Best Smart Ring Reviews 2023

Getting a good smart ring that can offer you extra convenience is not easy. You will need to decide which ring will perfectly suit your requirements, from its features to the material used and, most importantly, overall design. It will need more than a day of window-shopping. The good news is that we have made the process much simpler for you. We analyzed some of the best smart ring brands in the market and came up with a list that is worth considering.
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Ring Sizes
Our Top Choice
NFC Ring Eclipse Smart Ring
NFC Ring is among the first companies to have built a smart ring that can interface with a door lock digitally.
Easily shares and transfers information. Unlocks your smartphone. Requires no initial charging.
The ring might seem small for some.
Programmable smart ring
Available in 7 ring sizes
Ceramic, epoxy
NFC enabled devices
Best Value
Jakcom R3 Smart Ring
Jakcom strives to make everyday activities easy by producing quality products that give you extra convenience.
Hypoallergenic. Charges without battery. Strong build.
Only comes in black.
Programmable smart ring
Available in 6 ring sizes
NFC enabled devices
Ringly Luxe Smart Ring
Ringly combines their passion for creating beautiful jewelry and their love of accessories by creating smart jewelry that will keep you connected effortlessly.
Custom smart alerts when someone calls or texts you. Classy and elegant.
It might feel bulky for some.
Activity tracker, mobile alerts
Available in 3 ring sizes
14k gold plated
Available in 3 colors
iOS 10 and up, Android 4.3 and up
Keydex NFC Multi-Function Smart Ring
Keydex was established two years ago as an alliance of creators with a goal to make some of the best accessories in the market..
Glossy finish, bevel design. Certified as one of the best IP68 grades.
Some might feel the design does not look generically like a man’s smart ring, but other designs available
Multi-function ring
Available in 6 ring sizes
Fine ceramic
Android phone with NFC function
TiMER 2 NFC Smart Ring
TiMER has been around for the sole purpose of creating gadgets that will arouse passion and fill customers’ lives with shiny moments.
It is among the first NFC device that can share text and image card information. It does not need any external power source to function.
Only able to use the ring at a wireless distance of 1 cm.
Programmable smart ring
Available in 6 ring sizes
Black, White
Android and WP mobile phones

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What is the Best Smart Ring?

Now that you are aware of the different features you need to consider when you’re choosing your smart ring, let’s look at the five models that made it on our top five list. You won’t miss a ring that strikes your attention!
Our Top Choice
The NFC Ring Eclipse has a slim fit and is made of ceramic, an ideal smart ring for individuals who are looking for a larger operating range without having to compromise on the size. If you are looking to achieve the pinnacle of swag and grace, then check out NFC Ring Ceramic Horizon Ring. It features the 2016 operating range, meaning it can work great across all devices at an increased range.

NFC Ring Ceramic Eclipse Original Programmable Smart Ring for NFC Enabled Devices — Available in 7 Sizes

If you strongly believe carrying around traditional keys is outdated, then you’re in the same mindset as the hackers who established the NFC Ring company. They also believe the jewelry industry does not pull their own weight, considering the dent a purchase leaves in your pocket for a device with no practical features. With the development of the smart ring, it became obvious to the hackers that the same technology could be used in unlocking smartphones and sharing information.

The NFC Ring Eclipse is the most popular ring and boasts of an amazing operating range, not forgetting to mention its stunning design. It clearly sets new standards for design and artisanship.

Here are additional features that should get you excited about the NFC Ring Eclipse:
  • The ceramic material is non-conductive, thus providing you with a safe environment if you work with electricity near you fingers.
  • Moreover, the Eclipse is scratch resistant with advanced ceramic material to keep the distinct look intact.
  • It is also water resistant, so there is no need to remove it when washing your hands or stepping into the shower.
  • You can also control various apps due to the NFC tag inlays that have been sealed within the ring.
  • The ring has made it easy for you to unlock and lock your doors (those with NFC-enabled door looks), so there is no need to carry around a bunch of keys in your pocket.
Don’t worry if the 4.5 size is too small for you, as the NFC Ring Eclipse comes in seven different sizes.
Best Value
The Jakcom R3 Smart Ring has been designed with the best quality material, as it will not cause any discoloration after months of use. If you’re looking to monitor your heart rate, then check out the Jakcom B3 Smart Band Smart Watch, which is also compatible with Android and iPhone.

Jakcom R3 Smart-Ring — Available in 6 Sizes

With our busy lives, we look for items that will offer convenience in our everyday tasks, like having a mobile phone with us to make communication easy, or sending an email instead of writing a letter. Jakcom has also been on this journey, dedicated to passing on their core values of experience, convenience, sharing and change to customers. It is by producing the most cost-effective products that they provide their loyal customers the needed convenience. Jakcom strives to be popular with the various items they produce; this ranges from smart watches, earphones, smart rings and even smart nail stickers, just to name a few.

The Jakcom R3 Smart Ring can copy and simulate any ID and IC cards, like the access control cards you use for a building door, your home door, before using an elevator or even in the supermarket. Talk of convenience on another level—there is no need to carry a bunch of cards while wearing this ring.

Her are more features you will get to enjoy while using the Jakcom R3 Smart Ring:
  • It is designed with germanium, volcanic magnet and FIR energy stone, which helps in improving your performance throughout the day.
  • It runs for 73 hours while continuously processing information.
  • It has been designed with NFC letters, which help you in launching various NFC features in your Android phone such as private note, quick start, mobile phone lock, and sharing information.
This black smart ring comes in six different sizes, ensuring there is a fit for you.
The Ringly Luxe Smart Ring is designed with a gorgeous gemstone that is hand-cut and semi-precious, making it a collector’s item. If you are looking for a different design with a rechargeable battery that will last two to three days, then check out Ringly Bluetooth Gunmetal Plated Smart Ring.

Ringly Luxe Mobile Alerts Activity Tracker Guided Meditation Smart Ring With Golden Clasp — Available in 3 Sizes, 3 Colors

Getting continued missed calls or urgent texts from your family when your phone is in your purse or just in the next room is one of the most frustrating things. Or the fact that you have to be chained to your phone when you are expecting a call. The same frustrations led to the development of smart jewelry by Ringly. The Luxe Smart Ring is a solution to the missed texts and phone calls you will be excited to wear 24/7.

The Ringly Luxe Smart Ring has made it easy for you to track your activity. It accurately records the steps that you have taken, the calories burned and the total distance you have traveled. Tracking does not get any easier than this!

Here is what we are talking about:
  • You can easily set and manage your goals. All you have to do is create a goal and view the progress either daily or weekly; once you reach your goal, you will receive an alert.
  • It can synchronize to over 100 popular apps, including wellness and productivity apps.
  • The ring will offer you guided meditation and breathing exercises with a selection of audios, all in the name of mindfulness.
  • It allows you to stay connected to what matters most; you select the notifications that you feel are most important to you—texts, calls, calendar updates. The rest you can filter out.
  • It comes in a 4-hour smart charger box, plus the jewelry box is also a charger, so don’t dispose of it yet!
If the Out to Sea color did not tickle your fancy, there are two other colors to pick from: the Star Gaze and Dive Bar, all found in three different sizes
The Keydex NFC Multi-Function Smart Ring has an ergonomic design, where the top of the ring is wider and the bottom slightly narrower, for a comfortable fit. If you are looking for a smaller size in a different color, then check out Keydex NFC Size 12 Multifunction Ring.

Keydex Multi-Function NFC Smart Ring with Fine Ceramic - Variety of Sizes and Styles Available

Having a creative gadget that you carry around not only makes you trendy but also adds a sense of style to your look. Kydex Innovation has been designing since 2015, providing its customers with a variety of heart-touched products.

The Keydex NFC Multi-Function Smart Ring is made of fine ceramic. The resistance to scratches and hardness of this material is slightly less than diamond, thus assuring you this is quality jewelry.

Here are additional features that will get you excited about the Keydex NFC Multi-Function Smart Ring:
  • The material used in the ring reduces antenna and signal interference better than a metallic material.
  • Suitable for those allergic to common metals.
  • The ring is waterproof and can be submerged in water to around 300 meters for up to one hour, and will continue to function properly.
  • The ring is compatible with all NFC-enabled devices.
  • Through the company app, you can edit web addresses, name cards, send texts and easily share information.
  • Additionally, you can unlock the screen of your phone instantly.
We chose to picture the pink floral ring, but Keydex offers other styles, including ones with a more masculine look to them.
The TiMER 2 NFC Smart Ring offers the highest level of personal privacy protection as you can hide any application, then run and use it on the smart ring. If you are looking for a similar ring in size 7 having a 57.1mm girth, then check out the TiMER Magic Universal Smart Ring.

TiMER 2 Waterproof NFC Smart Ring Technology — Available In White Or Black, Sizes 7 - 12

If you are passionate about better living, then your goals are in line with TiMER. They manufacture various products devoted to promoting better living through technological innovation. The company believes in a better future founded on today's lifestyle. Thus, TiMER’s ultimate goal is to create products that not only arouse passion, but also lead to simple but fulfilling life experiences. This has seen TiMER dedicate efforts towards realizing this kind of life in virtually everyone through their products. 

The TiMER 2 NFC Smart Ring is an intelligent ring that can operate your mobile phone functions and share data through the wireless NFC frequency communication. But this is not all, as the ring has been designed with more attractive features for you to explore.

Here are more exciting features the TiMER 2 NFC Smart Ring offers:
  • With the ring, you can perform various functions such as operating your mobile script, locking an app, sharing a business card, sharing text, sharing internet links and sharing files online.
  • It is waterproof, so in the case that you jump into the shower too quickly without taking it off, it will still function perfectly.
  • The ring is compatible with WP and Android mobile phones.
  • It has been created with pure medical titanium, so your health comes first.
And to top it off, the Timer 2 NFC Smart Ring is available in white or black in sizes 7–12.

How Do I Choose the Best Smart Ring?

If you’re into the new wearable technology craze, you might have already come across smartwatches and other high-end gadgets. Well, things are getting even better as smart rings are coming along and already getting a share of the buzz. You know how much you have come to fancy the convenient and classy aspect of the latest innovations in the communication world. But something has been missing, until these smart rings’ combination of style, power and efficiency came on board.

Wait, did you know that most average smartphone users check their gadget every six minutes or so? Unfortunately, this happens for some notifications or messages that are not worth the attention. This is where smart rings come into play, as you can count on their ability to signal you whenever’s necessary. And yes, these little gadgets are as brilliant as smart watches.

The best thing about these rings is that you can also select the notifications that you want to come through to the ring. These could be messages, apps, calls, and much more. If music and yoga are your kind of thing, things just got juicier. With an added audio play feature in some of these smart rings, you can bring one along on your yoga mat to get the best out of every meditation moment.

These rings do not leave it at that, as some can help in getting data on important health signs in your body, thanks to the high-sensitive veins in your fingers. So, if you thought a fitness tracker is the only option you had, here is yet another window to your health.

We are going to review several leading smart rings on the market, but before that, here are some things to consider.
The price of a smart ring highly depends on the features it will offer you and the material used in the overall design. For example, a stylish smart ring that has been made of fine ceramic and has top-of-the-line features will cost more than a simple smart ring made of metal and offering one or two features.

However, you can still get a pocket-friendly smart ring costing as low as $10. The high-end ones could even go up to $150. You can choose to get a cheap smart ring, but they tend to trade off quality for the cost you pay. So don’t go for the cheap alternative, as it will not offer you the convenience and style you can enjoy from a smart ring.
Whether you are looking for an impressive aesthetic or a high-performing device, smart ring features will always offer you what you seek. Keeping an eye on what you want can go a long way in helping get the best ring for the deal.

Here are the important features you should look for:
  • Type - You can count on an emergency call, recording, wireless charger and body sensor capabilities. If multi-functioning is what you are looking for, then you can find it in most of these gadgets.
  • Size - As people’s fingers are different, so are these rings. But you can always get the right one, whether large or small, heavier or the light types; they have something for everyone.
  • Material - Smart rings come in different materials such as metal, gold-plated or ceramic. If you are allergic to most materials, then ceramic material may be the ideal option for you.
  • Color - These rings can vary in colors for different interests. Depending on what color pleases your eyes, you have the chance of finding your preferred choice quite easily.
  • Compatibility - Talk of the different communication devices we have around, and smart rings will work pretty well with most of them, from phones to the more advanced ones.
Construction and Design
With technological advancements taking place each day, gadgets are shrinking while increasing in power, making smart rings less of a challenge while making our life simpler.

If panic gets the best of you, these rings got your back, thanks to an emergency call feature in some of them. You can always use a concealed button in the ring to call for help when in trouble. The recording feature is yet another impressive aspect here, which can come in very handy at some times. With the calories-burned monitoring feature, you can assess your achievement after a workout. Additionally, you can use a body sensor found in some smart rings to evaluate your body fitness.

You also have diversity in dimensions and weight across the board to choose from. There exist subtle lightweight designs that weigh below an ounce, to heavier rings that hit nearly ten. Their dimensions differ depending on different finger sizes, from 17mm in diameter to 22mm diameters, and other sizes as well.

Do you like ceramic, gunmetal-plated or steel finish types? There are different materials to choose from, depending on whether you want an attention-commanding ring or a dull one. If you love colors, white or black, and a range of other options too, these rings are for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most rings are compatible with different devices, from iOS to Android and tablet, so you have a range of possibilities to try. Does the idea of using a wireless charger impress you? Well, this is the other most enticing feature that you cannot afford to miss when looking for a smart ring. Enjoy that natural user experience without the plugin hassles.

Get the Best Smart Ring of 2023!

Picking the best smart ring will be a personal choice, based on what features and design appeal to you. If the products we picked do not fit your budget or the features you were looking for, not to worry, as there are numerous smart rings by these reputable brands. Check them out!

Our Top Choice
NFC Ring Eclipse Smart Ring
Best Value
Jakcom R3 Smart Ring
Ringly Luxe Smart Ring
Keydex NFC Multi-Function Smart Ring
TiMER 2 NFC Smart Ring