Best Snow Tube - Heavy Duty Inflatable Snow Tube Sleds for Kids and Adults for Winter Sledding Fun

A snow tube can turn any snow day into a wild adventure. Not to mention, many snow tubes can also be used at the lake or in the pool. The best snow tubes are highly durable, easy to inflate, and may have conveniently-positioned handles for easy use. We chose five of the best snow tube brands who are known for offering quality, highly-rated products — in a mixture of price points. We hope we found something that fits your needs.

Update: 2020 has been a unique year in terms of manufacturing, with many companies unable to keep up with demand. And when it comes to seasonal items like inflatable snow tube sleds, there is often not enough supply to go around because people are shopping at the same time. So, in the event that our top 5 snow tube brands don't have what you need, we went ahead and showcased more of our favorites. Here's our first batch - commercial quality snow tubes. And further down we will have some cheap snow tube sled options for those of you on a tight budget.

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Our Top Choice
Bradley Heavy Duty Snow Tube Sled
Bradley Water Sports creates high-end snow tubes and stylish swimwear using consistently high quality materials.
Slick vinyl bottom. Polyester top. Sewn-in handles. Patent pending sewn-in tow loop and strap secures tube and cover.
Some users found the tube to be a bit slower than others because of the textured bottom.
Polyester & vinyl
Up to 200 pounds
50" diameter
Twelve options
Best Value
GoFloats Animal Winter Snow Tube
GoFloats inflatables combine fun with function, including giant inflatables, floating lounge chairs and even a few floating drink holders.
Rapid-fill valve. Sturdy handles. Raft-grade materials. Closed seat for dry sledding. 4 whimsical animal designs.
One user reported cracking after extended use in the cold.
Themed animal tube
Weather-treated vinyl
Not specified, 2 person
45" diameter
Multiple Animals
Slippery Racer Grande XL Snow Tubes
Slippery Racer sleds and tubes are all about speed and performance, even when the trail is rugged and the conditions are harsh.
Ideal for kids, adults and tandem riding. Heavy duty impact resistance. Slick hard shell. Cold resistant. Strong tow rope
Some users had initial issues, but they were quickly offered replacement parts.
Commercial sled tube
Hard-shell polyethylene & nylon
300 pounds per user reports
42" diameter
Seven options
TAR Tube in a Box Swim and Snow Tube
Tube In a Box is serious about only two things: Having fun and 100% real, heavy duty rubber tubes that make it easy to conquer the outdoors.
Commercial-grade rubber. Tear resistant. Rubber coated valve. UV protected.
Large center hole. A bit slower than other tubes with slick bottoms.
All-purpose inner tube
120 lbs, 195 lbs & 300 lbs
36", 40" & 45" diameter
Fat Tire Inflatable Snow Tube
Fat Tire is all about the fast, smooth and comfortable ride you can get with its high quality tubes that are both adult and kid-friendly.
Slick bottom for a fast ride. Rubber inside. Soft foam handles. Durable.
It's not very cheap for a best value choice, but it's a great deal for such a highly-rated tube.
Snow tube
Rubber and vinyl
Up to 500 pounds
47" diameter

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What Is the Best Inflatable Snow Tube for Adults and Kids? Read Our Snow Tube Reviews!

We looked at brands known for their use of high-grade materials and smart designs. That way, you can find a snow tube that lasts as long as you need it to. Still, we compared the prices of several tubes so you can find an option for your budget. We chose to focus on donut-style sled tubes that can double as a water tube just as easily, and most can be used by both adults and children. We hope you’ll soon find your ideal snow tube in our reviews below.

And just in case our top picks are out of stock AND you are looking for an affordable snow tube, we wanted to showcase a few more options. Do note, that while these are all great options for fun at home, they may not be durable enough to take out for full on snow tubing.

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Our Top Choice
The Bradley Snow Tube Sled is built with heavy duty materials and an innovative tow loop to secure the tube to its cover. Looking for something bigger? Go for the Bradley Multi-Rider Snow Tube with 60" heavy duty cover.

Bradley Commercial Snow Tube for Adults and Kids - Inflatable Snow Tube Made in USA, Multiple Color Options


Bradley is a large manufacturer of various every day and specialty products. Our chosen product comes from Bradley Water Sports, which specializes in snow tubes and snow tube accessories such as a tow leashes. All their tubes are made with heavy duty materials and have slick bottoms for easy gliding. They offer their tubes in a wide variety of color choices.

The Bradley Snow Tube Sled with a 48" Cover is designed for serious use – it's built with 600D polyester canvas on top and industrial vinyl on the bottom. The bottom is also coated to be slick against the snow. The sewn-in handles make it easy to handle the tube and stay safe while you sled or float around. The cover can be fixed to the tube using the patent-pending tow loop. It comes in 12 unique colors.

Best Value
The GoFloats Winter Snow Tube is highly durable, easy to inflate and comes in four unique animal designs so you can sled in style. Looking to take your next pool party to the next level? Check out the GoFloats Inflatable Palm Tree Drink Holder 3-Pack.

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube - Inflatable Sled for Kids and Adults (Choose from Unicorn, Ice Dragon, Polar Bear, Penguin, Flamingo)


GoFloats is all about fun and function. Users are consistently impressed with the thick, durable feel of their floats and tubes. They sell inflatable tubes, giant lounge inflatables, floating chairs and other fun items like their various floating drink holders. They're committed to going beyond the minimum you get with some tubes and floats. That's why they include premium valves and materials.

This themed tube includes an eye-popping graphic so you'll be seen from miles around. The tube itself is made with high grade plastic that's thicker than most users expect. The handles are sturdy so you'll have something to rely on when you're soaring down the hill. The tube is closed in the middle so you have a dry seat at all times. The valve is also made so you can fill your tube 5 times faster than with a traditional valve.

The Grande XL Snow Tube is highly durable, featuring heavy duty construction and exclusive IceVex cold-resistant treatment. If you're looking for even more speed at a lower price, check out the Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinter Toboggan Pack.

Slippery Racer Grande XL Commercial Inflatable Snow Tube Sled for Kids and Adults – Available in 7 Colors


Slippery Racer prides itself on superior design and performance. Their products use high quality plastics and coatings to attain maximum speed while lasting long through tough conditions. Specifically, they have an exclusive coating called IceVex cold-resistant treatment which keeps their sleds, tubes and toys going strong and protected.

This snow tube is extremely durable and features an impact-resistant design. As one user put it, this tube is worth 5 of the cheaper inflatable kind, especially if you're sledding in a rugged area near any debris. On top of that, this XL snow tube is ideal for kids, adults and even riding tandem. The base is a slick-coated hard shell for smooth, fast gliding. The handles are double-reinforced so they won't break off even when you're holding on for dear life. It's also coated with Slippery Racer's exclusive IceVex cold-resistant treatment.

The Tube in a Box Original Water and Snow Tube is extremely durable, as you can tell from its tire-grade rubber. For adults or big kids go for either the 40" or 45" tube. For a small version that's great for kids, check out the 36" Tube In a Box Inner Tube. It's designed for the smaller riders who weigh 120 pounds or less and are no taller than 5 feet

Tube In A Box The Original Snow Tube - Inflatable Snow Tube Sled Also Good for Water Tubing, Available in Multiples Sizes


Tube in a Box is all about wild experiences and fun times. They're passionate about building a simple, high quality product adventurers can rely on to have fun. Whether it's soaking up some rays at the pool or conquering a snow-covered hill, Tube in a Box has got you covered.

The Tube in a Box tube is made with a straightforward design and everything you need to have a great time for years to come. This inflatable tube is made like a car tire - literally, since it's made with premium tire-grade rubber. The valve is also rubber coated for extra durability so you won't have to worry about it breaking. The rubber is tear-resistant as well as UV protected. All this makes it a reliable way to have fun, ready to go for well into the future.

The Fat Tire Snow Tube is highly durable and super speedy because of its unique Xutte™ ultraslick bottom. Looking for something even more kid friendly? Check out this Inflatable Snowmobile Snow Sled! Constructed of high density thicken PVC, it's a heavy duty inflatable sled built for durability and active play.

Super Big Inflatable Snow Sled for Kids and Adults - Heavy Duty Inflatable Snow Tube Made by Thickening Material


Fat Tire was founded in 2003 when Niklas Andersson was working at his ski shop in Sweden. His demanding boss wanted a snow tube that was both fast and durable. It took many prototypes, but eventually Niklas created something that could effortlessly glide along the snow. It quickly gained popularity throughout Sweden and today has moved to the United States where the design has gone through even more improvements.

Now to the tube itself! The materials are what makes this tube stand out the most, but it also has useful features such as foam handles and a leash for dragging the tube. When you're moving fast, you'll be glad the straps are made of soft foam instead of unforgiving rope. The bottom is made with a unique material called Xutte™ which makes this tube extremely fast. On top, the tube is made with heavy duty nylon. The inner tube is made with high quality Rubber.

Best Snow Tube Sled Guide – What to Look for in an Adult or Kid’s Snow Tube

The schools are almost closing and Christmas is fast approaching. Sadly, you haven’t settled on where to spend this holiday with your kids. Having heard the wonderful adventures their friends had in overseas destinations the previous Christmas, your kids have been pestering you throughout the year, demanding a trip abroad. This has become a daily melody, to the point that it’s annoying. You don’t want to disappoint your kids, yet your financial constraints won’t allow you to append an extra dime on such ‘luxuries’.

You’re backed into a corner, but eventually you break the sad news to your kids. As expected, the reception is far from warm. The children know what that means. Yet another year, locked indoors because of the bleak weather, chatting with members of the extended family while watching the Home Alone movie series. Not even Christmas gifts and a well-lit, meticulously-decorated artificial Christmas tree would appease the melancholy mood of your munchkins.

Given the reaction of your kids, you seek for an alternative, one that would at least change the routine festive season celebrations. Due to limited resources, your options are limited, forcing you to make-do with what you have. Then it hits you that a visit to a ski resort for a snow tubing session might regain you some traction with the kids. It’s an affordable option as you don’t have to travel outside the country, since winter is usually at its peak within December.

After settling on this idea, you pitch it to your family. And alas, everyone becomes jovial—they are finally going to try out something new. Phew! You sigh in relief. Next, you start acquiring the basic necessities, including your snowboarding helmet, snow tubes, and ski boots, among other snowing gear.

Identifying the appropriate snow tube is challenging, especially for people without prior experience in the sector. We, however, got your back covered, as our experts assessed the various options present in the market, identifying the crème de la crème, just for you. Once you scour through our guide, choosing the right snow tube for yourself will be as easy as one, two, and three.

Video: Simple Snow Tubing Tips

Basics of Snow Tubing. | Courtesy of MonkeySee

How much do I have to fork out for a snow tube? This is the question that wanders in the minds of prospective buyers. Well, there’s no constant price, as it’s influenced by several factors, just like other items. First, larger snow tubes attract higher prices than the smaller models. The material also comes into the fray, with rubber designs being more costly than synthetic designs, as they’re more robust.

You can get your hands on snow tubes for a base price of $20, though that may go up to $100 for some brands. Generally, the costly brands are more durable, hence we strongly recommend them. If you opt for a cheap snow tube brand, you may end up spending a lot more on replacements—a situation that can be averted by going premium in the initial purchase.


Snow tubes are usually striking in color, but this shouldn’t cloud your judgment as there are other important things to look out for, such as features. These specifics should assist you in identifying the most suitable snow tube for you:

  • Type - What purpose can the tube serve? Is it solely for snow tubing or is it versatile?
  • Material - What is the tube made of? It can be rubber, polyester, nylon, or polythene.
  • Capacity - This is the maximum number of people that the tube can carry simultaneously.
  • Size – This directly impacts the carrying capacity.
  • Color - The tubes can be multi-colored or have a single painting scheme.

Once the specifications are deemed suitable, you move on to the following step, which is evaluating its performance.

Construction and Design

As the name suggests, tubes are inflatable materials. Their operation depends on the air pumped in, hence they have to be maintained at all times throughout their usage. For this reason, the material used in their construction has to be sturdy enough to withstand the friction exerted by the snow as well as the pressure applied by the load (passenger). Also, it has to be rigid enough to survive the rigors of extremely low temperatures. In this regard, rubber tubes tend to perform better than their synthetic (polythene, polyester, and nylon) competitors.

The size of the tube is an equally vital aspect of its design. It determines the room available in the snow tube, hence affecting the number of individuals accommodated at a time. Moreover, the size relates to the weight of the tube, thus influencing its portability.

Video: Dr. Mooney's Sledding Safety Tips

Snow Tubing and Sledding Safety Tips. | Courtesy of Boston Children's Hospital
Performance and Ease of Use

Snow tubes are designed to be adventurous, so they have to be slick and swift. To cater for these needs, manufacturers integrate vinyl bottoms. This ensures that the tube glides smoothly over the snow, making your trip down the slope exciting.

While tubing is a fun experience, it can be dangerous. Luckily, modern snow tubes employ counter mechanisms to enhance the user’s safety. They come with handles to ensure passengers are firmly secured while tubing. The materials are equally hardened, to minimize the chances of breaking.

Get the Best Snow Tube of 2022!

Consider how frequently and intensely you'll use your new snow tube, since the more expensive options on our list are made to stand against harsh impacts and conditions. Whether you're looking for something more casual or more intense, these brands have a range of options for you to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Bradley Heavy Duty Snow Tube Sled
Best Value
GoFloats Animal Winter Snow Tube
Slippery Racer Grande XL Snow Tubes
TAR Tube in a Box Swim and Snow Tube
Fat Tire Inflatable Snow Tube

Snow Tube FAQs

Where can I buy a snow tube?
We recommend you to buy a snow tube from Amazon, the largest online retailer. Here, you will find a wide variety of products and the most unbeatable deals. If you are looking for a snow tube to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.
How to inflate a snow tube?
You can inflate a snow tube using a manual bike pump, mattress pump, portable electric pump, or an air compressor. Whichever machine you choose, keep inflating until the tube has adequate air to carry your weight when riding downhill.
How to snow tube?
If you want to snow tube, find a suitable location for your favorite pastime. Carry your snow tube up the hill and choose a suitable tubing lane. After placing the snow tube on the snow, sit in it, ensuring your bottom is in the middle. Ensure both legs hang over the front of the snow tube. Move the tube forward, using your legs and arms until the tube begins to move freely. Enjoy the ride until the snow tube comes to a stop. You can go back up the hill and start all over again.