Best Ski Reviews 2022

Once you improve your skiing skills and become more accustomed with different types of snow conditions, you will definitely want to buy your own pair of skis! Fortunately, the market is full of skis at different prices. For this review, we have picked five excellent skis from some of the best ski brands out there. These five skis come in a mixture of price points, and they will help you achieve a more intense adrenaline rush while you are powering down a slope!
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Our Top Choice
Volkl Mens Mantra Advanced/Expert Skis
Volkl specializes in skis and skiing accessories. The Volkl Men’s Mantra Skis are suitable for most snow conditions and they will ensure your stability when skiing down a slope.
Attractive design. Excellent choice of materials and durable construction. Award-winning skis.
Not available in more color options.
170 and 191
1 color option
Multilayer wood core
Full sidewall construction
Best Value
Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Men's Skis
Atomic specializes in high-quality fitness and sports accessories. The Vantage 90 CTI Skis are reasonably priced, safe and suitable for most skiers.
Available in several sizes and 2 color options. Durable, toughened materials. Lightweight. Stable and exciting.
It might take a while until you get used to them.
All-mountain, powder
169, 176, 184
2 color options
Titanium Backbone 2.0 laminate
Firewall sidewall construction
K2 Pinnacle 95 "Jack of All Terrain" Skis
K2 specializes in outdoors equipment and snow accessories. The Pinnacle 95 skis are designed to be stable and suitable for most snow conditions.
Attractive design. Available in 3 sizes. Reinforced with quality materials for improved strength and durability. Make cornering easier.
A bit pricey, but they are worth all the money.
170, 177, 184
1 color option
Nanolite composite core 
Full sidewall construction
Blizzard 2017 Brahma Skis
Blizzard produces high-quality skis made from durable and lightweight materials. The 2017 Brahma Skis incorporate carbon elements and are designed for stability and precision.
Top manufacturer. Excellent construction. Designed for grip and stability. Available in 4 different sizes. Superb design that catches your eye.
Isolated complaints that it takes a while to get used to them.
166, 173, 180, 187
1 color option
Carbon Flipcore
Full sidewalls
Nordica All Mountain NRGY 100 Flat Skis
Nordica specializes in winter sports equipment and accessories. The NRGY 100 skis feature an all-mountain profile and excellent build quality.
Available in 2 colors and several sizes. Durable and resistant to wear and tear. Designed for various snow conditions. Affordable.
Lack of more color options.
2 color options
Titanal Torsion Bridge laminate
Full sidewall construction

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What is the Best Ski?

Picking the right pair of skis is a matter of color preferences, design, and your experience level as a skier. Below you will find five excellent skis made by professional manufacturers, so analyze them carefully and see which one is more suitable for you.
Our Top Choice
The Volkl Men’s Mantra Skis are excellent for different snow conditions and they are designed to keep you stable and safe while climbing down a slope or mountain. If you prefer them in a different color option, then go for the Volkl Men’s Kendo Skis which are equally practical.

Volkl Mens Mantra Skis with Full Rocker Base, Full Titanal Construction, Multi Layer Woodcore

Volkl is a brand that specializes in fitness equipments and accessories, particularly skis. The Volkl Men’s Mantra Skis are made from durable materials and they can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Here are the highlights of this product.
  • Good for 40% groomed, 60% powder conditions.
  • Come with full Titanal sidewall construction.
  • They are available in 2 sizes.
  • The construction incorporates vertical reinforcements for better stability.
If you are looking for gloves, ski poles or even tennis racquets, make sure that you check out the products made by Volkl as they are reliable and made from high-quality materials.
Best Value
The Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Skis are designed for all-mountain and powder use and they are built with upmost attention to detail. These skis can grip just as professional piste skis, but they remain stable and safe. However, if your budget is smaller then go for the Atomic Punx Skis instead.

Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Skis with Sintered Base, Carbon Tank Mesh and Titanium Backbon, 3 Sizes Available

Atomic specializes in fitness and sports accessories, and this brand has decades of experience making high-quality skis. The Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Skis offer excellent value for money and come in an attractive design.

Here are some more interesting features about these skis.
  • You can buy them in several different sizes and 2 color options.
  • They feature a firewall sidewall construction.
  • The core material is lightweight power wood.
  • These skis are made from durable materials such as Titanium Backbone 2.0 laminate.
This company also makes hockey tables and pool tables if you love these sports. The products made by Atomic are highly appreciated on Amazon and they come at affordable prices.
The Pinnacle 95 Skis from K2 are designed from high-quality materials such as aerospace grade composite. These skis are suitable for various types of snow conditions and for people of all ages. If you want to buy one pair for your wife as well, check out the Ooolaluv 85 Ti Skis from the same brand.

K2 Pinnacle 95 Skis with All-Terrain Rocker and Tapered Tips - Available in 3 Sizes

K2 is a brand that specializes in outdoors sports equipments such as skis, helmets and skates. This manufacturer is renowned for producing high-quality products from some of the most exquisite and modern materials. The Pinnacle 95 Skis are durable and designed to be stable on any mountain or slope.

Here are the highlights of these skis.
  • They are reinforced with titanal Metal Perimeter Laminate for added stability and control.
  • Thanks to the tapered tips, turning your skis to the left or right is easier and more comfortable.
  • This sports equipment is lightweight and can be transported almost anywhere with great ease.
  • The skis are available in 3 sizes.
Check out K2's products if you are interested in high-quality and affordable ski helmets, skate bags or even a snow plow.
Feel free to express your passion for skiing with the astonishing Blizzard Brahma Skis – 2017 version. These skis feature a Carbon Flipcore and an amazing, eye-catching design. If your girlfriend loves Blizzard products too then you can impress her with the Blizzard Black Pearl Skis which are specially designed for women.

Blizzard Brahma Skis with Carbon Fiber Elements and Double Ti Reinforcements, Available in 4 Sizes

Blizzard is a brand that specializes in making different types of skis for various snow conditions. Although the name of this company is very similar to the popular gaming manufacturer Blizzard Entertainment, they are totally different companies. The 2017 Brahma skis from Blizzard feature an exquisite design and they are crafted with utmost attention to details.

Let's discover the features of this pair of skis.
  • They are available in 4 different sizes.
  • Thanks to the Carbon Flipcore, these skis are both durable and lightweight.
  • The full sidewall of the skis improve stability and enhance your control when powering down a mountain.
  • The skis come with rockers in the tips and tail to improve edge grip.
The Nordica NRGY 100 Skis are highly versatile and modern, suitable for different types of slopes. They are available in 2 color options and several sizes. If you are looking for higher-end, more sophisticated skis then go for the 2017 Nordica Enforcer Skis.

Nordica NRGY 100 Mens Skis with I-Core Torsion Bridge, Available in 2 Colors and Multiple Sizes

Nordica is a company that produces high-quality winter accessories and skis as well as skates and other sports equipment. The skis made by this brand are highly versatile and modern, suitable for different types of snow conditions. We liked the NRGY 100 skis because they have a beautiful color scheme and are designed for stability and grip.

Let's discover some of the features of these skis.
  • They are available in 2 color options and several sizes.
  • These skis feature an all-mountain profile.
  • The skis are easy to handle on hardpack thanks to the camRock profile.
  • The full camber improves stability, comfort and grip, giving you more peace of mind while you ski.
If you liked this product from Nordica then you might be happy to find out that this brand also makes high-quality ski boot bags, tank tops for women and eye-catching, modern ski boots. These products come at affordable prices and are worthy of your attention.

How Do I Choose the Best Ski?

More and more people become addicted to skiing every year because this sport is very exciting for everyone, regardless of your age or fitness level. It provides a good workout for your legs, it fills your body with adrenaline, and makes the blood pump quicker. And it seriously makes you look good if someone snaps a picture or records a video of you skiing. All that you need for this quality outdoor entertainment is a pair of ski boots, a ski helmet, a ski bag to carry all of your accessories with ease, and, of course, your very own pair of skis!

The good news is that skis come in various colors, sizes, and they are designed for multiple types of snow. Once you become more experienced, you'll eventually want to buy your own pair of skis and that’s how this guide can help you. We provide useful insights which will help you pick the right pair of skis—without overspending—so keep reading.
Although at first sight a pair of skis looks pretty simple and straightforward (they actually are), these pieces of equipment are thoroughly engineered by professionals and pack years of research and technology. Skis need to be stable, durable, and suitable for different types of terrains, so paying between $300-$350 and $900-$1,000 is a good trade. The price of a pair of skis is influenced by the brand, size, design, and several other aspects.

For example, a pair of skis with a length of 185 centimeters (about 6 feet) which can go well on all terrain types is going to cost a little bit more than a kid-sized pair of skis. However, make sure you don’t settle for cheap skis, usually priced way below $300 because these products are not reliable enough and might even break down while you are powering down a slope.
To be able to buy a good pair of skis for you or a loved one, it is necessary to know a couple of aspects such as the following ones.
  • Size - This can be between 160cm and 190cm (5.2 – 6.4 feet) in most cases, and the size of the ski greatly influences how it is going to behave on the snow
  • Materials - Today's skis are made from a combination of durable and heavily engineered materials such as carbon mesh, engineered wood, and composites which make them lightweight and maneuverable
  • Color - You can have your pair of skis in pretty much any color scheme you want, so don’t rush your decision when it comes to this aspect
  • Terrain Type - Some skis are more suitable for groomed slopes while others go better on powder snow, so pick according to the types of terrain you ski on most often
Construction and Design
Although at first sight skis look like two wooden boards with rounded edges and a fancy color scheme, they are much more sophisticated than you might think. For example, to improve stability and performance, most high-quality skis come with a wooden core which is made from a combination of poplar and ash, among other materials. This keeps the ski stable on snow and allows you to make sudden maneuvers to change the direction you are going.

The sides of the skis are usually curved, and that’s intentionally done to prevent the skis from "digging" into the snow and reducing your speed. Curved edges slide better on snow, allowing for smooth travel on the desired terrain. In some cases, skis might contain strengthening components such as elements made from titanium laminate to make them more durable and resistant to wear and tear. When it comes to weight, expect for a single ski to weigh around six to seven pounds which is really impressive!

During our research we also found out that some high-quality skis have carbon fiber elements which help you climb up the slope or mountain much easier. As you probably already know, carbon fiber is a special material used in Formula One cars because of its incredible durability and lightness.
Performance and Ease of Use
The first thing you need to know is where you are going to use your skis more often. In other words, are you going to use them on slopes with powder snow, all mountain terrains, or on groomed terrains? Once you've established that, decide upon their size and color and you're all set. Certain high-end skis made by professional manufacturers are actually ideal for all types of terrains, so if you are an experienced skier and you practice this sport often, go for those instead!

Get the Best Ski of 2022!

Now you know more about skis and how to pick a good pair for practicing this great sport. Some of the best skis out there can be used on a variety of terrain conditions, and they don’t cost a fortune. Which one from these five would you pick?

Our Top Choice
Volkl Mens Mantra Advanced/Expert Skis
Best Value
Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Men's Skis
K2 Pinnacle 95 "Jack of All Terrain" Skis
Blizzard 2017 Brahma Skis
Nordica All Mountain NRGY 100 Flat Skis