Best Slide Viewer Reviews 2018

A high-quality slide viewer makes it easy to relive old memories any time you want. Without a working (and reliable) slide viewer, all your slides may go to waste! The best slide viewer brands offer products that are easy to use, built to last, and may include convenient features such as a back light. We've searched some of the best slide viewers so you can choose an option that suits your needs.
Slide size
Display info
Our Top Choice
Pana-Vue 2 Slide Viewer
Pana-Vue creates high quality slide viewers, replacement parts and accessories to choose from.
Lightweight. Compact. Easy to use. Handheld or tabletop use. Backlit. 2x magnification.
Only one slide can be loaded at a time.
Mini slide viewer
35mm slides
2x magnification 1 7/8" screen
4 ounces
Best Value
Kaiser Mini 2x Slide Viewer
Kaiser is a specialty brand offering advanced photography products and paraphernalia including camera bags, light boxes, professional lights and more.
Angled viewing. Clear viewing. Easy to use. Budget-friendly.
Not a professional level of clarity.
Mini slide viewer
35mm slides
2x magnification 2x2" screen
5 ounces
Wolverine F2D Mighty Slide Viewer
Wolverine empowers users with advanced tech to convert all kinds of media for easy digital viewing.
Reads 7 types of film including 8mm and Super 8 Reels. Digital conversion. Color screen. TV output. Adjustable color & brightness.
On the expensive side, but lets you save old photos for easier future viewing.
Digital film converter
35, 127, 126, 110mm
2.4" color screen
1 pound
Logan E-Z View Slide Sorter
Logan is a highly specialized provider professional-level slide viewing technology, lighting and studio-grade easels.
Sturdy. Easy to set up. View multiple slides.
No magnification. Bulb not included.
Folding sorter
3.55 pounds
Jumbl All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner
Focusing on compatibility and convenience, Jumbl creates high-quality tech users rely on, including Bluetooth headsets, phone chargers and more.
Color screen. Imaging software. Internal memory. TV output. No computer required.
Some users found the color to not be as vibrant as with a higher-end model.
Digital film converter
35mm, 110, 126 KPK, & Super 8
2.4" color screen
8.8 ounces

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How Do I Choose the Best Slide Viewer?

Another dull weekend comes by, and you’re sitting at home. The weather is chilly, the kind that turns you away from carrying out any outdoor activities. To make matters worse, there’s nothing exciting to watch on your LED TV—not even a sporting event—to pass your time. As your mind wanders, pondering on what to do to make the day a little more exciting, you remember your old film reels taken by your vintage 35mm camera.

Since time immemorial, human beings have used photographs as a method of preserving the moments they savor the most. In the present-day era of digital cameras and high-end smartphones, taking pictures is not a difficult task. However, years ago capturing these memorable moments was challenging, as one needed to own a camera. Further, unlike modern gadgets that store photos in digital format, the old-school cameras produced film reel colloquially known as ‘negatives’ which had to be passed through other machines to make them discernible to the human eye. These cameras have since been rendered obsolete, eclipsed by modern technology. As a result, if you still have film reels, turning them into visible pictures may require you to go an extra mile.

Well, you may not need to go so far. Thankfully, slide viewers are available in the market. With these gadgets, you’re able to relive the old moments through recreation of pictures from reels. Slide viewers are not a thing of present times, as they have existed from the 20th century. Nevertheless, like other devices, they have undergone massive technological advancements.

The market offers a myriad of options in this niche, making it a mind-boggling challenge to greenhorns looking to acquire a new product. Our excellent reviewers once again took their time to conduct an extensive analysis of the available options, picking out the cream of the crop, as usual. Indulge in this in-depth guide of ours, and once you’re done, you will be a guru when it comes to choosing the appropriate slide viewer!
Just like other electronics, slide viewers’ prices are heavily influenced by the integrated features. Typically, viewers that have superior specifications, such as the ability to convert analog photos to digital format, cost a fortune as compared to barebones, simplistic devices. Likewise, gadgets that generate professional-quality images tend to cost more than their basic counterparts.

As of now, slide viewers are available from $20, going up to $200, following the above-mentioned criteria. For satisfactory, all-round performances, we strongly recommend the premium-priced variants. Cheap slide viewers may compromise on several vital features, thus we suggest you keep away from them.
Built-in features are what separate various models of slide viewers from each other. For this reason, it’s imperative to be keen on the features, as they are the primary determinant of the product’s overall capability and competency.

A significant majority of interested parties look out for the following before shelling out cash on slide viewers:
  • Type - Is it a mini slide viewer, a digital converter, or a folding sorter?
  • Slide Size - What kind of slides can it accommodate? They can be ordinary 35 mm or multiple-sized reels.
  • Display Info - This refers to the size of the output screen, which can be magnified. Some variants can be connected to TVs.
  • Capacity – How many slides can be accommodated at a time? Many models accommodate one at a time, with only few possessing the ability to handle multiple pieces simultaneously.
  • Weight - This is important, especially if you consider portability as a vital aspect.
With the required features in the bag, next in line is the performance of the desired product.
Construction and Design
Compact designs are the darling of many when it comes to slide viewers. Moreover, the fact that a significant portion are lightweight and easily portable serves their reputation well. Further, they can be placed on a tabletop or be handheld, making their usage applicable for a variety of scenarios.

The display profile of a slide viewer is perhaps its most vital feature. It’s the primary output source, hence its quality should be pristine. The screens of viewers can be split into broad categories: magnified and LCD. Magnified screens enlarge the picture, making it more visible. On the other hand, LCD screens integrate the latest technology, producing high-quality pictures. They, however, make the slide viewers costlier.
Performance and Ease of Use
Modern viewers are much more complex, capable of handling a variety of media, and hence they’re not limited to reveals. They’re a hybrid, adept at letting you view both old and current formats. Also, they are able to magnify pictures to larger scales or cast them to televisions, making them visible to multiple people in one sitting. Moreover, they offer converting services, allowing you to transform outdated analog formats to digital images.

To make the most of your slide viewer, you should be able to use it at any time. For this reason, we advise going for the backlit devices, as they are fully capable even in environments with limited lighting. This guarantees you continuous viewing, even in the night.

Everybody loves an adaptable device. Thus, to enjoy this unique capability, we encourage buying digital coveters. These advanced slide viewers not only allow you to relive old moments, but to immortalize them by converting them into digital formats that can be uploaded to the Cloud where they are stored eternally.

What is the Best Slide Viewer?

We looked at specialty photography and film brands that know the ins and outs of photo and slide technology, comparing the price of each slide viewer to find the best options in a variety of price ranges. Now that you have read through our guide, go ahead and find out about our top choices in more detail.
Our Top Choice
Users find this handy slide viewer to be highly reliable and easy to use as a handheld or tabletop viewer. For a simpler, more budget-friendly option, check out the Pana-Vue 3-Slide Viewer.
Pana-Vue 2 Illuminated Slide Viewer 2x2 35mm Viewmaster BRAND NEW

Pana-Vue Slide Viewer FPA002

Pana-Vue offers a range of slide viewer options and also sells replacement parts and slide accessories. They offer slide viewers in nearly every price range so you can choose exactly how many advanced features you want. Their viewers are consistently rated highly with users so you know you can count on their products.

This slide viewer is backlit and magnified 2 times so you can easily view your favorite slides. It works easily as a handheld or tabletop viewer with a folding stand. Some users like taking it when traveling since it's so lightweight and compact. It only takes one slide at a time, but this highly rated slide viewer is very easy to use. Users don't mind switching fluidly from slide to slide.
Best Value
This recreational mini slide viewer is easy to use and includes convenient features like angled viewing. For a high-end alternative with powerful magnification, check out the Kaiser 202005 Diascop 3 Slide Viewer.
Kaiser Diascop Mini 2x Slide Viewer – Available in 6 Styles

Kaiser Slide Viewer 202011 – Diascop 2x

Kaiser specializes in high-end photography and film products including filters, tripods, lighting equipment, bags, shooting tables and more. They know it takes a lot to get your shots just right, and that's why they offer such an extensive collection of accessories.

This slide viewer is budget friendly but still includes highly convenient features you'd expect on a higher-end model. The fold out stand keeps it upright for angled tabletop viewing. The light automatically turns on when you put a slide in the top slot. Users love it as a recreational device for viewing old and new slides. It is especially useful for scanning through large amounts of family slides quickly.

This slide viewer comes in 2x magnification or a more powerful version with 3x magnification.
The high-tech Wolverine Mighty 7-in-1 digital slide converter converts slides and film into digital files in just 3 seconds. For higher-resolution and a more powerful version, check out the Wolverine SNAP20 Digital Image Converter.
Wolverine F2D Mighty 20MP 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter – Available in 2 Colors

Wolverine Slide Viewer F2DMIGHTY - White

Wolverine specializes in digital conversion products, so you can trust things to go off without a hitch. Their products are made for easy use so anyone can easily save their photos, videos and other media to view whenever they like. They also offer audio tech and LED desk lighting products. Wolverine is passionate about delivering professional quality with ease, and without breaking the bank.

This digital converter doesn't need a computer or any complicated software to be installed before use. Easily save images to the internal memory card or insert your own SD/SDHC card. The conversion process takes just 3 seconds, so you can make your way through stacks of old slides in no time. The 2.4" color screen makes viewing your slides fun, and there's also a TV-out jack so you can view images on the big screen with a sold-separately cable. It also connects with both Windows and Apple operating systems.

This digital converter is compatible with 8mm and Super 8 Reels, 35mm, 127, 126KPK, 110 and 35mm library archives. It's available in orange and white.
The Logan E-Z View Flat Folding Slide Sorter makes it easy to view multiple slides at a time and can be backlit for easy viewing. If you're looking to store a larger amount of slides, check out the Logan Electric Slide File Storage Box.
Logan E-Z View Flat Folding Slide Sorter for 40 Slides 12 x 16in.

Logan Slide Viewer 750485

Logan specializes in slide viewing and storing products as well as high quality artist's easels. They offer both heavy duty and lightweight products to match the needs of different users and artists.

The Logan E-Z View Flat Folding Slide Sorter makes it easy to view and display 40 slides in your own home. It can be outfitted with a backlight for viewing at any time of day. When you're not looking at the slides, you can easily fold up this sorter for storage or keep it on display. You can use the five rows to sort different slides into groups or however you like.
The Jumbl All-in-1 Film and Slide Scanner displays and saves your images for later using internal memory or your own card. For a more budget-friendly option with similar features, check out the Jumbl High-Res Film & Slide Scanner.
Jumbl 22MP All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner w/ Speed-Load Adapters for 35mm Negative & Slides

Jumbl Slide Viewer JUM-FS14MP

Jumbl makes everyday technology that's both powerful and easy to use. They offer Bluetooth products, adaptors and other pieces of gear so you can make all your devices compatible. They also build tons of unique and useful features into their products, like their motion detecting alarm clock.

This all-in-one film and slide scanner lets you quickly save your old film reels and slides. Easily save your old images onto the internal memory or your own memory card. Alternatively, display your images on the 2.4" screen or connect the scanner to your TV for large-scale family viewings. The built-in software can improve image quality to 22 megapixels without the use of a computer, though the scanner is compatible with both Mac and PC. Reels can be slipped in one side and retrieved from the opposite side, meaning you can speed load numerous images quickly without reloading. This scanner is compatible with 35mm slides & negatives, 110, 126 KPK, and Super 8 slides.

Get the Best Slide Viewer of 2018!

Consider how often you plan to use your slide viewer. For more frequent use, the higher-end models we chose will last longer even when handled often. You may also want a backlit model that makes it easy to view slides in any condition. Whatever you're looking for, these brands sell a range of options to fit your needs.

Our Top Choice
Pana-Vue 2 Slide Viewer
Best Value
Kaiser Mini 2x Slide Viewer
Wolverine F2D Mighty Slide Viewer
Logan E-Z View Slide Sorter
Jumbl All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner