Best Snowboard Bag Reviews 2022

We understand that you invested a lot of money in getting your snowboard and kit, so we know that you’ll do all you can to protect that gear. That’s why we’ve written this review and buying guide to help you with choosing the right snowboard bag for you. We’ve researched many products picked out five of the best brands of snowboard bags that we believe have the features that you need. These five are just a snapshot of what these brands have to offer. If you need to see more, there are other options from these brands that you can check out.
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Our Top Choice
Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag
Dakine has created numerous “first” products for outdoor life, and this is inspired by one-on-one interactions with surfers who want to take their surfing to the next level.
360˚ padding. 10 YKK main zipper. Fits 1 board + accessories or 2 boards without bindings. 9cm urethan wheels. 2 carry handles. Lightweight under 4lbs.
Bag may sag in the middle if you haven’t got your board in there.
Wheeled, padded soft case
157, 165 or 175cm
1 board plus accessories
600D polyester
8 colors available
Best Value
Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard Bag
Athletico manufacturers durable, stylish sports bags with specific attention to detail. Their line of products includes bowling, scuba diving, golf, baseball, skiing and snowboarding bags.
Padded with 10mm dense foam. Constructed with rip-resistant polyester and water-resistant PVC coating. Fits boards up to 178cm plus accessories. 2 deep exterior pockets.
Some complaints that there’s no padding on the shoulder strap.
No wheels, padded soft case
1 board up to 178cm plus gear
Polyester/water resistant PVC
Black and white
Burton Wheelie Board Case Board Bag
Burton was founded in response to the need for personalized snowboards with a difference. It ensures that its staff members are the first ambassadors of its products.
IXION skate wheel system. Internal webbing straps. Padded. Fits board and accessories. Removable internal boot bag. External zippered pockets.
Be careful when filling this bag up as it may then exceed the 50lbs airline weight limit.
Wheeled, padded soft case
156, 166 or 181cm
Multiple board capacity
600D x 1200D polyester
3 colors available
Sportube Series 3 Hard Snowboard Case
Sportube was created out of the feedback from frustrated traveling adventurers. It’s aimed at giving surfers and riders a fun and hassle-free time with their gear..
Adjustable internally from 42” – 72”. Hard plastic shell protects gear. Padded at both ends. Wheeled. Lockable. 2 handles. Fits 2 snowboards plus boots etc.
The case is heavier than fabric alternatives because of the hard shell protection.
Wheeled, hard case
2 boards with boots/bindings
Hard plastic shell
High Sierra Sleeve and Boot Snowboard Bag
High Sierra is committed to manufacturing durable and affordable products for adventurers that help ease them of the worries of damaging or losing their gears.
Fits snowboard up to 165cm and boots of up to size 13. It is made of a water-resistant fabric, and durable webbing grade handles. Comes with separate boot bag
It may not have enough padding for air traveling.
No wheels, padded soft case
1 board up to 165cm & boots
Durable water resistant fabric

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What is the Best Snowboard Bag?

Having gone through our guide on how to choose the best snowboard bag for you, we trust to have answered some questions that you had earlier or clarified some salient points you may not have thought were important. The best bag is that which suits your needs and serves the purpose for which you need it. Join us as we look at our top five products so you can make your choice.
Our Top Choice
The Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag can fit your board, boots, outerwear and all your other essentials and with 360˚ padding, you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged. If you want to save a few bucks and have a bag that’s still durable and protective but hasn’t got quite as much padding, you should take a look at the Dakine Pipe Snowboard Bag.

Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag – Available in 9 Colors & 3 Sizes

Dakine is renowned for creating a lot of “firsts” for surfers, bikers, and travelers. In 1980, it created the first adjustable foot strap followed by the first waist harness in 1982 and then the first seat harness in 1983. Even in recent times, it still creates products that make surfing and general outdoor life convenient for its customers. Most of its products are inspired by face to face interactions with world class surfers who need some gear or clothing to make their sport more interesting and less stressful. Dakine finds it a huge privilege to serve these needs.

The Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag is ideal for any weekend or week-long trip; just throw in your board, boots, outerwear and any other accessories you need can be stored safely in the exterior pockets. Alternatively, you can fit two boards in this bag, you just need to take off the bindings first. With oversized 9cm wheels, made from durable urethane, you don’t need to worry about lugging this thing around on your back all the time, just use one of the convenient dual-end handles and roll on out! If you do prefer carrying your board on your back, then there’s a shoulder strap incorporated just for you!

Here’s some more excellent features of this snowboard bag:
  • 360-degree padding will protect your board and accessories
  • Lightweight at under 4-pounds so easy to transport
  • The bag can be compressed a lot when you want to put it in storage
  • Lockable 10 YKK main zipper
  • Boot bag is removable
  • Made from 600D polyester for durability
  • Three sizes available: 157cm (12 x 6 x 62”) 165cm (12 x 6 x 65”) 175cm (12 x 6 x 69”)
Best Value
The Athletico 180cm Maverick Padded Travel Snowboard Bag features 10mm of dense foam padding to protect your board and any other gear you have. If you’d like separate board and boot bags, instead of an all-in-one, you should check out the equally durable and stylish Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo.

Athletico 180cm Maverick Padded Travel Snowboard Bag with Water-Resistant Coating

Athletico is a brand who manufacture high-quality, durable and stylish sports bags. Their range includes bowling ball bags, skate bags, scuba diving bags, baseball backpacks as well as ski and snowboard bags. With so much focus on manufacturing one type of product, the result is an innovative sports bag with attention to detail.

The Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard Bag is one of these bags. It may look like a simple snowboard bag with a shoulder strap, but you would be wrong. Athletico has designed this bag with one main intention; keep your snowboard safe, protected and dry during transport whether that be by car or plane. With 10mm dense foam padding all around the bag, your snowboard is well protected, even when checking in as airline luggage.

That’s not all though. There’s lots more awesome features to get excited about:
  • 2 deep exterior pockets can fit boots, outerwear, goggles or any other gear you want to take with you
  • Interior wet pocket is large enough to keep your personal items safe and dry with your board
  • Constructed with tough, rip-resistant polyester with a water-resistant PVC coating
  • Wrap around, EZ glide double zipper goes the length of the bag so you can easily take your snowboard and other accessories in and out
  • Detachable shoulder strap and extra-padded handles make it comfortable to transport
  • Fits most boards up to 178cm plus all your extra gear. Dimensions are 71 x 14 x 7-inches
  • Two compression straps inside are adjustable and will hold your board, no matter the size, in place at all times
Although not available in different color choices, the black and white design of this bag is stylish, unisex and timeless.
The Burton Wheelie Board Case Board Bag features IXION skate wheels, ideal for transporting a heavy load. If you don’t need a bag with wheels, but still want the great Burton quality, you should check out the Burton Space Sack Snowboard Bag instead!

Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag – Available in 3 Colors & 3 Sizes

Burton was founded by Jake Burton Carpenter, a notable snowboarder, in 1977. After several failed attempts to find the right snowboard that met his needs, he started building for himself and in no time his fellow adventurers wanted snowboards like his. The brand has grown from this small-scale business to a business that supplies sports gears to the world’s best riders. It also ensures that its team members are the first ambassadors of its products; it only takes a brand that trusts the quality of its products to enforce this.

The Burton Wheelie Board Case Board Bag is a super lightweight bag that’ll fit your whole snowboarding arsenal including multiple decks, boots, goggles, outerwear and you’ll even have space left over for your lunch! Constructed with a TPE backing and durable 600D x 1200D polyester, this bag is not about to wither under the slightest wear and tear.

Let’s check out more features from this awesome bag:
  • Easy access to the main compartment via the full zip
  • Fully padded to protect your board and gear
  • Straps inside to hold your board in place while transporting
  • External zippered pockets
  • Features two handles on the front and side
  • Removable internal binding and boot bag, ideal if you need to lose some weight when checking in at an airline
  • IXION skate wheels let you move super-fast and can be replaced easily if damaged
  • Contoured zippers will fit TSA-approved locks
If you love the look of this snowboarding bag, all you need to do now is pick the right size and color for you. Choose from 156cm (61.4 x 13.3 x 9.4”), 166cm (65.3 x 13.3 x 9.4”) or 181cm (71.2 x 13.3 x 9.4”). Once you’ve got the correct size you can choose from True Black, Brushstroke Camo or Mountaineers Tie Dye Print.
The Sportube Series 3 Hard Snowboard Case is ideal for an individual or family looking to protect their snowboarding or skiing equipment whilst travelling. If black is a little too boring for you, why not get the Sportube Series 3 Ski Snowboard Case which is bright orange! You won’t miss that as it comes out at baggage claim.

Sportube Series 3 Snowboard or Multi-Ski Hard Travel Case

Sportube is the brainchild of Highland Trading Co. Ltd, a distributor of ski cases with its location in the rocky mountain ski town of Vail, Colorado. After listening to some of its customers complain about how hard it was to travel with their ski or snowboard gears without tearing up the ski bags they came with, it birthed the Sportube brand which made cases blow molded from high-density polyethylene. They don’t have attachments that can hook onto corners or edges and get pulled off or torn. It’s the solution to every adventurer’s traveling challenge.

The Sportube Series 3 Hard Snowboard Case is a super-versatile case ideal for trips with friends or family where you want to keep all your stuff securely in one case. By using a snowboard case with a hard, plastic shell you eliminate the risk of your gear getting damage during transport, meaning you can travel carefree knowing your equipment will be there spick and span when you arrive.

Here are some more great features to look out for in this travel case:
  • One-size-fits-all adjustable case internally from 42 to 72-inches
  • Included wheels for easy portability
  • Extra protection with padding at both ends
  • For added security it’s also lockable
  • Two durable handles, including one easy pull handle
  • Included is a strap and band pack ideal for securing your gear in place
  • Can fit 2 snowboards with boots and bindings too
  • Can also fit 2 pairs of adult skis and 2 pairs of children’s skis
With a simple, black design you can’t go wrong with this spacious and adjustable snowboard case.
The High Sierra Sleeve and Boot Snowboard Bag comes with an attached bag for your boots. It has self-repairing nylon zippers and can be used as ski bags. Do you need a bag that can take both your ski and snowboard gear at once? Check out the High Sierra Adjustable Ski\/Snowboard Bag, which can be adjusted to take skis up to 215 centimeters long.

High Sierra Sleeve and Boot Bag Combo Black/Mercury Snowboard Bag

Since its inception in 1978, High Sierra has been committed to creating durable but affordable products that are feature-laden and convenient for its users. Its products give adventurers of every kind the room to enjoy their adventures freely without fear of losing or damaging their gears. Its product lines include duffels, totes and messengers, backpacks and luggage and it also has clothing apparel to go with whatever sports or hobby you are partaking in.

The High Sierra Sleeve and Boot Snowboard Bag is a padded and compartmentalized snowboard bag that’s been made to accommodate between 150cm to 205cm skis but holds a single snowboard of 165cm. It’s made from a durable 600D Dernier Duralite material with a PVC overlay which makes it water resistant and protects your gears from moisture. It comes with a boot bag where you can load your boots of up to size 13 and still have enough room to toss in a few other accessories. Its nylon coil zippers are self-repairing, so if the zip goes off track, you can easily fix it back; the lengthwise zipper also makes it easy to load your gears in the bag. It has two durable webbing grade handles. The snowboard sleeve measures 65 x 18 inches while the boot bag measures 16 x 15.25 x 10 inches, and together they weigh 3.4 pounds.

High Sierra has other great snowboard bags which include:
  • High Sierra Deluxe Snowboard Sleeve – Padded and holds a single snowboard of up to 175 cm
  • High Sierra Padded Snowboard Bag – Centre is padded to protect bindings and holds snowboards of up to 170 cm
  • High Sierra Snowboard Bag – 420 Dernier Duralite material and takes a single snowboard of up to 170 cm

How Do I Choose the Best Snowboard Bag?

Outdoor adventurers, especially snowboarders, have one thing on their minds: to have fun. Though for some it’s a sport, and therefore requires some professionalism, nonetheless they still want to enjoy the sport. Imagine the disappointment and frustration you’d feel if on getting to your sporting destination only to find out that a piece of your gear has been damaged en route. Snowboarders spend a lot of money purchasing their snowboard gear, and it would be sad to lose them or get them scratched, broken or damaged because they weren’t properly taken care of. That’s why every snowboarder needs an appropriate snowboard bag. The challenge usually lies with deciding what type of snowboard bag is best for you and what to look out for when choosing this bag. Some people are torn between whether to buy a sleeve or a padded bag or whether to buy a wheeled bag or one without wheels. Others are looking for bags that can accommodate their water skis also.

We understand this dilemma because we’ve listened to customers complain about this. We decided to conduct research into what makes the best snowboard bags and the factors you should consider when buying one. The reason is that we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a purchase decision without going through numerous sources; we want to be your one-stop guide on the best snowboard bag.

Let us begin by looking at the different types of snowboard bags there are and their features.
  • Sleeves: These are minimalistic snowboard bags; they’re just a thin fabric made for transporting your gears in your vehicle to your destination. On such occasions, there are hardly any issues with mishandling of equipment. They only fit one snowboard. They have outer cinch straps on both ends that tighten at each end and keep the equipment in place
  • Backpack Snowboard Bags: These are designed like large backpacks. This type of snowboard bag makes it easy to carry your gears behind you while going through airports, hotel lounges and in rough terrains. Always ensure that the carry handles are padded enough to give you comfort while carrying it
  • Wheeled Snowboard Bags: These are usually the biggest in capacity because they’re made to carry more than one board. And since it will be wheeled, there’s no concern with regards to the weight of the gears after loading. They’re typically padded to protect your gears from travel stress. Some are designed with inline skate wheels or rough terrain wheels which make them more durable and easy to maneuver rough terrains
  • Snowboard cases: These are made specifically for air travel. They’re made from molded polyethylene and are made to accommodate more than one board.
Some snowboard bags give you enough room to pack your board, helmet, gloves, boots, snow pants and jackets. This means that you don’t need to pack another bag for your other accessories.
We’ve discussed the different types of snowboard bags above, and we want to believe that even without saying it, you now know that there are certain factors that’ll influence the prices of these different types. For instance, a padded snowboard bag won’t go for the same price as an unpadded one, and a wheeled bag will price higher than an unwheeled one. Having said that, the brand in consideration also affects the pricing of the bag. So, what you need to bear in mind when drawing a budget for your snowboard bag is the purpose you want it to serve you.

With a budget of between $49 and $270, you can get a quality snowboard bag that’ll serve you for a good number of seasons. We know that there are cheap snowboard bags in the market because we saw them while we were doing our research; however, we of course ignored them. That’s because we trust that you’d rather choose quality over price. Do bear in mind that any product you choose from our selection will be of good quality and can be trusted.
It’s quite tempting to go for the first colorful snowboard bag that you come across, but it’s risky to choose aesthetics over functionality. This is not to say that colorful bags aren’t functional, but we do wish to emphasize that there are factors that should be a priority over others. The way to determine the order of priority is to keep in mind your expectations from your snowboard bag. Do you want a bag that can take multiple boards? Do you want a bag you can wheel around rather than carry? Do you want a bag you can convert to a ski bag? Do you want a bag for storing away your gear? These and many more questions are what you have to ask yourself and, when you’ve gotten your answers, you’ll be able to decide which features are more important to you than others. We’ve done a huge chunk of the job already by researching the factors and features that are necessary to make the ideal snowboard bag. Here are those features:
  • Material
  • Interior gear straps
  • Exterior compression straps
  • Color
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Padded straps and handles
  • Wheels
  • Weight and portability
  • Ease of loading
  • Durability
  • Warranty
Let’s look at these factors and see why they are important to be considered before choosing a snowboard bag.
Construction and Design
Most snowboard bags are made from polyester, but different grades of polyester have different thread counts. It’s ideal to go for the 600D. Some manufacturers use other materials that aren’t polyester and may not be graded. Above all, simply ensure that the material you choose is durable. If you’re looking to travel by air or you have to trust others handling your gear, it’s more advisable to go for a padded snowboard bag.

Interior gear straps are useful for your snowboard bag because they keep your gears in place when you’ve loaded them. It prevents your equipment from clanking together and possibly getting damaged. On the other hand, the exterior compression straps can do the same job by keeping all the gears together, leaving no room for the equipment to dangle. These exterior straps can also serve for tucking away extra fabric in the event that your bag is longer than your board.

One of the things that’ll make your adventure more fun is how good you feel about your snowboard bag. Color may not be a priority factor to consider, but no one says you cannot get all your priority factors in a color that you love. Some manufacturers design their bags in appealing patterns.

You may want to look out for warranty covers on your snowboard bags as well. The warranty gives you the confidence that the manufacturer has faith in the product it’s put out there and you know that if your snowboard bag fails before time, you’re going to be covered.
Performance and Ease of Use
Depending on the quantity of equipment you want to load in your bag per trip, the capacity of your snowboard bag is of great importance. You wouldn’t want to have different bags carrying different gear when you can simply load everything in one bag and be on your way.

Snowboard bags come in different sizes and it’s obviously better to go for the best fit for your snowboards. Don’t go for bags that are smaller, because you may damage your equipment. Know the length of your snowboard and go for a bag that accommodates it.

Most snowboard bags have handles and straps for carrying them. Ensure that these handles and straps are padded so they don’t give you blisters. If you have the opportunity, try out how these snowboard bags work and see how practical they are. In the same vein, you may want to know the weight of the bag to determine how portable it is. If you’re to carry the bag on the shoulder or your hand, it should be portable enough to do so.

Some bags come with lengthwise zippers while others come with just enough opening at the head to allow you load your gear. Lengthwise zipped bags are easier to load since you’ll be able to open the bag up fully. Some customers have complained about the opening at the head, stating that they may have to unload several times so as to get all items together correctly, especially when they have to load a whole lot of gear.

Get the Best Snowboard Bag of 2022!

Now that you have the needed information, and have a thorough knowledge of some of the best snowboard bags out there today, the only thing remaining is for you to make your pick and purchase the snowboard bag of your choice. So, go ahead and make your purchase.

Our Top Choice
Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag
Best Value
Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard Bag
Burton Wheelie Board Case Board Bag
Sportube Series 3 Hard Snowboard Case
High Sierra Sleeve and Boot Snowboard Bag