that you have a sound knowledge of skateboard decks, know how you want to use it, and have determined the features you want it to sport, It is time you read our review of individual brands/products. We hope you find it easy to choose one that will represent your best skateboard deck and will come at a convenient price.
Our Top Choice
Nothing beats the experience you get from a product that’s designed by real users. That’s what Powell Peralta offers you in the Roach Skateboard Deck (K20 concave deck). If you prefer an SP3 concave deck, then we recommend the Lolly P Skateboard Deck (also by Powell Peralta).

Powell Peralta Roach Skateboard With Ligament Technology For Increased Safety – Three Sizes; Three Color Options

Powell Peralta is a leader in the skateboard industry. Professional skaters make its products, so you get the feeling that they were actually made with you in mind. The Powell Peralta Roach Skateboard Deck is made for both the beginner and the demanding user.

It sells for $50 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and is built with the Ligament™ Technology. This means that this deck comes with a wider, more robust polymeric strap and will hold together even if you break the board. This protects you from groin-tearing splits by holding your board together long enough for you to ride out of it. It gives you more confidence, more pop for higher ollies and stiffer, longer-lasting flex for a more durable board. Other features include:
  • Seven plies of hard rock maple (the finest grade American) laminated with high strength water resistant glue
  • Silk-screened decks with additional coating of clear acrylic
  • 14.25-inch wheelbase
  • 247 deck shape
  • K20 deck concave
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Powell Peralta Roach Skateboard decks are available in different sizes (which also determine their colors): Green (8 x 31.45 inches), blue (8.25 x 31.95 inches) and grey (8.5 x 32.08 inches).
Best Value
Bamboo Skateboards is a brand committed to creating stronger, more sustainable decks that give you the platform for cool tricks. The Green Fish (Sutsu) is sure to give you superior performance for longer with its new and improved construction. If you prefer a different graphics theme, try the Nebula (Earth Series), also by Bamboo Skateboards.

Bamboo Skateboards Naturally Inspired Green Fish Graphic Skateboard Deck – Available in Multiple Sizes and Wheelbases

Bamboo Skateboards is a company dedicated to building high quality boards from sustainable products. That’s why it uses bamboo from managed forests. It doesn't just help you make an environmentally smarter choice, it also gives you boards that “pop” and are built to last.
The Green Fish (Sutsu) sells for $39.50 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). You are assured of longer durability, thanks to a new and improved construction. This board has been reported to last much longer than other pro decks. It also features:
  • 6-ply bamboo/maple hybrid
  • European Standard EN71 compliant water-based glue
  • Non-carbonized; lighter-colored texture
  • Heat-stamped logo to verify authenticity and guarantee quality
Decks in the Sutsu Naturally Inspired Series come in different widths, lengths and wheelbase options.
Loaded makes top quality skateboarding products that are so good that people want to use them above others. It delivers great design, top-end performance features and high quality materials in the Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Deck. If you prefer a ready-to-use board, we recommend the Tesseract Complete Longboard 39".

Loaded Tesseract Longboard Deck with Symmetrical Rocker and Design For Superior Support And Versatility

Loaded is a brand committed to growing “board sports through performance, community, and creative expression.” Yes, every brand can say things like this, but what a company does determines how seriously it should be taken. With Loaded, you are dealing with people who enjoy what they do and build boards that they also want to ride. If that doesn’t tell you the quality of Loaded's designs and methods, nothing will.

Take a look at the Loaded Tesseract Longboard Deck (sells for $210 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and you'll see that commitment. Enjoy a well-designed deck that gives you all you need for combos, snappy slides, high speeds, lofty ollies, and big mountain roads. It comes with well-thought out features like:
  • Symmetrical rocker that helps you stay firmly “rooted” in slides by cupping the outer edges of your feet, and enhances stability by reducing your center of gravity
  • Completely symmetrical shape and contours for maximum versatility in any orientation or stance
  • Tall and wide W concave provides strong lateral support for your toes when cornering/sliding and enhances comfort on long downhill runs
  • Two vertically laminated bamboo cores sandwiched by two layers of custom fiberglass/epoxy skins
  • 3.5° wedging angle gives you a wide range of interesting hardware configurations
  • Wheel well flares create ergonomic transitions that provide support for your feet and increase wheel clearance
  • Multiple wheelbase options allow you to set up your skateboard to your specific truck geometry and riding style
  • Thoughtfully designed wide kicktails with subtle dished concave give you superior edge control while keeping your feet planted on the board
  • Lifetime (original owner limited) warranty
Mini Logo manufactures excellent handmade decks. You can enjoy the quality that this brand represents in the Skate One Mini-Logo Skateboard Deck. If you prefer a K20 concave deck to a K12, we recommend the Mini Logo Small Bomb Skateboard.

Mini-Logo Quartermaster Skateboard Deck with Skate One Proprietary Lamination - Eight Color Options and Multiple Sizes

If you want a handmade deck that’s built from the finest materials (and that sells at a low price point), then you just have to go with Mini Logo Decks. This company makes high-performance boards that come in the best shapes, sizes and pop. You'll get the benefit of its 35 years of experience in deck building.

The Mini Logo Quartermaster Skateboard Deck might sell for a low price ($33.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) but it punches above its weight and comes with features like:
  • Proven Powell Peralta construction and concave
  • Lamination with Skate One’s proprietary, low-stress AirLam presses
  • Seven plies of rock hard maple
  • K12 deck concave
  • 32.125-inch by 8-inch overall deck size
  • 14.375-inch deck wheelbase
  • 6.875-inch deck nose
  • 6.63-inch deck tail
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
This deck is available in different colors: white, black, maroon, navy, orange, green, yellow and gray.
You want to show off your artistic skills, and you need a blank deck for that. Set your creativity loose while enjoying a great skateboarding experience with the SCSK8 Blank Decks Warning Skateboard. If you prefer a board made from dark maple, we recommend the Natural Blank Maple Deck.

SCSK8 Blank Skateboard Deck With Clear Light Natural Finish – Great Base to Create Your Own Custom Designed Board

Sometimes you just want a board that allows you to express your artistic self without any hindrance. Then you need a blank deck, and SCSK8 gives you the perfect board in its Blank Skateboard Deck (selling for just $13.98 -- Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

The model we have chosen to highlight weighs 2.7 pounds and has a deck length of 31.7 inches and a width of 8 inches, but it’s also available in a 31 by 7.5 inch version. This sturdy, blank canvas skateboard is made from standard 7 ply maple and has a clear light natural finish.

How Do I Choose the Best Skateboard Deck?

To own a skateboard or longboard, you can decide to build your own—by putting the components, such as the truck, deck, and skateboard wheels together—or you purchase one that’s already assembled. A skateboard deck is the platform you stand on while skating, and it allows you to control the movement and direction of your board. It’s made from layers of wood that have been tightly compressed by a press to form its shape and size (unless of couse you are purchasing one made from plastic, which is less common). The deck is an integral part of every trick you perform while skateboarding, and the type of deck you use will alter your riding style.

The best skateboard decks are flexible, which makes it easy for you to perform tricks with minimal effort. Although you’ll want a board that is made of quality wood, the type of wood and feel of the board is based completely on personal preference. Some riders prefer bamboo because it’s very flexible while others prefer plastic boards because they can take a lot of abuse.

Decks also come in varying lengths. If you’re going to mainly use your board for cruising, a longboard deck is a great choice because the long deck and large, wide-set wheels help the board glide farther. Shortboards, which are a little longer than traditional skateboards, might be curved at the end or feature a unique, shaped design. If you’re someone who loves doing tricks, a normal-sized deck that’s curved up at both ends is deal.
The material, size, style, and aesthetics are the main factors that determine the price of a skateboard deck. Even though we’d all like the coolest products on the shelf, we’re often snapped back to reality by the price tag. Finding a balance between your needs and the price is often a necessity when working on a budget.

A high-end skateboard deck that uses fiberglass in its construction will go for a little above $200 while a less expensive one can cost about $30. There are also cheap skateboard decks out there, but spending a little more now on a quality deck will ensure you get the most value for your cash (and no one wants to have to replace their deck after only a month or two of use).
Skateboarding is an excellent hobby, and a unique, well-designed skateboard deck allows you to express your individuality. Some features you’ll want to look out for as you’re looking for your ideal deck are:
  • Wood Type
  • Size
  • Style (Long, short, standard, mini or micro)
  • Curve of Board
  • Wheelbase
  • Design
  • Warranty
These features will help you narrow down the choices. As you read on, you’ll get a better understanding of how these features affect the performance of skateboard decks.
Construction and Design
Skateboard decks come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them are constructed essentially the same way. The most common wood used is maple, and it is cut into thin layers. The deck is made by pressing together about 7 to 9 layers of maple wood boards with a resin adhesive. The finished deck comes out hard, yet lightweight. Some brands are introducing other materials, such as carbon, fiberglass or aluminum, into their decks. This is done to increase stability and further reduce weight.

Just like skateboard decks, skateboarders come in different shapes and sizes, styles, and experience levels. The width is perhaps the most important factor to consider when sizing your skateboard deck. If the deck is too wide, you will require more power to pull off tricks. On the other side, if the deck is too narrow, you’ll have issues balancing and finding stability. The size you go for should depend on your shoe size, build, and riding style. There is the full size (7.5 inches or wider), mid-size (7.3 inches), mini (7 inches), and micro (6.5 inches).

The following are highlights of skateboard deck styles:
  • Shortboards – These boards are short and shaped in ways that make them suitable for cruising or doing a few tricks. Board length will affect the tricks you can do, so if you like to show-off, go for a more traditional-style deck.
  • Old School – If you like carving the streets, skating ramps and pools, this deck style is recommended for you. They are flat-nosed and have kicktails. They have a wider nose than most others and are often asymmetrical.
  • Cruiser – This deck style is mid-length, versatile and easily maneuverable, which makes it ideal for just cruising around.
  • Longboard – Just like cruisers, longboards are designed more for cruising. With these kinds of boards, you don’t need a lot of power to keep it rolling, and they can typically withstand hitting larger bumps and rocks without knocking you off. A longboard is perfect for beginner skateboarders because they won’t easily fall off it or lose their balance.
Performance and Ease of Use
‘Concave’ refers to the shape of the deck. This has a lot to do with the deck’s performance as well as how well you control the movement. The concave shape of a skateboard deck gives you a better foothold and more freedom to drift, slide and turn your skateboard as you want. There are many different types of concaved decks, but what really matters is the flexibility, the tail shape and what you plan to use your board for. If you’re just getting a deck for cruising, this feature may not even matter.

The skateboard community is an artistic one, and it is reflected on their decks. Most boards have a design on the bottom of the deck, while others have a design on the top and bottom. Some skateboarders will cut their grip tape into shapes before applying it to their boards, which is an option for decks that are plain on top. In the skateboarding world, the art on your deck usually depicts your style. It is the fashion statement for skateboarders.

Get the Best Skateboard Deck of 2023!

We hope we have provided you with enough information to pick the best skateboard deck for both your needs and budget. Now that you know what you are getting with each brand/product, go out and make your purchase with confidence. And don’t forget – we only feature brands that have reputations for excellence and quality in what they do, so feel free to shop around to see what other types of decks they offer if the models we reviewed aren’t a perfect match.

Our Top Choice
Powell Peralta Roach Skateboard Deck Only
Best Value
Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish (Sutsu) Skateboard Deck
Loaded Tesseract Longboard Style Skateboard Deck
Skate One/Mini Logo Quartermaster Skateboard Deck
SCSK8 Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck from Switchboard