Best Ski Goggle Reviews 2023

With so many different styles of ski goggles out there, it can get a bit confusing when trying to decide which pair of goggles is the perfect fit for you. To help you choose the ideal ski goggles for you, we have selected the best ski goggle brands on the market today, as well as a product to feature from each. This should give you a better idea of the different types of goggles available to you and what different brands have to offer.
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Good for
Our Top Choice
Gonex Polarized Ski Goggles
Gonex specializes in goggles for winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, but it also makes high-quality packing cubes, bags, business cases and backpacks.
Available in several colors. Comfortable, soft and tough frame. Compatible with eyeglasses and can be worn over helmets.
Rare complaints regarding a mild plastic odor when opening the package, but that happens with almost all brand-new products.
 Anti-fog, anti-glare, UV shield
Eco-friendly TPU material
4 color options
Men, women, youth
Helmet, prescription eyewear
Best Value
Bolle AMP Anti-Fog Ski Goggles
With over a century in the outdoor skiwear industry, Bolle is a brand you can trust to deliver high-quality products that look and feel great.
Available in multiple colors. Anti-fog lens. Comfortable strap. Anti-scratch lenses.
Might not be compatible with prescription eyewear frames.
Anti-fog, anti-scratch
Flexible TPU material
9 color options
Kids from 3 to 8 years
Oakley Canopy PRIZM Ski Goggles
Oakley is THE go-to brand for sports-related eyewear and accessories that not only protect efficiently, but look good too.
Adjustable and comfortable silicone strap. Anti-fog, vented lens. Flexible frame, compatible with prescription eyewear.
Isolated complaints that the goggles might be too large for some people, but such instances are rare.
Anti-fog, anti-glare, UV shield
Flexible, O matter frame
16 color options
Adults, unisex
Helmet, prescription eyewear
Zionor Lagopus X4 Ski Goggles
Zionor makes high-quality goggles for winter and water sports. Its lines of products are broad, and it usually offers a one-year warranty for its products, as well as friendly customer service.
Available in many colors. Can be used with helmets. Detachable, anti-fog lenses. UV protection. Flexible TPU frame.
A few customers received the goggles in a different color from the one ordered, but such instances are rare.
Detachable, anti-fog, UV shield
Flexible TPU material
19 color options
Men, women
Helmet, small & medium glasses
OutdoorMaster Kids' Ski Goggles
Just as the name implies, OutdoorMaster specializes in outdoor-related accessories, such as backpacks, ski goggles, ski helmets and apparel items.
Available in multiple colors. Compatible with helmets and prescription eyewear. Flexible TPU frame and UV resistant lenses.
Very rare complaints that the inside foam can be scratchy sometimes, but make sure they are positioned correctly on the face to prevent that.
Anti-fog, UV shield
Flexible TPU material
15 color options
6-year-olds or older
Helmet, prescription eyewear

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What is the Best Ski Goggle?

Personal preference plays a big role in the selection process of ski goggles. That’s why we’ve selected brands based not only on the durability and affordability of their products, but also the range of styles and colors available. Hopefully, after reading through our buying guide, you have now figured out what type of ski goggles are most suitable for your needs and which features you would like included in your new product. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to narrowing down your options and selecting the ideal ski goggles for your next trip down the slopes! So, let’s get looking at our top five picks, shall we?
Our Top Choice
The Polarized Ski Goggles from Gonex are available in several color options, are suitable for adults of all ages, and they fit over prescription eyeglasses or helmets. If your budget is not that flexible, check out the OTG Ski Goggles, which are also available in several color options and designed for men, women and teenagers.

Gonex Polarized Snow Goggles with Oversized Double Spherical Lens For Men, Women and Youth – Available in 4 Colors

We were pleasantly surprised to find that Gonex is a reputable manufacturer of winter sports accessories as well as travel gear for people of all ages. Whether you are looking for packing cubes, gym bags, backpacks, toiletry bags or business backpacks, Gonex makes them all and its products are well received by the general public. Although this company was founded just a couple of years ago (in 2013), it already has a large number of fans worldwide.

Let's talk about the Polarized Ski Goggles from Gonex, which are available in several color options such as White Frame Silver Lens, REVO Black Frame Blue Lens and two others. These goggles are perfect for a bright, sunny day, as they offer UV400 protection thanks to the polarized lenses, which also incorporate anti-glare and anti-fog features. The goggles are ideal for men and women of all ages, as well as teenagers who want to learn how to ski or snowboard and live the full winter sports experience.

The elastic strap is completely adjustable and ensures that the goggles remain fixed comfortably on your head while you power down the mountains. You can wear these goggles over a helmet, as well as over your current prescription eyeglasses. The frame itself is made with an environmentally friendly material, and although it appears soft to the touch, it is very strong and resilient, taking the shape of your head while you wear the goggles. The manufacturer also includes a one-year warranty policy in the package, not to mention that these goggles come with a protective case and a carrying pouch. What more can you ask for?
Best Value
The Bolle AMP Goggles are available in several lens and frame color options, and they are suitable for kids aged three to eight years. If you are looking for goggles for adults, check out the Bolle Carve Snow Goggles, which are also available in multiple color options.

Bolle AMP Ski and Snowboarding Goggles – Anti-Fog Layer, Multiple Color Options Available for Goggles and Lenses

For over 125 years, Bolle has been developing its strengths in the market of snow sports products and attire. Bolle’s collections are at the height of fashion AND the height of technology, a winning combination. The brand is renowned for delivering the highest-quality sunglasses and goggles when it comes to protection and performance. It's constantly looking for ways to develop the fit, fashion and comfort of its products. Bolle is one of the most successful skiwear brands available today, providing goggles to athletes all over the world.

The Bolle AMP Goggles are specially designed for kids from three to eight years old, as they feature a colorful design and multiple color options for the frames and lenses such as Black Robot, Pink Snow/ Citrus Dark, Red Rocket and more. The goggles come with an adjustable strap and have a superior anti-fog coating applied to the lens, ensuring maximum visibility when little ones ski or snowboard.

For safety reasons, Bolle has made these goggles compatible with different types of helmets, but they can also be used without it if necessary. The lenses are vented, and they also incorporate a special layer which makes them resistant to scratches, so you'll be able to use them for a long period of time. Thanks to the clever options and great build quality, this model from Bolle is capable of reducing moisture buildup while remaining comfortable on the head for many hours every day.
The Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles are available in multiple color options and are ideal for skiing or snowboarding. They are fully adjustable and designed to be safe and comfortable. If you are looking for similar goggles which are specially designed for snow conditions, check out the Oakley Airbrake Snow Goggles.

Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles – Anti-Fog Coating, Multiple Colors Available

Oakley is an American brand that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of sports performance equipment and lifestyle products, including sunglasses, ski goggles and sports visors. Oakley is one of the largest manufacturers of sports eyewear in the world. It holds more than 600 patents of eyewear and performance gear, as well as supplying optical frames, apparel, backpacks and other sporting accessories.

The Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles are some of the most advanced and sophisticated goggles you can find today. They are available in numerous color options, including Army/Camo, Citrus Iron, Matte Black and many others. These goggles feature dual vented lenses which are protected with a strong anti-fog coating, so you'll always be able to see around you when skiing or snowboarding.

The frame of the goggles is also flexible, so it will basically take the shape of your face and remain comfortable, even if you engage in winter sports for hours back-to-back. This frame is also designed to be compatible with most prescription eyewear frames, so you'll be in good hands even if you want to ski with your glasses on. Lastly, the adjustable strap incorporates silicone, which makes it more durable, more flexible and safer while you ski. Whether you are a professional skier or just started gliding down the mountains, this sports accessory might be exactly what you are looking for!
The X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles feature UV protection and anti-fog lenses, and they are available in a wide range of color options for you to choose from. If you are looking for OTG (over the glasses) goggles, check out the X10 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles from the same manufacturer.

ZIONOR Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles - Magnet Dual Layers Lens, Anti-Fog, UV Protection – Available in Multiple Colors and 2 Package Types

The name Zionor doesn’t tell you much at first, but this brand is among the most appreciated and popular when it comes to ski and snowboarding goggles. Zionor also sells swim goggles, and it currently has more than eight years of experience in this business, as well as selling over 2 million goggles worldwide. Its products are made of some of the best materials out there, and they are suitable for men, women and teenagers alike.

The Zionor X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles are available in multiple frame and lens color options such as A-Grey Frame REVO Silver, A-Lagopus X4 Blue Frame Revo Blue Lens and others. The lenses feature anti-fog and UV protection coatings, being ideal for a day out in the sun, skiing and snowboarding for a couple of hours! The lenses are also specially treated to be impact resistant and to protect you in the case of a fall. You can also order the lenses separately in case you damage yours or just want to keep extras around.

Once you put those goggles on, you'll enjoy a 180-degree panoramic view and feel how the TPU frame takes the shape of your head while remaining comfortable and safe. The goggles can be worn with a helmet too, and the lenses are easily detachable and interchangeable, depending on the moment of the day, weather conditions or your personal preferences. Couple that with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and you'll soon find out that you have a high-quality product before your eyes!
The OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles are available in multiple color options, and they are compatible with most helmets on the market today. These goggles will really put a big smile on your kid's face! If you want goggles for adults and teenagers, go for the PRO X Ski Goggles from the same manufacturer. These are not only reasonably priced, but also available in multiple colors.

OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles - Helmet Compatible Snow Goggles for Boys & Girls with 100% UV Protection – Available in Multiple Colors

The last product on our list comes from OutdoorMaster, a brand that makes outdoor-related apparel and accessories. Its product line includes ski goggles, ski helmets, backpacks and clothing items at affordable prices. OutdoorMaster's products are usually accompanied by a warranty period of one year, and we found during our research that its backpacks are some of the most fashionable and practical ones on the market today.

For now, let's focus on the Kids’ Ski Goggles from OutdoorMaster and discover their strong points. First of all, these goggles are available in numerous color options, such as Black + Blue (VLT 15%), Black + Colourful (VLT 14%), Yellow Pattern + Grey (VLT 10%) and many others. The goggles are suitable for six-year old kids or older, and they are compatible with pretty much all the helmets available on the market. These are also OTG (over the glasses) goggles, as they feature special cuts which make them compatible with prescription eyewear.

The lenses of goggles are very important and OutdoorMaster put high-quality ones in this product. For example, the lenses of this model offer UV400 protection, and they feature a special anti-scratch coating, so they cannot get damaged that easily. The frame itself is also made of a flexible yet resistant TPU material, which will take the shape of your kid's head. Overall, we read in many places that the goggles are both comfortable and safe for kids, so you should totally go for them!

How Do I Choose the Best Ski Goggle?

If you’re a fan of skiing, then you know that selecting a quality pair of goggles is just as important as finding the perfect pair of skis or helmet. The reason they are so important is that they protect your eyes and surrounding areas from a variety of weather conditions, such as sun, wind, and snow; and let’s be honest, frostbite isn’t a good look on anyone. Snow is also a powerful reflector, meaning if it’s sunny, you’re even more likely to damage your skin if you don’t have the right protection.

You might have the best skiing boots and other gear, but without a good pair of ski goggles, you won’t enjoy the sport. But before you rush off and purchase any old ski goggles, there are a few considerations to think about beforehand to ensure you select the best goggles for you and your face! Two such things are your personal preference and the size/shape of your face, as these may determine both the size and style of the goggles you choose. Furthermore, the frame size of the goggles you’re considering should be appropriate for your face and for the look you hope to achieve.

Especially if this is the first time you are buying ski goggles, you may find the decision-making process a little bit stressful. Why? Because there are so many good brands and products out there! Dragon Alliance and Smith Optics are just two prestigious manufacturers of ski goggles, and they have plenty of options available for clients, but there are many others and someone needs to help you make the right decision. Therefore, stay on this page and continue reading while sipping your favorite beverage to learn how to select the right ski goggles!
When it comes to the cost of your new ski goggles, this is going to depend on a variety of factors, such as lens type, frame material, color options, etc. To give you numbers, if you opt for budget-friendly goggles, these usually cost around $25; moderately priced goggles usually cost around $40-$45, while high-end ones can go up to $200 in some cases or even more, if the technology used in making them is really advanced.

Products at the higher end of this scale will usually have spherical lenses, allowing for a better field of vision and a more comfortable fit. They also tend to have easy-to-use interchangeable lenses or photochromatic lenses, making the product suitable for a variety of weather and lighting conditions. Pricier products also tend to include useful features such as quick-fit silicone straps, 100% UV protection, and goggle bags.

Products at the lower end of this scale work just as well; however, they tend to include fewer features. If you only ski now and then or will only be skiing in one type of weather condition, then a lower-cost pair of goggles will work just as well. Cheaper ski goggles are available on the market as well ($15 or less), but be aware that these products won’t be as durable or have high protection and will be more prone to scratches.
The features you’ll want included in your new ski goggles will depend entirely on your own personal preferences, face shape, and where you’ll be skiing. There are a few features we recommend keeping an eye out for, however, to ensure you select the best possible product for you!

Here are some important features to look out for and think about:
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Gender and Face Size
  • Frame Size
  • Lens Type and Shape
  • Changeability of the Lenses
  • Ventilation
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Wide Silicone Strap
Construction and Design
When searching for a pair of high-end ski goggles, we recommend choosing a product that has 100% UV protection. This will give you ease of mind whilst skiing down the slopes and prevent you from damaging your eyes and surrounding areas. It also means you don’t have to carry around a bottle of sunblock with you, which is always a plus!

Further, consider who the goggles are actually for. Ski goggles designed for women are often a lot narrower than those designed for men, with a much smaller frame. This is because women tend to have smaller heads and faces than men, and therefore require less surface area coverage. Kids’ goggles are usually designed with simple, inexpensive lenses to keep the cost down and for easy use. This said, it’s very important that you select the right type of goggles for your gender and face size.

Aside from your face size, for the more fashion-conscious skiers out there, it has become increasingly popular to wear oversized goggles with large frames, which are great for large faces too. Small-frame goggles, however, are much narrower in design and are both shorter and shallower than other frames—great for smaller faces or those who like the small-frame look.

If, however, you’re somewhere in between, medium-frame goggles may be the best fit for you. If you wear prescription glasses, then you may want to consider purchasing OTG goggles instead. These have a deeper, wider, and taller frame that will allow you to comfortably wear your glasses underneath the goggles without discomfort or added pressure. Some OTG goggles even have an electric fan built in to prevent fog!

You’ll also want to have a little think about the type of lenses you want in your new ski goggles. Lenses can vary depending on the light conditions you’ll be skiing in and your own personal preferences. Here is an overview of the different types to look for:
  • Polarized - Ideal for reducing glare from both the sun and the snow, preventing your eyes from becoming tired whilst sliding down the slopes. They also don’t sacrifice visibility when skiing in low-light conditions.
  • Photochromatic - Perhaps the most versatile of all the lenses, as they can automatically lighten or darken depending on the light conditions where you’re skiing. Their clever design will adjust depending on the level of UV radiation, making them perfect for a variety of light conditions.
  • Mirrored - Either slightly or fully reflective on the outside of the goggles, blocking additional sunlight in particularly bright conditions. They’re also great at reducing glare, as they reflect light away from the lens. If you’ll be skiing in overcast weather, however, then these goggles may not be suitable.
  • Non-mirrored - Have no reflecting properties whatsoever, so will allow all light to come through the lenses. These goggles are best suited for overcast weather or nighttime skiing, as they will cause too much glare on bright, sunny days.
Another thing to consider when shopping around for your perfect ski goggles is the shape of the lens itself. The shape of the lens you choose will affect your field of vision, as well as your peripheral vision. Goggles with spherical lenses work well, as the lens shape matches the curvature of your face and eyes. This means you’ll have a less distorted image whilst skiing and a clearer, sharper field of vision. Although these products are often more expensive, they offer you far better optics than other lens designs. Flat lenses, or cylindrical lenses, offer a far more limited field of vision in comparison to spherical lenses, as well as a poorer peripheral view. They are also far more likely to cause glare.

Another useful feature to look out for in your new ski goggles is helmet compatibility. This means that the goggles won’t get in the way of your helmet or prevent you from fastening it securely. A helmet is an incredibly important part of skiing and is something that shouldn’t be compromised. Therefore, we highly recommend selecting a product with this feature.

Finally, we recommend looking for ski goggles with a wide silicone strap. This will make the product much more comfortable, secure, and durable. Products with this feature are much less likely to slip and shift in use and will keep your field of vision clear at all times.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ski goggles are particularly susceptible to scratch and scuff. If you care for them properly, however, you can reduce the likeliness of this happening dramatically. It’s a good idea to invest in a ski goggle case or choose a product with this feature included. Most goggles get scuffed when they’re chucked loosely into your bag, therefore, a case will reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

When it comes to cleaning your goggles, you’ll want to wipe the outside of the lenses with a cotton cloth or a product built specifically for this purpose. Paper towels or napkins can scratch the outside of the lenses very easily and affect the product’s overall visibility. You should never wipe the inside of your goggles, as they’re often treated with an anti-fog coating. By wiping the inside of the goggles, you will remove this protective layer; therefore, it’s best to give your goggles a little shake to remove any water.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not you want goggles that will allow for lens changes. If you’ll be skiing somewhere where light conditions can vary throughout the day, then a pair of goggles with an easy lens change may be what you’re after. Easy-to-change lenses will allow you to swap goggle lenses on the go, and this can be completed in a matter of minutes.

More difficult lenses will still allow you to swap and change, but will require you to snap the tabs on the lens to remove it from the frame and then snap a new one in place. These products are usually much cheaper than easy-to-use lens-swap goggles, but will require more time and precision.

Finally, think about whether or not you require ventilation in your new ski goggles. This feature will help control the climate inside the goggles themselves, allowing air to flow in and out of the product to prevent moisture and fogging. Goggles with low to minimal ventilation are suitable whilst skiing but may fog when the user isn’t moving. High-ventilation goggles, however, will give you an unbeatable level of ventilation whether you’re on the slopes or at the bar.

Get the Best Ski Goggle of 2023!

Hopefully, you now have a better idea about which brands have what to offer, and can finally get around to actually shopping for some of the best ski goggles out there! Don’t forget to take a look at the brands’ other collections, just in case you find something you prefer over our original featured product. Now all that’s left to do is hit the slopes and ski in style, or just hang around the bar wearing your goggles. Both options sound pretty good to us!

Our Top Choice
Gonex Polarized Ski Goggles
Best Value
Bolle AMP Anti-Fog Ski Goggles
Oakley Canopy PRIZM Ski Goggles
Zionor Lagopus X4 Ski Goggles
OutdoorMaster Kids' Ski Goggles