Best Snow Cone Maker Reviews 2022

Are you ready to buy a snow cone maker? You must be if you’ve come to this review! Despite being a bit of a niche product, there are tons of different snow cone makers available on the market, and choosing one can be a lengthy task considering all the research you have to do. But what if we told you that you don’t have to do that research because it’s already done for you? Yep! That’s right—we’ve taken the top 5 brands for snow cone makers and selected one product from each brand to feature in our in-depth, research-heavy review.
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Our Top Choice
Waring Snow Cone Maker
Waring, now owned by Conair, was founded by Fred Waring, the man who perfected and popularized the blender until it became a well-known and much-needed kitchen appliance.
Purchase includes four reusable, BPA-free cones, 12 paper cones, and user manual; uses regular ice; can make up to 5 snow cones in under a limit; engine has 5-year limited warranty
Crushes ice—does not shave it for shaved ice treats
Home use
9.25 x 9 x 12 inches; 5.7 lbs.
Plastic, stainless steel
Info not provided
4 BPA-free cones, 12 paper cones
Best Value
Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker
Nostalgia Products LLC, operating under the brand Nostalgia, is known for creating the first ever home-use chocolate fondue fountain.
Purchase includes two reusable BPA-free cones, side tray that can hold two cones, and an ice scoop; countertop model; totally BPA-free; stainless steel blades
Ice may get caught between blades, causing grinding noise
Home use
8 x 12 x 15.25 inches; 6 lbs.
Plastic, stainless steel
35 watts
2 BPA-free cones
Paragon Snow Cone Maker
Paragon International puts the customer first with its rigorous quality control checks and final performance tests that every product goes through before shipment.
Can shave up to 500 pounds of ice per hour; blades are adjustable and replaceable; powder-coat paint gives it a blue, glowing effect; heavy duty and durable
“On” button must be held down to shave ice
16 x 14 x 24 inches; 50 lbs.
Aluminum, polycarbonate
792 watts
No extras
Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Maker
Hawaiian Shaved Ice was founded in 1995 and has since become one of the nation’s leading brands for shaved ice and snow cone machines, and delicious syrups.
No ice molds required; kid-friendly; cannot be operated without lid; requires regular cubed ice
Doesn’t make snow cones as quickly as other machines
Home use
6.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches; 3 lbs.
Plastic, stainless steel
55 watts
No extras
Victorio Snow Cone Maker
Victorio Kitchen Products, founded in 1937, is best known for its iconic food strainer that helped 1940s homemakers can their own tomato sauce and applesauce.
Long handle for easily crushing ice; bottom tray catches excess liquid; slip-resistant bottom; adjustable, stainless steel blades; includes 3 ice molds; 1-year warranty
Body is all-plastic
Home use
8.25 x 6.75 x 12.5 inches; 1.8 lbs.
Plastic, stainless steel
Hand-crank operation
3 plastic molds

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What is the Best Snow Cone Maker?

The best snow cone maker isn’t for us to decide—it’s your choice! With the information we provide, you can easily find the snow cone machine that best fits your needs, whether that’s commercial use, individual use, or just plain nostalgia heavy. Who doesn’t take a bite of a snow cone and think about the first time they ever had one, right?
Our Top Choice
The Waring The Snow Cone Maker is suitable for home-use, but has a professional-grade motor and blade assembly. If you’re looking for a professional ice crusher, we recommend the Waring Stainless Steel Large-Capacity Ice Crusher.

Waring Professional Snow Cone Maker

Although Fred Waring, a well-respected orchestra conductor, the “Man Who Taught America to Sing,” and founder of Waring Products, didn’t invent the blender, he helped perfect and popularize it until it became a “must have” product in kitchens across the USA. In fact, his perfecting of the blender indirectly led to the groundbreaking vaccination for polio (Jonas Salk, the creator of the vaccine, used a Waring blender to develop it). Now owned by Conair, Waring has a history of creating and perfecting some of the now most common kitchen appliances and products, leaving a trail of super satisfied customers in its wake.

The Waring Professional Snow Cone Maker is a unique machine because it’s meant for a home kitchen, but has a professional-grade motor and blade setup. This cute little machine can whip up 4-5 snow cones within a minute!

It comes with a lot of extra goodies, which we’ve compiled into a handy list:
  • Includes 4, BPA-free cones that are resuable
  • Also includes 12 paper cones
  • User manual is included and easy to follow
  • Built to have interlock safety features for safe operation
  • Uses regular ice, so no mold is required
  • Blades are stainless steel
  • 5-year limited warranty included for the engine
The most common problem with countertop snow cone machines is the engine giving out after a few years of use, so the warranty on this unit makes it a really good purchase!
Best Value
The Nostalgia Coca-Cola Snow Cone Maker will have you fondly recalling your childhood as you make 20, 8-ounce cups of deliciously frozen treats, using just regular ice cubes. Are you looking for a single snow cone maker? Then check out the Nostalgia Retro Series Single Snow Cone Maker.

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia Products LLC is all about creating that special, warm feeling you get when you fondly remember things from your past. That’s why their products are designed in such a way as to instill that wonderful nostalgia within you! Known for creating the very first home-use chocolate fondue fountain, the company has branched out to create the cutest popcorn machines, cotton candy makers, ice cream makers, hot dog makers—pretty much any machine that’ll bring you back to the days of your childhood.

The Coca-Cola Snow Cone Maker by Nostalgia will likely instill you with fond memories thanks to it’s adorable, square ball-park design. With this machine, you can make 20, 8-ounce snow cones from standard ice cubes (no ice molds needed, hooray!).

This particular machine actually comes with a number of wonderful goodies, so give them a look:
  • Two reusable, BPA-free cones included
  • Side tray can hold two snow cones
  • Ice scoop is included
  • Ice can be topped with syrup, soda, or juice
  • Convenient (and super cute!) countertop model
  • Safety switch is built in
  • Blades are stainless steel
  • All plastic is BPA-free
The Coca-Cola unit is also compatible with Nostalgia’s snow cone kit, snow cone syrups, and their straws and cups.
Paragon’s Arctic Blast Snow Cone Machine is a professional-grade unit with 1/3 horsepower motor and polycarbonate panels that resist chipping and impact. Looking for a matching cart to go with your new machine? Try Paragon’s Medium SnoCone Cart, built specifically for the Arctic Blast unit!

Paragon Arctic Blast Snow Cone Machine

For the finest popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and concession products, Paragon International is the brand you want. Operating out of Nevada, Iowa, every product they create is put through numerous quality control checks as well as a final performance test to ensure customers are only getting the best. The two main goals at this company, aside from the attaining the highest customer satisfaction, are to deliver products on time and within a reasonable price, and to continuously update their operations to ensure they’re using the latest and greatest technology. For Paragon International, the customer is key.

The Arctic Blast Snow Cone Machine by Paragon is a professional-use machine that packs an impressive 792 watts and 1/3 horsepower motor. Although square and bulky, the design is actually quite sleek and is built to last much longer than your regular home-use snow cone machines.

It’s packed with so many great features, we’ve compiled them into a list just for you:
  • Side panels are polycarbonate and impact-resistant
  • Cast-aluminum is used for the shaver head assemblies, pushers, and horns
  • Food-grade plastic tray underneath drains unwanted water away
  • Can produce 500 pounds of ice in an hour
  • Stainless steel blades are adjustable and replaceable
  • Uses standard outlet—no special plug or outlet required
  • Panels have glowing, blue graphics to attract customers
  • Finish is a powder-coat paint, which is chip resistant
  • NSF approved, CE listed, and ETL tested
There’s also a custom-made, matching cart that you can add on to your purchase. If you plan to use this to sell snow cones at a kid’s baseball game or to give away at a party, we highly recommend purchasing the machine and cart!
The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Snow Cone Maker is a kid-friendly device with adjustable blades, allowing you to make the fluffiest or densest snow cone ever. Want more advanced features? The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Shaved Ice Machine is highly recommended!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Snow Cone Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice began in 1995 with just one shaved ice cart and one shaved ice employee, but in the nearly 20 years since its inception, the company has become the go-to for shaved ice and snow cone aficionados. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, on Good Morning America, and many other reputable news sources, people couldn’t be happier about Hawaiian’s quality products and their oh-so-delicious syrups.

Since shaved ice is their specialty, you know you’re in for a treat when you purchase the Hawaiian Snow Cone Maker! It’s a kid-friendly, electric machine that can churn out the yummiest and fluffiest frozen treats. Unlike other machines that require ice molds, this one only needs cubes (but make sure to thaw them for 3-5 minutes for soft, delicious snow cones instead of crunchy hard ones). The blades are also adjustable, so you can easily decide how fluffy or dense you want your frozen treats to be.

If you decide to go with Hawaiian, we recommend buying some of their amazing syrup flavors to ensure the best tasting snow cones. Hawaiian is known for their syrups because they aren’t too sweet and kids absolutely love them.
The Victorio Snow Cone Maker is a manual device that lets you turn any block of regular ice into deliciously flavored crushed or shaved ice. If you prefer an electric machine, we recommend the Victorio Time for Treats Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver.

Victorio Manual Snow Cone Maker

Victorio Kitchen Products was founded in 1937 with a single product that helped cooks make pasta sauce from homegrown tomatoes. Consumers discovered that the uniquely designed strainer could also be used for applesauce, so it quickly became a “must have” item for every home cook and gardener. Its iconic food strainer today has changed in color, product material, and user-friendliness, but it’s still as effective as it was almost 100 years ago.

The Manual Snow Cone Maker by Victorio is another product that’s quickly becoming a “must have” item for folks who love shaved ice and snow cones. Although not as iconic as its food strainer, the snow cone maker is just as user-friendly and as well-made, which makes its super affordable price an amazing deal!

When you purchase Victorio’s Snow Cone Maker, you get…
  • Long handle for easily crushing ice
  • Built-in spring to keep ice right against the blade
  • Bottom tray catches any liquid droplets
  • Slip-resistant bottom to keep machine in place as you crank
  • Stainless-steel blades that are also adjustable, whether you want crunchy ice or fine snow
  • Super small for super portability—no need for an outlet or power!
  • Includes three circular ice molds for perfect ice every time
  • And with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty included in your purchase, there’s no risk in trying it out!

How Do I Choose the Best Snow Cone Maker?

Imagine this: You’re sitting next to your pool and drinking a cold beverage while all your housekeepers and butlers clean your marvelous mansion. As you’re lounging, you realize the summer heat is just too much for your cold drink and cold pool to beat. The only solution is a very tasty, very crunchy snow cone, right? But we all know ice cream trucks don’t frequent your fabulously wealthy neighborhood, so what can you do?

Buy a snow cone machine! Take those lazy summer days to the extreme by crushing up enough ice for 20 snow cones to enjoy throughout the day. Maybe even buy a cart for your machine so your butlers can make the snow cones fresh for you as you lounge.

Or if you’re not lucky as the person in our scenario—maybe you don’t have quite as mainly butlers and housekeepers—you can still purchase a snow cone machine at a very affordable price. It may not be an industrial or commercial-use machine, but why go industrial when a countertop model will suite your needs exactly?

Our review will take you through the wonderful of snow cone makers by telling you all the must-known information that you must know before buying! Pricing, features to look for, even how they’re designed and how to use them. We’ve got all the bases covered so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your luxurious life while your TopProduct researchers serve you the latest product information.
The price of snow cone makers varies greatly, depending on what you need the machine for. A countertop model, for example, will cost less than a commercial-use one, but you can find snow cone makers for as a little as $20 and for as much as $400. To make a tasty frozen treat, you don’t have to spend $400, but if you’re looking to serve a ton of tasty frozen treats to friends, neighbors, and family, you may want to spend a little more.

One thing we can caution you about is to avoid very cheap snow cone makers simply because the plastic components in these aren’t always BPA-free and are at risk of breaking after only a few uses.
Although you may have some idea about what to look for as you shop around for your snow cone contraption, it can be hard to figure out which features are the most important. Does wattage really matter or should you focus more on the types of blades? It’s these questions that we can help answer.

As you shop, look for the following…
  • Manual or Electric: Electric ones are easier to operate, but more prone to breaking and can’t be used anywhere. Manuals ones are a little harder to operate, but are portable and useable wherever because they don’t need electricity to work.
  • Safety Features: If you’re purchasing a snow cone maker for your kids to operate, make sure to take a close look at the safety features to avoid any unwanted accidents.
  • Capacity: If you’re making lots of snow cones for lots of people, go with a machine that can hold lots of ice and churn out the snow cones pretty quick.
  • Versatility: Some machines only crush the ice, some only shave it, but some do both. Decide which you’d prefer—snow cones, shaved ice, or both.
  • Size: Some snow cone makers are huge and even smaller models can be a little heavy. If you plan to store the unit on your countertop, measure the space out to ensure it’s big enough.
  • Extras: Lots of machines come with reusable cones, paper cones, recipe booklets, and more. Some also come with syrups, but you can always top your snowy treat with juice, soda, or fruit and honey.
  • Ice Type: Some just use regular crushed ice, but others require ice molds. The molds usually come with the machine, but not always, so be sure to check before purchasing.
Now that you know what to look for, we can talk about how these features play into the design.
Construction and Design
Snow cone machines usually have several important components: interior blades that crush or shave the ice, a horn to put the ice inside, and a hopper to push the ice down. Some machines also have a box similar to a commercial popcorn machine at a movie theater. This box holds the ice and, if big enough, can actually cool a small area.

All machines have stainless steel blades, but not all the blades are replaceable. If the blades aren’t replaceable, keep in mind that you may have to just buy a new machine when the blades wear down. Additionally, the type of ice you want—whether it’s crushed for snow cones or shaved for shaved ice—will depend on the shape of your ice and how the blades chop through it. Some people prefer machines with ice molds because the blades literally just shave off a fine layer of ice whereas machines without molds usually end up crushing and grinding the ice.

Depending on the size and capacity of your machine, it may or may not have a box to hold shaved or crushed ice. If you’re a single person or have a small family, the box isn’t necessary, but if you want to use the machine for a party or other function, the box is more convenient because some can hold enough ice for 20 snow cones at a time.

Lastly, safety features. These features are usually fairly simple, like the machine won’t operate without the lid placed on it, or a safety cutoff switch that turns the engine of when it gets too hot or no ice is in the horn. Most countertop machines are fine for kids to operate themselves, but be sure to supervise them the first couple times to ensure no accidents.
Performance and Ease of Use
Snow cone makers couldn’t be easier to use! A manual one requires that you turn the crank to grind up your ice and that’s it. Electric ones just require you to push a button, but some machines are built so that the button has to be held down to continuously grind or shave the ice (this is another type of safety feature common in commercial machines).

Clean-up is also a breeze as long as you don’t add syrup to the main ice box (if your machine has one). Adding syrup to just the bowls or cones of ice is the best idea because then you won’t have to dissemble your machine to clean the sticky residue out of the box. Don’t ever put syrups into the hopper unless your machine okays it. Many of the interior components can’t be washed.

The last thing to remember as you make your shaved ice or snow cones is to enjoy the process and the end result!

Get the Best Snow Cone Maker of 2022!

Hooray, you’ve made it to the end! Now that you’ve been armed with all this lovely information, we know you’re well on your way to buying something awesome. But if one of our featured products didn’t quite do it for you, no worries—just check out the brands we recommended! They truly are the best in producing snow cone and shaved ice machines, so you really can’t go wrong with one of their products.

Our Top Choice
Waring Snow Cone Maker
Best Value
Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker
Paragon Snow Cone Maker
Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Maker
Victorio Snow Cone Maker