Best Smart Lock Reviews 2023

Have you sometimes wondered why some people never complain about losing their keys? You hardly see any of your friends or neighbors break their locks. You, on the other hand, for whatever reasons, are compelled to keep duplicating keys. If you’re wondering why this is, here’s your answer: they have smart locks. Now, you’re smart and you want in, but there are many options to choose from, which makes it a rather tedious task. But you’ve already done the smartest thing you could do by coming to us. We’ve researched those options and have come up with 5 of the best smart locks from trusted brands. We believe our review will help you choose the smart lock that most suits your need. Though we’ve featured one product from each brand, you can also check out the other smart locks these brands have on offer.
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Access codes
Our Top Choice
Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt
Schlage Lock Company is a team of proud craftsmen that manufacture door knobs, locks, and hardware for security and are stylish and convenient.
Lock can be controlled remotely. Has key and keyless option. Available in different colors. Built-in alarm system. Works with Amazon Alexa.
Might require professional installation.
Touch screen deadbolt
Battery-operated (4 AA)
4.5 x 5.1 x 9.3”; 3.8 pounds
Up to 30 user codes
Z-wave; web or smartphone
Best Value
August Smart Lock 2nd Generation
August, a manufacturer of technologically-advanced security products, is keen on delivering simple and smart door lock options for homes to keep you safe and secure and in total control.
Voice control option. 24/7 activity log. Controlled remotely. Issues unique virtual keys. Available in different colors. Locks automatically for you. Easy to install.
Remote add-on has connectivity issues.
Homekit edition
Battery-operated (4 AA)
3.4 x 3.4 x 2.2”; 0.9 pound
Info not provided
Siri; Alexa; Google; Smartphones
Samsung New Concept Digital Door Lock
Samsung, a colossus in the industry, makes everyday activities a lot more convenient and pleasant. It delivers top quality products and its smart lock technology is no exception.
. Digital password enabled. Keyless operation. Multiple operation mode. Manner Mode allows user to enter and exit door silently. Anti-hacking solution prevents forced entry.
Difficult to follow instruction manual.
2-way latch
. Battery-operated (8 AA)
18 x 6 x 14”; 9.3 pounds
Up to 31 user codes; 4-12 digits
IR sensor
Ultraloq Touchscreen Lever Door Lock
Ultraloq has a passion for simplifying technology by creating high-level security smart door locks that are easy to use.
Multiple operation modes. Allows multiple fingerprints and pin codes. Waterproof and dustproof. Voice control enabled. Activate it with the lightest touch.
Pricey, but you get value for your money.
Fingerprint; touchscreen lever
Battery-operated (3 AA)
7 x 6.3 x 7”; 11.5 pounds
Up to 95 codes; 4-8 digits
Yale Real Living® Touchscreen Deadbolt
With over a century of experience in the industry, Yale’s committed to creating the best quality door lock solutions while expanding home security possibilities.
Lets you create your PIN as you want it. Allows multiple users. Key or keyless option. Voice control. Multiple languages. Solid and durable.
Auto-lock timer cannot be changed without Z-wave.
Touchscreen deadbolt
Battery-operated (4 AA)
6.1 x 6.1 x 1.3”;4.4 pounds
250 user codes; 4-8 digits
Zigbee; Z-wave; Alexa

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What is the Best Smart Lock?

There are loads of smart locks in the market that claim to be the one for you. Your newly acquired knowledge has helped you decide the features you want. Go ahead and read our review of individual brands/products while keeping your needs in mind. It’s our hope that this approach will help you find the best smart lock for you.
Our Top Choice
Curb the burglar menace with the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt which uses a lock cylinder mechanism and touchscreen keypad to restrict access to only authorized entry. If you’d like a smart lock designed for your Apple HomeKit, try out the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim which can hold up to 30 access codes.

Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619 Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm and Camelot Trim – Available in 5 Colors

Established nearly a century ago, the Schlage Lock Company is a manufacturer of superior quality door knob, locks, and other security hardware. It makes top notch smart locks that provide maximum security against unauthorized entry. Its many years of experience have allowed it to continuously create the effective locks which make it a trusted brand. Its dedication to continuous improvement, durability, and performance has played a large part in keeping this brand relevant for so long.

The Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt is highly rated for performance and durability. It offers you the option of using the touchscreen to input password or using the key manually. This feature is especially useful for times when you forget your keys and lock yourself out. With this smart lock, you won’t stay locked out or have to break down your door. If you happen to forget your password, you can use your keys to get in. In the unfortunate case where you forget both at the same time, then you can’t blame this lock for keeping you out, right?

It also has a built-in alarm that notifies you of activities in and outside of the door, when the door’s tampered with and when significant force is applied to the door, which can be very useful. The following are some other features of this smart lock:
  • Z-wave Technology – This smart feature allows you to lock and unlock your door remotely
  • Durable Resistive Touchscreen – Will not hold your fingerprints so intruders can’t guess your password
  • ANSI Grade 1 Rating – This is the highest residential security rating for security systems
  • Stores up to 30 User Codes at a Time – This improves security as multiple users have different access code
  • Built-in Alarm with 3 Alert Settings – Alerts you when the lock is being used, tampered with, or there’s forced entry so you can take appropriate action
  • Compatibility – This lock works with most home automation systems that use the Z-wave technology. You shouldn’t tamper with the HTML codes of this alarm.
Flaunting your style should not be limited to anything. Yes, you can still rep your style with your security system and Shlange gives you that chance. This smart lock comes in satin nickel, aged bronze, bright brass, bright chrome, matte black colors. Feel free to choose which one works best for you.
Best Value
If you’d like a door lock that bars intruders but gives authorized people access in a smart and convenient manner, this August Smart Lock is a great choice.. If you’d like a lock with voice control, then check out the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

August Smart Lock 2nd Generation Works with Amazon Alexa – Available in Dark Gray or Silver

August manufactures door locks that don't just keep intruders out, but also allows whoever you authorize to have access into your home. For several years it’s been creating ingenious door locks using innovative designs for superior performance and great looks. It takes securing your homes and properties seriously by continuously reinventing and improving its locking systems. Its locks aren’t just secure; they’re smart, deliberate, and easy to use.

A smart lock that isn’t smart enough to know your hands aren’t always free to lock the door shouldn’t be qualified with the adjective “smart”. Locks are naturally designed to give or hinder access to a door. What makes a lock special and indeed smart is having cutting-edge features, giving its users options in opening doors, thus distinguishing it from other, less intelligent locks. A smart lock shouldn’t only keep intruders out, but also grant access to people the owner has authorized, which is why August’s Smart Lock 2nd Generation is truly exceptional. Here are some of its notable features:
  • Voice control – Conveniently lock and unlock your door by speaking the command. Talk about ease of use!
  • Lock and unlock door remotely with Android Smartphone or IOS – Your smartphone has become your key
  • Issue Virtual Keys – Gives your guest unique password and access that can be revoked at your discretion. This gives total accessibility control
  • 24/7 activity log – Records and sends notifications about who accessed your door and when, giving you the peace of mind you feel at home
  • Auto lock and unlock – This lock can be set to unlock automatically when you approach and locks after you, sparing you the need for keys
  • Compatibility – Works with many smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Logitech POP and many others
This lock is available in either silver or dark gray for your particular tastes.
The Samsung New Concept Digital Door Lock, for example, is a keyless system that requires a passcode, which you enter on the surface touch keypad, for access so you don’t have to bother about losing keys. For a smart lock with fingerprint operation, go for the Samsung SHS–H700 Fingerprint Digital Door Lock, which can store up to 100 fingerprints.

Samsung New Concept In Digital Door Lock Push Pull, Two Way Latch Mortise – Available in 2 Styles

Samsung hardly needs an introduction. It’s safe to call it a household name considering its contribution to modern day technology. Its products range from electronics, mobile phones, kitchen utensils, HVAC, smart home systems, to mention a few. As a key player in any field it ventures, it’s a brand influencer, delivering top quality products and its smart lock technology is no exception.

The Samsung New Digital Door Lock gives a keyless door entry option. It can be really annoying finding out you locked yourself out or you only got to remember you left your keys in the car the moment you saw the door. The problem here is, you had to leave your car with the mechanic. With this smart door lock, however, you don’t have to bother about all those issues that come with carrying a bunch of keys around. It allows unlocking with a password which you can simply enter on the touch-enabled front panel.

Beep! Beep! It keeps doing that at every command – as it should, for that’s how it’s programmed to work. You’ve had a long day and the noise isn’t helping, considering that it’s late and you won’t want to wake anyone up. This lock understands that there are days you’d like some quiet which is why it’s fitted with the Manner Mode feature. This feature gives you the option to temporarily mute the lock’s operation sound giving you a noiseless entry. It gets better!

The following are other features of this smart lock:
  • Compatibility – This smart lock can interface with a lot of smart home systems making it easier to use
  • RFID Card/Password – Allows multiple users with unique password which eliminates password sharing and improving security
  • IR sensor equipped – Device automatically wakes up once it senses your approach, almost like welcoming you home
  • Push-Pull design – An innovative way to use the door knob; simply push to enter and pull to exit
  • Easy to install – With all the cool features on this smart lock it’s quite easy to setup. It’s something you can do by yourself
  • Auto locking – Once you enter and close the door behind you, it locks automatically as part of its intuitive function
Ultraloq’s Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock offers multiple operation options, which includes one that spares you the hassles of using keys while you’re still confident your home is secure. If you’d like one with a reversible lever, go for the Ultraloq BT Keyless Smart Door Lock which is ergonomically designed for both left– and right-handed users.

Ultraloq 2 Pack UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock – Available in 2 Colors

Ultraloq has a passion for revolutionizing everyday product to meet individual needs. It makes quality smart locks that have high flexibility, are convenient to use and secure. It’s a brand dedicated to quality and performance, showcasing innovative technological possibilities. It’s the first brand to make the world’s first 5-in-1 keyless entry smart lock. It strives to set the pace in the smart security industry.

The Ultraloq Smart Lock is a first in its approach to keyless entry. It has five modes by which you can use this lock, which consist of password, fingerprint, smartphone, knock to open or key, which are all practical and convenient. In the event you forget your password – use your fingerprint. Perhaps you’re out of town and someone comes visiting, they can type in a password to gain access. You can sync your smartphone with this lock and use it to unlock whenever you have to. If for some reason you forgot to heed the device warning of low battery, you can still access your door with a key. With this smart lock, all odds cannot be against you when it comes to getting in or out the door. There’s always an alternative up its metaphorical sleeve.

It also allows for the registration of up to 95 fingerprint and password users, perfect for a large family or company. An Admin account must be created first which will then be used to add or delete other accounts. You can easily do this just by following simple commands on the smart lock.

Ultraloq knows a lock must be fortified since it might be installed in a location that exposes it to the elements. This lock is waterproof and dustproof keeping it well protected against wear and malfunction. With the Ultraloq Bluetooth Enabled smart lock, the only thing that stays locked out has to be unauthorized. The following are other features of this smart lock:
  • Allows multiple users – Improves security by eliminating password sharing making it a great option for companies
  • Reversible Lever – Ergonomically designed handle that’s convenient for both left or right handed users
  • Anti-peep touchscreen – The key pad is designed such that no one can steal your password by looking at what you type
  • Remote access – This lock can be operated via your smartphone so you can open the door for a visitor even when you’re not home
If you’d like an alternative to the satin nickel finish of this lock, there’s also the classy aged bronze look you can check out.
Improve security and convenience with Yale Real Living® Deadbolt which allows you to use a 4-8 digit PIN to let you find a balance between complexity and codes you can remember. If you’d like a keyless version from this brand, go for the Yale Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave which also comes in 3 different colors and styles.

Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave And Works With Amazon Alexa via SmartThings – Available in 3 Colors and 3 Styles

Yale was established in 1840, a leading brand providing reliable security for mobile lifestyle and door opening solutions. It’s totally committed to creating high quality security lock solutions. Yale always looks to expand capacities and stretch limits with its innovatively designed and superior performance lock systems. With over a century of experience, you can rest assured of this brand’s integrity and expertise in its field of specialization which has made it the trusted and reliable brand that it’s become.

The Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt is both a keyed and keyless smart door lock system. It gives you the option of unlocking your door remotely using your smartphone, imputing a password on its touchscreen, or using a key. It’s also capable of accommodating up to 250 unique passwords for different users so you don’t have to bother about getting keys for others. It also ‘speaks’ three languages so you can choose which delights you. The following are other great features of this smart lock:
  • Compatibility – Works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa with the required hub. How neat is it to be able to command your door?
  • Easy to install – You just need a screwdriver to put this lock on standard doors, no wiring nor boring of new holes needed
  • Great design – This lock isn’t just designed to provide superior security, but also designed to look sleek on your doors
  • Illuminated touchscreen – The screen is back-lit so it sort of glows, so you can use it even in the dark
  • Warranty – It has a lifetime warranty for residential usage and on select components. Talk about manufacturer’s confidence
This alarm clock is available in oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass and satin nickel, so your tastes are pretty well-covered!

How Do I Choose the Best Smart Lock?

It’s going to be one of those hectic days and you’ve braced yourself for it. You have a presentation in the morning and you’re having mixed feelings: excitement and nervousness. Fast forward to the evening: perfect speech, deal won, boss happy, all checked. With so much excitement you grab your bag and leave the office, mentally cooking up plans on how to celebrate. As soon as you got to your apartment door, it hits you smack dab in the face. Mentally, you could see, in 4K definition, your keys perched atop your office desk. Gosh! Then the voice starts reprimanding you for procrastinating…

Just the week before, you had been chatting away with your buddy while he was installing a deadbolt on his front door. You had told him you would be going tech by installing a smart lock, so you can integrate it with your smart home system along with your Alexa thermostat. You even went as far as making a joke that you won’t give him a passkey just so you can show off unlocking the door with your smartphone while still in the office. But, alas, here you are locked out of your own house.

The best choice you have in this case is to go sleep over at your friend’s house just down the road. It’s a good idea, but a tough one. This is because it’s the same friend you were making fun of over the smart lock you still hadn’t installed. If you had, you would’ve just entered your passkey, or scanned your finger, or the tuxedo feature: unlock with your voice. That’s what the best smart locks can do, offer you cool options. Now you’ll have to endure weeks of trolling. The bright side here is that it’s always fun crashing over at his house. It’s going to be one awesome celebration when you tell him of your achievement at work. But while at it, we know you can no longer afford to delay. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to help you make the best choice.
A smart lock can be a bit expensive, which can be pardonable considering the solution it offers. The materials and the lock’s functionality greatly determine its price. A good smart lock can cost as much as $500 while a not so expensive one, which of course serves its purpose adequately, can go for around $110. We came across cheap smart locks during the course of our research. What we can tell you about them is that you shouldn’t bother. They’re poorly made and you can’t rely on them to offer the security required for your loved ones, your prized possessions and of course yourself.
Losing or forgetting door keys and having visitors around happen from time to time. Since these scenarios cannot be totally avoided, we can make smart decisions to avoid being locked out or worry about getting keys across. Smart locks are a smart way to get rid of those worries. If you’re getting one for yourself, here are the important features to look out for:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Mode of operation
  • Notification
  • Compatibility
  • Certification
These features will help you decide the smart lock that’ll serve you best, depending on what you need it for.
Construction and Design
Smart locks give provide homeowners with the most convenient, secure and flexible door unlocking options. Some are just the control hub and will work with your existing deadbolt, while others are deadbolts themselves and require you to take out the one previously installed. Smart locks are designed to have the following features: a key knob and/or a digital screen with numbers or to capture biometrics such as your fingerprint. With this you have multiple door unlocking options so if you forget your keys – you won’t be locked out. Some have matte touch screens that won’t leave smudges so burglars can’t guess what buttons you’ve pressed.

Smart locks can communicate with your smart home systems and often have an accompanying app you can use with them. These locks will readily pair via Bluetooth, but this is only ideal for close range as the communication between both devices won’t exceed 0.09 kilometres. Z-Wave and Wifi also connect directly with your phone as they require a hub device to act as translator, which can be stationed a few meters from the lock. This is particularly great as it lets you remotely operate your smart lock from a further proximity.

Some smart locks are waterproof, dustproof, and tamper-proof, and highly resistant to weather. This is particularly good because it doesn’t limit where you can install the locks. These locks can be used on doors exposed to the elements and you won’t have to worry about it malfunctioning.
Performance and Ease of Use
How sophisticated looking a smart lock is doesn’t mean much if it isn’t smart with unlocking options. Most smart locks have multiple options to unlock your door. Some of them use passwords, fingerprints, remote access with a smart phone, one-time password to one off access. Some even still provide the regular lock and key as a last resort option. These options take away the hassles associated with using keys. Some smart locks can be operated via voice commands if they’re integrated with certain smart home systems. Some others let you check the lock status of your door on your phone. This is especially great for those times when you’re tucked in bed and finally found that comfortable position only for you to start wondering whether you’ve locked the door downstairs or not. ‘Peace of mind’ is another name for this feature, don’t you agree?

It’s important to look out for locks that provide multiple modes of operation. You certainly don’t want to get locked out because a certain ‘tuxedo’ feature malfunctioned. Now you have to resort to using keys, which you gave up for smart locks, to open manually. A decent smart lock wouldn’t only lock intruders out, it’d also give the right people access in a convenient manner. Some of these locks allow multiple users such that each person can have a separate key code. This is an excellent feature for people living together as a group.

It’s easy to let the term ‘lock’ limit your expectation of its efficacy to just keeping intruders out and letting authorized folks in. There actually are reasons these locks are called smart. Some of them monitor and report who had access to your door and when. This is such an awesome feature as it saves those activities in a log which you can access and take inventory of people’s movement through your door. You can easily determine who went in during the timeframe of a certain investigation that’s being carried out. These smart locks not only prevent mischievous activities from intruders, they can also deter authorized personnel from misdemeanor as they might be aware the lock can tag their entry. Some smart locks have built-in alarms to alert you when the lock is being tampered with.

It’s our hope that this information will help you select the best smart lock for you on the basis of what you need it for and how you intend to use it.


Get the Best Smart Lock of 2023!

You’ve read our reviews and have probably made up your mind already. Why wait any longer? Place an order for the best smart lock for your home today!

Our Top Choice
Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt
Best Value
August Smart Lock 2nd Generation
Samsung New Concept Digital Door Lock
Ultraloq Touchscreen Lever Door Lock
Yale Real Living® Touchscreen Deadbolt