Best Smartwatch Reviews 2022

The smartwatch market has received a surge of appeal since the original Pebble broke Kickstarter records back in 2012. Fast-forward to today, and you have plenty of choices in the smartwatch arena. Although Apple does lead the way in some aspects, it certainly isn’t the best wearable you can get your hands on. To help you weed through the stack and buy the best smartwatch for your needs, we’ve listed five excellent models from some of the best smartwatch brands available. Which one fits your style?
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Battery Life
Our Top Choice
Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
Fitbit makes some of the most advanced and accurate smartwatches in the world. Its gadget ecosystem also includes smart scales, sports headphones, and heart rate monitors.
Available in 3 color options. Long battery life. Comes with interchangeable bands. Works up to 30,000 feet above sea level.
Isolated complaints that notifications are not shown instantly; this might have to do with the internet connection, not necessarily with the watch itself.
1.42 inches, 348 x 250 pixels
96+ hours
Android, Windows, iOS
Not specified
Can store 300+ songs
Best Value
Huawei Watch 2
Huawei is one of the largest and most well-respected technology companies in the world, notably for its superior product range which includes smartphones and smartwatches.
Water-resistant. Interchangeable bands. Built-in heart monitor, GPS, NFC, and Google Assistant.
Few users complained that gestures don’t work that well sometimes.
1.2 inches, 390 x 390 pixels
48 hours
Android, some features with iOS 
Android Wear 2.0 
4 GB, 512 MB RAM
Apple Watch Series 2
Apple is a leading manufacturer of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops. Its products are characterized by their minimalistic and elegant designs.
Gorgeous design. Waterproof up to 50 meters (164 feet). Available in several colors. 18 hours of battery life.
Slightly more expensive than other smartwatches, but you're buying a product of the highest quality.
1.5 inches, 272 by 340 pixels
18 hours
WatchOS 3 
Not specified
Samsung Gear S3 Smart Watch
Samsung is one of the most popular and appreciated electronics companies in the world. It’s known for making high-quality smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.
Clever rotating bezel. Eye-catching design. Great battery life. Solid health tracking.
Fewer available apps than Apple Watch or Android Wear.
1.3 inches, 360 x 360 pixels
72 hours
Android, some features with iOS 
Tizen 2.3.2
4 GB, 768 MB RAM
Asus ZenWatch 2
Asus is known for making high-performance laptops, smartphones, gaming gear, and smartwatches. It is a prestigious manufacturer, up there with Samsung and Huawei.
Available in numerous colors and 2 display sizes. Water-resistant. Fast-charge technology. Lightweight and compact.
Isolated reliability problems.
1.45 inches or 1.63 inches
380mAh, hours not specified
Android, iOS
Android Wear 5.1.1 
4GB, 512MB RAM

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What is the Best Smartwatch?

Buying a smartwatch isn’t easy, given the sheer breadth of choices available to you. Apart from buying a wearable that works effortlessly with your mobile phone, you need to consider the features of the specific device, and those you’d like to have—or rather, ones you’ll actually use. Furthermore, there are certain smartwatches geared towards specific user needs, so let us give you a rundown of five of the best smartwatches you can bank on.
Our Top Choice
With an impressive battery life which can last up to 5 days, the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is the newest must-have among fitness enthusiasts and gadget lovers! It’s available in several color options and comes with small and large bands for a perfect fit. If your budget is less flexible, but you still want a high-quality smartwatch, check out the Fitbit Blaze which is also available in several color options and is a top choice for millions of people.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch with Built-in GPS/GLONASS – One Size, Small and Large Bands Included, 3 Colors Available

Fitbit is usually known for its high-quality smartwatches, but this brand produces many other accessories which are designed for gadget lovers with an active lifestyle. For example, you can complete your Fitbit collection with a smart scale, specially designed headphones, or accurate heart rate monitors. If you do cardio exercises regularly, a Fitbit accessory will definitely fit your lifestyle and help you track your progress/reach your goals easier!

Let's take a look at the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch which is one of the best smartwatches money can buy today. It is available in several color options such as Charcoal/Smoke Gray, Blue-Gray/Silver, or Slate Blue/Burnt Orange and the package contains two interchangeable bands, one small and one large. This makes the watch ideal for everyone, regardless of their wrist size.

When it comes to performance, this watch from Fitbit will exceed your expectations. It is designed for running, swimming, walking, and everything sports-related—and the manufacturer boasts a battery life of up to 5 days. This varies depending on various factors, but still, it is an impressive feat for such a cute and attractive watch! If you feel really adventurous, climb on mountains and test if this watch is still running even at 30,000 feet above sea level as Fitbit claims it does!

The display has been improved from the last models and it can get to a brightness level of up to 1000 nits. Obviously, this is just one model from Fitbit's line of sport watches, so if you’re looking for something different, don’t hesitate to check out this brand's entire range of smartwatches. Overall, we definitely give a thumbs-up to the Fitbit Ionic watch for its continuous heart rate monitoring and impressive battery life!
Best Value
The Huawei Watch 2 with Android Wear 2.0 has built-in GPS and NFC, not to mention the continuous heart rate monitor which helps you keep your health in check. If you prefer a watch with a more classical design, check out the Huawei Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Smartphones which is equally beautiful and useful.

Huawei Watch 2 with Android Wear 2.0 – Interchangeable Bands, Available in Several Styles

Founded in 1987 by a former engineer in the People’s Liberation Army—Ren Zhengfei—Huawei started out with manufacturing phone switches, but today has branched into several other areas. These include providing consulting services, building telecommunication networks, and manufacturing great communication devices such as the Huawei Smartwatch for the consumer market.

When it comes to luxury, Huawei (pronounced "wah-way") is perhaps the last name that comes to mind, but your perception will change the moment you lay eyes on the Huawei Watch 2. Simply put, this smartwatch is not only beautiful; it delivers some serious performance under the hood.

We have chosen this device because it comes with many bells and whistles such as built-in GPS, NFC, and even offline music, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs for hours thanks to its impressive battery life. The watch features interchangeable bands, which is a great thing for people who love to customize their gadgets. The watch itself is water-resistant, but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend showering with it, just in case. Therefore, when you arrive home all sweaty after a long run in the park, take it off first before jumping into the shower!

When it comes to materials, this watch is built to be strong. It features stainless-steel elements and the band itself is sturdy, having rubber on the inside and leather on the outside. It is available in several buying options such as Sport Gray, Classic Brown, etc., and it runs Android Wear 2.0 which gives you access to an increasing number of smartwatch apps. Try it!
The Apple Watch Series 2 is one of the most sought-after smartwatches out there and it’s available in several beautiful colors to choose from. This model is designed for 130-200mm wrists; if yours is larger, go for the 42mm Series 2 Smartwatch which is a little bit bigger, yet equally attractive!

Apple Watch Series 2 with Aluminum Case & OLED Retina Display – 5 Colors Available

Founded by the late Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak in 1975 in a bid to initially develop personal computers, Apple—with its headquarters in Cupertino, California—is regardless one of the world’s most valuable brands. Today, its footprint is in several diverse technology markets, including computer software and consumer electronics, such as the Apple Smartwatch lineup.

The Apple Watch, now into its second generation, is all about refinement. It rings in with an assortment of tech upgrades compared to the original Apple Watch. It has a much faster processor, a GPS chip for more-detailed running metrics, and a new water-resistant design. Furthermore, it is powered by Apple’s latest WatchOS right out of the box. It can be ordered in several different sizes and color variants.

The Apple Watch 2 is the current poster child of the company’s smartwatch department, and here are a few notable features that make it an unmatched investment:
  • Built-in GPS and water-resistant up to 50 meters (164 feet)—good for a brief dunk in the bath, but not scuba diving
  • Built with an industry-leading dual core processor, a display that’s twice as bright as before, and an optical heart rate sensor
  • Screen protected by sapphire crystal glass
  • Can be ordered in a wide range of colors, including rose gold, gold, silver, black, and even a sports band
  • Health features of the watch allow you to share your activity and compare your performance with your friends; it receives alerts to remind you to breathe and stand
  • Built-in GPS allows you to track your runs without having to lug around your phone
  • Battery life clocks in at 18 hours
The Gear S3 Smart Watch is the latest addition to the Samsung wearable range and offers a plethora of new features compared to its predecessor, including a larger display. Needless to say, the Gear S2 is still a great contender in the smartwatch market, considering its innovative features—including rotating bezels and 2 - 3 days of battery life.

Samsung Gear S3 Smart Watch - Available in 2 Designs & for US or International, Samsung Pay Enabled

Headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, Samsung was founded way back in 1938 as a trading company but today comprises of several different affiliate businesses and subsidiaries. Samsung electronics ranked at #1 in the World’s Best Technology Companies in 2012, mostly due to its ability to produce superior and innovative products, such as the Gear range of smartwatches.

The Gear S3 is Samsung’s latest product in the wearable space and this iteration comes in with a plethora of new features compared to its predecessor—the Gear S2. The new versions of the Samsung Gear smartwatches are powered by the same processor; you will love the S3 smartwatch from Samsung both for what it’s designed to do and the design itself.

Samsung released the Gear S3 in two versions—Classic and Frontier—and while they both measure the same and have onsite GPS, the latter is a tad bit heavier owing to its rugged design, larger textured buttons, and LTE/3G for on-the-go connectivity.

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier arrives with a plethora of features, but here are a few that make it a great contender in the smartwatch segment:
  • Fitted with a 380mAh-capacity battery, it’s good for 3 - 4 days of use.
  • Both versions shun Android Wear and are powered by Samsung’s exclusive Tizen 2.3.2 operating system, 4 GB, 768 MB RAM, Exynos 7270 chipset, and dual-core 1.0 GHz CPU.
  • It can be controlled by a combination of twin buttons, touchscreen, and rotating bezel.
  • Both the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier feature an always-on screen, meaning the watch face is visible even when the watch is inactive.
  • Both Gear S3 models are water-resistant (1.5 meters and 30 minutes), IP68 dustproof, and are equipped with a barometer, accelerometer, gyro, optical heart rate monitor, and GPS, making them a great choice for fitness and tracking.
  • It’s compatible with many Android phones—not just Samsung’s.
  • It has the ability to make speakerphone calls and use Samsung Pay at any credit card terminal.
  • It’s coated with 1.3-inch 360 x 360 pixels Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • This watch measures 1.9 x 1.8 x 0.51 inches and weighs 2.22 ounces.
The ZenWatch 2 from Asus has a 400mAh battery and is available in numerous color options for the case and bands. You can even have it in 2 display sizes: 1.63 inches or 1.45 inches. If you want something newer, check out the ZenWatch 3 from Asus which features a breathtaking design and incorporates the latest Android gesture control functions!

Asus ZenWatch 2 with HyperCharge Battery & Camel Leather Strap – 2 Display Sizes and Multiple Colors Available

You definitely have heard about Asus before, but did you know that it also makes smartwatches? This company is very popular among gamers as it creates some of the most advanced and eye-catching gaming accessories out there. It has a good reputation for making laptops and smartphones too, but we were really impressed by its smartwatches! These products feature a minimalistic design on the outside while incorporating high-performance hardware on the inside.

Check out the Asus Zenwatch 2 for example, which is available in numerous color options such as Silver Case with Camel Leather Strap, Gunmetal Case with Gray Metal Strap, Gunmetal Case with Gray Metal Strap, and more. This watch can be bought with a 1.45-inch display or a 1.63-inch display, and on both of them it has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which protects them against scratches and bumps.

As any other respectable smartwatch on the market, this model comes with a built-in pedometer which counts your steps and tracks your progress every day. The operating system is Android Wear 5.1.1 and it features Bluetooth 4.1, so transferring files will be a piece of cake. We were really impressed by the 400mAh battery and the Hypercharge Technology from Asus, which basically means that the battery gets charged up to 60% in just 15 minutes.

We cannot ignore the IP67 water resistance certification; however, it is not advisable to intentionally submerge these watches under water just to see what happens. The certification is there to prevent sweat and accidental splashes from ruining your phone, but you should always remember that water and delicate electronics don’t mix well. Its 4GB storage space is also sufficient for most users, which basically makes this watch one of the most practical and affordable ones out there.

How Do I Choose the Best Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is exactly what the name suggests—a watch that is smart. And to elaborate, this means more than just telling time and sounding alarms. This latest pedigree of astute wearables is no longer primarily associated with tech geeks, but the latest crop of smartwatches can display important notifications, track your performance, and even monitor your heart rate and deliver these notifications right to your wrist.

With a smartwatch strapped on your wrist, you no longer have to whip out and unlock your smartphone, but simply glance down to check messages and control your music. And if you’re looking for a GPS watch with integrated maps, a fitness tracker to track specific sports, or a dive watch you can take 100 feet deep into the ocean, we’ve got reviews for them too, so be sure to check them out.

You shouldn’t be surprised to find that there are many brands out there which make good-quality smartwatches. This is a good thing for you as a customer, because if competition between companies is rough, you'll be entitled to better and newer features as each brand strives to impress you with its models! In this case, we want to mention the Fossil and LEMFO brands which are known for making some of the most accurate and practical smartwatches out there. Keep them in mind while browsing through various smartwatches.
Smartwatches can come with hefty price tags, some even costing much more than $1500. This doesn’t, however, mean that there aren’t cheap smartwatches available. But just like you don’t have to splurge, you shouldn’t go for the cheap end of the scale either, as those devices likely won’t satisfy your needs.

If you’re a first-time buyer, chances are that you’ll be satisfied with basic features such as smartphone notifications or the ability to check out different watch faces, so you might want to find a happy medium of price and features.

To make things simpler for you, we've identified a couple of price ranges regarding smartwatches. For example, budget-friendly ones are usually priced under $249 and are ideal for almost everyone. If you want more features, middle-range watches cost between $250 and $300. Lastly, high-end smartwatches go for over $300 and can reach up to $500 or more, depending on their features. These gadgets are super-advanced and come with built-in GPS and NFC, among other technologies.

But before you buy the best smartwatch, it’s important that you check if it’s compatible with your smartphone. For example, the Apple Watch is only compatible with the iPhone, so you’ll have to pay a premium price for two devices if you don’t own a phone from the Apple hangar. But Android Wear smartwatches are compatible with Android 4.3 and higher smartphones, and some even work with the iPhone, albeit without a few features such as adding apps.
From big names such as Samsung and Apple, to world-class watchmakers such as Tag Heuer, several companies have now joined the smartwatch bandwagon, each with their unique designs and features.

However, in order to avoid getting lost in the crowd, here are a few common features to look for:
  • Device Compatibility – Owing to the fact that smartwatches are designed to be paired with your smartphone, it’s highly important that it’s compatible with your device.
  • Operating System – There are several choices here, with the most common being Android Wear and watchOS.
  • Display – Most smartwatches today are appointed with an LCD or AMOLED display.
  • Battery Life – Smartwatches with color screens tend to last at least 1 - 2 days between charges, but this also depends on your usage.
  • Interface – Here you can choose between button vs. touch, where of course the latter would make the most sense as it’s easier to navigate.
  • Design and Personalization – Most, if not all, smartwatches offer the ability to switch straps and have face color options.
  • Notifications and Alerts – You want a smartwatch that will do more than tell time (FYI-they all do), such as alert you to incoming messages, calls, etc., with a quick buzz on your wrist.
  • Apps and Watch Faces – Since smartwatches are more mainstream, most offer dozens of apps, with the Apple Watch taking home the gold with more than 20,000 options.
  • Special Features – This boils down to what you’re looking to do with your smartwatch. For example, if it’s activity tracking, then look for a smartwatch that has an integrated pedometer.
Construction and Design
Let’s not forget: you’re going to be wearing this thing, so the last thing you want is a doorknob-style object on your wrist. Although, when all is said and done, smartwatches are still gadgets. This category of wearables is constantly evolving, with new iterations becoming even more appealing and sleeker.

To give you a rough idea, smartwatches measure between 1.67 by 1.43 by 0.44 inches and 1.93 by 1.49 by 0.56 inches, and weigh between 1.2 ounces and just over 2 ounces; some are even waterproof to a certain degree. And just like your smartphone, you’re going to have to put it on a charger at some point, which can either be a traditional USB (more convenient) or proprietary port.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most smartwatches are designed to offer some level of fitness tracking, but some are better than others. Top-of-the-line wearables are even compatible with third-party apps such as Shazam, Uber, and CNN. With regards to water resistance, look for a smartwatch that you can wash your hands with, or is otherwise waterproof.

Although not the best, there are a few smartwatches that can be used as standalone devices to make calls and receive alerts, without having to haul your smartphone around. Further, newer models—especially those coming from Samsung and Apple—do offer the ability to pay with your watch. And lastly worth mentioning, is that most smartwatches turn off after a few seconds in an effort to preserve battery life, but triggering them is fairly easy with a physical button or a gesture.

Get the Best Smartwatch of 2022!

A smartwatch is a must-have device if you like the idea of being connected to your smartphone, without having to pull it out each time you want to switch through your music library or read a message. With our diligent research, we hope that you were able to find the right wearable for your lifestyle as these are some of the best smartwatches money can buy today! But if you still want to take a look at more options, the brands we picked out have other great choices!

Our Top Choice
Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
Best Value
Huawei Watch 2
Apple Watch Series 2
Samsung Gear S3 Smart Watch
Asus ZenWatch 2