Best Ski Helmet Reviews 2023

Today's ski helmets are made with some of the most technologically advanced materials known to man and they come in numerous designs and sizes. If you’re considering buying one, this review will help you, as we’ve featured five of the best ski helmets from top brands. We’re happy to mention that snowboarding helmets are very similar to ski helmets and can be used interchangeably. Check out our review on snowboarding helmets if you want something different.
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Interior Pads
Our Top Choice
Giro Seam All Mountain Advantage Snow Helmet
Giro is a prestigious manufacturer that specializes in winter sports accessories. The Giro Seam helmet is ideal for beginners as well as experienced skiers.
Excellent choice of materials, durable construction. Washable and hygienic padding. Available in numerous colors and sizes.
Isolated complaints that it is not compatible with certain audio kits. Even if this is true, this is a small price to pay.
Half shell helmet
Anti-bacterial padding
Available in multiple colors
12 Super Cool vents
In-mold construction
Best Value
Shred Ready Standard Full-Face Whitewater Helme
Shred Ready is a renowned manufacturer of sports helmets. The Standard Fullface helmet offers great protection and it is designed to fit most people.
Available in several colors. Highly-protective design. Durable materials. Secure retention system. Best bang for your buck.
Doesn’t have visor, but it lets you express your personality with your own pair of ski goggles!
Full-face helmet
Interchangeable fitting pads
Available in 4 colors
Side vents
ABS injection molded shell
Smith Optics Vantage MIPS Helmet
Smith Optics has decades of experience making wintersports accessories. The Vantage ski helmet is one of the most practical and safe ski helmets available on the market.
Top manufacturer. Excellent construction. Superior ventilation system. Available in numerous sizes and colors. Eye-catching, elegant design.
Small confusions regarding the size of the helmet upon arrival. Make sure you specify exactly what size you prefer.
Half shell helmet
X-Static Performance Lining
Available in multiple colors
AirEvac 2 Ventilation
Hybrid SL Shell Construction
POC Skull X Ski Race Helmet
POC specializes in wintersport accessories and protective equipments. The Skull X ski helmet offers additional protection and it is highly resistant to wear and tear.
Attractive design. Available in multiple colors and sizes. Great ventilation system. Comfortable. Washable interior lining.
Few customers complained that the helmet is too small. Make sure that you choose the right size before ordering.
Race helmet, full shell
LD Foam Lining, washable
Available in 4 colors
Air Flow Venting
Injected PC/ABS shell
CKX Insert Winter Full-Face Helmet
CKX makes a multitude of durable and comfortable ski helmets. The RR610 model is one of the most sophisticated, eye-catching and popular ones.
Attractive design. Removable and washable interior pads. Durable materials. Excellent build quality. Easy to put on. Comfortable.
The visor doesn’t offer protection against sunrays, but this is a minor drawback when you see the big picture.
Full-face helmet with visor
Washable interior liners
Top-mounted vents
Injection molding plastic shell

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What is the Best Ski Helmet?

When buying a ski helmet, you need to take into account three main aspects: size, color and your budget. Most ski helmets are made in different sizes to accommodate various head shapes. In this review, we’ve included a variety of ski helmet types, and they come in a mixture of price points, so you’re covered. Let's begin with the first one, a model from Giro.
Our Top Choice
The Giro Seam Snow Helmet is an excellent accessory for ski lovers! This is a half shell helmet that will protect you against potential injuries and it comes in numerous color options for you to choose from. If you prefer a full shell helmet, go for the Giro Cipher Snow Helmet instead.

Giro Seam Snow Ski Helmet, In-Mold Construction, 12 Super Cool Vents, Anti-Bacterial Padding

Giro is a brand that makes a wide range of sports-related accessories, particularly helmets. This manufacturer crafts beautiful and durable helmets for women, men and even kids. These helmets can be worn while bicycling or while practicing winter sports. For example, the Giro Seam is currently one of the most appreciated and practical ski helmets on the market today.

Let's discover together the advantages this helmet brings to the table.
  • The Giro Seam Snow helmet is available in 4 sizes, depending on the size of the head of the wearer. You can also buy this accessory in numerous color options as well.
  • It features X-static antibacterial padding which is removable and washable. Your ears will be protected against draft and microbes.
  • The 12 Super Cool vents ensure proper air circulation which is essential while practicing winter sports, particularly for a long stretch of time every day.
  • This helmet can be used for practicing a wide variety of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and more.
  • The in-mold construction of this helmet makes it durable and resistant to wear and tear, so you can wear it confidently that it will protect your head should you fall off your skis.
We are happy to report that Giro also makes many other sports accessories such as gloves, helmet visors, footbeds, helmet cases, bike helmets and more. Check this company's products if you are looking for a good protection device for your head.
Best Value
The Standard Fullface Helmet from Shred Ready offers utmost protection to ski enthusiasts as it protects your entire head, from your chin to your scalp. It comes in several colors and looks surprisingly attractive! If you prefer a half shell helmet, go for the Shred Ready Standard Halfcut Helmet instead.

Shred Ready Standard Fullface Ski Helmet, One Size Fits All, Small, Medium, Large Fitting Pads Included

Shred Ready is a brand that manufactures multiple helmets designed for sports, outdoor activities and recreation. For example, some of their kayaking helmets sell very well on Amazon. This brand also makes a spacious and eye-catching gear bag, suitable for transporting your sports accessories. For our review, we have chosen the Shred Ready Standard Fullface helmet because it offers excellent value for money and it is available at a reasonable price.

Here are the highlights of this ski helmet.
  • The Standard Fullface Helmet is available in 4 different design options and its size fits most people. The included padding will help you achieve a more custom fit.
  • The helmet features an ABS injection molded shell which is durable and resistant to impacts.
  • Customers who buy this helmet will enjoy a warranty period of 1 year.
  • The helmet comes with a 4-point retention system for added security.
  • Inside the package you will find several foam fitting pads that improve your comfort level and makes the helmet more stable on your head.
Shred Ready makes many types of helmets including snowboarding ones, as well as an ingenious speaker system kit you can wear in your helmet and listen to your favorite tunes while skiing.
The Smith Vantage Helmet offers increased protection and incorporates the latest technologies when it comes to wintersports safety and comfort. This helmet comes with Snapfit SL Ear Pads and features a great ventilation system. If you buy one for your wife, go for the Smith Optics Maze Adult Ski Helmet.

Smith Optics Adult Ski Helmet with X-Static Performance Lining, 21 Vents, Available in Multiple Colors

Smith Optics is a company founded in 1965 and it is renowned for creating the first pair of goggles that has a sealed thermal lens. This manufacturer takes its craft very seriously and, with its ingenious products, it revolutionized the ski world, coming up with innovative designs every year. For example, the Smith Vantage Helmet features Nanosilver Performance Lining and several other exclusive technologies that will make your ski ride more comfortable and safer

Let's find out some more features provided by this ski helmet.
  • The 21 vents incorporated in its design will ensure proper air circulation, even if you ski for many hours each day.
  • This helmet is available in numerous sizes and color options, so you will definitely find one matching your needs and preferences.
  • You will enjoy lifetime warranty if you decide to go for this ski helmet.
  • The Hybrid SL construction ensures the durability and reliability of this helmet, giving you more peace of mind while powering down a mountain.
  • Thanks to its reduced dimensions and small weight, you won’t even feel that you are wearing it!
Make sure that you check Smith Optics' products if you are interested in a ski helmet for your kid, sun visors, accessories bags, lens cleaning kits and more. This brand offers numerous useful wintersport items at reasonable prices.
The POC Skull X ski helmet is designed to offer upmost protection and comfort while you are skiing down a slope or a mountain. It features an excellent venting system and it is available in several colors. This is a race ski helmet; if you prefer a standard one, go for the POC Receptor BUG Adjustable 2.0 Ski Helmet instead.

POC Ski Race Helmet with Air Flow Venting, Washable Foam Lining, Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

POC makes many types of sport accessories designed to improve your outdoor experience and keep you safe at the same time. For example, you can buy high-quality knee protectors, sport sunglasses and of course, ski helmets! POC's products are made with utmost attention to details and from the finest materials, so your outdoor adventure will be a special one.

Let's discuss more about the Skull X ski helmet which is specially designed for racing and competitions.
  • This helmet is a full shell one and it offers increased protection, thanks to the multi-impact EPP liner.
  • The interior LD Foam Lining enhances your comfort and it is removable and washable.
  • This helmet is designed to allow airflow in the front, so that your head remains comfortable for as long as you are skiing.
  • It is available in 4 color options and numerous sizes. Pick what you need and fancy!
  • The penetration guard built at the back of the helmet offers additional protection and gives you more peace of mind.
If you are interested in a ski helmet then maybe you also need a good ski jacket, shorts, gloves or sunglasses. All these products are made by POC and they come at reasonable prices, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a look at them.
The Insert CKX RR610 Full-Face Helmet is suitable for those who want full-face protection. It is suitable for skiing, snowboarding and multiple other winter sports. If you also want a ski helmet for your kid then check out the CKX 349771 VG-300 model from the same manufacturer.

Insert CKX Full-Face Ski Helmet with Double Shield Lens and Removable, Washable Interior Lining Pads

We couldn’t close this review without mentioning a product from CKX, a brand that manufactures top-quality winter helmets and wintersports apparel. We wanted to have a full-face helmet with a visor in our review and we think that the CKX RR610 is perfect in this case.

Here are more details about this ski helmet.
  • The helmet covers your entire head, from your chin to your scalp, and it is made from impact resistant plastic.
  • It features interior foam padding that is removal and washable.
  • Thanks to the comfortable cheek pads, you can also have your eyeglasses on while wearing this helmet.
  • It can be equipped with a communication system headset.
  • The lens on the visor features an anti-fog and anti-scratch design.
We want to take a moment here to let you know that CKX also makes boots, sports racquets and half shell helmets, if you are interested in more wintersports accessories.

How Do I Choose the Best Ski Helmet?

The use of helmets while skiing has greatly increased over the last few years. This is due to improvements in ski helmets, making them safer for skiers at all levels, readily available and affordable. Before, ski helmets used to be the reserve of skiing pros and racers, leaving beginners and other skiing enthusiasts in danger. The best ski helmets on the market don’t just protect you from injury, but also make you comfortable while engaging in the sport. They should also match other skiing accessories such as goggles and ski boots.

Ski helmets, just like snowboarding helmets, are warm, due to the padding and insulation in them, meaning you can ski down the mountains in comfort. What’s more, the new designs are stylish and fashionable, giving you that trendy yet hardcore look. The insides of the helmets are also made of materials that wick moisture, so you don’t have to worry about moisture or sweat accumulating inside them.

Other helmets come with microbial treatment on the inside, ensuring they stay fresh so you can use them longer. The best ski helmets protect not only the skull from damage, but also safeguard your brain in case an accident occurs. This is due to improvements in the materials used to make helmets and the technology that keeps you safe.

Before you buy a helmet for your skiing adventures or winter sports, ensure it meets the safety standards required for a ski helmet. Look out for the CE or ASTM marks on the helmet to be assured of quality.
The price of ski helmets is usually influenced by various factors. For instance, the materials used to build them and the features they have that are meant to enhance your comfort and safety can determine what you pay for a helmet. The more advanced the features and the higher the quality of materials used, the more you can expect to pay.

A good ski helmet can cost you $20 to $50 or more for a high-end brand. There are also cheap ski helmets available on the market. These should be avoided because they don’t usually offer complete protection and can be uncomfortable. Most of them are also missing the latest technologies in ski helmets, such as MIPS.
There are many features to look out for in a ski helmet. The most essential feature to check is how well the helmet can take impact and keep you protected. This can be determined by the material used in the construction of the helmet. You also need one with adjustable sizing so it can fit snugly, enhancing your safety while skiing. The importance of finding one that’s compatible with your goggles and other accessories for a unified look also goes without saying.

Here are some features to look for in your ski helmet:
  • The shell construction material for durability
  • Interior padding with moisture-wicking properties
  • High-impact interior padding for protection
  • Safety features of the helmet
  • Ventilation through fixed and adjustable vents
  • Ability to use audio devices with the helmet while skiing
  • Compatibility with your goggles
  • Custom-fit adjustments for better safety
  • Multi-directional impact security
  • Safety certifications
With the right ski helmet, you can engage in your favorite sport professionally or for fun without your safety being a hindrance.
Construction and Design
Skiing is a dangerous sport that can easily cause injuries to your body, especially the head. Despite your experience level, you need a good helmet to protect your head while enjoying your favorite sport. The following factors should help you make an informed buying decision:

Type – There are many ski helmets available on the market today. These can be categorized into different types depending on the materials used in construction. The helmets can be hard shell, in mould or hybrid. The hard shell helmets are made of ABS plastic, which is tough and durable, on the outside. On the inside, the helmets are lined with foam to absorb impact.

In-mould skiing helmets have their outer hard shells made of polycarbonate and the inside lined with EPS foam, resulting in highly breathable and lightweight helmets. Hybrid helmets, on the other hand, are a combination of hard and in-mold shells, meaning their high impact areas are lined with ABS plastic for superior protection. Therefore, hybrid helmets offer the best protection for skiers.

Interior Pads – Interior padding is also important because it absorbs impact and protects your head from any injury. The padding used should be thick enough to offer enhanced protection. Find helmets with moisture wicking properties to ensure you stay dry throughout your skiing sessions. Some helmets have the added advantage of being microbial, therefore keeping you fresh for long.

The padding material should also be warm and comfortable so you can enjoy having the helmet on, even for long periods. Another feature to check is the breathability of the padding. EPS foam is the most-used lining material because it provides these qualities.

Color – Ski helmets come in multiple colors and patterns. Some come with colored reflective straps so you can easily be recognized in areas where visibility is low. The choice of color depends on your preference. You can also get colors that match your other skiing gear, such as boots, or reflect your personality.

Ventilation – A good ski helmet should be properly ventilated so you stay cool while skiing, due to sufficient circulation of fresh air inside your protective head gear. Look for a helmet with both fixed and adjustable vents for optimal ventilation. You can easily use adjustable vents to increase or reduce ventilation, depending on your needs.

Make sure the vents feature some form of cover to prevent water from seeping into your helmet when it’s open. They’re supposed to be positioned well, so when cool air gets in, warm air leaves your helmet easily.

Design – Ski helmets are also built in three different designs, with the first being half shell. They’re the most popular and come with removable, soft ear pads. They don’t feature visors, but you can easily attach visors to your safety helmet. Full shell is the second design, built so your helmet’s shell can completely cover your ears, and the only thing visible on it is the vents.

The third design of ski helmets is full-face helmets. They’re the full-shell type but also cover the face with visors and a chin guard. They’re often used by skiers who participate in extreme skiing or competitions that require complete face protection.
Performance and Ease of Use
Choose helmets you can easily wear and fasten using chin straps for increased safety. Make sure there’s no space between the padding of your helmet and your face. If there’s some gap, you should be able to adjust your helmet to fit snugly. This explains the importance of getting the right size for you. Also look out for clips on your helmet for attaching visors and goggles, so your face is further protected as required.

You also need a helmet that’s easy to clean. Clean the lining of your helmet after use to keep it fresh and sanitized. Whereas some ski helmets are built with audio capabilities, others allow you to use external audio devices for easy communication. The material used on your head gear should also be strong and durable, yet comfortable enough to support prolonged use.

Get the Best Ski Helmet of 2023!

It’s paramount to protect your head while skiing, even if you’re an experienced skier. These five helmets are built to prevent major injuries to your most important body part – your head. Get one of these ski helmets and you’ll have more peace of mind!

Our Top Choice
Giro Seam All Mountain Advantage Snow Helmet
Best Value
Shred Ready Standard Full-Face Whitewater Helme
Smith Optics Vantage MIPS Helmet
POC Skull X Ski Race Helmet
CKX Insert Winter Full-Face Helmet