Best Skateboard Reviews 2023

Skateboarding represents a vibrant sport that has garnered a massive cult following of both professional and amateur enthusiasts ever since some folks decided to stick some wheels on a plank of delicately-shaped wood. Decades later, this glorious street-savvy sport still lives on, and, if you’re still not part of the craze, one of the best ways to do so would be to obtain a skateboard of your own! Check out our list with five of the best skateboard brands and a model to feature from each. We’ve got a separate review for longboards if you wanted some more options!
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Board Info
Our Top Choice
Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard
Skatro is a brand that’s come from humble beginnings and grown to be one of the most loved skateboard brands spanning 7 countries.
Retro, plastic design. Compact and easily portable. Abec 7 Skatro bearings. Made with Bearing Steel. 59mm urethane wheels. 3-inch aluminum trucks. Statro Flexy technology.
Some felt it was unbalanced and veered.
Mini cruiser
22 x 6-inches
59mm urethane
ABEC-7 Skatro
Best Value
Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard
Cal 7 embodies the fun and active lifestyle of their home state California. They manufacture a range of complete skateboards as well as high-quality components.
No assembly required. Durable plastic construction. ABEC-7 high speed bearings. 3.125-inch aluminum trucks. Fits in a backpack. 59mm super smooth wheels.
Some suggest the different color options offer different quality.
Mini cruiser
22 x 5.75-inches
59mm high speed
Penny Classic Complete Skateboard
Penny is a world-renowned brand in the skateboard industry. Their boards are well-known for being the best-of-the-best, made with only the most durable materials.
Classic design. Choose from 22 or 27”. Nonslip waffle-top deck. ABEC-7 color-coded bearings. Secret plastic formula. High tensile deck bolts. 4” aluminum trucks.
Isolated case where trucks were loose on arrival and needed tightening.
Classic cruiser
22 or 27-inches
Secret formula plastic
59mm 83A
ABEC-7 stainless steel
Powell-Peralta Dragon Flying Skateboard
Powell-Peralta was founded way back in 1978, giving them decades of experience over their competitors. They manufacture completes, decks, wheels and clothing.
Unique, bold design. Hand cast polyurethane wheels. Nonslip deck. Ligament deck for added durability and strength. For beginners and advanced riders.
Isolated case of having to adjust the trucks and the usual skateboard tool not working.
31.625 x 7.625-inches
Ligament deck
37mm polyurethane
Not specified
Razor RipStik Classic Skateboard
Coming from Razor, the RipStik Classic has already caught the attention of the skating crowd thanks to a string of great technical and visual features.
A young, enthusiastic company. Acts like a skateboard/snowboard hybrid. A set of spiked traction pads.
Wheel wear can be a problem if you use it in more demanding environments.
34 x 9-inches
Slip-resistant concave deck
76mm high grade urethane
ABEC-5 bearings

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What is the Best Skateboard?

Fitting a couple of wheels underneath a suitable plank of wood is the process that elicits one of the most exciting sports props out there – the well-known and well-beloved skateboard! Whether it's an 80's music video, an episode of the Simpsons or indeed a random picture of virtually any busy street, you can spot one of these cheeky means of transportation together with an affable lad or lass on top of it. If you'd like to join in on the fun and get yourself a skateboard to call your own, check out our top 5 list and learn more!
Our Top Choice
The Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard has a retro design that’s available in multiple punchy and vibrant colors. The 22x6” board is built with Skatro Flexy technology and superior bearings. If you would prefer a longboard rather than a mini cruiser, check out the Skatro Drop Through Longboard with T-Tool.

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard, 22 x 6-Inches, Retro Style Plastic Board, Available in Multiple Colors

Skatro is a brand from humble beginnings where they had to fight to find the best suppliers, so they could offer their unique and functional products at an affordable price to the masses. Luckily, it was a success and Skatro are now one of the most loved skateboard brands with favorable reviews across the internet.

The Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard is a retro style board that’s constructed of plastic and measures just 22 x 6-inches. You’ll be amazed by its performance and beauty, with multiple colors to choose from you can get one that fits your style. Choose from black mambo, black rainbow, blue ocean, green chameleon, mint bliss, orange disco and more!

Here’s some other features to enjoy:
  • Abec 7 Skatro bearings
  • Made using Bearing Steel which is significantly stronger than carbon steel
  • 59mm urethane Skatro wheels
  • 3-inch lightweight aluminum trucks
  • Statro Flexy Technology provides optimal flex on the board
  • Small and portable; take it on a train, plane or bus with ease
  • T-tool included
Skatro doesn’t just manufacture mini cruisers, they’ve also got full-sized cruisers, longboards and classic skateboards.
Best Value
The Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard is a 22 x 5.75” board with ABEC-7 bearings and 59mm super smooth, high speed wheels. If you’d rather a classic kicktail skateboard, you should definitely check out the Cal 7 Complete Skateboard which has a double kicktail maple deck and is 31-inches long.

Cal 7 Plastic Mini Cruiser 22-Inch Retro Style Skateboard, Available in Multiple Colors

Cal 7 epitomizes the fun, active lifestyle of California. They’ve got decades of skateboarding experience that they utilize when manufacturing their completes, cruisers, skateboard components and accessories. Whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned professional, Cal 7 has got a board for you.

The Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard is a 22-inch board with a retro, bold design. It’s ideal for kids and adults alike, specifically beginners as it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver and not too large. This vivid cruiser is available in multiple color combinations including blue/white/red, ice cream, icy green/yellow/light pink and white/black/black.

Let’s look at some more cool features:
  • ABEC-7 high speed bearings
  • 59mm super smooth and durable wheels
  • 3.125-inch aluminum trucks
  • No assembly required; even fits in a backpack
  • High quality plastic board measures 22 x 5.75”
Cal 7 don’t only make mini cruisers though. They also manufacture kicktail boards and they have a range of components on sale if you want to create your very own customized board.
The Penny Classic Complete Skateboard is constructed with Penny’s secret plastic formula that’s super durable and stable. It’s available in 22 or 27-inches and comes in a bold, block color. If you’d prefer a board with graphics then definitely take a peek at the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard. There’s watermelon, sweet tooth, red down, neon shadow and more cool designs to choose from.

Penny Classic Complete Skateboard, Available in 22 or 27-Inches & Multiple Colors

Penny is a brand founded by Ben Mackay, a skateboard fanatic from a very young age where he rode his first ever plastic skateboard in his dad’s garage. He wanted to bring that joy and bliss to kids everywhere, so he spent 12 years dedicating himself to understand the manufacturing and design process of producing skateboards. Now Penny is almost synonymous with the 22-inch plastic mini cruisers, however they also manufacture a range of other boards.

The Penny Classic Complete Skateboard is the world-renowned Penny design and construction, available in 22-inch or 27-inch designs. You can also choose from a range of bold colors and combos including battleship, cobalt, jet black lilac, mean green and more.

Here’s some more superior details of this board:
  • Classic nonslip waffle-top deck
  • Color-coded ABEC-7 bearings
  • Constructed with Penny’s secret plastic formula that’s super durable
  • Color-coded high tensile deck bolts
  • Aluminum trucks are 4-inches and powder coated
  • Smooth riding wheels; 59mm 83A
  • Color-coded 83A cushions
The Powell-Peralta Dragon Flying Skateboard is a bold, uniquely designed board constructed with a Ligament deck and 37mm polyurethane wheels. If you want a different design, try out the Powell-Peralta Skull & Sword Storm Complete Skateboard for size instead.

Powell-Peralta Dragon Flying Complete Skateboard

Powell-Peralta is a leading US skateboard brand founded in 1978 by Stacy Peralta and George Powell. They’re passionate about skateboarding and have used their decades of experience to manufacture high-quality completes, decks, wheels, clothing and accessories.

The Powell-Peralta Dragon Flying Skateboard is an affordable complete skateboard with a classic kicktail design that’s known and loved by many. The unique flying dragon design is bold, with a red & black dragon blowing fire towards the back wheels.

Let’s see some more awesome features of this board:
  • Hand-cast 37mm polyurethane wheels offer high-rebound
  • Top board offers great grip essential for showing off all your best skills
  • Measures 31.625” long and 7.625” wide
  • Constructed with a ligament deck that offers better durability
  • 7.625-inch wide Golden Dragon trucks
  • Great for beginners and advanced riders
If you’re not a fan of this design, Powell-Peralta manufacture a bunch of different options including Cab Dragon, Skull & Sword, Flying Dragon 2, Dragon Diamond and more.
With an elongated, futuristic body and a pack of durable 360 degrees caster trucks, this Razor RipStik is a classic example of a great caster board. If you are prepared to throw in a couple of extra bucks, you can get yourself another cool skateboard from Razor, specifically optimized to endure more grinding.

Razor RipStik Classic Twist and Go Skateboard – Available in 3 Colors

Since it was founded in the year of 2000, Razor has presented a number of top-level products, ultimately becoming an integral part of American youth culture. Their success is a combination of great technological advances on one hand, and top quality materials on the other.

This tendency is clearly visible in their RipStik model, which is made to be durable, fast, and above all flexible enough to offer a proper riding experience. The skate's wheels are extremely well adjusted, allowing the skate to simulate a snowboard ride by moving sidewise. For a better standing grip, a pair of special slip-resistant concave deck platforms has been built-in, along with a rubber-padded steel torsion bar and a set of high-grade urethane wheels.

Let's take a look at what else you get with this uniquely designed skateboard:
  • Removable deck plate made out of high-tech polymer.
  • 360 degrees caster wheels with pivoting deck.
  • Slip-resistant deck platforms.
  • Steel torsion bar that is rubber padded.
  • Top quality urethane wheels.
Stacked with top-level flexibility options and designed through advanced technology, this RipStik model is a good match for anyone in pursuit of a well-designed casterboard. The item can be used as both a skateboard and a snowboard substitute, making it ideal for experienced riders who are looking to expend their horizons.

Don’t like this skateboard in blue? Pick up the pink or silver options instead!

How Do I Choose the Best Skateboard?

In the modern-day world of trailblazing technology and incessant innovation, finding an appropriate means of covering short to medium distances can present a bit of a challenge, especially if you plan for your vehicle to be sort of smallish in size! Whether we're talking about bicycles, monocycles or even the sheer oddity of a product called the Segway, getting around will be significantly affected by what kind of contraption you’re riding on (or possibly in). Well then, if you consider yourself a young, skillful and able-bodied gentleman or gentlewoman who appreciates the 90's culture and wouldn't mind joining a punk band should the possibility arise, we'd say you're the right kind of person to possess a skateboard!

The great thing about these lovable wooden planks with wheels is that they carry quite a load of culture and chic history along with them. In pretty much any bigger city across the globe, there's bound to be a skateboarding underground movement where young and vibrant folk wearing skateboarding shoes discuss such matters as what skateboard bearings they should get, and how they’re personalizing their skateboard decks! For example, you may overhear some talk about the trucks, and we're not talking about those operated by a teamster, for the record. A skateboard truck is an integral part of its construction, as it connects the deck to the wheels, by means of bearings.

Since trucks perform an important role in making a skateboard, well 'skateboard', these parts are made out of tough materials, such as hardened aluminum and various types of strengthened steel. As for the bearings, they’re usually made out of chrome or carbon metal, or, alternatively, some type of specialized ceramics. Other than that, let's mention that skateboard decks are usually made of wood as the goal is for them to be both tough and flexible enough to withstand the pressure of jumps and general wear ‘n’ tear. Also, these decks are often subject to various decorations and customizations, so you can look forward to stamping your very own imprint on your skateboard!

If you need to check out some examples of great skateboards out there, then you’re in the right place. One great option is a cruiser skateboard. These are usually 22 or 27-inches, like the ANCHEER 27-Inch Complete Cruiser Skateboard that’s made with 9-later Canadian maple wood! Alternatively, you might be looking for a more classic kicktail board, like the Dongchuan Pro Complete Skateboard or the MINORITY 32-Inch Maple Skateboard. Both of these are fantastic options built with durability in mind. Whichever type you go for, it’s always good to understand your purchase so read on to find out some important consideration factors.
Considering their lifetime, which can go on for years on end, provided you take good care of them, skateboards can't really be described as that expensive, in all fairness. For example, you can get a pretty decent model complete with wicked visuals for some 40-ish bucks! If you'd like a more elaborate model, however, you may be asked to put as much as 120 of your hard-earned dollars on the table. Of course, factors such as the quality of the bearings, trucks, and wheels all tend to add a couple of extra bucks on top of the original deal, so if you're working on a smaller budget, pay attention to these details before you go in for a purchase!
Even though skateboards aren't necessarily the most complex means of transportation and sporting leisure out there, it could still be worth surveying their features, so that you may have a clearer picture of what you want from one of these contraptions. Check out the list below and see for yourself!
  • Material of the Deck
  • Material of the Trucks
  • Material for the Wheels
  • Type of Bearings
  • Size of the Skateboard
  • Slip-Resistant Deck Formula
  • Visual Style
  • Logo
If you worry about your balance while you're on the board, or think that it would be too slippery at times, a model that comes with a slip-resistant deck formula can be a great solution for you!
Construction and Design
Despite having a reputation as one of the most customizable sports props, skateboards don't really offer much space for variation when it comes to their basic shape and design. Although certain offshoots do exist, such as those odd-looking two-wheeled contraptions, the standard skateboard has a pretty uniform build, no matter the visual theme. You get a slightly curved deck, a pair of trucks, and then two pairs of wheels. Of course, these come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you the best depending on your age and skill level.

There are nevertheless a few different kinds of skateboards that we should inform you of. The standard skateboard is mainly designed for doing tricks at the skate park. It comes with small, hard wheels, which aren’t ideal for cruising around, but will definitely help you slide down that rail. The cruiser, on the other hand, has a longer deck and softer, bigger wheels to help you roll around town. The longboard, finally, has a much longer deck (over 36 inches usually) and large, soft wheels. These are ideal for rolling downhill, making them the go-to board for all downhill racing thrillseekers.

Also, as we already mentioned, there's plenty of space for customization; you can definitely express yourself in your deck’s design, for example.
Performance and Ease of Use
Generally speaking, skateboards are both simple and difficult to use. They could be described as simple because learning the basics of the art of skateboarding is a walk in the park, really. However, if you'd like to become quite crafty with it, and perhaps compete on a high level afterward, prepare to put in plenty of practice hours! Maintenance-wise, we would advise you to change the wheels every couple of months (or maybe even weeks, depending on how much time you spend skating about), and regularly check how the trucks are doing and whether or not they require some polishing or other minor tweaks. If you see any cracks or other imperfections, consider buying a new pair, as repairs can be pricey, and it's questionable whether or not it's worth patching up a faulty truck.

As we prize your safety and well-being above all other things, we stress that you also look into the gear that’s necessary for you to enjoy a perfectly safe and danger-free ride. Never forget to put on your gloves, to strap on those knee pads, but most of all don’t forget your helmet! If you’re well and truly prepared, then off with you! Ride on!

Get the Best Skateboard of 2023!

We at love technology, and would like to assert the following regarding the contraptions that free you from merely walking about: 'Until hoverboards are invented and can be bought at an agreeable price, we, the TopProducts research team, will stick with skateboards as the coolest, most effective means of getting around your neighborhood, and look cool while doing it.' We hope you liked our top 5 picks, considering that these exquisite pieces of sporting hardware come in all shapes and sizes, and we wish you a merry and hassle-free purchase!

Our Top Choice
Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard
Best Value
Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard
Penny Classic Complete Skateboard
Powell-Peralta Dragon Flying Skateboard
Razor RipStik Classic Skateboard