Best Slide Hammer Reviews 2023

Slide hammers are specialized hammers used by mechanics and technicians, especially in automobile repairs. To help you make the right selection from the numerous brands out there, we have selected the top five brands with the best slide hammers in the market and have reviewed one product from each of them. It’s worthy to note, however, that the brands featured in this review still have other models of slide hammers that you can check out with the navigation links provided.
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Our Top Choice
CTA Tools Slide Hammer Puller Set
CTA produces specialty tools that meet the needs of technicians all over the world. Its slide hammers have a wide range of uses and are built to last.
Doesn’t require reassembly for different tasks or jobs. Comes with a protective blow mold case. Dual jaw settings.
This slide hammer isn’t well-suited for larger-sized fittings.
23.5 × 8.4 × 4.6 in.; 13.9 lbs
2 and 3 jaw assemblies
Adjusting cone
Best Value
XtremepowerUS Dent Puller Body Tool Kit
XtremepowerUS offers a number of safety and technical tools for outdoor and home use. Its slide hammers are high-grade auto tools that can be put to different uses.
Comes with a lot of accessories. Versatile. Great quality. Withstands pressure. Steel construction.
Some customers received the kit in a different color than they ordered.
15 pounds
Combination steel construction
18 pieces
Not specified
Full dent puller kit
OTC 10-Way Slide Hammer
OTC is a foremost manufacturer of auto maintenance and vehicle equipment. It stocks a variety of slide hammers that can tackle highly-specialized jobs.
Jaw-locking cone for internal and external pulls. Pulling adaptor with vice grip for a firm hold. Dual pulling system.
Some customers complained that the product was made in China.
27 × 14 × 6 in.; 22.2 lbs
Not specified
28 pieces
2-3/8" / 3-3/4" / 6-1/2"
Grip wrench adapter
ARKSEN Dent Puller with Slide Hammer
At ARKSEN, there are different tools ranging from hand tools to home use gadgets. ARKSEN provides some of the best slide hammers at incredibly affordable prices.
Comes with many parts and accessories. Great for home and work. Blow mold case. People love it.
There were no cons recorded at the time of this review, except that people wanted to have one sooner!
19 pounds
Cast iron
13 pieces
Not specified
Double barreled connector
Neiko Automotive Slide Hammer Puller Set
Neiko has some of the best selections of automotive and power tools, which are heavy-duty and industrial-grade.
Bearing puller fits many bearing sizes and screws perfectly onto slide hammer. Vanadium steel construction.
The cone for tightening the jaws could be selective, thus proving difficult on some diameters.
8.2 × 23.8 × 4 in.; 17 lbs
Chrome vanadium steel
17 pieces
2/3 way internal or external
T-bar assembly, dent puller

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What is the Best Slide Hammer?

Having gone through our buying guide, it’s safe to say that you have all the necessary information to pick the slide hammer that will perfectly suit your needs; so, what are you waiting for? Head straight to our product review section and see the best slide hammers we have lined up for you.
Our Top Choice
The CTA Tools Slide Hammer Puller Set with 2 & 3 Jaw Assemblies is made for removal of gears, bushings, and seals. It has four jaws, with 2 or 3 settings, a center rod for stability, and a blow mold case. If you want a pilot-bearing slide hammer, CTA Tools’ 8077 Slide Hammer Pilot Bearing Puller Tool may be just right for you.

CTA Tools Slide Hammer Puller Set with 2 & 3 Jaw Assemblies

CTA Tools was founded in 1978 as a manufacturing company with just a narrow range of specialty tools. It had earlier on been a global distributor of power tools and other equipment for some large-sized businesses. The company later went into the market fully on its own and grew from a few to over a thousand tools. CTA Tools has factories in many countries and is into providing slide hammers that are used by technicians all over the world.

The CTA Tools Slide Hammer Puller Set is great for removing bearings, bushings, grease retainers, seals, and gears. Weighing just under 14 pounds (13.9, to be precise), it features the following:
  • Four jaw assemblies that come with 3 jaw settings on the outside and 2 on the inside
  • Different settings on inside and outside of jaws
  • A center rod fitted to the head which serves as the handle
  • An adjusting cone that helps keep the jaws in place
  • A lifetime warranty effective from the date of purchase
  • A protective blow mold case

CTA Tools has other slide hammers in stock for your consideration:
  • CTA Tools Internal Bearing Remover Set: This hammer removes different kinds of bearings, using its tight grip design that prevents slipping.
  • CTA Tools 8075 Pilot Bearing Puller-Slide: This is a slide hammer with special jaws that remove flywheel pilot bearings.
  • CTA Tools A490 Slide Hammer Puller Set: This is a 2 or 3 jaw-setting hammer that’s suitable for most pulling jobs.
Best Value
The XtremepowerUS Heavy-Duty Dent Puller Body Tool Kit is for auto body repair, with a well-built steel construction to withstand intense pressure. This slide hammer comes in a blow mold casing. If you want a 9-piece set instead, check out the XtremepowerUS 9pc Blind Hole Bearing Gear Puller Removal Kit.

XtremepowerUS Heavy-Duty Dent Puller Body Tool Kit

XtremepowerUS is a leading manufacturer of outdoor home equipment and accessories. The company offers a wide variety of safety and technical tools that are invaluable in households and work places. It makes available hand tools, measuring tools, gardening tools, auto tools, and tool organizers and casings. It has a variety of slide hammers in its collection and makes sure consumers get value for their money when they purchase any of these items. The company is big on customer service and employs dedicated staff to handle its clients.

The XtremepowerUS Dent Puller Body Tool Kit weighs 13 pounds and is great for auto body repairs. It has a hammer and a steel puller as its main components. With a sturdy build, it can handle a lot of pressure and, because it is built with the finest of materials, it can hold its own in heavy-duty applications. It’s an 18-piece set that includes the following accessories:
  • Circular angle flat steel and a rubber cover
  • Long tube hammer and tapping screw
  • A piece of cast iron H and 6-piece hasp iron
Following are some other slide hammers by XtremepowerUS for your consideration:
  • XtremepowerUS 16Pc Bearing Extractor Slide Hammer: This is a segmented grip slide hammer for removing pilot bearing bushes.
  • XtremepowerUS 5Pc Blind Hole Bearing Puller Slide Hammer: This is a T-handle, 3-pound hammer suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • XtremepowerUS 13Pc Dent Puller Body Set Tool Kit: This is a slide hammer suitable for home and business use.
The OTC 10-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set with Storage Case comprises a hammer and rear axle puller. It features two and three-way pulling heads and can be used as a straight force puller. If you would prefer a 9-way set that’s also more affordable, be sure to check out OTC’s 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set.

OTC 10-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set with Storage Case

OTC makes and sells auto maintenance power tools and vehicle equipment. The company is a member of the Bosch brand and works closely with several other names in the industry as a supplier. It markets industrial, security, communication, and software systems; its slide hammers are automotive service solutions that can tackle even the most intricate jobs.

The OTC 10-Way Slide Hammer is a bearing slide hammer-puller set that offers a lot of versatility. It has a three-way puller head, weighs slightly over 22 pounds, and has dimensions of about 27 x 14 x 6 inches. When you have to deal with unyielding oil seals and bearings or have to pull rear axles, you may find this slide hammer quite handy. It has jaws that lock well for both external and internal pulls, thanks to its adjusting cone and three distinct jaw settings. You have the option of setting the jaws for 2/3 external or internal pulling tasks. Here are a few other features that make it a great set:
  • It comes with a head cap screw and a Hex Jam Nut
  • Comes with sleeves and has a relatively lightweight hammer at 5 pounds, making for easy grip
  • Easy mobility and storage, thanks to the hard, plastic case it comes with
  • Has a dent puller and puller adaptor
  • Comes with a seal hook, crossblock, and forcing screw
OTC offers a variety of other slide hammers as well:
  • OTC Basic Slide Hammer Unit: This is a five-pound hammer with a threaded end, that can be used with pulling attachments or threaded adapters.
  • OTC 7703 Slide Hammer Puller: This one is a heavy-duty slide hammer that works well on stubborn jobs.
  • OTC Silver Slapper Slide Hammer Puller Set: It’s a popular slide hammer set with numerous attachments, more of which can be added.
  • OTC Slide Hammer and Blind Hole Bearing Pulling Set: This slide hammer is for internal pull jobs and includes collets with numerous applications.
  • OTC Slide Hammer Puller with Head Assembly: This hammer is great for injector nozzles and can fit into tight corners.
The ARKSEN Heavy Duty Dent Puller with Slide Hammer is a professional dent puller kit with a cast iron hammer, double-barreled connector, and blow mold case. In case you desire an oil seal bearing remover slide hammer, check out ARKSEN’s Slide Hammer Dent Puller Oil Seal Bearing Remover

ARKSEN Heavy Duty Dent Puller with Slide Hammer

ARKSEN is a known manufacturer of quality auto gear, power, hand, and automotive tools. It makes available gear that can be used both outdoors and in the home. The company is customer-centric and has a team of dedicated staff who go the extra mile in ensuring prompt resolution of customers’ complaints. ARKSEN offers some of the best deals on genuine auto parts to its clients.

The ARKSEN Dent Puller with Slide Hammer is a professional dent puller kit that weighs 19 pounds total (slide hammer weighs 10 pounds) and has 13 pieces or parts. It’s the perfect set of tools for auto body repairs, featuring a slide pole with a length 22 ¾ inches and a diameter ¾ inches. With a lot of attachments including a handle or washer, 5-piece hasp iron, a long tube hasp iron, and flat steel, this is a set you don’t want to be without. Other features of this slide hammer include:
  • It’s rugged, made of long-lasting cast iron
  • It comes with accessories including a hex taping adaptor and screw holder, taping screw, and double-barreled linkage
  • It’s contained in a high-impact blow molded plastic case
  • This slide hammer is suitable for do-it-yourself, home garage, and automobile workshops
The Neiko Automotive Slide Hammer Puller Set with Steel T-handle is a heavy-duty, vanadium steel, professional work tool. It has 2 or 3 internal and external settings for pulling axles. If you’re searching for a pneumatic tool, check out Neiko’s Pneumatic Rear Axle Bearing Puller Service Kit.

Neiko Automotive Slide Hammer Puller Set with Steel T-handle

Neiko offers quality goods at great prices. It has some of the best collections of whatever tools and equipment one could possibly need. The company is patronized by people from all kinds of professions—from those on farms to others in industrial positions. Neiko is concerned about making sure its customers are happy and satisfied with their purchases all the time.

The Neiko Automotive Slide Hammer Puller Set is industrial-grade, used for body work and pulling of gears, bearings, and front wheel drive axle shafts. At 13.8 pounds, this set is fairly easy to carry around in its hard, plastic blow molded case. This set has a 2 or 3 external and internal axle pull adapter, and can be used to remove mechanical parts like gears, bearings, and pulleys from a shaft. It can also remove a shaft from a crevice or hole.

The 5-pound slide hammer itself is fabricated from chrome vanadium steel; material that is corrosion-resistant, highly durable, and makes for smooth operations. The hammer has a wide variety of applications including pulling dents; it also fits various sizes of bearings, shafts, and gears. The 17-piece set comprises external and internal 3-jaw pullers, external and internal 2-jaw pullers, and a plethora of other extras.

Neiko has in stock other slide hammer sets including:
  • Neiko Heavy Duty Auto Body Hammer and Dolly Set: This is a comprehensive set of all tools needed for automobile body and fender repairs.
  • Neiko 8-way Slide Hammer and Puller Set: This is a slide hammer set with a wrench grip adapter, ideal for pulling flange rear axles, bearings, and other auto parts.

How Do I Choose the Best Slide Hammer?

Hammers come in different sizes, shapes, and designs for varying purposes. It’s an extremely simple and versatile tool that’s essential for almost all repairs and construction works at home and in construction companies. As a matter of fact, every self-respecting tool box or belt must contain a hammer.

Whatever form the hammer presents, its basic modus operandi is delivering sudden impact blows on the target object to achieve the desired aim. Now, this is true for all hammers…well, almost all. There’s one type of hammer, however, that doesn’t follow the blow hitting method of operation; its method of operation is quite different from the conventional hammer, and we’re talking about the slide hammer.

A slide hammer is a special kind of hammer that doesn’t strike the target object, but rather attaches to it and transmits an impact force to it to achieve the desired goal. It’s used mainly by mechanics and cosmetic technicians in the automotive repair industry to pull out dents, remove bearings and other parts, and for objects that need to be struck from an inaccessible part. Slide hammers have different means of attaching to objects such as hooks, screw threads, and others, depending on the type of object being worked on.

Having seen the usefulness of the slide hammer, it’s time to look at some of the features that make the slide hammer stand out among other hammers. These features include construction material, size, number of pieces, jaws, and the cost. It’s important you know a few things about these features as they’re vital to the performance of the slide hammer. Please stay with us, as we delve into discussing the features of this unique tool.
Because they’re specialty tools and aren’t as common as other types of hammers, the slide hammer is a little bit on the pricey side. Since you’re here, it means you really do need this piece of equipment; therefore, we sincerely recommend that you go for the best, as much as you can afford anyway.

The slide hammers reviewed here range from $75 to about $250, a price range that covers both the high-end, mid-range, and low-end categories of slide hammers from top-rated and reliable brands. While carrying out our research, we came across some cheap slide hammers that didn’t look like they could get the job done, so we decided not to bother with them but to concentrate on bringing you quality and reliable slide hammers that are worth the price.
To select a great slide hammer that will suit your needs isn’t an easy task, but the following features are guaranteed to help make your search much easier. The factors include:
  • Construction material
  • Size
  • Number of pieces
  • Jaws
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
Slide hammers consist of a long metal shaft with an attachment point at one end, a heavy weight slider along the shaft, and a stop point at the other end to prevent the weighted slider from sliding out.

Slide hammers are made from metals. The metal of choice is usually steel, which may be in chrome vanadium steel form or malleable steel. A few manufacturers use cast iron in constructing their slide hammers, as well. The steel construction of slide hammers makes them extremely durable, rustproof, and highly efficient in carrying out their functions. They don’t break or bend easily and have high tensile strength needed to pull out whatever it is that needs pulling. Although the steel material is lightweight, it’s perfect for heavy-duty jobs.

Most slide hammers don’t weigh much on their own but with the addition of the heavy weight slider, they become quite heavy. Slide hammers come in different sizes which are designed for different levels of work, from light to heavy-duty jobs. The size of slide hammer you choose should be a reflection of the main reason you need it; so, while checking out the specs of the slide hammer you wish to buy, you may want to also check the size of the unit. It’s important to note that the size of a slide hammer is oftentimes directly proportional to its weight. The average weight of the slide hammers featured in our individual product review section is from 5.5 pounds to about 23 pounds.

Slide hammers are typically equipped with different accessories to increase their versatility. A good slide hammer should come with at least two different pieces of attaching accessories that’ll enable the user to carry out some jobs effectively. These accessories can be 6-piece hasp iron, long tube hammer, circular angle flat steel, tapping screw, a rubber cover, and a piece of cast iron H. A product that contains this array of accessories will be a definite go-to slide hammer that’s capable of carrying out any job thrown at it.
Performance and Ease of Use
Like we pointed out earlier, slide hammers are special tools used mainly by professionals. It’s not a tool that you just pick up and intuitively know how to use, although once you’ve mastered the technique involved, it becomes super easy to set up and use. Luckily for you, most brands include illustrated instruction manuals so you can quickly get the hang of it. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and it happens to be the first time you’ll be using a slide hammer, then it’s recommended that you go watch one or two YouTube videos about how to use a slide hammer.

One major feature that greatly affects the performance of a slide hammer is the jaw attachment. Most of them have multiple jaw attachments of maybe 3 or 5 and different jaw settings, both on the inside and the outside. These jaws render the slide hammer much more versatile and well-suited to a wide range of applications.
Almost all slide hammers come in a hard, plastic molded carrying case. This case serves dual purposes of safely storing the slide hammer and its accessories, and serves as a convenient means of transportation when you want to move the unit from one location to another.

Slide hammers come with little or no frills, but a few of them feature rubber-clad and ergonomic handles that let you hold firmly to the slide hammer when you’re working with it to prevent accidents. Most slide hammers have a smooth finishing that protects them and keeps them from getting marked or scratched when work is going on.

Get the Best Slide Hammer of 2023!

Thank you for staying with us. Having come to the end of the review, we’re sure you have been able to meet the slide hammer that fits your needs and it’s time to place the order for it. Remember you can use the navigation links to see more slide hammer options from our featured brands if you need to.

Our Top Choice
CTA Tools Slide Hammer Puller Set
Best Value
XtremepowerUS Dent Puller Body Tool Kit
OTC 10-Way Slide Hammer
ARKSEN Dent Puller with Slide Hammer
Neiko Automotive Slide Hammer Puller Set