Best Skateboard Truck Reviews 2023

Do you need a brand-new look or do you want to replace your skateboard truck for superior performance? Or maybe you are building your board from scratch? Either way, we’ve got you covered. We have spent long hours researching skateboard trucks, and we have selected five of the best skateboard trucks from trusted brands. We have showcased a product from each brand but please note that these brands have other variants you might want to also check out.
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Our Top Choice
Buck Trucks Black 180mm Skateboard Truck
Others may cut corners, but Buck Trucks doesn’t. They present a well-designed truck with a number of industry-first features to set you up for an exhilarating ride.
Gives a uniquely "greasy" riding experience. Hardened aluminum gives better weight to strength ratio. Made in the USA. Great for downhill.
Doesn’t come with graphics. Doesn’t come with bolts.
T6 A356.2 hardened aluminum
4.5x 6.4 x10.3 inches; 2.4 pounds
Multiple colors & designs
Set of 2 trucks
Buttercup pivot cups
Best Value
Independent Silver Skateboard Trucks
Independent, setting the new standard by which skate trucks will be judged, delivers a versatile and durable high-performance truck.
Great control even without adjusting tension on the king bolt. Precise turns and better stability on landings.Less high-speed wobble. Decreased wheel bite.
Mounting hardware NOT included.
Chromoly steel
2.4 x 4 x 12 inches; 1.65 pounds
Set of 2 trucks
No hang-up yoke
Caliber Truck Co Caliber II Skateboard Trucks
Caliber Truck Co. really knows how to make great cast trucks and shows it in this well-designed and well-built truck, equipped with features for the most demanding pro.
Stable at high speeds. Excellent craftsmanship in the bushing seats. Strong solid build. Several fine-tuning options on the base plate. Clean pivots.
Users report these trucks are not the best for cruising.
Grade 8 steel
2.9 x 7 x 7.7 inches; 1.95 pounds
Available in 8 colors.
Set of 2 trucks
Two 89A Ultra-HR barrels
Penny Skateboard 3” Mini Skate Trucks
Penny, demonstrating its commitment to freedom and fun by giving you the right tools, created with quality materials, provides a strong affordable truck.
Light, strong and built to carve and handle. High-quality aluminum construction. They have great bushings and turn well.
Mounting screws NOT provided.
High quality aluminum
3.2x 7.1 x 11.6inches; 1.75pounds
Black, white, green
Set of 2 trucks
Pressed kingpins; 87A cushions
Quest Boards 5.25" Double Barrel Skateboard Truck Set
Quest Boards, giving you affordable tools for fun and excitement, delivers an affordable skateboard truck that’s ideal for the beginner.
Sturdy design and precision fit. Quite affordable. Double barrel bushings for better quality and durability.
Bushings aren't good enough for top-level skateboarding.
Info NOT provided
Dimensions N/A; 2 pounds
Matte silver
Set of 2 trucks
Double barrel bushings

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What is the Best Skateboard Truck?

You now have a sound knowledge of skateboard trucks. Hopefully, you have made up your mind on the features you want and how you want your board to perform. Now go ahead and read our review of individual brands/products while you keep your needs in mind. We expect that this method will make it easy for you to choose the best skateboard truck for you.
Our Top Choice
While many manufacturers try to cut corners, Buck Trucks doesn’t; what you get with the Buck 180mm Skate Truck is an assurance of deliberate quality. If you prefer a truck with cool graphics and don’t mind spending a little more, we recommend you check out the Zombie 180mm Truck.

Buck Trucks Skate Truck With Buttercup Pivot Cups For More Greasy Ride

While some outsource their design and/or manufacturing offshore, Buck Trucks is proud to say that their skateboard trucks are designed and manufactured in the USA. Aside from the patriotic side of things, it means you are getting top-notch performance.

Their Black 180mm Truck sells for $55 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and will take your riding experience to new levels with well-thought out features like…
  • Buttercup pivot cups making a uniquely greasy riding experience possible
  • T6 hardened virgin A356.2 aluminum, giving better weight to strength ratio
  • Gravity feed permanent mold cast which means fewer areas of void in the cast and superior detail definition
  • Aircraft grade 8 axels (cut thread) and kingpins
  • Machined pivot point
  • 85A acid barrel bushings
  • 50º base plate
  • Flip-able hanger
  • 6 hole pattern
Best Value
If you need a truck that’s designed to provide unparalleled performance, then Independent is a brand you should go for. They deliver a durable and versatile product in their 159 Silver Standard Trucks (made in the USA). If you want a more affordable truck with GT TC and F'n hot pad prints, we recommend the 129 Hollow Grant Taylor.

Independent Silver Standard Skate Trucks With No Hang-Up yoke – Five Axle Sizes

Independent made a name for itself with their Stage 10 trucks. However, never satisfied with leaving a good thing alone, they have gone ahead to improve an iconic product to deliver something even better in their Stage 11 trucks (Creating a new standard for judging skate trucks).

You’ll enjoy those improvements in the 159 Silver Standard Trucks (a set of two trucks selling for $47.90 – manufacturer’s suggested retail price), part of a wholescale improvement in features from Independent. Here are some of its features…
  • No Hang-Up yoke
  • Updated geometry
  • Less high-speed wobble
  • Precise turns and better stability on landings
  • Decreased wheel bite
  • Lightweight hollow-body hanger
  • 4140 chromyl steel axles
  • Better grind clearance
  • Grade 8 kingpins
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Made in the USA
Silver Standard Trucks are available in different sizes: 129, 139, 149, 159 and 169.
If you need a feature-rich truck that is designed for the performance rider, check out Caliber Truck Co products. Their Caliber II series gives you what you need to extend possibilities. If, however, you need something more modest (like a truck with barrel-cone combo bushings instead of Blood Orange bushings), try the II Fifty (Also by Caliber).

Caliber Truck Co. Set of Two Skate Trucks With Blood Orange Ultra-High Rebound Bushings - 8 Color Options

If you have never heard of Caliber Trucks, then you certainly don’t know what your skateboarding. They announced their arrival on the stage with a cast truck that was far ahead of anything out there at the time and redefined possibilities in the industry. One would think that they would be satisfied with that feat. No, they made Caliber II Trucks.

The Caliber II (selling for $62.63 at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price) gives stability at high speeds and an optimal angle for making strong curves. If you are a performance rider then you’ll fall in love with this truck. It features…
  • Blood Orange ultra-high rebound bushings for superior response and feel
  • 44 degree hanger angle allows you to push the limits of downhill racing
  • Updated inner/outer steps on bushing seat – increase contact area with bushing to deliver higher rebound and overall responsiveness while eliminating all slop
  • Pivot with tighter tolerance and updated chamfer that prevents side-to-side play as the pivot cup breaks in
  • Circular kingpin hole with updated diameter to eliminate kingpin bite on the hang and provide a uniform and consistent lean
  • Increased truck strength (by up to 40%) using a proprietary heat treatment process
  • Pressed-in grade 8 steel hex head kingpin giving you better responsiveness and control through corners
  • Reinforced baseplate provides better strength and resistance against high-speed impact
  • Thinner paints for tightened tolerances give optimal performance
Caliber II Trucks come with different specifications and designs. You also have the option of picking from eight available colors: white/gold, black, blue, silver, red, green, purple and neon green.
Penny is all about giving boarders technical prowess with high quality materials for freedom and fun. You get these in the Penny Mini Truck (3-Inche trucks), designed to suit the Penny 22-Inch. If you need a 4-inch truck instead, we recommend the Pink Trucks 4" (Also by Penny).

Penny Skateboards Mini Skateboard Truck, Built To Carve – Variety of Sizes and Colors

Providing a combination of technical prowess and quality materials for freedom and fun is what Penny is all about. If you want to carve and make tight turns like you’ve always dreamed, then you just have to pick one of Penny’s products.

The Penny Mini Truck sells for just $30.00 (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), giving you affordable trucks that carve like a dream. They are…
  • Designed to suit the Penny Original 22"
  • High quality aluminum construction
  • Built with pressed kingpins & 87A cushions
  • Covered by a 1-Year manufacturer's warranty
Penny Mini Trucks are available in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as in different materials such as solid nickel.
Quest Boards gives you the tools to have fun wherever you are. Get a new look with their 5.25" Double Barrel Skateboard Truck. If you don’t want to mess with putting things together, you can start having fun right away with a fully-assembled skateboard, the Quest Astro Zombie Complete.

Quest Boards Set of 2 Skateboard Trucks With Double Barrel Bushings

Quest Boards gives you the tools to add “excitement and find adventure” to your life regardless of where you are and where life is taking you. They make high quality products that come with great graphics, natural finishes and innovative new composite materials.
Enjoy unlimited fun with their 5.25" Double Barrel Skateboard Truck Set. It sells for $16.99 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and comes with great features including…
  • Double-barrel layered bushings (adjustable from soft to very hard)
  • Sturdy design and precision fit
  • Short-pattern mounting holes
  • 2 speed-washers per axle mounting
  • A design that suits size 8 decks

How Do I Choose the Best Skateboard Truck?

Skateboarding is one awesome activity to get into, provided you know what you’re doing. If there are no skating parks around you, you can take to the streets to show off your skills and tricks. However, nothing can be done with a skateboard that doesn’t have a truck. A skateboard truck is the chunky piece of metal underneath the deck which secures the skateboard wheels. The width of the truck has to match that of the deck, except if you’re going to use it for a longboard. If it is too wide, your skateboarding shoes will catch the wheels, and we’re pretty sure you have an idea what might happen.

The best skateboard truck is what you’ll have left after the wheels, and the deck have been retired from service. They are lightweight you can easily catch air and carry out grab tricks. Skateboard trucks have bushings of varying hardness which affect the maneuverability of the skateboard. Your choice of bushings will depend upon your riding style. Skateboard trucks are made of other parts that affect its performance as well as your ride. Read further to get a better understanding which will help you choose the best skateboard truck for you.
The material used for making the skateboard truck is the major factor that affects its pricing. The high-end Titanium trucks can cost up to $90 while the less expensive aluminum alloy trucks which are also sturdy and durable will go for around $15. There are also cheap skateboard trucks that carry rock-bottom price tags. We do not recommend these unless you’re willing to risk your truck breaking on you after you land your first trick. Hopefully, it won’t involve too much air, and we trust you will be wearing some protection.
Skateboard trucks are arguably the most important part of a skateboard. It holds the tires and it is primarily responsible for how the skateboard moves, feels, and what tricks you can land. If you intend to build your skateboard, here are some ideas about what to watch out for when selecting your truck:
  • Material
  • Profile
  • Width
  • Bushings
  • Extras
As you read on, you will understand how these features affect the performance of a truck, and therefore the performance of the skateboard. Hopefully, that will help you decide on the best skateboard truck for you.
Construction and Design
Skateboard trucks essentially hold other parts of a skateboard together. They should be sturdy and durable to withstand everyday grinding and heavy impact. Different brands use different materials to make their trucks. A certain brand uses Titanium alloy for its axel and chrome-molybdenum steel for the hanger. Some use magnesium for the advantage of the light weight. Aluminum alloy is also a popular construction material. A particular brand also boasts of making indestructible trucks and it backs this claim with a lifetime warranty on the workmanship and materials. How awesome is that?

A skateboard truck profile is the distance between the base plate and the hanger. The three types of truck profile are:
  • LOW – This is the truck with the least distance between the baseplate and the hanger. It offers more stability allowing you to pull flip tricks easily. A low truck profile is recommended for smaller wheels.
  • MID – Mid-trucks combine the advantages of both profiles. They allow you to use larger wheels and with them you can better handle park and street skating.
  • HIGH – Wheel bites occur when the wheels rub against the deck of your skateboard. You can say goodbye to wheel bites with a high-profile truck puts sufficient distance between the wheels and the deck. These trucks will give you the needed assistance with ollies.
The consensus in the skateboard world is that the width of your truck and your deck—the board you stand on—should be a match. If your truck is too wide, your leg might make contact with the wheels when you push; if it is too narrow, your skateboard will not be stable. If you already have a deck, let the width determine the width of the truck you will get. If you’re getting the truck first, then it should be the reverse. Whatever your case is, make sure the width of the truck and the deck are the same.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bushings are more or less the steering apparatus for your skateboard. They control the handling and how responsive your turning is. They are the hollow rings that house the kingpins, which hold the entire truck together. They are usually made with urethane. The type of bushings you choose with your truck should suit your riding style. Barrel bushings, which have a regular diameter, are suited for any riding style. They offer stability and are easily maneuvered at high speeds. The conical bushing is more suited for the cruising and carving riding style, as it makes handling a lot easier. The standard bushing is the combination of the other two giving you more or less the advantages of both. It is best suited for the freeride style.

The hardness of your bushing, often called the durometer affects the maneuverability of your skateboard. The hardness dictates the amount of resistance you get from your board. The harder the bushing, the more the effort you have to put in, when you make a turn, and vice versa. It is also important to state that the heavier the rider is, the harder the bushings need to be.

A skateboard truck has different parts that come together to give you the desired performance. The following are the parts of a skateboard truck:
  • Base Plate – This is the other end of a truck which is flat and has holes in it to connect the truck to the deck. Base plates usually have four mounting hole which match those on the deck. A perfect match is a good way to know you have the right deck.
  • Kingpin – Perhaps this chunky piece of metal got its name because it holds other parts of a truck together. It is the piece of metal that connects the base plate with the rest of the truck.
  • Bushings – This is the rubber tubing that houses the kingpin and is responsible for the feedback you get from your movements. If your skateboard is not turning as you want it, you should check your bushings.
  • Hanger – This is the T-shaped lump of metal that makes up almost half of the truck. It is made up of different types of metal, which depends on the brand that makes it. There are sturdy and lightweight trucks that are available with a high price tag. It provides a holding support for the axels.
  • Axle – This is the thin line of metal that protrudes out of the hanger on either side and is what the wheels attach to. When a skateboarder grinds, he’s probably doing it on the axel. If you catch air and land heavily, this sometimes causes the axle to shift causing one wheel to jut further out while the corresponding one shifts inwards, hence, creating an imbalance. Some brands have countered this by fitting their trucks with non-slip axels. With these types of axles, you can chase ‘Tony Hawk’ into the air.
With this information, you would find it easy to make up your mind on the features you want on your skateboard truck. This will, in turn, help you choose the best skateboard truck for your riding needs.

Get the Best Skateboard Truck of 2023!

We hope that you now know what each of these brands has to offer and that you’ve found the best skateboard truck for you. Why delay? Go ahead and pick your truck – should the fun and excitement wait? We don’t think so.

Our Top Choice
Buck Trucks Black 180mm Skateboard Truck
Best Value
Independent Silver Skateboard Trucks
Caliber Truck Co Caliber II Skateboard Trucks
Penny Skateboard 3” Mini Skate Trucks
Quest Boards 5.25" Double Barrel Skateboard Truck Set