Best Snow Scooter Reviews – Snow Scooters for Kids, Teens and Adults to Scoot Like a Pro!

Snow scooting is a fun, energetic way to enjoy the outdoors in winter with friends and family. We’ve researched the top 5 snow scooter brands and featured one product from each, but all these brands are good choices with broad selections, so be sure to check out the other snow scooters they have to offer if the featured ones don’t meet your specifications. By the way, if you were looking for a snow sled, take a look at Amazon's best selling sleds!

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Our Top Choice
RAILZ Youth Street & Snow Scooter
RAILZ, a sporting goods development and manufacturing company, personalizes its creations, ensuring customers have year-round safe fun in the snow and on the street.
Adjustable and collapsible handle bar. Snow brake with amazing speed control. Smooth gliding skis that can be maneuvered effortlessly. Portable. Easy to store. Snow and street use.
. This snow scooter is a bit expensive.
Recreational w/wheel & brake kits
32 x 13 x 32 inches; 8 pounds
200 pounds
Adjustable; 28-32 inches
Best Value
Slippery Racer Downhill Kids Snow Scooter
Simple and effective, is the Slippery Racer way. Its snow scooters, though simple in design, are built to withstand rugged conditions, earning it a great reputation in the snow sports community.
High arc handles that can be used by kids and adults alike. Built-in back-side guard rails for smooth ride downhill. Foldable. Lightweight. Portable. Easy to store.
Cannot be used on flat, smooth surfaces.
Recreational sled; foldable
36 x 10 x 32 inches
Info not provided
Trikke Skki Carving Pro Snow Scooter
Trikke is the originator of “carving vehicles”. You get to mix style with efficiency with Trikke products. They’re innovative, stable and exotic.
Custom-made ski. Aluminum frame with an integrated system. Well-padded grips for comfort and control. Collapsible frame for portability and storage.
High end scooter with a price to match.
Recreational with skis
50 x 18 x 12 inches; 49 pounds
Info not provided
Stiga Snow Kick Bike Scooter
Stiga has established its expertise in field toys and outdoor sports equipment. If you want products that give you a rush while ensuring your safety, this is your brand.
High quality skis with minimal weight borders. Sturdy but lightweight frame. Easily reduced to portable size. Adjusted to rider’s height. Can be used on rough terrain.
Maximum weight capacity of 50kg is restrictive.
Recreational; foldable
33.1 x 4.3 x 32.3 inches
110 pounds
Adjustable; 3 heights
Geospace LED Snow Scooter
Geospace is in the business of creating kid-friendly environments and bringing out the child in us all by providing fun toys that are both educational and entertaining.
Made from durable material. Rough foot stand to keep feet steady. Modifiable handle length for balance and maneuvers. LED light for night visibility. Foldable for easy packing.
 Only for kids and adults under 220 pounds.
Snowboard; foldable
36 x 31 x 9.8 inches
220 pounds

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What is the Best Pro Snow Scooter on the Market?

With the comprehensive details provided in our buying guide, we hope all your snow scooting questions have been answered. This now brings us to the next step in choosing the best snow scooter for you; we have below a review of selected products to help in your decision.

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Our Top Choice
The RAILZ Youth Street & Snow Scooter is a dual function scooter, used in winter as a snow scooter or in summer as a street scooter; making it ideal for riding all year round. For a snow scooter without wheels for use only on snow, check out the Railz Original Snow Sled Ski Scooter.

RAILZS Youth Street & Snow Conversion Scooter with Wheel Kit

RAILZ is a sporting goods development and manufacturing company renowned for its innovative products and excellent customer service. For the engineers at RAILZ, designing a scooter is not just business, it’s personal. That’s why all its scooters are painstakingly designed to be durable, fun and safe. It manufactures all its product parts, which are also patented.

The RAILZ Youth Street & Snow Scooter is a dual-function scooter that can be used in the winter as a snow scooter or in the summer as a street scooter. This ensures it can be used throughout the year, so you’re basically getting two scooters for the price of one. The scooter usually comes with the skis attached, but can be easily replaced with the wheels that are included in the kit, using the Allen wrenches that are also provided. It’s suitable for kids from 5 years of age with a maximum weight of 220 pounds. This limit was placed to ensure kids and adults who ride it can have a smooth comfortable ride, without the risk of breaking the scooter or falling off and getting injured in the process.

Its other features include the following:
  • Adjustable handlebar – This is helpful in homes where riders of different heights share a scooter. The handlebar can be raised or lowered to accommodate height differences. It also means your kid doesn’t outgrow the scooter as it grows with them. The bar is also collapsible for easy transport and storage.
  • Strong tubular chrome frame – This feature helps strengthen the scooter to withstand the pressure of repeated use without falling apart
  • Patented skis that glide and turn smoothly – This helps with maneuvering, whether it’s down a smooth path, a bend, or going around an obstacle; it keeps you grounded throughout the ride so you don’t topple over
  • A patented swift-response brake with amazing speed control – This helps to regulate your speed, especially when you are going too fast, to ensure you have a safe and pleasurable ride

Other fun snow equipment from RAILZ includes:
  • RAILZ Adult Full Size Snow Scooter, The Best Compact Kick Snow Scooter, Christmas Gift, Sled, Toy, Snow Scoot – the snow scooter for older kids and adults with adjustable and collapsible handlebar
  • RAILZ Adult Street & Snow Scooter, Ride on the pavement or the snow, The Best Full Size Compact Kick Snow Scooter, Christmas Gift, Sled, Street Scoot – dual function snow and street scooter for older kids and adults
  • RAILZ Snow Skateboard – patented RAILZ ski that rides and turns on snow

Video: First time riding a snow scooter

Let’s take the RAILZ snow scooter out for a test ride. | Courtesy of MR VIPER
Best Value
The Slippery Racer Downhill Snow Scooter is made with heavy-duty plastic that is coated with cold-resistant treatment; making it extra durable and able to withstand extreme conditions. Perhaps you would prefer a snow sled to a snow scooter. In that case, the Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Winter Toboggan Snow Sled – Blue would do just fine.

Slippery Racer Downhill Ski Sled Snow Scooter - Available in 2 Colors

Slippery Racer’s known for its simple and effective designs but it’s the durability and resilience of its snow scooters and sleds (especially in extremely cold conditions), that have garnered it recognition in the snow sports community. All its products are made from only premium grade materials and are coated with its trademark Slippery Racer’s Ice-Vex cold-resistant treatment.

The Slippery Racer Downhill Snow Scooter is a recreational snow scooter for kids aged 4 and above. This snow scooter is lightweight with a foldable handlebar. Its light weight makes it easy to carry around without being a burden and the compact size when folded makes it portable so you can easily carry it under your arm or in a bag. It also makes it easy to pack or store without requiring any extra space. Unfolded, its dimensions are 32 inches long, 16 inches wide and 36 inches high, while the folded dimensions are (36 x 10 x 3) inches respectively. Whether you want it for personal use or as a gift, you simply can’t go wrong with it. Kids love it; they can ride it sitting or standing.

Here are some other amazing features of this snow scooter:
  • Durable and flexible high arc handles – Its durability ensures the handle doesn’t wear out from long use, and its flexibility makes it easy to bend so little kids can grab on to it. Its flexible handle is also used to maneuver smoothly through the snow and control your speed as you ride down the hill. The height of the handle makes it usable by older kids and adults alike
  • Built-in back-side guard rails – This ensures that you have a smooth, even speed as you glide downhill
  • Heavy-duty, flexible slick-coated plastic – This is hard-wearing and can endure prolonged use
  • Slippery Racer’s Ice-Vex cold-resistant treatment – This makes it even more durable by protecting the scooter from the harshness of extreme cold; keeping it in tip-top condition for that smooth ride, down the hill
  • Available in 2 color options - It comes in blue or green

Some other snow equipment available from Slippery Racer includes:
  • Slippery Racer Downhill Falcon 49" Foam Toboggan Snow Sled, Midnight Hologram – snow sled for kids with 4 molded grip handles to accommodate 2 riders
  • Slippery Racer Downhill Zeus Foam Saucer Snow Sled, Midnight Hologram – saucer snow sled for kids with dual reinforced hand grips
  • Slippery Racer Retractable Snow Shovel, Blue – reinforced D-grip handle, aluminum blade and retractable steel handle
The Trikke Skki Snow Scooter’s aluminum frame design gives additional strength, making it more stable and safe for riding and less likely to break under intensive use. If you would rather have a street scooter, check out the Trikke T67 Convertible Steel – Same great features for a fun time out on the streets.

Trikke Skki Carving Snow Scooter - Youth Kick Stunt Scooter with Snow Ski Attachment

Trikke is an industry leader, widely recognized for its sophisticated designs offering you style along with efficiency. Its carving vehicles are richly-diversified and exotic, with advanced technology way ahead of their competition. Whether the carving vehicle is made for the street, snow or sport, fun is always guaranteed. Where Trikke is concerned, you can rest assured there’s something new to discover.

The Skki Scooter is an adventure ride that guarantees fun for beginners and pros, and requires no special preparation or garb to ride it. This snow scooter is so safe, the elderly looking to throw down some air can also use it.

Its features include the following:
  • Custom wood-core shaped skis with high performance tuned edges – This ensures you glide and turn smoothly while also maintaining an even speed
  • Aluminum frame with a light handlebar core – This frame design gives it additional strength, making it more stable and safe for riding and less likely to break under intensive use
  • Handlebars with well-padded grips – This is designed to give you a more comfortable grip which better helps you control your scooter
  • A collapsible frame and removable ski blades – These features make the scooter lighter and easier to transport and store when no longer in use
  • Independent rare brakes – These give you more control when you are riding and help you regulate your speed better; making your ride safer
  • Stable 3-point platforms for the rider – These help keep the rider well-grounded. The platforms are made of durable aluminum

Other Trikke scooters include the following:
  • Trikke T78 Scooter – for adults; designed for comfort and deep carving fun
  • Trikke T78 Deluxe Scooter – for beginners; aluminum wheels and rear independent brakes
  • Trikke T7 Convertible Carving Scooter – durable steel frame construction for 8 years of age and above
The Stiga Snow Kick Snow Scooter with its steel/aluminum frame and wide skis made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) was built to navigate slopes and hills with relative ease. For a different color option for similar value for money, check out the Stiga Snow Kick Bike in yellow.

Stiga Snow Kick Bike - Kids Snow Scooter

Stiga is a Swedish brand with daring and remarkable designs focused on field toys and sports equipment, of which the kick snow scooter is one. Its products have an edge to them, for those looking for a little adventure but with a healthy dose of safety.

The Snow Kick Scooter is the star of Stiga’s product range. It was built to navigate smooth plains, rough terrains, inclines and hills without compromising safety. Modify the height of the snow scooter to your height of choice and you have yourself a jolly snow ride.

Here are some of its other features:
  • Top quality skis – Made from high density polyethylene material with super light steel edges and body which, combined with the wideness of the skis, make it possible to ride efficiently on freshly powdered snow and in icy conditions
  • Frame made with a blend of steel and aluminum - This gives the scooter the extra strength needed to withstand a hard ride
  • Super light and portable - With a weight of 3.8 pounds and a length, width, height dimensions of 33.1 x 4.3 x 32.3 inches respectively, it’s easy to carry around either open or compressed
  • Handlebar fitted with three height adjustment options – This ensures riders of different heights are easily accommodated

Other related products from Stiga include the following:
  • Stiga Men's Snow Kick STX Winter Sports, Blue, 75/1118/96 – snow scooter for tricks
  • Stiga GT Supreme Snow Racer – snow sled with steering wheels; ages 3 up
  • Stiga Advance FSR Snowracer Toboggan – foldable snowracer with outstanding handling
  • Stiga Sports Ultimate Pro Snow Racer 120 x 50 x 29 cm Red / Black – automatic pulley sledge with soft touch steering wheel and anti-lock foot brake
The Geospace LED Snow Scooter comes equipped with LED lighting and can be used just as comfortably on carpet and field as on snow, making it convenient to use whenever and wherever. If you’d prefer the light at the base of the scooter, check out the Twin LED Illuminator Ski Skooter Snowboard by Geospace. It has similar features.

Geospace LED Ski Skooter Snow Scooter Fold-up Snowboard

Geospace is a manufacturing company known for bringing its customers lots of pleasure and entertainment with its various products. It’s committed to keeping the child in everyone alive through innovative designs and exceptional toys. One such invention is the Geospace LED Snow Scooter.

The Geospace LED Snow Scooter is the scooter of choice if you love to see your kids play in the snow both during the day and at night time, and want the same experience at the beach and on your lawn without spending extra. It’s easy to ride and suitable for kids 4 years and above and adults not weighing more than 220 pounds.

Its other features include the following:
  • LED light - Affords riders the pleasure and safety of riding whenever and in style
  • A flexible handle – Helps keep you balance and help with smooth maneuvering
  • Made with extra strong materials – Ensures durability
  • Rough foot stand – Provides a steady footing while gliding with zero chance of slipping off the sled
  • Comes in various colors - Gives you options

Other snow scooters from Geospace include:
  • Snow Ski Snowboard Kick Sled Fold Skooter ScooterUp Kids Use Grass Folding Original Geospace Outdoor Red Ride Handle Grip Blue – holds up to 200 pounds and zooms down any hill; kids 4 years up
  • Geospace Ski: Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow & Grass, Assorted Colors Geospace Ski: Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow & Grass, Assorted Colors – super tough material, flexes slightly for a smooth ride

Best Snow Scooter Buying Guide: Kids Snow Scooters vs Pro Snow Scooters

Winter can be fun, stressful or boring depending on whose side you are looking at it from. For the family vacationing at a ski resort, whose kid can’t wait to break in his new ski boots and go out on the slopes with his new set of skis, it’s the most fun ever! Let’s just say, the colder the better.

It is a different story for the family that has to stay at home during the cold season, which often means spending a lot of time indoors. For parents who have to constantly think of new ways to engage their exuberant kids, but can’t seem to keep them entertained for more than an hour at a time, it’s the most stressful feeling ever! For the kids that are cooped up behind closed doors with no avenue to release all that pent-up energy, it is the most boring feeling!

For families in the latter category, you can have your own pseudo-vacation right where you are. Instead of the same old snow sled, why not try snow scooting. All you need is a solid snow scooter and helmet, and you and your kids can have the times of your lives, scooting down the neighboring hills. Snow scooting is a fun, energetic way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter. It releases the stress and takes care of the boredom, making winter fun for everyone; a solid win all around.

Snow scooters are street scooters with skis instead of wheels. Their features and constructions are similar as well, depending on the brand. The parts of a typical snow scooter include handlebars, headsets, forks, decks, brakes, and skis (front and back). However, simpler models can consist of just a handlebar and sledge. The effectiveness of the scooter usually varies based on type, intended user, size, weight capacity and construction materials. Here’s an opportunity to know more about snow scooters so you can start making winters more enjoyable.

Video: How To Ride A Snow Scooter

Scoot Tutorial - Learn the basics how to ride a snowscoot easily. | Courtesy of HOW TO SCOOT with BenJ Friant
You can usually get a good snow scooter from a reasonable brand for between $18 and $100, with various features accounting for the variation in pricing. However, for a more adventurous ride downhill, a quality extreme scooter could cost up to $1000. It might seem expensive, but such scooters are really sturdy and long-lasting to withstand the hard use. The cheap snow scooters with flawed designs that we came across during our research were not included in our review because we are committed to giving you great, reliable products.
There are snow scooters for different purposes and different experience levels and their features vary. While some come with adjustable parts, others are designed to endure more rigorous use, and it would do you good to know the different circumstances under which they apply. To ensure you get the snow scooter best suited to your needs, here are the important features to look out for:
  • Type
  • User
  • Size
  • Maximum weight
  • Material
Let’s look at these in more detail.
Construction and Design
There are two major types of snow scooters: recreational snow scooters and extreme snow scooters. Recreational scooters are collapsible, lightweight and portable. They’re good for speeding around snowy neighborhoods and down hills with ease and pleasure but are not sturdy enough for stunts. Some recreational snow scooters have adjustable handle bars that can be reduced or raised to accommodate both young and adult riders. They’re ideal for kids from 4 years of age, new riders and parents.

Extreme scooters are used for tricks such as jumps, grinds and stalls. They’re more robust and less likely to break, and are designed to withstand rough handling, often featuring bulkier parts for strength. They have fixed handle bars that are not collapsible, so as not to compromise the overall strength of the scooter. It’s not advisable for kids younger than 7 years of age to use this type.

The materials used to make the various parts of the snow scooter determine its durability and efficiency. The parts of a typical snow scooter include the handlebars, headsets, forks, decks, brakes, and skis (front and back). Handlebars come in different shapes, styles and colors. The standard shape is the T-shape but different people prefer different ones. Stunt riders prefer the Y-shape handle bars for extra strength. Handlebars can come in any of three ways: they could be adjustable for riders’ height difference, they could be adjustable and foldable for easy storage or they could be fixed. While you can find any of these styles in recreational snow scooters, only the fixed handlebars should be used for stunts to prevent collapse mid-trick.
Performance and Ease of Use
Scooters are also designed for certain ages and weights. Though most scooters can take up to 200 / 220 pounds comfortably, it’s important to verify before you make a purchase to ensure you get the right specifications. Scooters with short (non-adjustable) handle bars can only be used by younger kids as they may be too short for older kids. It’s important, especially for parents with kids of varying ages, to note this.

The scooter headsets are responsible for the turning movement of the forks and handlebars, and are of two types; threaded and threadless. The threadless system is generally preferred for a more solid ride. The fork type usually corresponds with the type of headset system in place; a threaded fork goes with a threaded headset, for example. The deck is the resting place for the foot and durable decks are made with aluminum for its hard-wearing quality. A one-piece deck is welded together with the headset while a two-piece deck has the headset tube bolted to it. Whichever one you chose is fine. For the breaking system, there is the spring brake and the flex brake. Though both work well, the flex has a longer life span.

Snow scooters are easy to use. The recreational snow scooters are especially handy, as they can be folded up, carried and stored easily. The simpler designs with just the handle bar and sledge are also strictly for recreational purposes.

Get the Best Snow Scooter of 2022!

We hope we’ve been able to simplify the decision-making process for you, so you can start shopping for a fun-filled winter. Now go ahead and pick the best snow scooter for you.

Our Top Choice
RAILZ Youth Street & Snow Scooter
Best Value
Slippery Racer Downhill Kids Snow Scooter
Trikke Skki Carving Pro Snow Scooter
Stiga Snow Kick Bike Scooter
Geospace LED Snow Scooter

Snow Scooter FAQs

What is a snow scooter?
A snow scooter is a type of snow sled that one rides on snow standing and holding on to a handle, much like a standing street scooter. But instead of wheels, it moves on skis. They can either be motorized or manual, where you push off the ground with your feet.
How to scooter in the snow?
To scooter on the snow, you should combine scooter and snowboarding techniques. The steering is right there in the handlebars. So, you can turn them to increase speed. To turn, you may bend slightly. You can reduce the speed by dragging one of your feet. Alternatively, you can push the rear board outwards. To see it in action, check out the video in our buying guide.
Where to buy a snow scooter?
You can buy a snow scooter from any of the online retailers that sell them. In addition to having a return policy, these sellers are reliable when it comes to selling quality products. If you are shopping for a pro snow scooter, youth or kids snow scooter, we have found some great options.