Best Ski Bag Reviews 2023

When going on a ski trip, what you need is a ski bag to keep your ski and poles together. Traveling to your favorite skiing destination can be quite stressful without a good ski bag. With the many available ski bags in the market it’s also quite easy to make a wrong choice when you’re not properly guided. Therefore, after a lot of research, we’ve selected top five ski bags from the best brands in the business today. This isn’t to say that these are the only ski bags from these brands, however, so feel free to check the rest of them out.
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Our Top Choice
Athalon Double Padded Ski Bag
Athalon is a producer of tested and fortified ski bags that are able to withstand intense weather conditions. The bags are made having in mind the comfort of its customers.
Its material polyester and waterproof backing make it an incredibly well padded yet lightweight ski bag.
The exterior of this bag could be made stronger as the polyester may rip if used to pack a lot of gear.
Double padded / Single
5 × 75 × 12.5”; 3.3 pounds
HD polyester
7 colors available
Adjustable cinch straps
Best Value
BRUBAKER Padded Carver Pro Ski Bag
BRUBAKER is an international company providing customers with great outdoor gear. It has in its collection a variety of affordable and stylish ski bags.
The outer material is a double-coated padded polyester, while the interior is lined with foam-padded, cut-resistant fabric for added durability.
This ski bag is built to hold only one pair of skis and matching gear. It doesn’t accommodate boots.
Double padded / Single
67 x 12.5”
600D Polyester/PU coated
8 colors available
Strong double zipper
Sportube Series 1 Travel Ski Case
Sportube is a reputable manufacturer of simple, high quality sports gear including well-crafted, lightweight and protective ski bags.
This ski bag is made of hard plastic shell that enhances its durability. It has molded rubber wheels, fitted with bearings for easy mobility.
There aren’t any cinch straps to support the carried contents.
Hard case / Single
48 × 6.6 × 5.5”; 8 pounds
Hard plastic
Blaze orange; black
3 interior pockets
Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag
Dakine produces high quality gear for skiing and other outdoor sport. Its gear can be used and worn from day to day. Dakine ski bags are fun and they last all season.
This bag is strong, well-built and can carry almost two sets of gear.
This bag is extremely large and the skis may not reach the top and often fall over, causing the bag to sag
Concourse double pair
78 × 13.4 × 11.4”; 11.6 pounds
3 interior pockets
High Sierra Boot and Ski Bag Combo
High Sierra is a popular manufacturer of functional adventure gear. The ski bags are long-lasting and affordable, giving it a name as a trusted brand for lifestyle gear.
This ski bag combo is spacious with a separate bag for boots. It therefore has ample room to take extra gear.
It isn’t padded and may not offer maximum protection for the gear.
Ski & boot bag combo
16 × 15.2 ×10”; 3.3 pounds
600-D Duralite w/PVC coating
Comes with a boot bag

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What is the Best Ski Bag?

In this guide, we’ve done our best to give you the necessary information that will enlighten you on what the best ski bag should be. We trust you now have a proper understanding of ski bags and how to make a good choice. Let’s now more closely consider the best ski bags available.
Our Top Choice
The Anthalon Double Padded Ski Bag has adequate space for two ski sets. This bag has comfortable grip handles, self-mending zippers and cinch straps that securely hold the skis. If you’d like a ski bag and boot bag combo, the Anthalon Deluxe Two-Piece Ski & Boot Bag Combo, is available for you to check out.

Athalon Double Padded Single Ski Bag - Available in 7 Colors & 2 Sizes

Athalon started manufacturing ski bags in 1973 in Denver, Colorado. The company had amongst its staff travelers and sports lovers who were assigned to test the products. Each of the bags has to be functional and durable in order to be certified fit for the product line; they have to be light and equally water resistant; the pockets have to be the right size and properly positioned; the straps had to be balanced and comfortable. All these checks ensure that Anthalon comes up with
tested and reinforced bags that can withstand rugged conditions. Anthalon is a name known for great customer service and has grown to be a manufacturer of ski bags for sports enthusiasts and professional sports teams.

The Athalon Double Padded Ski Bag is a 4.9-pound weight ski bag with dimensions of 70" x 13" x 9.5 inches and is made of high density polyester material and water-repellant backing. This bag is lightweight and incredibly strong with a well-padded interior. This ski bag has unique self-mending nylon coil zippers. It offers adequate space to hold two pairs of skis of 180 centimeters. It has dual comfortable grip handles and cinch straps that are adjustable and help to securely hold the skis inside. The Anthalon Double Padded Ski Bag has a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Some other ski bags are offered by Anthalon, namely:
  • Athalon Padded Wheeling Double Ski Bag: A wheeled double padded ski bag with reinforced base and waterproof backing that can hold 2 pairs of 185 centimeters skis
  • Athalon Expandable Double Ski Bag: This bag can hold two sets of skis and is adjustable to hold skis of different lengths
  • Athalon Molded Wheeling Double Ski Bag: This ski bag has a molded polyester casing and strong molded plastic middle and ends. The body is made of non-tear nylon and can be folded in three
  • Athalon Multi Use Padded Wheeling Ski/ Snowboard Bag: It is a high density polyester bag with fully padded interior that can hold two sets of skis and a snowboard
  • Athalon Unpadded Single Ski Bag: This ski bag is built from high density polyester and waterproof shield to protect gear and skis
Best Value
The BRUBAKER Padded Carver Pro Ski Bag is a two-way zip bag with a padded, adjustable shoulder strap. This bag has ventilation eyelets and rubber slip-resistant spiked feet. If you’re looking for a ski bag and boot bag combo, we encourage you to check out BRUBAKER’s Superfunction Combo, which also has room for your poles and helment.

BRUBAKER Carver Pro Padded Ski Bag – Comes in 8 colors and 3 sizes

BRUBAKER is an international company providing customers with great products and exceptional customer service. The company takes pride in ensuring that its consumers put the style in their lifestyle with the quality products available to them. It has a collection of ski bags that are sold to its clients at the best possible price.

The BRUBAKER Padded Carver Pro Ski Bag is a heavy duty, 600 Polyester, double coated ski bag. This bag is designed from strong, cut resistant shiny silver fabric that prevents it from being ripped by the ski. This bag is foam-padded having linings in the ski binding areas - a form of added protection – and comes with adjustable straps and a durable zipper. The Padded Carver Ski Bag is built for just one pair of skis, but it’s also a suitable bag for mountain climbing, biking and racing equipment. The bag has compression straps, eyelets for ventilation and a quick release buckle fastener as well as rubber spiked feet to forestall sliding and extremely strong zip. It comes in two sizes - 67 inches and 75 inches. This bag is available in 11 colors and 2 sizes.

BRUBAKER has other ski bags in its collection:
  • BRUBAKER Race Champion Ski Bag with Wheels: A two-wheel gliding ski bag with grip handle, pulling loops and compression straps that can take two pairs of skis
  • BRUBAKER Carver Champion Ski Bag: This ski bag is made with cut-resistant fabric and features a shiny fiber glass lining. It keeps gear together by means of its compression straps and double zipper
  • BRUBAKER Ski Boot Bag Backpack: A polyester water repellant ski bag with claw feet bottom that holds out and prevents slipping on snow
  • BRUBAKER Winter Sports Boot Bag: This bag is a roomy polyester creation with water repellant interior and makes an ideal rucksack
  • BRUBAKER Practical Ski Boot Winter Sports Backpack Bag: Ski bag with adjustable straps and padded back panel, suitable as both rucksack and backpack.
  • BRUBAKER Winter Sports Professional Backpack: Large-size with adjustable inner boot bag and roomy compartment
The Sportube Series 1 Ski Case has a telescopic design with an easy to pull, ergonomically located handle. Its detachable shoulder strap allows for easy carriage during trips. If you’d prefer a travel case for snowboards instead, Sportube’s Series 3 Snowboard Multi-Ski Travel Case is great. Feel free to check it out.

Sportube Series 1 Travel Ski Case - Available in Blaze Orange and Black Colors

Sportube is a well-known company that’s passionate about manufacturing sport gear of high quality and simplicity. The company’s pieces are durable solutions for snowboard, fishing and outdoor sports. It provides timeless and protective ski bags, which are also strong and lightweight because they’re molded from high density polyethylene and fabricated to protect any gear installed in them.

The Sportube Series 1 Ski Case weighs 8 pounds and has adjustable dimensions from 48 inches to 83 inches, allowing it to fit a single pair of skis and poles of up to 165 millimeters. It’s a hard plastic shell case that creates a shield around the equipment. It comes padded at both ends for durability, with molded runner wheels fitted with steel bearings for easy maneuvering. It also includes an easy to pull handle. The telescopic design of this ski bag keeps equipment secure by ensuring even pressure at both its top and bottom. This ski bag is air travel friendly and can be mounted on any surface for easy transportation. The Sportube Series 1 Ski Case has a locking device for increased safety and security. It comes in two colors - blaze orange and straight black - and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Sportube makes available other ski bags:
  • Sportube Traveller Single Ski Bag: A durable, check-in compliant, high quality ski bag suitable for air travel
  • Sportube Overhead Boot Bag: A lightweight, carry on backpack that can hold gear enough for a day on the mountains
  • Sportube Series 2 Special Edition: This ski bag was designed to contain two sets of ski equipment. It has wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Sportube Ski Shield Double Padded Ski Bag with Gear Shield: This bag is made of hard plastic at the tips and tails and can contain two pairs of any ski types of 190 centimeters and poles
  • Sportube Series 2 Double Ski Hard Case: A hard shell ski case that fits skis with tips and tails facing each other in a shoe-in-box manner
  • Sportube Series 2 Ski Case: A hard plastic case ski bag with lockable features and can contain two sets of skis and poles when travelling by road or air
The Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag is a large, polyester padded ski bag with removable dividers for its poles. It has 3 interior pockets that can hold boots and its urethane wheels make for easy maneuvering. If you want a more affordable bag for a single ski, check out Dakine’s Ski Sleeve Ski Bag.

Dakine Fall Line Black Double 190 CM Ski Bag

Dakine builds sturdy travel and surfing gear for those who love them. The company was founded in 1979 by Rob Kaplan, who was then both surfer and tinkerer. From merely repairing surfers’ gear, the company has grown to create impact-proof products that can withstand the rocks. Dakine’s product line ranges from backpacks and travel accessories to snow boards, skate boards mountain bikes and ski bags. Its ski bags impart a lasting experience in the hearts of the users. Dakine has a focus on getting out into the open, building, testing and improving functional gear that’ll last from season to season.

The Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag is the right gear to have when one is out on a roll in the snow. This black bag weighs 11.28 pounds with dimensions of 11.42 x 13.39 x 81.89 inches, which is good for carrying skis up to 185 centimeters long. It’s made of fully padded polyester protection and detachable divider for its poles. This ski bag features high quality urethane wheels, enhancing its stability and are handy for maneuvering it from place to place. It has matching end carry handles or compression straps and protective lining on the insides. Its internal pockets are sizeable for boot, ensuring secure storage. This ski bag can also accommodate an extra set of boards. It’s very roomy, having its exteriors fitted with zippers which separate the compartments. The Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag is a great ski bag choice for travelling and can comfortably take two ski sets.

Dakine has other ski bags like:
  • Dakine Padded Double Ski Bag: A fully padded and tarpaulin-lined ski bag with compression straps and full length zipper
  • Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag: This ski bag is fully padded with board protection, urethane wheels and carry handles at both ends
  • Dakine Padded Single Bozeman Ski Bag: It’s a tarpaulin-padded, 600D polyester shoulder strap ski bag with full length zipper
  • Dakine Boot Bag: Built to fit snowboard and ski boots. It comes with zipped front pocket and removable shoulder
  • Dakine Unisex Split Roller Luggage Bag: This is a polyester ripstop unisex ski bag
  • Dakine Boot Locker: This ski bag is tarpaulin-lined with a boot compartment that is also used as a changing mat. This bag also has removable shoulder straps
The High Sierra Boot and Ski Bag Combo features water-resistant fabric and self-restoring zippers. It can take skis up to 180 centimeters and can be folded to hold shorter ones. If you need a ski bag for multiple skis, check out High Sierra’s Double Ski Bag. It comes in an attractive buffalo plaid/crimson/ black color.

High Sierra Ski Bag and Boot Bag Combo - Available in 2 Colors

High Sierra is a popular brand in the manufacturing of functional adventure kits to suit the lifestyle of daring people the world over. The company was founded in 1978, and has since been dedicated to the construction of long-lasting and affordable ski bags with attention to detail. These items are suitable for any type of activity and provide the freedom to indulge in all kinds of sport - near and distant drills, trekking trails, road walks, lake cannonballing, mountain climbing, snow skiing. No matter the adventure, High Sierra has got it covered.

The High Sierra Boot and Ski Bag Combo is a 3.3 pound, practical performance ski bag combo. It comprises of a boot bag and a ski bag that come as a complete set. The ski bag has dimensions of 14 x 7.9 inches and the boot bag of 16 x 15.25 x 10 inches, making for an overall product body dimension of 16 x 15.2 x 10 inches. The difference in this ski bag combo is the kind of details put into its creation. Both are crafted with reliable, 600 denier Duralite - a water-resistant fabric that keeps the gear dry. The ski bag can hold skis of up to 200 centimeters while the boot bag can hold up to 13-centimeter size boots. It has a 3/4 length zipper and can be folded to fit in shorter skis. This bag and boot-bag combo comes with self-restoring nylon coil zippers for added security. Both are well packaged and delivered in a retailing box.

There are other ski bags in the High Sierra’s collection:
  • High Sierra Deluxe Wheeled Double Ski Bag: This ski bag features long shoulder strap handles and inner hold down straps to retain and hold down gear from shifting
  • High Sierra Single Ski Bag: This is a sturdy diamond-ripstop duralite bag that can hold one pair of skis of 185 centimeters
  • High Sierra Nordic Ski Bag: It has quick release compression straps and is foldable at one end to accommodate shorter skis
  • High Sierra Small Ski Bag: Heavy duty webbing ski bag possessing self-fixing nylon coil zipper
  • High Sierra Deluxe Single Ski Bag: This bag has comfortable padded extra-long handles and adjustable compression straps

How Do I Choose the Best Ski Bag?

Ski bags aren’t all the same. The type of ski bag you’ll end up getting is often determined by how you travel and where your favorite sky resort is. While some are meant for air travel, others are more suitable for car travel. Now, understanding the various ski bag types will help you in making a choice.

The different types of ski bags include:
  • Wheeled Ski bags: These are the ski bags that have wheels attached to them. This wheeled feature makes it easier to transport a ski bag, especially when it’s heavy. Instead of trying to lift it, you just roll it across. They’re designed for traveling long distance. They’re usually larger and more padded than other ski bags. If you’re picking this type of ski bag, ensure you go for the one with strong and sturdy wheels that can maneuver across various ground surfaces.
  • Shoulder Ski bags: Because they don’t have wheels, shoulder ski bags are designed to be carried over the shoulder with shoulder straps. They can be padded or not. Shoulder ski bags are ideal for car travel. They’re designed to carry one or two pairs of skis and poles at a time. Carrying more than that over the shoulder can be pretty straining. They also feature a cinch strap that can be tightened to securely hold the contents of the bag.
  • Padded Ski bags: It’s likely that in transit your ski bag can be knocked around. Padded ski bags offer protection from damage for its contents in situations like this. They’re designed to carry only two or three pairs of skis and poles at a time. Padded ski bags are more preferred than the unpadded variety due to the protection it gives ski equipment whether you are traveling by road or air. Naturally, they’re more expensive than the unpadded type.
  • Unpadded Ski bags: These are the lightest of all ski bags, namely because they’re designed to be carried for short distances or for storing skis and poles. Traveling with the unpadded ski bag is risky as protection of your skis and poles from danger isn’t guaranteed. They function better in keeping the ski and pole together. If you’re going for this type, it’s advisable that you go for one with the most durable material available.
  • Travel Ski cases: These are made of hard plastic because they’re designed to protect the skis and poles from any possible damage while in transit; they’re by far the best protection for your skiing equipment. When traveling by air, this type of ski bag is ideal for those valuable skis and poles of yours because most airlines don’t accept damage liabilities except when you use hard cases. They can hold single and multiple skis and poles at a time. They’re built to last longer than others even though they’re just as heavy.

Shopping for a ski bag for the first time can be a challenge, especially when you’re not sure of what to look for in a ski bag. You can start by considering the size of the ski bag, which can determine how comfortable and convenient it’ll be. Some are designed to carry just one set of skis and poles, while there are others that can carry more than one set at a time. Large ski bags can carry multiple sets of skis and poles and also have space for other smaller items like helmets, goggles and boots. It’s crucial to consider your budget and how far you are willing to stretch it. For instance, the padded ski bag and the wheeled ski bag considerably cost more than the others, yet, for reasons already mentioned, they are the better option.
The price of a product is arguably one of the most important factors for consideration. This notwithstanding, it’s important that you focus more on the size, brand, and features of the ski bag of your choice as these are the factors that influence the price of any ski bag.

The available price range for ski bags is between $16 and $200. Apparently, ski bags aren’t exactly expensive accessories. Though we did come across cheap ski bags in our research, we didn’t include them in our review because it’s our philosophy to bring you information on quality products that’ll give you maximum satisfaction.
As we mentioned above, your choice of a ski bag should be based on what you particularly need it for. Studying the features of ski bags can help you to make that decision.
Here are some of the basic features of ski bags to consider:
  • Interior gear straps
  • Exterior compression straps
  • Padded straps
  • Pockets
  • Wheels
  • Material
  • Zippers
Construction and Design
The different types of ski bags are made with different materials. It’s common knowledge that the lifespan of your ski bag is largely dependent on the material it’s made of and how durable it is. Travel ski cases are made of strong polyethylene plastic, which is why they’re the most durable of all the ski bag materials. The materials of the other ski bags are mostly synthetic and when this is the case, the fabric should be tightly woven with a high thread count. The higher the thread count, the stronger the material. Nylon materials are easy to clean, but they’re not all durable. The polyester nylon is used for cheaper ski bags and is the least durable of all the nylon material. Ballistic nylon material is wear-resistant and doesn’t tear easily; it’s more durable and easier to clean. Some manufacturers combine synthetic materials with plastic to increase strength and durability.

If you’re going for a ski bag with synthetic material, take into consideration the denier rating. The denier rating is simply the fiber thickness of the material. The higher this number is, the stronger and heavier the bag will be. A thread count of 600 deniers is acceptable for durability check, but if you’re going to be using the bag more often, consider a denier range of 700-2000.

Ski bags with synthetic inner lining are water-proof. This inner lining prevents the bag from growing mold when wet ski equipment is stored in it. It’s easy to clean and it also prevents the bag from tearing all the way.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you’re carrying more than one pair of skis and poles, the interior gear straps can be used to secure them properly to prevent them from shifting during transportation. This minimizes the risk of damage. While the interior gear straps are used to hold skis and poles in the ski bag, the exterior gear straps run around the ski bag and are fastened around the ski equipment. If the ski equipment is shorter than the ski bag, the extending fabric can be tucked under the exterior gear strap to shorten it to the size of the ski equipment it holds.

Handles are important features because clearly the ski bag requires lifting. Even wheeled ski bags might need to be lifted up or down the stairs, off the conveyor belt at the airport, out of the car, etc. Padded handles or straps are more comfortable especially when you’re going for a shoulder ski bag than unpadded straps. This strap should be tightly woven to ensure longevity and wide to prevent it from cutting into your palms or shoulders.

When traveling along with other smaller skiing items like gloves, hats, goggles, etc., a ski bag with pocket(s) is ideal. You can store these items in the pockets to avoid traveling with too much luggage, which can be quite laborious. Many large ski bags have plenty of pockets for packing convenience. Another convenient feature of a ski bag is the wheels. Wheels ease transportation of the ski bag from one spot to another. Ski equipment can be heavy and to carry them can be draining, especially when it’s over a long period of time. Large wheels are better for going across snow areas. Ski bags with wheels are naturally heavier than their non-wheeled counterparts.

High-quality zippers are important as they might be the deciding factor of how easy it’ll be for you to use your ski bag. The weakest link in your ski bag is between the zipper and the ski bag itself. Therefore, you need a ski bag with a strong and flexible zipper. Coil zippers, commonly used for tents, are the best option here.

Get the Best Ski Bag of 2023!

In getting to the end of this review, and having seen some of the best ski bags in today’s market, we believe you’re now fully prepared to make the purchase of ‘the’ ski bag. If you don’t find the ski bag you are looking for here, feel free to check out the others from the brands above.

Our Top Choice
Athalon Double Padded Ski Bag
Best Value
BRUBAKER Padded Carver Pro Ski Bag
Sportube Series 1 Travel Ski Case
Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag
High Sierra Boot and Ski Bag Combo