Best Sliding Barn Door Kit Reviews 2023

An increasingly innovative way to create a new look in your home is by changing your traditional front-back opening doors into sliding doors with the help of the sliding barn door kit. We knew you’d be interested in something fresh, so our team researched the brands with some of the best sliding barn door kits available. We’ve been able to narrow down these many options to the 5 we believe are the best of them all – and all this just for you. Each of these brands has a wide array of sliding barn door options to pick from, but we’ve highlighted just one from each. But don’t feel restricted, explore what else is around!
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Kit Size
Door Weight
Our Top Choice
DIYHD Sliding Barn Door Kit
DIYHD offers some of the best sliding barn door kits that are beautiful, sturdy and designed to complement your doors and rooms to give off that elegant look that you’ve always craved.
Made of stainless steel that prevents corrosion. Has beautiful designs to choose from. Can support a door panel of up to 200 pounds. Features an elegant brushed satin finish.
The assembly instructions contain pictures without words, which can be confusing.
Single door; double door
Stainless steel
13 pieces
198 pounds
Best Value
CCJH Country Steel Sliding Barn Door Kit
CCJH has established itself as one of the leaders in reliable and long-lasting products, including electronic appliances, auto xenon lamps and sliding barn door kits.
Comes in 28 different variations. 27 different track sizes. Aerospace-grade aluminum allows the pulley to glide along noiselessly. Resin coating equipped with antiseptic qualities.
The package doesn’t come with instructions on how to assemble some of the pieces.
Single door; double door
Carbon steel
13 pieces
200 pounds
WINSOON Antique Sliding Barn Door Kit
WINSOON has craftsmanship, excellence and innovation as its watchwords and also promises trustful quality and workmanship for every one of its products purchased.
Rubber-covered stoppers that serve as buffers and allow you to slide your doors noiselessly. Black frosted surface that keeps it safe from corrosion.
The installation manual doesn’t give as much information as we’d like.
Single door; double door
Carbon steel
25 pieces
150 – 200 pounds
SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door Kit
SMARTSTANDARD identifies itself with affordability and class in the world of sliding barn door kit. It’s truly a brand that’s highly confident in its own abilities.
Durable. Lifetime warranty. Rail comes in full length; not divided into smaller pieces. Instructions are easy to follow with the materials measured in inches.
The pre-drilled holes on the rod are too widely spaced apart.
Single door
Brushed satin finish
Stainless steel
14 pieces
150 pounds
HomCom Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit
HomCom is a brand respected for its strong and durable home furnishings including, of course, sliding barn door kits, adding even more beauty to your already beautiful home.
Sturdy and won’t pull off your wall. Constructed with steel and hard plastic. Door slides with reduced noise. Beautiful colors.
Measurements are given in metric and might be tricky to convert for some.
Single door
Steel hardware/plastic rollers
15 pieces
66 pounds

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What is the Best Sliding Barn Door Kit?

Having gone through our buying guide, you’re now equipped with the necessary information you need to buy your best sliding barn door kit. Be sure to peruse our product reviews and select the brand and product that suits you and your home.
Our Top Choice
With its brushed satin finish, the DIYHD Sliding Barn Door Kit is that touch of elegance your home needs to show off its best side. Plus, it’s made of stainless steel to prevent your door from corroding. If you prefer a kit with a brushed nickel finish, you could opt for the DIYHD Brushed Nickel Steel Sliding Barn Door Kit.

DIYHD Stainless Steel Top Mounted Bi-parting Sliding Barn Close Wood Door Track Hardware Kit – Available in 9 Sizes

In 2013, DIYHD decided to bless us with its expertise by joining the growing market of sliding barn door kits. This Chinese company, located in Zhejiang, specializes in creating barn door hardware, linear shower drains and sliding doors from the finest of materials and the best of processes. Everything DIYHD lays its hands on apparently turns into gold as this is made evident in its high-quality products that have been storming the market since their creation. The formidable combination of quality products and excellent service makes DIYHD a force to be reckoned with in its industry.

The DIYHD Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Door Kit is a beauty. The kit is finished with brushed satin, giving it that elegant look that’s just right for whatever room you decide to fix it with. It’s made of 304 stainless steel, which should make you happy because it’s non-magnetic steel with a higher corrosion resistance than regular steel. So, you can use your kit for as long as you want without fear of it wearing out on you.

The DIYHD Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Door Kit contains rollers that cause the sliding effect (2 pieces), rail holder (3 pieces), sliding rail (1 5ft piece), door stopper to keep your rollers on track (2 pieces), end cap (2 pieces), track and wall connector for attaching your kit to the wall (4 pieces) and 1 round knob.

The hardware can conveniently hold up a door panel that’s 35 to 45 millimeters in thickness and the rollers can bear a door panel with a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. Trust us when we say that that’s quite a lot for any barn door kit to carry, and now you get a kit that does that for you effortlessly.

Other awesome sliding barn door kits by this brand include;
  • DIYHD Brushed Nickel Steel Sliding Barn Door Kit with its warm brown tone appearance that’ll look great against a tile, stone or marble backdrop
  • DIYHD 8-foot Industrial Wheel Sliding Barn Door Hardware with industrial wheels that’ll last for, well, almost forever because industrial wheel is very forgiving of harsh elements
These DIYHD sliding barn door kits come in many beautiful designs and colors, and even the rollers come in different forms, so you can’t run out of options. They’re also available in 9 different sizes!
Best Value
Constructed from heavy duty carbon steel using advanced layer-cutting technology, the CCJH Arrow Style Sliding Barn Door Kit is a package combining smoothness and durability that’ll make it usable for a long time to come. If you want to hang a double door, however, look no further than the CCJH 9-foot Heart Style Country Steel Sliding Barn Interior Door Hardware.

CCJH Country Steel Sliding Barn Wood Door Hardware Kit – Available in 7 Different Shapes

Evergreen International Incorporated is the force behind the CCJH brand. Established in 2008 in Las Vegas, USA, this company has grown from just a small business to an international trading corporation. Its claim of internationality isn’t a lie, as it has professional relationships with manufacturers in both India and China. It’s involved in research and development and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and sale. Its range of products include: auto xenon lamps, electronic appliances and home equipment, of which the sliding barn door kit is one. It provides these high-quality products and services under the CCJH brand.

True to its word, CCJH has constructed a work of art in its CCJH Arrow-Style Sliding Barn Door Kit. Using advanced laser cutting technology, CCJH was able to create a hardware of carbon steel with clear contours and a smooth surface. So, in one fell swoop you know you are getting durability and beauty.

The carbon steel ensures that your kit stays for as long as you want it and the clear contours and smooth surface are easy on the eyes. Of course, not forgetting that it can bear a door that weighs as much as 200 lbs. The track pulley is flat and made of aerospace-grade aluminum, allowing it to glide along freely without causing us to gnash our teeth as a result of jitters or noise. CCJH is obviously committed to preserving our teeth, among other things, seeing as the pulleys are equipped with smooth bearings to further reduce noise.

The CCJH Arrow Style Sliding Barn Door Kit contains rail with pre-drilled holes (3 3ft pieces), junction plate (2 pieces), rubber block (2 pieces), roller (2 pieces), door stop (2 pieces), anti-jump disk (2 pieces), floor guide (1 piece) and an installation manual.

Some other beautiful sliding barn door kits by CCJH include:
  • The CCJH 9-foot Heart Style Country Steel Sliding Barn Interior Door Hardware for Double Door to complete the look of that your feminine room with its beautiful heart shaped rollers.
  • The CCJH Antique Bypass Steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware, whose doors slide into each other just because….
In addition to the arrow-shaped model, this barn door kit is available in 6 cool and classy shapes.
In keeping with its high standards, WINSOON passed its WINSOON Antique Sliding Barn Door Kit through the open-close test a whopping 120,000 times, and it passed the test every time. What we have now is simply a product that works. WINSOON also has the 5-foot Antique Bypass Double Sliding Barn Wood Door Hardware Cabinet Closing System if you’d rather have doors that slide across each other.

WINSOON Sliding Barn Wood Door Hardware Cabinet Closet Kit – Available in 9 Sizes

WINSOON Sliding Hardware is one of the leading manufacturers of sliding barn door hardware in the world. It loves the challenge of seeing endless possibilities in seemingly ordinary raw materials and turning them into masterpieces. In pursuit of true craftsmanship, excellence and innovation, it ensures that you get trustful quality and workmanship when you get a WINSOON product. There’s no exaggeration in saying that WINSOON is dedicated to providing quality products and customer service. This is evident in the fact that every one of its products goes through three standard quality control processes at the warehouse before they’re shipped out.

In the bid to keep its promise of quality goods and customer service, WINSOON passed its Antique Sliding Barn Door Kit through a series of opening-closing and this awesome thing passed the test 120,000 times. This kit definitely performs better than some of us in school (yea, funny).

Still in keeping with the brand promise, the Antique Sliding Barn Door Kit is made of high-quality carbon steel with a black frosted surface that makes corrosion practically impossible.

The sound of GCr15 bearing steel should make you dance. Why? Well, just because it’s practically synonymous with high purity for steel. By high purity, we refer to a near absence of foreign and unwanted materials in whatever form – liquid, gas or solid. So, the long and short of it is that this kit is made of GCr15 bearing steel, which means you’re getting pure steel. What this translates to for you is stability and fluency of movement of the wheels.

Every WINSOON Antique Sliding Barn Door Kit contains track and wall connectors to be mounted on the wall (5 pieces), door stoppers to keep the rollers on track (4 pieces), a track with pre-drilled holes for wall attachment (1 6.6ft piece), steel hangers (4 pieces), floor guides to keep door in position (2 pieces), anti-jump pads to prevent the door from falling down (4 pieces), one installation manual and some screw parts for you to assemble.

It’s important to bring to your notice that the door stoppers are rubber-covered enabling them to serve as good buffers for your kit and door and also allowing your door glide along noiselessly. The WINSOON Antique Sliding Barn Door Kit is for double doors and can support door panels that altogether weigh 230 pounds (approximately 104 kilograms).

This product is available in 9 different sizes, so you’re sure to discover the one right for you!
SMARTSTANDARD has huge confidence in the durability of its Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware, and confirms this by blessing us with the lifetime warranty & 100% refund policy options. Want something different? Look to the SMARTSTANDARD 13ft Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware. You can get the very same SMARTSTANDARD beauty and affordability for a much bigger door frame.

SMARTSTANDARD 8-Foot Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware – Available in 6 Patterns

Hearing the name SMARTSTANDARD already creates expectations of superiority and authenticity in our heads, and this brand sure doesn’t disappoint. It lives up to our expectations, setting standards in the world of sliding barn door kits. Patronizing this Chinese based company is the right choice to make, as its products not only appeal to the Chinese market, but to the world at large. With its innovative and creative approach to manufacturing, this brand looks like it’ll be with us for a long time yet. If you’re in the market for excellence, SMARTSTANDARD sure promises you that.

Beautiful and affordable are two words that describe the SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door Hardware. With this kit, you can close off your bedroom in that beautifully unique way that you desire. The instruction manual is as detailed as can be. It uses words and pictures to guide the user through the process of installation. All you need to do is follow the instructions step by step and check the pictures to see if you’re doing the right thing and you’ll be fine. The measurements are written in inches so you can decode it without a degree in mathematics.

The rail doesn’t come in small different pieces, but is full length, eliminating the time and energy you would have had to expend putting them together. It can hold up a door that weighs as much as 170 pounds (approximately 77 kilograms). The SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door Hardware comes with: rail (1 8ft piece), rail support (5 pieces), rollers (2 pieces), door stops (2 pieces), end caps (2 pieces), floor guide (1 piece), hex key (1 piece) as well as the instruction manual.

SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door Hardware comes with a lifetime warranty and 100% money refund policy, which goes to show that this brand has the utmost confidence in its ability to meet your taste for quality.

Other standard sliding barn door kits you can get from SMARTSTANDARD include:
  • SMARTSTANDARD 13ft Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware for your 13ft door in the same SMARTSTANDARD standard
  • SMARTSTANDARD 6.6ft Sliding Barn Door Hardware if your door is much smaller
  • SMARTSTANDARD 6.6ft Bypass Double Door Sliding Ban Door Hardware if you’d rather have doors that slide across each other
All SMARTSTANDARD sliding barn door kits come with the SMARTSTANDARD logo on the package which is the stamp of authenticity.

This barn door kit is available in 6 different patterns for your convenience.
With the Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit, HomCom delivers a sturdy and stable sliding barn door kit for less. This awesome product is the extra to your ordinary doorway with its fine texture and beautiful colors. If you’re in the market for a sliding barn door kit for glass, look no further than the HomCom Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Door. What you’ll get is the same HomCom quality.

HomCom 6-Ft Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit Hardware Set – Available in Black Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Silver

HomCom is the name you call when you think home furniture and décor. From home décor to office supplies, from kitchen appliances to hardware and tools, HomCom’s got you covered. From high-tech and clean cut to antiques and classics and even simple elegance, HomCom does it all, and boy does it excel. Over the years, HomCom has made innovative strides in manufacturing and has been taking the world by storm; little wonder that its sliding barn door kit is one of the best you’ll find in the market. HomCom promises beauty in your home with minimal effort and maximum style.

The HomCom Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit is one lovely thing. It’s made of steel and hard plastic that allow you to use your doors in peace. Your door will slide through the railing so smoothly you’ll be glad you have it.

Don’t even get us started on the beautiful colors. It comes in seemly, soft and quiet colors so you’re sure that there won’t be a clash or riot of shades wherever this is hung. The colors are soothing and easy on the eyes.

This kit can support a door that is up to 198 pounds in weight and 35mm to 45mm in thickness. The HomCom Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit comes with: sliding rail (1 piece), rollers (2 pieces), door stoppers (2 pieces), floor guide (1 piece), screws (4 pieces), anti-jump pads (2 pieces), floor anchors, tools and an instruction manual.

HomCom has other door products for your consideration:
  • The HomCom Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Door-Polished Stainless. This is a breath of fresh air because instead of your regular wood door panel, this one is built for glass and its specially made for your bathrooms
  • HomCom’s Modern 6.6ft Carbon Steel Wood Sliding Barn Door Hardware Pack Track Set is another good one. Already you know what you should be thinking when you hear carbon steel; longevity
  • 6.6ft Antique Sliding Barn Door. Because antiques are absolute treasures, HomCom came up with this especially for you
This sliding barn door kit is available in black steel, brushed stainless steel, as well as silver, so you’re guaranteed to find a variant that’ll fit into your living space.

How Do I Choose the Best Sliding Barn Door Kit?

It’s out with the old and in with the new with the sliding barn door kit. This wonderful device allows you to explore your love for creativity and uniqueness as it comes in different styles, lengths, colors and finishing options. There’s a kit for every door, irrespective of weight or thickness, so fear not, you’ll find what you need. You can also decide to have some fun and pair it off with a few other pieces in your home; it could be as bold as your console table or as subtle as your coat rack. Whichever way, just go to town on it and bring a bit more class to your home.

A sliding barn door kit doesn’t include a door. It’s a kind of frame for hanging your door; it’s not the actual door. What’s amazing about this invention is its spatial aspect. You know with traditional doors you need a lot of space behind the door. In fact, the breadth of your doorway should be about the same as the width. With the sliding barn door kit, on the other hand, all you need is width and just a little space, breadth wise, so that your door doesn’t scrape against your wall as it slides. It maximizes your space and still enhances your room’s aesthetic; who wouldn’t want that? Your sliding door won’t obstruct or dislodge anything, not even your under-door draft stopper, so long as it’s strategically placed.

We’ve covered the bases for why you should get a sliding barn door kit, but we’re not done yet. There are a few more things you need to know, including what your budget should look like, what the kit is typically made of, what sizes it comes in and so forth. Let’s keep going.
Trust us when we say that there’s a sliding barn door kit for every budget. There are different sliding barn door kits for different door weights, thickness and lengths for different door types as well as doors made of different materials. So, you see why the prices may vary. Typically, you can find a sliding barn door for as little as $100 or as high as $35,000. However, in staying true to our quality mantra, haven’t included some of the dirt-cheap sliding barn door kits we came across just because we don’t want your doors falling on you or making horrible noise when you try to slide them open or closed.
Here are some features for you to bear in mind while making your choice of sliding barn door kits:
  • Style
  • Mount type
  • Manufacturing material
  • Size
  • Assembly
Construction and Design
Because doors aren’t just for closing off a room, sliding barn doors come in different beautiful styles to complement your personal taste or the look of your room. We have the heart-shaped, arrow-shaped and even J-shaped hangers. We have the one with the industrial wheels for those that are into the heavy duty. For those that like to keep things simple, there’s the classic flat track one. There are yet others to accord with what you have in mind.

There are typically three mount styles: the single door, the double door and the bypass. The single door bears just one door that’ll typically slide in one direction; so, if you’re pressed for space, this is the door for you. The double door bears two doors that slide in opposite directions, so if you have enough wall space you could go for this. The bypass also bears two doors; however, the doors slide across each other. So, if you’re pressed for space but still want two doors, here’s the kit for you.

Sliding barn door kits are usually made of steel, which is probably the best choice because of its capability to resist corrosion, especially if it’s carbon steel. What this translates into for you is maximal use of your kit. That is, you can use it for as long as you want without it rusting away.
Performance and Ease of Use
Sliding barn door kits come made for different door lengths that are usually measured in feet. It’ll therefore be in your best interest to measure your doorway so that you don’t go back home with something a tad too small or too large. Measuring your doorway shouldn’t be hard, but if you can’t get it done by yourself, don’t be afraid to get some help in order to ensure you have the correct measurements. What you want to be measuring is the length, width and breadth (the distance between your wall and where the door should be) of your doorway. Concerning the breadth of your doorway, remember that you’re not installing a traditional front-back opening door. So, when installing your sliding barn door kit, leave enough space (in front of the wall not behind it) for your door to glide across. It’s suggested that the space between your wall and your door should be about 16 millimeters. Okay, so that’s that. You’ll usually find sliding barn door kits with sizes ranging from 4 feet to about 13 feet.

Sliding barn door kits don’t come pre-assembled but don’t fret, assembling isn’t all too difficult. Whatever sliding barn door kit you purchase should come with an instruction manual and if you’re a DIY person, you can even be able to figure the whole thing out on your own. Plus, assembling it yourself is sure to be fun or you could just turn assembling the kit into a party; call a few of your friends and enjoy yourselves, anything for a party!

One last thing, when choosing your kit be sure to make note of the material the kit is made of. You don’t want to have to replace a few parts or even do an overhaul every other year. Choose a kit that’ll allow your door slide softly and won’t break under pressure. On your part, every kit has a recommended maximum carrying capacity, so stick to it.

Get the Best Sliding Barn Door Kit of 2023!

You’ve come to the end of this detailed review and we’re mighty glad you stayed with us. We trust your judgement in your choice of the best sliding barn door kit for your needs. Order already and thank us any time.

Our Top Choice
DIYHD Sliding Barn Door Kit
Best Value
CCJH Country Steel Sliding Barn Door Kit
WINSOON Antique Sliding Barn Door Kit
SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door Kit
HomCom Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit