Best Ski Boot Bag Reviews 2023

Carrying your ski boots, your skis, the binding and all your other equipment back to the lodge after an exhilarating day on the slopes is exhausting, and that’s where a ski boot bag can put a cherry on top of your awesome day. We’ve looked at the best ski boot bag brands out in the market and have chosen our top five, selecting one bag from each brand to showcase to you. If you’re still not sure about the ones we picked, check out the other ski boot bags from these great brands!
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Shoe Size
Our Top Choice
Athletico Mountain Carry-All Ski Boot Bag
Athletico is a company motivated by enhancing their customers’ outdoor adventures by producing practical and stylish sport and athletic products.
Headphone port. Soft pockets for devices. Bungee cord for secure, external storage. Adjustable back straps that can tuck away. Padded back. Ventilated pockets.
We love this Carry-All Boot Bag, but on the downside, the zippers don’t seem to be so well designed and may break.
1 Main, 2 ventilated side pockets
17.5 x 15 x 15"
Not specified
1200 denier nylon fabric
Headphone port, keyring clip
Best Value
High Sierra Junior Trapezoid Boot Bag
High Sierra loves the outdoors; their products reflect that in high-quality features and comfort-driven designs so you can enjoy the outdoors too!
Junior-sized for kids. Ventilated ski boot pocket. Adjustable backpack straps. Webbing grab handle for easy side carrying. Large main compartment.
Some customers felt the material could be stronger, and that the bag was not suitable for very small children due to the size of the boots pocket.
Main area & 2 side boot pockets
15 x 14 x 11.5"
Junior-sized ski boots
Adjustable padded back straps
Kulkea Boot Trekker Ski Boot Backpack
Kulkea is made up of experienced skiers who enjoy the slopes and enjoy sharing their passion with their customers with good-quality, well-designed snow equipment.
Space-savvy design. Water-resistant base and lower sides. Two contoured, ventilated boot side pockets. Drainage grommets.
A handful of people didn’t feel that all the small pockets were necessary and, in some cases, were too small to be useful.
2 boot pockets, 1 main pocket
18 x 14.5 x 18"
Up to Mondo 31 (men's size 13)
Nylon, polyester, tarpaulin
Helmet sling, tarpaulin bottom
Athalon Butterfly Wheeling Boot Bag
Athalon doesn’t want their customers using anything they wouldn’t use, so all their products go through rigorous testing to make sure they’re up to standard for you!
Bag conversion from backpack to carry-on. Bungee cords for external attachments. Water-resistant material to help keep belongings dry. Wheels for easy maneuvering.
Too big to put into some planes’ overhead bins, but the smaller bag can be detached to keep your valuables on you.
Wheels, removable accessory bag
12 x 18 x 12"
Not specified
1200 Denier Poly/Nylon Blend
Padded straps, removable bag
Dakine 30-Liter Ski Boot Bag
Dakine was founded amongst the volcanic islands of Hawaii, and for nearly 40 years, has delivered high-quality, sport-focused products.
Adjustable and removable shoulder strap. Front zippered pocket for valuables. Easy to spot-clean if it gets dirty.
May not be as big as expected.
Zippered valuables front pocket
15 x 14 x 9"
Up to men’s size 11
600D Polyester
Adjustable shoulder strap

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What is the Best Ski Boot Bag?

Everyone has a slightly different “necessities” list to make their day run smoothly. Before buying your ski boot bag, make sure the one you choose has space for all the things you need to enjoy every ski run you do that day!
Our Top Choice
The Athletico Mountain Carry-All Ski Boot Bag not only makes room for everything you might need for a ski day, but also lets you dance up and down the mountain with a headphone port to listen to your music. If you need a protective sleeve for your skis as well, grab the Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo and you’re set to go!

Athletico Mountain Carry-All Ski Boot Bag with Earphone Port and Bungee Cords

Athletico is proud to be a successful manufacturer of sport and athletic gear that aids and enhances their customers’ adventures. Their traditional beliefs in the great outdoors and the strength of community coming together have resulted in them not only creating sturdy and trustworthy backpacks that their customers enjoy, but also the people they donate their products to, such as the families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The Athletico Mountain Carry-All Ski Boot Bag is made to fit everything you need for a full day of adventures in one bag. On the surface, the unisex design might look similar to many others on the market, but this durable, nylon fabric holds many more cool features than you may think!

Here are all the features you can expect to find in your Athletico Ski Boot Bag:
  • Reliable water and tear-resistant, rugged 1200 denier nylon
  • Quick access to all the pockets for ease of use
  • Backpack straps that can be removed or tucked away for convenience
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Reflective details for safety in the dark
  • Comfortable grip handles
  • Bungee cord for secure external storage
  • Headphone cord port for music on-the-go
  • Soft pockets to protect devices
  • Ventilation in the bottom and sides
You can fit everything you need in your bag and listen to your favorite tunes on your way to the top of the slope? Winner!
Best Value
Adventures are fun for the whole family, and the Junior Trapezoid Boot Bag means that even the little skier of the family can proudly carry their boots up the mountain. If you want a simple design that will get the job done, or the Trapezoid is a bit over budget, check out the High Sierra Basic Boot Bag as a great alternative!

High Sierra Junior Trapezoid Boot Bag with Webbed Grip Handle – Available in 7 Colors

High Sierra loves everything to do with adventures and, since starting up in 1978, it has provided explorers and adventurists with the equipment they need to have a fun day trip or reach the farthest places of unknown territory. As experienced outdoor people will know, the equipment you have can make all the difference, therefore, High Sierra strives to keep designing feature-rich, versatile outdoor gear to improve your experience.

High Sierra knows that the explorers of the world come in all shapes, sizes and ages, so they have created the Junior Trapezoid Boot Bag for youngsters who love cascading down the snowy slopes. And of course, it means that you parents don’t have to carry a whole family’s worth of ski equipment between every single ski!

Designed for a mini human, this is what the bag has to offer:
  • Large main compartment – U-shaped opening for easy access
  • Two zippered side compartments – Ventilated holders for ski or snowboarding boots
  • Adjustable, padded backpack straps
  • Webbing grab handle – For comfort whilst carrying at your side
With easy adjustment to different sizes, or ability to grow with your kid over the years, this ski boot bag could become a must-have for your adventure trips.
With an impressive list of features, the Kulkea Boot Trekker is set apart from the rest with every nook and cranny utilizing the space. If you want an option that could work for children and adults alike, why not take a look at the Kulkea Speed Star Ski Boot Backpack?

Kulkea Boot Trekker Ski Boot Backpack with Reflective Edging – Available in 6 Colors

Kulkea knows that, to truly understand what you need on the slopes and what would make your life easier getting up and down the mountain, you need to have lived that life, which is why Kulkea was founded and driven by skiers themselves. Their passion for the white peaks at the top of the mountain and the crunch of crisp snow under their boots is like no other, so Kulkea does their own research, using high-quality, durable material and specifically designed equipment to keep up with your pace.

Kulkea knows what you are more than likely to need when out sliding down the mountainsides, and the Kulkea Boot Trekker proves that, with a well-thought-through design that has even thought of the things you haven’t yet.

But don’t take our word for it; take a look yourself:
  • Backpack grade support - Padded and contoured shoulder straps, mesh back panel for comfort, heavily reinforced Lifter Straps and a Sternum strap for comfort, easy to carry and lift and customized fit
  • Helmet Sling - Retractable sling to hold helmet safely on the outside of the bag
  • Shaped Boot Pockets - Two contoured pockets to hold boots securely
  • Waist Belt - Padded waist belt to provide extra support; adjustable with buckles and Velcro attachments
  • Goggle Protection - Soft material for extra padding to reduce the chance of scratches or breakages
  • Boot Vents - Each boot pocket has a closeable ventilation window.
  • Transparent Inner Pockets - Transparent, secret pocket to keep your valuables safe but easy for you to find quickly
  • Protective, Water-Resistant Bottom - Tarpaulin bottom and lower sides to keep your belongings dry
  • Glove Smart - Two glove pockets for easy access and secure storage whilst not in use
  • Hidden Side Pockets - Two external pockets beneath the boot vents for easy access to items such as maps, etc.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Zipper - The zipper pulls glow in the dark for easy use even after sunset
  • Easy-Grip Handle - Wide top handle wrapped in polyurethane for comfort
  • Drainage Grommets - Four coated drainage grommets on the bottom of the boot pockets
  • Gear Loop - A strong loop to quickly and conveniently attach more gear to your bag
  • Water-Resistant Material - Durable polyurethane coated: 1680D, 840D & 420D nylons and tarpaulin
No kidding that Kulkea thought of things even you probably hadn’t! You will be set to go on a snowy adventure in no time with this boot bag.
The Butterfly Wheeling Boot Bag aims to improve your safety, let you travel at ease, and keep your belongings secure and dry, so you can just enjoy your adventure. If you don’t need the extra weight of wheels on your bag, then the Athalon Tri-Athalon Boot Bag might be a better fit for you!

Athalon Butterfly Wheeling Carry-on Boot Bag

Athalon was founded in 1973, and has since built an impressive reputation of quality and service, and their bags are used by professional sport teams. Athalon only distributes products they would use themselves, and put their products through rigorous testing to ensure they consistently deliver durable, high-standard designs to all of their customers.

The Athalon’s Butterfly Wheeling Boot Bag is a great option when looking for an easily transportable bag that can be used as a wheelie carry-on bag on a flight but also has all the sporty outdoor extras you’ll want to match your active lifestyle.

Take a look at the many quality features Athalon has worked into this versatile boot bag:
  • Revolutionary Butterfly Opening - Allows you to lay flat and open for easy access to the bottom of the bag.
  • Carry-on Size for Flights - Can fit into most overhead compartments on planes.
  • Two Side-entry Zippered Boot Pockets - Vented to keep drier
  • Drainage Grommets in Boot Pockets - Allows melted snow from the boots to drain away.
  • Bungee Cords for External Attachments - Strong bungee cords to hold your coat, helmet or other items to the outside
  • Hidden Backpack Straps for Easy Conversion - Padded straps can convert the carry bag into a comfortable backpack.
  • Removable Accessory Bag - Lets you utilize storage options.
  • Pull Telescoping Handle - Locks into place, making it easy to push and pull when en route.
  • Inline Skate Wheels - Sharp, smooth maneuverability
  • High-Density, Water-Resistant Polyester - Constructed with high-quality, water-resistant material to keep your equipment and valuables dry
  • Reflective Piping - Making you more visible in low light or at night
This bag will keep you safe and your belongings dry whilst you’re out doing what you do best!
The Dakine Ski Boot Bag is simple and efficient, offering optimum comfort and organization when you’re out in the wilderness. If you need more space, the Dakine 50L Ski Boot Pack might be better suited for your boots, and it comes in 11 beautiful colors.

Dakine 30-Liter Ski Boot Bag – Available in 2 Colors

Dakine was founded in 1979, surrounded by the beauty of Hawaii. It is now located at the base of Mount Hood in Oregon. Dakine manufactures a range of products, from clothing to travel bags and the accessories in between, that suit a variety of sports and outdoor activities. The company is passionate about making the most of feeling the earth under your feet and the wind in your hair.

The 30L Boot Bag from Dakine will help you keep your boots dry and safe on your way up and keep your car clean once you make your way back with muddy boots. It also gives you space for all the other little extras you’ll need during the journey.

Dakine has put together what they think will be what you need to get the most out of your sports. The boot bag can fit ski boots or snowboard boots, and then has a front zippered pocket for all your other belongings so you can get to them easily. The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable, so you can change it for optimum comfort. This simple design ensures you can find what you need when you need it.

How Do I Choose the Best Ski Boot Bag?

The cool air blowing past your ears, adrenaline pumping through your body and the feeling of freedom rushing against the skin on your cheeks when skiing down a blanket of glistening white is unrivalled with anything else. It’s enough to make anyone haul all their equipment up the mountain for one more run.

But at the end of the day, when you’re exhausted from your new triumphs on the slope, it can be the hardest slug of the day trying to man-handle your favorite skis, new boots and your bag all the way home. But a ski boot bag will hold your valuables and wet, snowy boots, so you have your hands free for your skis. Most have separate, meshed pockets specially so the boots can dry out and won’t make everything else in your bag damp and smelly. There are even ones with smaller compartments so you can easily grab your goggles, lunch, or keys when you need them.
The good news is you can get a decent ski boot bag that will keep your belongings safe and dry for around $40, which isn’t a big price to pay for that peace of mind. The even better news is, if you have a more flexible budget, you can buy a ski boot bag with all the bells and whistles for around $150. At this price, you should expect a slick design that offers you large, spacious compartments for your belongings and an innovative design to make your life easier when carrying heavy, wet boots on your way home.

Whatever your budget, it would be best to avoid cheap ski boot bags. They are often poorly made with weak material, and can’t withstand the elements at the top of the mountains or the test of time.
A ski boot bag can easily make your life easier and more enjoyable, even when it’s the end of the day and you have to trek home.

Here are a few things to think about before purchasing your much-needed ski boot bag:
  • Material - Nylon, polyester, and tarpaulin are just some of the materials you can choose from.
  • Boot Pocket Size - Make sure the boot pocket will fit your particular boots – you don’t want it to arrive and not be able to zip up!
  • Compartments - Check the number of compartments each bag has and if it suits your needs; some have compartments specially designed for other equipment you’re likely to need.
  • Straps - Straps can be adjustable, padded or removable.
  • Pocket Design - Mesh, ventilated or drainage grommets in the boot pockets can help drain melted snow and dry out boots on your commute.
  • Transportation - Look for features such as comfort-grip handles, convertible backpacks or wheels to help you easily transport your things from one place to the next.
  • Extras - Reflective strips, ID holders and secret pockets are just some of the extra features available.
If you’re still not sure, don’t fret; let’s take a closer look at these features.
Construction and Design
Shoe Size

One of the most important things to get right when buying a ski boot bag is the size – because if your boots can’t fit in the designated pockets, you may as well have bought just a normal backpack! Many of the featured bags come in a range of sizes or have pockets that are appropriate for most adult sizes (for example, some can fit up to a man’s size 13 boot), however, don’t take our word for it; check before you click the “buy now” button!


Any company making a bag designed for a skier should definitely have thought long and hard about the best material to suit their needs. Many boot bags are made of materials such as nylon, polyester, or a blend, to ensure durability and water-resistance. However, some designs have gone a step further, adding tarpaulin, which is thicker and usually used for constructions such as tents or temporary shelters, rather than bags, due to its resistance even against the wettest conditions.

Boot Bag Design

Having a bag made of the toughest and most waterproof material is great…until the snow on your boots melts inside your bag and it gets smelly and sopping wet, and you have to pour out the water when you finally make it home. Some brands have thought ahead and included innovative ideas into their designs to drain the water and keep the boot pocket ventilated. This can either be from pocket vents, mesh material, drainage grommets, and these will help keep your bag fresh and dry.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bag Size

For those travel-savvy adrenaline junkies, we have just the right thing for you! Some of the ski boot bags are made compact enough that you can slip them into the overhead compartment on the plane and away you go! Although most people would probably be taking a suitcase as well, it does mean you can keep an eye on your precious ski boots and know they are safe and sound throughout the whole journey.


Talking of travel, there are lots of perks that suit different types of travel. Some bags come with wheels and pull-out handles so you can easily pull your boots behind and save your energy for the real fun! Others let you remove or rearrange the straps into a backpack style or shoulder straps, so you can put the bag wherever you find it most comfortable. The higher-end designs offer padded straps to reduce stress on your pressure points when walking for a long distance. These bags also give you a choice of handles – some are webbed, and others use different material so it’s comfortable wherever you are carrying it to.


At the end of a long day, however epic it has been, it’s always a pain rummaging through a big bag, full to the brim with stuff, to find your key – which suddenly turns into a miniature version of itself that does not want to be found! With a few designated compartments, this problem can be abolished. Many have a pocket (or two) specifically to hold the boots, a large main compartment for the bulkier things such as goggles, gloves and hat, and smaller compartments to hold valuables and small items you don’t want to get lost in the mix.

Get the Best Ski Boot Bag of 2023!

We hope you found the bag that will keep all your belongings dry, safe and easily reachable (for you)! But if not, check out the other options from these reputable brands.

Our Top Choice
Athletico Mountain Carry-All Ski Boot Bag
Best Value
High Sierra Junior Trapezoid Boot Bag
Kulkea Boot Trekker Ski Boot Backpack
Athalon Butterfly Wheeling Boot Bag
Dakine 30-Liter Ski Boot Bag