Best Skateboard Wheel Reviews 2022

Every skater knows how important wheels are. There are tricks and moves you can’t even consider trying without the right wheels. We spent hours looking at the top skateboard wheel brands and their products. To make your selection process easier, we have highlighted one product from five brands to help you get a good idea of the best skateboard wheels available.. Keep in mind that these brands have other skateboard wheels you can check out if the products we chose aren’t perfect for you.
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Our Top Choice
Bones STF V4 Skateboard Wheels
Bones, the name most pro skaters recommend, presents extra strong and durable wheels with a special formula that puts them far ahead of others.
No flat spotting. Smooth and fast. Gives a more solid feel; more controlled slide. Wheels lose very little amount of material when compared to other urethanes.
Graphics on the wheels aren’t exciting, but the potential for harder tricks more than makes up for it; people will look at you instead of your wheels.
Not provided
Best Value
Spitfire Formula 4 Radial Shape Skateboard Wheels
Spitfire is a brand that pays attention to important details and develops specific processes to achieve the best, gives us durable wheels of exceptional quality.
Superior control. Anti-stick and more responsive slide. Cones less. Holds size and shape longer. Resists flat spots longer and has less wear. 100% true performance urethane.
None found.
99d; 101d
Abec 11 Classic FreeRides Skateboard Wheels
Every serious skater needs serious equipment. Abec 11 provides just that, and now delivers the perfect wheels for riders who love to shred, thrash and slide on all kinds of terrains.
High quality urethane. Excellent for slides. Fast and smooth. A more predictable wheel for standing slides, pre-drifts and drifts.
Bearings not included.
78a; 81a; 84a
Kryptonics Cruise Standard Longboard Wheel
Kryptonics is a company with raw passion for high performance in skateboarding, but they cater to the average skater, too with their affordable and durable soft-durometer wheels.
Soft durometer for longevity. Made out of super high rebound material. Affordable.
They won't slide at lower speeds.
Not provided
Not provided
Mini Logo C-cut 54mm 101A Skateboard Wheels
Mini Logo makes affordable high performance skateboard products. Enjoy wheels developed with their latest super high rebound formula at a very low price.
Quite affordable. High rebound, long lasting urethane for pro performance. Available in six different colors. Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
Not suitable for pros – Great for beginners, though.
Not provided

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What is the Best Skateboard Wheel?

You’re now equipped with a good knowledge of skateboard wheels to help understand what you want. Go ahead and read our product reviews with your needs in mind.

#editing note – removed this text from the end because it seemed redundant and also not a great plan to point out the reader might not be able to afford what they want: This will make it easy to find the best skateboard wheel for you, and hopefully, it will be at an affordable price.
Best Value
Spitfire has developed specific processes for producing wheels that conform to very high performance standards. They deliver great wheels in the Spitfire Formula 4 Radial Shape (Great control and speed). However, if you prefer a classic shape, we recommend the SPITFIRE Classics.

Spitfire Formula 4 Classic 53mm Skate Wheels With Formula Four Performance Urethane – 2 Duros; 8 Sizes

When you see a brand that pays attention to important details and sets up processes and infrastructure to achieve them, you know you have a special manufacturer. That’s what you have in Spitfire. They have specific engineering processes that help them achieve special features in their wheels.

Following in that tradition, the Spitfire Formula 4 Radial Shape Wheels (Selling for $31.98 -- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) are proven for speed, performance and control. Thanks to a lasting formula four performance urethane, you can count on easier control, durability and ability to withstand more abuse. You don’t have to sacrifice one great attribute for another. Here’s more of what you get with the Formula 4:
  • Longer lasting wheels – Cones less, retains more material, holds size and shape longer
  • Unmatched abrasion resistance – Resists flat spots longer and has less wear
  • High rebound and duro – Gives lasting speed no matter the terrain
  • Smooth anti-stick slide/more controllable grip – Gives you superior control plus the confidence that your wheels won’t catch mid-slide or skip
  • 100% true performance urethane
  • Wheels made in the USA
Get the performance you desire with Spitfire Formula 4 Classic Skate Wheels. They are available in 99 and 101 durometers and a several stylish colors.
When you need a serious ally for your longboarding adventures, you just have to choose Abec 11. Meet their 72mm Classic FreeRides for serious riders who love to perform on all types of terrains. If you’re looking for wheels for general longboarding or ditches, we recommend the Abec 11 60mm NoSkoolZ.

ABEC 11 72mm Freeride Centerset Green Skateboard Wheels – 3 Durometer Options, Multiple Color Choices

Abec11 is owned by skaters and has met the needs of the most demanding skaters since 2000. They have a great range of formulas, durometers, shapes and selection of sizes for every type of skateboarding need. If you’re serious about skateboarding, then Abec is a very serious ally.

You can’t set out on the ultimate skateboard adventure unless you’re equipped with the ultimate wheels. Get them in the 72mm Classic FreeRides. A set sells for $43.00 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), and is built to last with high quality materials designed to give you a smooth ride even at top speeds. It features:
  • Fully centerset design and symmetrical 72mm diameter – Performs well at low durometers even with heavier riders
  • Center set bearing hub – Allows you to flip your wheels to wear down the other side without any compromise to performance
  • Straight-walled rounded lip profile – Makes wheels wear evenly down to the core
  • 32mm contact patch – This gives more controlled drifts and longer life spans
  • 45mm width
  • Offset core placement
  • Smooth wheel surface
Get some strong equipment for your longboarding adventures with ABEC 11 Freeride Centerset Skateboard Wheels.
They are available in different durometers as well as many color choices.
Kryptonics’ passion for skateboarding shows in their products. Enjoy affordable wheels with soft durometer and super high rebound materials in the cruise standard. If you need a higher durometer (91A), we recommend Kryptonics’ Star Trac.

Kryptonics Cruise Standard Skateboard Wheel -- Four Sizes, Four Colors

Established in 1976, Kryptonics makes high quality wheels and produced the only wheels that made’s 2013 Top Ten Chart for longboarding. You can see the evidence of their commitment to top performance in any of their products.

The Cruise Standard wheel might sell for a low price of $26.99 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) but it comes with features that make it a worthy performer:
  • Soft 78A durometer (clear colored urethane)
  • Backset core
  • 62mm diameter
  • Super high rebound
  • Dual rounded edges for a super smooth ride
Kryptonics Cruise Standard Wheels are available in different sizes and colors: 58mm (Yellow), 62mm (Green), 65mm (Blue) and 70mm (Red).
When you want high performance wheels at a budget, Mini Logo presents the Mini Logo Wheel C-cut 54mm 101A (Wheels that outperform and outlast many wheels that are more expensive). However, if you’re a skater who prefers A-cut wheels, we recommend the Mini Logo A-cut Wheel 56mm 101a – It has the same great features but comes in a different shape.

Mini-Logo C-Cut 54mm 101A Skate Wheels – 4 Pack, 6 Color Options

Mini Logo is a known name in the skateboarding world. They didn’t build that big a reputation by accident. They have “high rebound, long lasting formulas” that give skaters wheels superior performance (that shames many pro wheels) at low prices.

The Mini Logo Wheel C-cut 54mm 101A (Selling for just $20.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) outwears and out rolls many more expensive wheels. Features include:
  • High rebound, long lasting urethane for pro performance
  • C-cut wheels for transition skaters
  • 54mm diameter
  • 32mm width
  • 101a durometer
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects
These wheels are available in different colors: Black, green, red, white, orange and blue.

How Do I Choose the Best Skateboard Wheel?

Every skateboarder has a particular preferred style on the streets. The right type of wheels you use will help you ride your best. This is why skateboard wheels are necessary, especially if you’re building your skateboard or longboard from scratch. Skateboard wheels are typically made from polyurethane and come in varieties of sizes, hardness, and a host of artistic designs. Most wheels will fit onto most types of skateboard trucks, and the width of your skateboard deck will affect the kind of wheels you can use.

The best skateboard wheels are sturdy and durable, designed to complement your riding style and make landing tricks easy. Skateboard wheels come in varying degrees of hardness, which affects your speed and acceleration. They also come in different sizes, affecting the wheels’ grip. Your riding style, size, and deck style all affect the type of wheel that would be used.
The size, hardness, and aesthetics of skateboard wheels are the major things that influence their pricing. While we would love to always grab the product that maxes out on the coolest features, sometimes we have to make some tradeoffs for a more affordable price. A set of four high-end skateboard wheels can cost a little over $40 while a modestly priced one that still gets the job done goes for a bit less than $20. There are some cheap skateboard wheels we advise you not to buy because they are made with inferior materials that you won’t be able to depend on for long.
Skateboard wheels have everything to do with how smooth your ride is and how fast you can go. The wheels you choose should match your riding style, especially if you’re building your skateboard. Here are some of the features to look out for:
  • Diameter
  • Durometer
  • Contact Patch
These will help you decide which features are most important to you. When you’re done reading, you will have a clearer picture of how to choose the best skateboard wheels for your riding style.
Construction and Design
A skateboard wheel’s size is measured by its diameter, the distance across the wheel. Most skateboard wheels you find will have a diameter between 50-75mm. wheels let you ride faster, but smaller wheels are quick to accelerate. Note that the diameter you chose should work well with the size of your deck. If you like to do tricks and catch air, smaller wheels will go well with your short board deck style. Skaters who use longboards and cruisers would need larger wheels for their board. Besides your skateboarding style, your height and weight affect the type of wheels you will use. The bigger you are, the larger the wheels you need. Dirtboard riders too will need wheels of 60mm and above to handle the speed and rough surfaces.

Durometer is the measure of your wheel’s hardness. The durometer of a skateboard wheel is usually graded on the Durometer A Scale, which has a number followed y an “a” to signify a wheel’s hardness. The higher a wheel’s number on the scale, the harder the wheel. Softer wheels are slow but give you a lot more grip while harder wheels have more slide. The soft wheels are recommended for street skaters; harder wheels are best suited for skate parks and smooth surfaces. Soft wheels are ideal for longboarders and other street skaters, because those styles require the grip softer wheels provide. The hard and fast wheels have little grip and are recommended for only pro skaters who know what they’re doing.
Performance and Ease of Use
The contact patch is the part of your skateboard wheels actually touches the ground. The larger the contact patch your wheels have, the more your weight will be distributed over its large surface area. A large contact patch reduces the compression on your wheels, which lowers the rolling resistance and allows you to move faster. Wheels generally are usually either rounded or square. Square wheels have a larger contact patch.

Now that you know more about skateboard wheels, we hope you can decide which features you want on your skateboard wheels considering your riding style.

Get the Best Skateboard Wheel of 2022!

We took our time to craft these reviews, and, without a doubt, it took you some time to read through them. We hope you now have the information you need to choose the best skateboard wheels for you. Enjoy your new wheels, and don’t forget your helmet.

Our Top Choice
Bones STF V4 Skateboard Wheels
Best Value
Spitfire Formula 4 Radial Shape Skateboard Wheels
Abec 11 Classic FreeRides Skateboard Wheels
Kryptonics Cruise Standard Longboard Wheel
Mini Logo C-cut 54mm 101A Skateboard Wheels