Best Snow Chains Reviews 2022

Yes, you have great winter tires to help you drive safely during the winter months. But, sadly, that’s not enough if you live in an area where snowstorms are common. With the unprecedented changes in weather, you cannot be certain that you will have light snow in the coming season, and that’s why you have to be prepared in every way possible. We are talking about equipping yourself with a set of snow chains. With the numerous options available online, we thought to give you a helping hand by reviewing some great winter chains from big names on the market to make your shopping hassle-free. Read on and see what exactly suits your vehicle – and your budget.
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Our Top Choice
Security Chain Company Z6 Snow Chain
Security Chain company strives to meet and exceed safety standards with all its products. The Super Z6 Auto Snow Chain is designed for SUVs, passenger cars and pickups.
Great traction performance. Easy to install. Compatible with electronically-monitored control systems.
A bit pricey because of the high performance.
Best Value
Peerless Auto Snow Chain
Since 1917, Peerless has been delivering unmatched chain solutions. The Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chain is made to offer reliable traction performance for passenger cars.
Great grip. Easy installation. Self-tightening ratchet. Good value for money.
Average durability when overused.
Thule Pro Auto Snow Chains
Thule specializes in high-quality chains, proudly helping businesses maximize their productivity. The 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe chain is made for SUVs and cross-overs.
Good on-tread clearance level. Self-tensioning. Double traction plates.
An expensive model because of the quality.
Glacier Twist Link Auto Snow Chains
Glacier chains beats its competitors by maintaining quality and competitive price points for its end users. The Twist Link Auto Snow chains are best suited for SUVs, vans and trucks.
Durable carbon steel material. Easy to install. Affordable.
No rubber automatic fasteners.
MowerPartsGroup Auto Snow Chain
MowerPartsGroup specializes in quality light and heavy duty chains to help you drive on ice, snow and muddy conditions. The ATV Snow Chains are made to handle snow, mud, and off road.
4-link design for added traction. Great for snow, mud and off road. Affordable.
No self adjustable feature.

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What is the Best Snow Chains?

A snowstorm can change driving on the roads from such an enjoyable adventure into a hazardous experience. With good snow chains, you can be certain to drive without skidding or wobbling when on the road. When purchasing a set of these chains, it’s good that you first understand the kind of vehicle you own before you proceed to look at other factors, such as tire size, materials, dimensions, warranty, and price. We have done research on all these factors, providing you with sufficient information to ensure you don’t have a hard time getting a good fit.
Our Top Choice
The Super Z6 Auto Snow Chain is made to help those driving pickups, SUVs and passenger cars maneuver through the roads without skidding on ice or snow. Want an option that will fit your SUV and light truck as well? We highly recommend the Quik Grip Wide Base Type CAM-DH Light Truck Tire Traction Chain.

Security Chain Company Super Z6 Cable Snow Tire Chain for SUVs, Pickups and Passenger Cars – Set of 2

Just as the name suggests, Security Chain Company is all about producing high-quality chains. The company understands how disastrous it can be driving on snow or ice, and that’s why it has dedicated its time, effort and resources to ensure it makes some of the best auto chains on the market. With the great reception it has received, there’s no doubt the brand has done exceptionally well.

The Super Z6 Auto Snow Chains are specifically made to offer your tires superior performance when driving on snow and ice. The chains come as a set of two, and are suited for SUVs, pickups and cars. Based on the Z line of products, these chains feature a unique diagonal pattern that provides outstanding traction, not to mention durability, compared to the conventional chains.

Retailing at around $87.87, you can get the right size by using the Amazon’s convenient search tool, where you enter the year, make and model of your car. Some of features you will enjoy with this set of chains include:
  • Fast and easy installation - no need to keep moving your vehicle
  • Better compatibility with all-wheel drive, traction control, anti-lock brakes and other electronically-monitored control systems
  • Designed with rubber tightener, which means you don’t have to keep on stopping to retighten
  • Great all-round performance compared to conventional cables and chains
Best Value
The Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chain features a diamond pattern to provide superior traction and a smoother ride to passenger cars. Want bigger chains for light trucks and SUVs? The Auto-Trac Light Truck\/SUV Tire Traction Chain might just be what you are looking for.

Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Tire Chain – Set of 2

Headquartered in the state of Minnesota, Peerless entered the market of chains in 1917. For almost a century it has grown in leaps and bounds, now operating six distribution centers and three manufacturing locations. If you want some of the best-in-class and custom chains, there’s no doubt you can trust Peerless.

Good snow chains should be easy to install and deliver impeccable traction performance. Well, the Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chain does this and more – it’s made with high-end manganese alloy steel, making it not only lighter and narrower, but also strong and durable. It features more gripping points, reducing “fly-offs” when on the road.

Retailing at just $55.59, the Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chain is available in almost every size for passenger cars. All you need to do is enter the year, model, and make of your car for the right size for your tires to appear. Here are the features you can expect with this chain:
  • Easy and fast installation, removal can also be done in minutes
  • Self-tightening ratchets that provide automatic centering and tightening
  • Meets all class ‘S’ requirements
  • Diamond pattern that provides superior traction and a smoother ride
  • Maximum speed of 30 miles/hour
The Thule 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe chain comes with double traction plates to increase performance on snow. It’s made specifically for SUVs and cross-over vehicles. Want a great set of chains for you passenger car instead? Get the Thule 12mm CB12 Passenger Car Snow Chain and save some dollars!

Thule Pro Deluxe Snow Tire Chains For SUV/Crossover – Set of 2

Thule has been in the chain market for a long time with its focus on providing its customers with the highest quality, most durable, and reliable chains. It’s the brand to go for if you want good snow chains to help you maneuver the roads when temperatures hit record lows.

If you are looking for high-end chains for your SUV – chains that will have great grip even when driving on mountain roads, then we suggest that you grab the 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe snow chain. The chain is not only made to please the eyes; it also incorporates a micro-regulation system to allow for perfect tensioning.

Most customers on Amazon say that they have never experienced the quality this chain offers. Although you will have to part with around $218.86 to get it, we can assure you it’s worth every penny. To get the right size, go ahead and use Amazon’s convenient search tool.

Here are the features of 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe snow chain:
  • 12 mm on-tread and inside clearance
  • Special pattern design with welded double traction plates to increase performance and grip on snow
  • Micro-regulation system to allow for perfect tensioning
  • Self-centering and self-tensioning install
  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • 5-year warranty by the manufacturer
The Glacier Twist Link Auto Snow chains feature tough carbon steel material to handle any road. It is specifically made for SUVs, trucks and vans. Want a more affordable passenger cable variation by Glacier Chains? We thought you would love the Glacier 1038 Passenger Cable Tire Chain.

Glacier Chains Twist Link Snow Chain Light Truck V-Br

Glacier Chains feels that high quality products do not have to be overpriced, and that’s why you will find some of its great chains incorporating amazing features - just like their more expensive counterparts, yet retailing at pocket-friendly prices.

The Twist Link Auto Snow Chain is a heavy-duty model, outfitted with studs designed in a V-bar in order to offer a better bite into snow and ice for increased traction. Better yet, it comes with a tightener that allows for a perfect fit. Retailing at around $94.25, you will enjoy tough carbon steel material that will last several winter seasons without requiring a replacement.

Just like other chains, to get the right size for your truck, SUV or van, you need to use the search tool provided by Amazon just to ensure you don’t have the wrong product shipped. If this chain snags your attention, you will enjoy the following features:
  • Suits SUVs, vans and trucks
  • Tough carbon steel material with welded v-bar for durability and perfect grip
  • Fastener for quick and easy mounting
  • Locking side-cams that ensure a perfect fit
  • Meets all set state requirements when it comes to traction devices
This chain is available in different sizes for different lines. Some of the available lines you can check out on Amazon include the H2816SC, H2819SC, H2821SC and H2828SC.
The MowerPartsGroup ATV Snow Chains are affordable, yet come with a 4-link design to offer better traction when driving on ice snow and mud. They are made for heavy trucks, including the commercial type. Want chain tighteners for a firm fit? Grab the ATV Tire Chain Tighteners Metal Spring and Hooks today and drive safely during winter.

MowerPartsGroup ATV Snow Chains V-Bar Mud/Snow

MowerPartsGroup did not enter the market a long time ago like other brands we have featured, but the growth of this manufacturer has been tremendous. It has quickly become a large tire chain supplier, offering huge discounts to its loyal customers.

Going for a suggested price of $84.56, there no doubt that the ATV Snow Chains are some of the cheapest options we have in our list. But this does not mean in any way that they don’t deliver as expected. The chains feature a v-bar diamond pattern with a 4-link design to ensure it has a firm grip when driving on snow or ice.

With the ATV Snow Chains, you get a set of 2 chains and a wide range of sizes to choose from. Just enter the model of your vehicle, make, and year of manufacture, then use the search tool to get a good fit. However, Amazon advises that you may require adjusting your product to get the exact fit.

Along with the pocket-friendly price, here are other features that made us love the ATV Snow Chains:
  • 4-link design to offer additional traction
  • You get set of 2 chains
  • ATV V-bar for a better bite on snow and ice

How Do I Choose the Best Snow Chains?

Even a highly experienced driver finds it difficult to drive a car if the road is covered in heavy loads of snow. This gets even worse if you're on a road full of ice. However, this problem can be solved if your car is equipped with snow chains.

But, please don't misunderstand us; snow chains can't replace snow tires. Moreover, you shouldn't use snow chains for a long period of time. If they're used too much, they can damage the suspensions and the steering of your car. In other words, snow chains should be used only when you believe you're not able to drive on a certain road without them. In this case, you can use snow chains without hesitation, only if, after having passed the difficult driveway, you're going to remove them.

If you need to drive while heavy snow falls, you should always have your car equipped properly. Apart from snow chains, you should also have a snow shovel and a heated jacket. In this way, if you happen to get stuck in snow, you'll be able to clear the path around the tires.
When it comes to your safety, you shouldn't think about spending too much. If you drive a lot, especially during winter season, you should definitely have snow chains in your trunk. We're happy to inform you that they're not that expensive. You can get quality snow chains between $60 and $300.

For around $60, you can get snow chains that can be easily installed and have great all-around traction performance. On the other hand, for $300 you could get snow chains that are self-tensioning and feature double traction plates to increase grip on snow. Similarly, don't think you’re necessarily getting a good deal if you only get two snow chains for the front or back tires. If only the front tires are equipped with winter chains, you risk skidding right around, which later coincides with higher service costs.

Also, keep in mind that cheap snow chains are not as durable and won't offer you the same control as higher-priced ones.
You should always be prepared for winter driving conditions, especially if you live in an area where it snows heavily during winter season. Snow chains will help you drive your vehicle in safe conditions.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing the right snow chains for your vehicle. Here they are:
  • Vehicle Brand - Always check your vehicle's manual before purchasing snow chains. There you'll find what class of snow chains can be used on your vehicle. If you use a class of snow chains that are not suitable for your vehicle, you can damage your wheels or different components.
  • Snow Chains Class - Try to go for snow chains that meet the class S clearance requirements. They're sized for today's cars with lower ground clearances.
  • Size - One-size-fits-all is not a suitable expression when it comes to snow chains. Make sure you're getting the winter chains that fit your tire size.
  • Speed Rating - Snow chains have a maximum speed rating. You should always respect it if you have the chains mounted on your tires.
  • Type - There are several types of snow chains, but the two most common ones are the ones with ladder pattern and the ones with diamond pattern.
Let’s look into these features further to find out what the pros and cons are of each type of snow chain.
Construction and Design
Snow chains with ladder pattern were the first to appear on the market. Some drivers even built such chains by themselves as they’re based on a simple concept. Ladder type snow chains offer less adhesion, and the car may skid right around on heavy snowfalls if you don’t respect the speed limit. It takes a little time to install them as you have to prepare them, stretch them on the road near the tires, move the car to the middle of the chain length, and then pinch the chains on the tires. They also vibrate a lot while driving with them on.

Snow chains with diamond pattern are preferred by most drivers as they have more advantages than the snow chains with ladder pattern. The vehicle is stable on any type of road, and they’re capable of stopping your vehicle from skidding. They vibrate less than ladder-type chains, and they don’t damage the vehicle at all. However, they’re quite difficult to install.
Performance and Ease of Use
Snow chains are simple to mount and to use, and there are also models that require rubber tighteners to keep them secured on the tires. You should never use snow chains on roads without snow or ice. Besides the fact that the noise they'll make will increase and that they'll not be easy to handle, you'll also damage them and your tires. So, it is advisable to spend a little more time removing them or mounting them, depending on the circumstances.

All snow chains must be verified after the installation by driving 5 - 10 km so you'll analyze the straining level. Some snow chains may extend over the rims and scratch them while driving. If you have alloy rims, make sure you also get protection components. If your vehicle's rims are made of metal, you don't have to worry as metal doesn't get scratched easily.

If you need to mount your snow chains while you are on the road, make sure you stop as far as possible from the highway and never on the emergency road. There is always a major risk of being noticed too late or being involved in an accident.

Get the Best Snow Chains of 2022!

Did you find a good fit for your vehicle? With the information we have provided, it’s our sincere hope that you have found a great set of snow chains to prepare for the winter days. If none of these models quite suits your fancy, don’t dismay. Each of these brands has plenty of other options to choose from. Hopefully you find something that fits your needs.

Our Top Choice
Security Chain Company Z6 Snow Chain
Best Value
Peerless Auto Snow Chain
Thule Pro Auto Snow Chains
Glacier Twist Link Auto Snow Chains
MowerPartsGroup Auto Snow Chain