Best Smart Plug Reviews 2022

That sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize you’ve left your hair irons or the TV on when you have just stepped into the office is the worst. But now that can all change. We’ve researched the best smart plug brands that feature advanced technology, allowing you to stay in control of your household appliances wherever you are. We’ve picked our top five choices from five great brands to make your life even easier!
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Our Top Choice
Wemo WiFi Enabled Mini Smart Plug
Wemo is paving the way for innovators across the globe with their home electronics, which can be controlled from anywhere in the world as long as you have your trusty mobile.
Control from anywhere in the world. Uses a free app. Easy to install and set up. Compact size. Fit two plugs in one electrical outlet. Schedule lights to come on when you’re away.
Some issues re-pairing it with your devices after power outages
3.8 x 1.4 x 2.4" / 3.2 ounces
Amazon Alexa / Nest / IFTTT
Android 4.1 / iOS 9 and higher
Schedule / Away mode / Sync
Best Value
Etekcity Voltson Smart Plug
Etekcity is a trusted e-commerce retailer that enables customers to improve their home with electronics and innovative products from the comfort of their own home.
VeSync App controls devices using Wi-Fi. One easy click to switch a device on or off. Schedule feature enables you to plan ahead. Low standby power after power outage.
Some customers found that the setup was difficult or unsuccessful.
Low Standby Consumption
2.4 x 2.2 x 2.2” / 3.2 ounces
VeSync App / Amazon Alexa
IOS and Android systems
Schedule / Away Mode
Samsung SmartThings Outlet
For over 70 years, Samsung has been at the front of the electronics race, creating and manufacturing innovative, intelligent, and life-changing technology to improve the quality of their customers’ lives.
Prepares the house for your arrival. Turns appliances on and off for you. Sends alerts about appliances left on too long. Saves you time and money.
Some struggles with installing and syncing to devices.
Power Restriction
2.4 x 2.4 x 2.6" / 4.9 ounces
SmartThings Hub / Amazon Alexa
IOS and Android Systems
Energy Alerts / Automated Control
TP-Link Remote Access Smart Wi-Fi Plug
TP-Link is a recognized, international company that has connected people in over 120 countries with their reliable networking devices.
No need for a hub or accessories; just needs the internet. Voice control. Check up on your devices from anywhere. Create electronic schedule to suit your timetable. Compact design.
Connection sometimes cuts out.
No Hub Required /Compact
2.8 x 1 x 2.2” / 4 ounces
Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant
Any iOS or Android Device
Away Mode / Schedule
Hausbell Smart No Hub WiFi Plug
Hausbell is committed to distributing high-quality electronics for their customers at low prices, so everyone can make the most of the world of technology we live in.
Voice control via Amazon Alexa. Power-saving mode takes appliances off standby. Remote access to devices through app. Schedule timers to get your home just the way you need it any time of the day.
Can be a struggle to set up and connect to the Wi-Fi.
Power Saving / App Control
4.5 x 3 x 2.2” / 5.6 ounces
Amazon Alexa
Android 4.1 / iOS 7.0 and higher
Schedule Timers / Remote Control

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What is the Best Smart Plug?

Buying a smart plug is meant to make your life a breeze, so make sure you check out the specs of your potential buy and make sure it’s compatible with your phone or tablet and has the features you need the most!
Our Top Choice
The Wemo Mini Smart Plug can control your electronics from anywhere in the world, providing you have mobile internet, with the use of their free app. If you want a full-sized smart plug, you should check out the Wemo Switch Smart Plug. It can also control your devices from anywhere and can schedule electronics per your timetable.

Wemo WiFi Enabled Mini Smart Plug – Works with Amazon Alexa – 4 Varieties

Wemo, a division of Belkin, is one of the leading innovators in remotely controlling your home electronics. Their line of products includes light switches, dimmer switches, nanny cams and smart plugs. All you need to do is download the Wemo app and you can control these devices from anywhere. Yes, we said anywhere. Maybe you just crawled into bed before realizing that you left the light on downstairs, or perhaps you’ve got your camera set up to watch the pets and you want to see what mischief they’re up to while you’re out – you can do all of this with the touch of a button! Whether you’re in the other room, out at the store, or in the middle of the Bermuda triangle, you can be in control of your home.

We’re featuring the Wemo Mini Smart Plug, as it’s an excellent Wi-Fi-enabled plug that is made so that you can stack two of them into one electrical outlet. All you need to do to use this plug is download the free app and use it to easily control your lamps, fans, coffee makers and anything else you wish to have control over while you’re not in the home (or if you just can’t be bothered to get up, that’s fine too!).

Here are some more nifty features to pique your interest:
  • Control from anywhere in the world as long as you have mobile internet.
  • You can use the app with any smartphone with iOS 8 and higher or Android 4.4 and up.
  • With the app, you can schedule your lights or appliances to come on when you get home and turn off once you leave.
  • Your lights can be scheduled to turn on or off at preset times OR they can be synced with the sunrise and sunset.
  • Set Wemo to turn lights on at sporadic intervals when you’re away to deter thieves.
  • You can pair your smart plug with Alexa. Simply use your voice to turn electronics on and off as you please.
  • You can also pair it with your Nest thermostat for streamlined control of your home’s environment.
If you love the control you can have using this smart plug, you might be interested to know you can get the dimmer light switch, insight smart plug, regular light switch or light switch and Netcam + as well and complete your Wemo home electronics collection.
Best Value
From your desk at work, on the subway to the city or dancing the night away with your friends, you can use wifi to flick the switch on or off for any device synced to the Etekcity Smart Plug. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, swap the app with a remote control with the Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch.

Etekcity Voltson Smart Plug with WiFi and VeSync App – Pack of Two

Etekcity is a trusted e-commerce retailer that provides electronics and home improvement products. They give their customers a way to upgrade their home into a sophisticated, gadget-savvy environment for an easier life. Etekcity is dedicated to creating an amazing shopping experience from the comfort of your own home with quick delivery and online customer support for their wide range of products.

The Etekcity Voltson Smart Plug gives you full control of your devices and electricity usage wherever you are, with a simple tap on your chosen device.

Etekcity wants you to have peace of mind wherever you are and so have built in these fab features:
  • One-Click Connection - The specially designed VeSync app lets you be in control of multiple smart outlets, which means you can control numerous devices in your home at one time – and you don’t even have to be there!
  • 100% Control - Even the appliances that are tucked away in a corner or behind other furniture won’t cause you any problem from now on, as you can easily switch them on or off from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Schedule and Plan - You can program a customized schedule for your devices and control when they will turn on and off.
  • Saves Energy and Money! - Being able to quickly and easily turn off your devices from afar will help you reduce your energy usage, therefore, reducing your monthly bills!
  • Low Standby Power Consumption - If a power outage happens, the outlets will remain off to save energy. This feature is ETL and FCC approved, so you know it’s safe and quality assured.
The Etekcity Smart Plug could quickly become a common device in your outlets to improve the workings of your home. To make things even better, you can buy it in packs of one or two.
The Samsung SmartThings Outlet lets you automate your electronics so you can plan ahead, and sends alerts about appliances left on, saving you time, money and energy every day. For the best results, why not streamline all your devices and make them work together with the Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub?

Samsung SmartThings Outlet - Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Samsung is one of the leading companies in the technology industry and is consistently at the forefront of new, advanced solutions for the ever-changing modern world. Over the last 70 years, Samsung has not only had international success with its electronics, but has also stepped into other industries with its fresh thinking, from fashion to finance.

The Samsung SmartThings Outlet is a carefully constructed and designed plug that gives you more insight and control over how and when you use your energy. The electronic solutions built into the smart plug are complemented by the simple installation and an easy-to-use app.

But that’s not all; there is also all of this:
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub lets you automate and monitor your home through the app.
  • Control all your appliances, from lights to your coffee maker or washing machine, from anywhere.
  • The wireless system is easy to install on your device.
  • Intelligent alerts when you leave appliances on, and receive notifications when a cycle has finished – this gives you the ability to restrict power when you’re out, and will save energy and money.
  • Set the app to turn appliances on and off automatically.
  • SmartThings is compatible with products from Samsung, Amazon, Bose, Schlage, Yale, Cree, Osram, Lightify, Honeywell, First Alert and more. Visit to get the entire list of compatible systems.
  • Can act like a ZigBee repeater, increasing the range of your devices when plugged in.
What’s not to love about this smooth creation, which makes chores and running a household a breeze?
The TP-Link Smart Plug keeps it simple without a hub or accessories – if you have internet on your smartphone or tablet, you can take care of your electronics at home If you want to save a couple of bucks and go with a tried and tested model, take a look at the TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug HS100, which can still control your electronics remotely using your Android or iPhone.

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug – Available in 2 Sizes, 2 Pack Sizes, with 2 Range Extender Options, Available with Energy Monitoring and Expert Setup.

TP-Link is a relatively new company to take the stage when it comes to networking devices and accessories but, boy, have they caught up! Since their beginning in 1996, they have distributed their products in over 120 countries, giving people a stable and trustworthy way of networking. The IDC Worldwide Quarterly WLN Tracker Report, in the last quarter of 2016, placed TP-Link as the number-one provider for WLAN and broadband CPE devices, which speaks heaps about their achievements!

The TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug is here to give you choices and bring juggling all these old-school chores into the modern world. This smart plug doesn’t use a hub or subscription that you need to be connected to so you can do your washing. It’s simple; as long as you’re connected to the Internet on your device, you can play God with your appliances at home using the free Kasa app.

But that’s not the only thing this smart plug has to offer:
  • You can schedule your electronics to switch on and off before you’re even out of bed or back from work.
  • The Away Mode can switch your lights on and off whilst you’re away from the house for an extended period of time to make it look like there is someone home.
  • Voice Control means you don’t even have to move from where you are to dim the lights and create a more relaxing atmosphere. You can use this feature through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • It can be so annoying when you go to use an outlet and, because of an oversized plug, there’s only room for one when there are two outlets. Well, no more! TP-Link has made the smart plug compact enough that you can use both outlets with no problem.
  • Check which devices are on at any time with the app, so you are always in the know.
But it doesn’t end there. You can get a TP-Link smart plug in a standard or mini size, as well as in a pack or one or two, so you can buy whichever works for you. You also have the option of buying it with a range extender (AC750 or AC1200) or an energy monitor. If you’re completely done in after ordered the right smart plug for you, make sure you order the expert setup to get up and running as soon as possible!
The Hausbell Smart Plug means you have one less thing to worry about if you forget to turn an appliance off, as you can simply do it on your phone wherever you are. If you’re short on outlets to put your smart plug in, then grab a Hausbell 8-Outlet Smart Power Strip so you never have to choose which device to charge first ever again!

Hausbell Smart Plug – No Hub Required – Available in 3 Pack Sizes

Hausbell is a brand from USCloud which is a leading international company from fashion to electronics. Hausbell distributes their products through platforms that are well-known to their customers such as eBay and Amazon. Hausbell is dedicated to manufacturing high quality electronics for low prices and follow through with great customer service for an all round good experience from start to finish.

Hausbell’s Smart Plug is designed to make your life smart with no unnecessary online hubs or wasted energy when you’re not at home. Some technology can be so extravagant that you don’t even end up using it, but Hausbell has designed this plug to do exactly what needs to be done.

With the SM-PW701U Smart Plug you can get all of this:
  • Remote Access - Instantly switch your devices on and off, so you never have to worry about leaving an appliance on again. Take full control from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Schedule Timers - Set specific times for you electronics to turn on and off for a more energy and time efficient household.
  • Power Saving- This helps reduce your energy usage by switching devices off standby when you’re not suing them.
  • Voice Control - You can pair your device with Amazon Alexa so you don’t even need to find your phone and tablet to control your home, simply say what you need and…there you go!
This great smart plug is available to purchase in packs on 1, 2 or 4 and what’s more, you can get a free home consultation!

How Do I Choose the Best Smart Plug?

We all know the feeling of suddenly realizing that you’ve left a light on, or your flat iron or TV when you’re far from home and there’s nothing you can do about it. It can play with your mind for hours, making you question your sanity about whether you have actually left it on or not. Phew, sounds exhausting!

Well, now you don’t have to sit there arguing with yourself in your mind; simply reach for your phone or tablet and switch it off. Yep, you heard that right. A smart plug can sync with your phone and immediately react to your needs, even when you’re out and about. But it gets even better than that! You can buy smart plugs that let you easily schedule timers, so every day when you walk through the door, you can have the skillet on, ready for you to start cooking your steak.

When the dinner is cooked and you’re sitting around the table with your loved ones, you don’t want to get up again for any reason. But some background music wouldn’t be amiss when it’s time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. “Music on,” and there you have it; your voice has turned on the speaker and it’s playing your favorite songs. Perfection.
A smart plug can be bought for a very reasonable price. Our featured products range from around $20 to about $45. At the lower end, you will be able to control your appliances from afar, and you can schedule your devices to switch on and off – there’s no more waiting around for your electronics to keep up to speed with your busy life. At the top end, you can expect more intelligent features like energy notifications and power-saving modes that have been ETL and FCC approved for your safety.

Although saving a few bucks and going for a cheap smart plug can be tempting, take a second to think about whether it will be worth it in the long run. This technology is not cheap or simple, and for it to work, it has to supply you with a reliable connection over many miles. So, cutting corners might just mean you’ll be back to square one.
When choosing your smart plug, think about the life you lead and what you need it to do for you.

These are a few of the important features to think about before parting with your hard-earned cash:
  • Connection and Sync Technology - Some use a connection hub that you can sync with, others just rely on Wi-Fi networks you can access through apps on your devices.
  • Power Saving - Most have some sort of power-saving mode, from just switching off your appliances that are on standby mode to keeping them off after a power outage to keep you and your family safe.
  • System Compatibility - The majority of smart plugs are compatible with all Android or iOS systems; however, there are some that can only work on certain versions, so make sure you double check!
  • Size and Shape - It can be pretty irritating when you plug something in and it blocks you from using the other outlet next to it. Check the size and shape of the smart plug to make sure it will allow you to use your other outlets as normal, so you’re not restricted to fewer outlets.
  • Voice Control Technology - Check to see if you can use your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with your smart plug so you won’t even have to leave your chair to turn off the lights!
  • Extras - What’s more useful to you – energy notifications or a range extender for better connection?
Don’t worry if you’re still dazed from all this technology talk; let’s talk about all this in more detail.
Construction and Design
Connection and Sync Technology

Some people love being part of the bigger picture and being able to ask friends and colleagues alike for help and advice when you’re all using the same technology. For those of you who are like this, having a smart plug that uses a hub can be the best setup. Any blips or confusion can be easily resolved with either professional support or peers who are one step ahead. However, if you’d rather keep things simple and just have you, your phone and smart plug in the know, go for a smart plug that uses any Wi-Fi network and an app for your plug to get the job done.

Power Saving

In this day and age, saving the planet (and money) is at the forefront of a lot of people’s consciences, and a smart plug can do just that. If an appliance is on standby for a prolonged period, the smart plug can switch it off fully to save energy. This is also handy for any plug sockets that are tucked away or hard to reach. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to scramble for it just to flick the switch.

Another energy saver is keeping the power off after a power outage to conserve energy; this feature is approved by the ETL and FCC so you know it’s safe.
Performance and Ease of Use
System Compatibility

It would be such a disappointment if your smart plug arrived in the post and then wouldn’t sync with your phone or tablet! Well, make sure that doesn’t happen by ensuring your model of phone or tablet is on the list of compatible devices. The majority are good to go, but some can only work with the most recent versions.

Voice Control Technology

Voice control of your music, lights and TV is not just a production trick on Friends when Monica is dating a millionaire. Oh no, over a decade later it has filtered into our everyday products and we can all live the high life. If you have Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or other voice recognition devices, then you can sync your new plug and app to use your voice as the control panel, so you don’t even have to lift a finger!


If you live in an area that struggles to deliver consistent internet or Wi-Fi connection, why not increase your chances of easy operation by purchasing a smart socket with a range extender from TP-Link? Then again, if you’re the type of person who needs gentle reminders and some help keeping track of your energy bill, the smart plug from Samsung is a lifesaver!

Get the Best Smart Plug of 2022!

Found what you were looking for? If not, check out the other plugs from these trustworthy brands so you can enjoy the easy life in no time.

Our Top Choice
Wemo WiFi Enabled Mini Smart Plug
Best Value
Etekcity Voltson Smart Plug
Samsung SmartThings Outlet
TP-Link Remote Access Smart Wi-Fi Plug
Hausbell Smart No Hub WiFi Plug