Best Sleepytime Tea Reviews 2022

Are you having problems falling asleep? With many calming teas on the market, choosing the right brand can be a nightmare. For this reason, we’ve researched the five best sleepytime tea brands, showcasing one from each, to help you make an informed choice.
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Our Top Choice
Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Sleepytime Tea
Bigelow is a family-owned American tea company that was founded in 1945 to manufacture different types of tea in varying flavors.
Has calming & soothing effects. All-natural & safe. Caffeine-free. Gluten-free & non-GMO. Fresh & aromatic flavor.
Doesn’t make you sleep.
Herbal tea
Chamomile & mint
Tea bags
20 tea bags in each pack
1.09 ounces per pack
Best Value
Celestial Seasonings Classic Herbal Tea
Founded over four decades ago, Celestial Seasonings makes premium, tasty tea without impacting mother earth.
Comforting & freshening. Relaxes the body. Calms the mind and nerves. All natural & healthy.
Might not be safe for those with ulcers.
Herbal tea
Chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass
Tea bags
20 tea bags in each pack
1 ounce per pack
Yogi Tea Calming Sleepytime Tea
Yogi Tea was founded in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, an inspired yoga teacher, to promote knowledge and wisdom on healthy living using herbs.
Organic tea bags. Natural non-GMO ingredients. Free from Sweeteners & artificial flavors. Vegan, gluten-free & kosher-certified. Calms & soothes nerves.
Priced on the high side.
Organic herbal supplement
Ayurvedic, chamomile, lemongrass
Tea bags
16 tea bags in each pack
1.02 ounces per pack
Twinings Nightly Calm Sleepytime Tea
Founded in 1706 by Thomas Twining, Twinings makes various tea types and more than three hundred tea flavors.
Naturally flavored. Non-GMO & gluten-free. Cools and calms the nerves. Supports a good night’s sleep. Tastes great with rich aromas.
K-cups not compatible with keurig 2.0
Herbal tea
Chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass
K-cup pods
12 count
1.08 ounces per pack
Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian
Traditional Medicinals is a leading American manufacturer of wellness tea using sustainable pure ingredients.
Free from chemicals and fillers. 100% organic, safe & eco-friendly. Compostable tea bags. Relaxes, soothes & calms. Prevents occasional sleeplessness.
Some don’t like the smell.
Organic tea
Valerian & passionflower
Tea bags
16 tea bags in each pack
0.85 ounces per pack

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What is the Best Sleepytime Tea?

Choose gluten-free and caffeine-free calming tea for the best results. Make sure each pack of your chosen sleeping tea brand has enough tea bags or k-cup pods to get you through many days. Find out if one of our recommended sleepytime tea brands is what you need.
Our Top Choice
Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Sleepytime Tea is a blend of chamomile and mint for calming and soothing effects on the mind and body. Do you prefer herbal tea made from pure chamomile flowers? Opt for Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Herbal Sleepytime Tea.

Bigelow 20-Count Sweet Dreams Herbal Sleepytime Tea with Mint & Chamomile – 6 Pack

Ruth Campbell Bigelow, an avid tea connoisseur, founded Bigelow over seven decades ago. The company has grown to sell billions of cups of tea annually across the United States. As a family-owned company, it invests time and attention in each tea, ensuring only the best quality is produced. The company makes tea in various tasty flavors to suit the different taste buds out there. It uses fresh foil to wrap the tea bags as a way of making sure the flavor of each tea is preserved.

Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Sleepytime Tea is a blend of chamomile and mint to relax and soothe tense nerves and muscles. Peppermint leaves, hibiscus, rose and orange blossoms and spice are also blended into the tea for a more aromatic taste. This all-natural herbal tea is non-GMO and gluten-free for healthy use.

Available in a pack of six, you’ll have a total of one hundred and twenty tea bags to last you a good long time. The tea brews to a red hue. If you’re not able to sleep due to tension or nervousness, brew a cup to relax your nerves and help you fall asleep.

Here are a few other herbal tea by Bigelow you might like:
  • I Love Lemon Herbal Tea
  • Chamomile Mango Herbal Tea
  • Mint Medley Herbal Tea
A pack of this herbal tea weighs 1.09 ounces only, meaning you can bring it with you when traveling or going away from home for awhile.
Best Value
The Celestial Seasonings Classic Herbal Sleepytime Tea is rich in sweet aromas and has soothing effects. If you want a wellness sleepytime tea with the potent herb valerian, opt for the Celestial Seasonings Herbal Sleepytime Extra Tea.

Celestial Seasonings Classic Herbal Sleepytime Tea - Available in 33 Flavors & 20 Pack Sizes

Celestial Seasonings was founded in 1969 and has since defined the herbal tea industry. Having introduced more tea blends over the years, innovative blends introduced in 1972 (including sleepytime) became popular among tea connoisseurs – this saw the company become successful. Today, the company boasts various lines of tea, serving at least 1.6 billion cups of tea on a yearly basis. It sources more than one hundred herbs from thirty five different countries to make different tea with unique aromas.

The Celestial Seasonings Classic Herbal Sleepytime Tea is made from a blend of chamomile, spearmint, tilia flowers, lemongrass, orange blossoms, blackberry leaves, rosebuds and hawthorn. The blend of soothing herbs gives the tea a comforting aroma and sweet flavor. You can enjoy your cup of tea anytime you feel the need to relax your nerves, whether it’s after a long day or just a few hours before retiring to bed. Sleepytime tea is available in wellness, decaf green and herbal teas.

Available in thirty three flavors, there’s something for everyone. Choose from flavors such as Bengal spice, chamomile, country peach, green tea antioxidant, lemon zinger, mint magic and roast aroma, among others. The tea is also available in twenty different pack sizes to choose from based on your pocket and needs. For instance, choose a pack of six, four, three, or based on the number of tea bags you want.

Here are a few other Celestial Seasonings teas to consider:
  • Sweet Harvest Black Tea
  • Mandarin Orange Spice Herbal Tea
  • Fruit Tea Samplers Herbal Tea
The tea is available in one-ounce packs, each containing twenty tea bags.
Yogi Tea Calming Sleepytime Tea is a blend of various herbs, including ayurvedic, chamomile and lemongrass to calm and ease mild tension. Are you stressed and not able to focus on doing anything? Opt for the Yogi Tea Honey Lavender Stress Relief Herbal Tea to calm your body and mind.

Yogi Tea Calming Sleepytime Tea with Ayurvedic, Chamomile & Lemongrass - Available in 2 Pack Options

Yogi Tea was founded by a yoga teacher who was inspired to make herbal tea for his students to promote healthy living. Due to the tea’s comforting, spiced and aromatic taste, it became popular among the students, who named it Yogi Tea, and that’s how the company got its name. The tea has inherent health benefits, supporting the company’s purpose of making its consumers feel good, be good and do good.

The company has grown over the years and today boasts over sixty tea blends made from specialized herbal formulas.
Calming Sleepytime Tea is made from a mix of Ayurvedic herbs blended with chamomile, Gotu Cola and lemongrass. It’s also rich in licorice and lavender flower, responsible for giving the tea a naturally-sweet and pleasant flavor. Chamomile relaxes tense body nerves and muscles, and calms the mind.

Available in a pack of six, each having sixteen tea bags, you’ll get a total of 96 tea bags to last you a good long time. If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for the single pack or three-pack to save about $1.20. Whether you want to start your day with a fresh and calm mind or relax your nerves after a tiresome day at work, this calming tea has you covered.

Here are a few other sleepytime teas by Yogi Tea for your consideration:
  • Soothing & Spicy-Sweet Bedtime Tea
  • Kava Stress Relief Tea
  • Tranquility Relaxed Mind Tea
A pack of the herbal tea weighs 1.02 ounces.
Twinings Nightly Calm Sleepytime Tea is expertly blended with various herbs, including chamomile and spearmint to comfort and soothe. Opt for Twinings Peppermint Herbal Tea if you want natural caffeine-free tea that refreshes and uplifts to relax your mind and body.

Twinings Nightly Calm Sleepytime Tea with Chamomile, Lemongrass & Spearmint - Available in 2 Forms

Twinings doesn’t just promote its teas as a drink, but also a lifestyle that dates back more than three hundred years. Having started as a tea shop, the company has grown over the years to blend various herbs into more than three hundred tea varieties. The company has a global presence and works to ensure every tea lover enjoy his favorite cup of tea, whatever their preferred flavor.

The company’s expert blenders ensure every tea is made with precision to create the intended flavor, taste and aromas. Twinings Nightly Calm Sleepytime Tea is made from a blend of chamomile, lemon myrtle, orange leaves, spearmint, lemongrass, natural spearmint flavor, orange blossom, linden, hawthorn berries and rosebuds. The expertly blended tea comforts and soothes with a sweet, mellow and inviting aroma.

Each pack of herbal tea has twelve-count of k-cup pods. If you don’t have a keurig machine to use with the pods, opt for the tea bag variant to make your tea. The tea soothes and calms tense nerves and muscles, relieving you of tension and stress so you can better enjoy your sleep. You can brew your cup of tea at any time of the day, be it morning, midday, evening or even nighttime.

Here a few other Twinings sleepytime teas you might like:
  • Raspberry & Strawberry Green Tea
  • Lemon & Ginger K-cup Herbal Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea
Each pack of herbal tea weighs 1.08 ounces.
Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian is a blend of three strong herbs to soothe and relax the body for better sleep at night. Do you want to stimulate and relax your nervous system to relax and get better sleep? Opt for Traditional Medicinals Chamomile with Lavender Organic Tea.

Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian with Passionflower & Lemon Balm - Available in 3 Pack Options

Founded in 1976, Traditional Medicinals is focused on manufacturing tea with medicinal or health benefits. It sources its herbs and medicinal from various parts of the globe. As a result, the company is determined to empower poor and indigenous communities across the globe responsible for cultivating its medicinal ingredients. The company also offers herbal education and only uses pure ingredients to make premium tea of varied flavors and aromas.

Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian is made from a blend of valerian roots, lemon balm and passionflower. It has a warm, strong and soothing flavor to help you get a good night’s sleep. The valerian herb has been in use since the second century due to its ability to prevent occasional sleeplessness. The blend of herbs has a pleasant taste and relaxing effect to calm your nerves for a good night’s sleep.

The tea tastes earthy, minty and pleasant with a mildly bitter-sweet flavor. Available in three pack options, you can opt for the three-pack to save one dollar or the six-pack option to save up to five dollars. Each pack has a count of sixteen tea bags to last you a good while, depending on use. However, since you only need to drink the tea when struggling to fall asleep, a pack can last you longer than you expect.

Here are a few other Traditional Medicinals sleepytime teas for your consideration:
  • Cup of Calm Organic Tea
  • Lemon Balm Organic Tea
  • Linden Flower Organic Tea
Each pack of the tea weighs 0.85 ounces.

How Do I Choose the Best Sleepytime Tea?

I love my tea the first thing in the morning to take away the cold. Nothing beats a refreshing cup of tea taken at any time of the day, and the same goes for sleepy time. Although sleepytime tea mainly helps you fall asleep for a good night’s sleep, it can also have other health benefits depending on the herbs blended to make it. Ranging from detox tea to slimming tea, you can gain so much from drinking a cup each day based on the herbs it contains.

Chamomile offers relief from mild insomnia. As a major ingredient in most sleepytime tea, chamomile contains an amino acid known as tryptophan for its tranquilizing effects. When blended with other herbs, the tea relaxes the body by calming the nervous system to promote better sleep. It also has anti-bacterial properties to help fight colds, as well as boosting the immune system, correcting and healing stomach indigestions, and relieving menstrual cramps.

Valerian root, another major component of sleepytime tea, improves insomnia according to a 2010 European study. Rich in sedative properties, valerian is an anti-depressant used to reduce anxiety. Valerian relaxes and calms the mind and body to help you fall asleep in a natural way. Passionflower also has sleep benefits for adults with mild deteriorating sleep quality.

Tilia flowers have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, boost the immune system and relax nerves to reduce anxiety. They also have antispasmodic properties to reduce muscular pains. Lemongrass has anti-bacterial properties and calming effects to help promote better sleep. It also improves menstrual cramps. Blackberry leaves can help relieve diarrhea and treat ulcers, atop having anti-inflammatory properties to heal mouth and throat sores.

On the other hand, spearmint leaves enhance digestion and the respiratory system. Their soothing properties relieve stress, depression, headaches and insomnia so you can enjoy better sleep. Lemongrass has soothing and calming effects to help foster better sleep. Also, look out for hawthorn berries, rosebuds, orange blossoms, nettle, ginger, elderflower, lemon verbena, fennel, thyme, green tea, and peppermint.

Sleepytime tea also comes in various forms such as tea bags and k-cup pods for brewing using keurig machines. We hope this review can help you choose the best tea to help you relax and catch a good night’s sleep.
The cost of sleepytime tea varies from one brand to another. It’s also dependent on the quality and number of ingredients used to make the tea. Some ingredients are more expensive than others, with purely organic teas without additives costing more than those with artificial preservatives, additives and coloring. Teas made from a single pure ingredient are also often more expensive than those blended from a variety of herbs.

Pack size and number of tea bags in a box of sleepytime tea can also influence the price you pay. For instance, the bigger the pack size and the more tea bags in any given box, the higher the cost you pay. Cheap sleepytime tea might compromise your health or fail to work due to use of poor quality ingredients. You’ll find a good brand of tea retailing at between $5 and $30 based on the factors discussed above.
The most important feature to look out for when shopping for Sleepytime tea is the ingredients it’s made from. You need to find caffeine-free tea that prevents alertness and insomnia. Make sure your ideal tea is kosher-certified, meaning it meets the minimum standards acceptable in the industry worldwide. Also go for a brand that’s gluten-free, and free from chemicals and additives. The most effective calming teas are 100% organic and natural for safety.

Here are the important features to consider in sleepytime tea:
  • Type, such as organic or herbal tea
  • Ingredients such as chamomile, lemongrass, etc.
  • Form such as tea bags or k-cup pods
  • Count such as 20 tea bags, 16 k-cup pods, etc.
  • Organic & chemical-free options
  • Free from additives and artificial preservatives
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Weight such as 8 ounces, 2 ounces, 1 ounce, etc.
With the right pack of sleepytime tea, you can relax your tense nerves and muscles, calm your mind and body, and soothe your entire system to get a good night’s sleep.
Construction and Design
Are you having problems falling asleep? Do you suffer from mild insomnia? Are you shopping for the right calming tea for sleep? If your answer is yes, here are some important factors to consider in the composition of sleepytime tea to help you pick one that’s most suitable for you:

Type – Choose between tea bags and k-cup pods. With the former, you only need to boil some clean water and pour in your tea cup with a tea bag. Let it settle for a few minutes and sweeten if need be before enjoying your cup of tea. Buy k-cup pods if you have a keurig machine to help brew your tea. Note that some pods aren’t compatible with the new keurig 2.0 machine.

Ingredients – Various herbs are used to make organic calming teas, and ingredients vary from one brand to another. Although chamomile, valerian root, lemon grass and spearmint leaves are commonly used to make sleepytime tea, you’ll find other ingredients such as tilia flowers, ginger, blackberry leaves, rosebuds, etc. blended to make any given tea. Decide whether you want your tea made from one ingredients or a blend of many herbs for a range of therapeutic benefits.

Form – Calming teas are mainly made in the form of tea bags or k-cup pods. Choose what’s suitable for you to buy. If you opt for the latter form, ensure it’s compatible with your keurig machine to avoid disappointment.

Count – Sleepytime teas, be it in the form of tea bags or k-cup pods, are packed in varying counts. For instance, a pack can contain 12, 16, 20, 24, etc. bags or pods. The more count in a pack, the more it costs. Choose a pack with the right count of tea bags or pods suitable for your needs.

Weight – The calming teas for sleep are also weighted differently. The more the weight in a pack, the more bags or pods you can expect. Choose accordingly based on your needs to calm and soothe your body for a good night’s sleep.
Performance and Ease of Use
The key to buying the right calming tea for sleep is ensuring it’s made from purely organic herbs. You need to know the kind of ingredients to look out for and ensure you’re not allergic to any. The tea should be easy to prepare or brew and store for future use. Depending on the specific type of tea in question, it should take two to six minutes to brew and about an hour to act. Therefore, you need to take your tea about an hour before resorting to sleep.

Avoid tea with additives, artificial ingredients and any other harmful chemicals. Make sure your tea is safe and kosher-certified to meet industry standards. You should also ensure your tea has a desired taste, flavor and aromas so you can enjoy having it each time you need to stimulate and calm your nervous system. Look for instructions from the manufacturer on how to brew and store your sleepytime tea. Finally, buy tea made from 100% organic or herbal tea for the best results.

Get the Best Sleepytime Tea of 2022!

Whether you need to relax your nerves at the end of the day or get yourself to sleep better, there’s an ideal calming tea out there for you. We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to find the right tea for sleep to calm your mind and body. In case you need something different, check out our other detox tea reviews.

Our Top Choice
Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Sleepytime Tea
Best Value
Celestial Seasonings Classic Herbal Tea
Yogi Tea Calming Sleepytime Tea
Twinings Nightly Calm Sleepytime Tea
Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian