Best Snowboard Binding Reviews 2022

To ride a snowboard, you’ll need your bindings. These nifty things keep your boots in place when riding, and allow you to actually control the board when you’re out there carving through the snow. Having high-end equipment is essential, and, with all the models, it can be hard to tell which ones are the best. Well, you don’t have to sweat it, because we here have already done the hard work for you, selecting five of the best bindings available to you right now. We’ve also included a short guide on how to select the right one for you. Enjoy!
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Our Top Choice
Flow Alpha Snowboard Bindings
Flow has been in existence for about two decades, and in this time they became one of the major players on the market. This in and of itself speaks volumes.
Reasonably priced. Good for folks with big feet. Feature lots of adjustments. Lightweight. 1-year warranty. Compatible with the Burton 3 Hole Pattern. Discs included.
Ratchets don’t appear to be up to game.
Molded plastic UniBack
Full EVA toe and heel inserts
Exofit PowerStrap
Best Value
Rossignol Cobra V1 M/L Bindings
When it comes to winter sports and related equipment, Flow definitely counts as one of the top brands. Famed for its quality, it also offers some reasonable prices.
Excellent value for the price. Durable. Comfortable. Lots of forward lean. Responsive. Easy to adjust. Gives you a slightly wider stance. Accommodates the growing foot.
Not many colors to choose from.
ElastiBack, asymmetrical, plastic
Canted, EVA
V1 (Black-white-n-blue)
Flux DS Snowboard Bindings
Flux is a brand heavily geared towards making snowboard bindings, and it excels at it. When no other manufacturer has your size in your preferred color, Flux probably has it.
Well made. Reasonable price. Will fit a Burton pattern. Great choice of sizes and styles. Easy to clip in and out. Fairly comfortable.
Could have better shock absorption. No back height adjustment.
Ultima Wing, plastic
Ultima Base, EVA
Available in 28 colors
Ride DVA Snowboard Bindings
From snowboards to snowboard bindings, from backpacks to boots, Ride’s got it all, and in various shapes and sizes. There’s also a kids’ line for your child’s very first.
Highly durable. Stable. Provides great support. Good hold, especially on the toes. Reasonably priced. Freestyle ankle strap.
The color choice leaves something to be desired. Somewhat difficult entry and release.
SlimebackTM SB, plastic
WedgieTM, EVA
Available in 4 colors
Avalanche Summit Snowboard Bindings
Avalanche is a brand that specializes in outdoor apparel, which makes it expert on everything and master of nothing. However, the quality in its products is undeniable.
Fit almost everyone. Great straps. Decent craftsmanship. Excellent for freeriding and freestyle.
Don’t line up precisely with all bolt patterns (e.g. Burton Progression 57). You need a 4-hole pattern to attach them.

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What is the Best Snowboard Binding?

As we said, there are a lot of models and stuff out there, so finding the absolute best one isn’t possible, or at least very difficult. As you will see, there are different types of bindings, and each one will have a different feel on your feet and be intended for a slightly different purpose. Lastly, while there are high-end expensive models out there, there’s also some excellent budget models available for you as well, so you’ve always got plenty of choices.
Our Top Choice
The Flow Alpha MTN is a good product, ideal for snowboarders who like looking for a great combination of features and price. However, if you feel that you have some extra money to shell out, you might want to check out the Flow Fusion – it’s only slightly more expensive, but has some better ratchets.

Flow Alpha MTN 2017 Unisex Snowboard Bindings

Imagine what would happen if a company devoted all its know-how and resources to making products for just one niche? With Flow, you don’t have to. The result is pure awesomeness.

The new Flow Alfa MTN comes ready for the new season, and in the nick of time, too. Rocking Flow’s patented rear entry system basically allows you to slide your feet in and forget cinching the ratchets to strap in.

Let’s get to know this bad boy a little bit better:
  • Features full EVA toe and heel inserts in the footbed
  • The rockered baseplate is molded and made of composite material
  • It’s quite soft and forgiving (about a 3 on a scale from 1 to 10)
  • Rocks Exofit Power Straps
  • The back that secures your feet is made of molded composite plastic to match the baseplate
If you want to get serious and buy some worthwhile snowboard bindings, or anything even remotely related to snowboarding, you should definitely check out the rest of Flow’s product range.
Best Value
If you’re looking to get the greatest bang for your buck, the Rossignol Cobra will definitely blow you away. This is a men’s model, so if you want something equally great, but made for women, you should check out the Myth Snowboard Bindings. They even cost less!

Rossignol Cobra Snowboard Bindings V1 for Men

Rossignol is your go-to brand when it comes to winter sports. If you can think of any product for alpine skiing, snowboarding or Nordic skiing, equipment and related accessories, Rossignol’s got it, and at great prices.

The Rossignol Cobra lives up to its name. It’s lightweight, ultra-responsive, and, best of all, features adjustments that allow it to accommodate the growing foot, so it should last you a good long while.

Let’s see what makes this binding such good value for money:
  • Features asymmetrical Elasti-Backs to allow for a wider stance and more stability
  • The footbed is tilted inward to provide more natural support to your legs
  • The bindings feature HCX-33 baseplates
  • For tightening purposes, the bindings haveTallboy straps, which is a great cost-effective choice
It would be a shame if you didn’t check out the rest of Rossignol’s snowboard binding line of products for men. There’s a slight chance you'll find something that suits your needs better.
If you’re looking for a decently priced, mid-tier pair of snowboard bindings, the Flux DS bindings are just the thing for you. Speaking of decently priced bindings, the TT model by Flux is also a great choice, and it even comes with a somewhat smaller price tag.

Flux DS Unisex Snowboard Binding - Available in 28 Colors

Flux is heavily geared towards making snowboard bindings, and when you put all of your resources and expertise into making a single type of product, you either make it or break it. Flux makes it big time.

The DS model by Flux is heavy-duty. Everything from baseplate to straps is developed and made by quality manufacturers, so you know everything will give you optimum performance in its department. Combined, all these components allow you not only to enjoy some casual downhill park rides, but to seriously bomb the mountain slopes.

Here’s a list of some of the key features of this product:
  • Sturdy, solid, and above all, sleek design
  • Great choice of colors available – 28 and counting
  • Rocks Ultima Wing highback and base
  • Holds a stiffness rating of 5, and lightness of 4, which puts it somewhere in the middle
  • Features new and innovative Honeycomb Straps, which provide great hold and support for your ankles
Whether you’re looking to replace your old bindings, or buy the baby’s first, there’s a good chance that Flux will have what you need, not only in size, but also color and style.
If you’re on the hunt for the perfect women’s snowboard binding, then you’re on the right track with the Ride DVA – the price is good and the quality outstanding. However, the sizes won’t quite cover women with large feet. If that’s the case, or if you want to get a guy a Christmas gift, you might want to check out the Ride EX for men.

Ride Women's DVA Snowboard Bindings 2016

Ride is not heavily geared towards bindings, although it does feature bindings in addition to snowboards, backpacks and boots. Ride thought ahead and prepared a little something for everyone, and they have it neatly organized into categories. There’s even one for kids.

When speaking of neat things, the DVA snowboard bindings come to mind. These are a good cinch, and we don’t mean it in terms of money (although the price is fairly affordable). Once secured, your feet “ain’t going’ nowhere” but where the board takes them.

Here are the most interesting things about this product:
  • Rocks aluminum edge chassis with adjustable heelcup for lots of stiffness
  • Features Slimeback highback and Wedgie footbed, in addition to Eva basepad
  • The freestyle ankle strap gives secure hold and makes it tough to slip in/out
  • The ThinGrip plus toe strap provides excellent hold on your toes/
If you don’t like what you see, you can always pay a visit to Ride’s official site, or browse around Amazon, and you’re bound to find something in its line that suits your needs and taste.
If you’re working with a budget, and can’t quite shell out the money needed for high-end bindings, then you might find what you need in the Avalanche Summit. This one’s designed with men in mind, so if you want something that would fit a smaller foot, you might want to check out the Avalanche Serenity.

Avalanche Summit Snowboard Bindings for Men, Black, L-size

Despite the name, Avalanche does not specialize in making winter sports equipment, but rather all manner of outdoor apparel: everything from jackets and hats to tees and bottoms. It's probably the one brand on our list that has something for every season.

When it comes to the star of the show, the Summit Bindings, what blew our mind were the straps. It doesn’t take much effort to put them on, and you can release them with just one finger.
Here’s a list of some of the main features:
  • Fits 4-hole patterns
  • The bindings weigh about 7 pounds
  • The bindings are size L, which covers shoe sizes 9–13, even though on paper they go up to 11
If you try to get the Summit bindings, but they’ve been sold out (which is a real possibility), then you might want to consider paying a visit to Avalanche's site and seeing if there’s anything else to find.

How Do I Choose the Best Snowboard Binding?

Alright, what are some of the things you need to consider before buying a pair of snowboard bindings? The first thing may as well be the fit. The fit is extremely important, as bindings that are too small or too large can not only hamper your ability to control the snowboard, but also be potentially dangerous as your ankle can move in unpredictable ways and you may end up spraining or even dislocating it. It’s like with your helmet – you certainly wouldn’t want it to be too loose and move around on your head.

Along with the fit, you also may need to take a look at the mounting options for your snowboard and bindings. The typical mounting systems are 2x4 and 4x4 disc patterns, 3D pattern and the channel system, and any given pair of bindings isn’t compatible with all of them, but you’ll have to check individually their own unique mount type.

One of the major considerations you have to make is how hard the bindings are, and how much do they flex. This is of great importance, but also a bit of a personal preference comes into play here. The bindings can be hard or soft, depending on what they're made of. Generally speaking, hard bindings offer more speed and more control when you're carving, but they're better suited for more advanced riders, as beginners might struggle with them. On the other hand, softer bindings offer a greater margin for making mistakes and are much more comfortable for you until you get used to them. Not only that, but softer binders give you some extra control when doing tricks and riding rails.

Finally, you should consider the entry system of the bindings you're looking at. Most bindings have a standard two-strap system, where you put your snowboarding boot inside the bindings and tighten the straps. However, some of them feature opening hardbacks, making it much more convenient for you to place your foot inside, effectively shortening the time you need to get ready and get out there. Some even feature special entry systems where you only need to tighten the strap.
When it comes to price tags, bindings are a little bit on the expensive side. Most items you'll be looking at fall somewhere between $150 to $200. Beginner bindings will, of course, be less expensive, but this isn’t always so. Whether the bindings are made of aluminum, plastic or carbon fibers is also going to influence the price. High-end bindings cost at least $300, but can cost up to $450 for the really good ones.
The most prominent features of snowboard bindings are highbacks and straps. However, some bindings don't come with a highback. A pair of bindings will also be fitted with some kind of padding that’ll make riding more comfortable, and help absorb the shocks of carving or jumping. On some bindings, you'll also find lean adjusters for the highbacks, and some will feature a "gas pedal" – a simple toe ramp for better fitting.

To sum up all the features, here’s a short list of what to look out for:
  • Highback (sometimes without)
  • Straps (several types)
  • Padding on the base board
  • ”Gas pedal”
  • Lean adjuster
Construction and Design
For the most part, bindings are made of plastic. This doesn’t mean that those bindings are bad, or low quality, as the plastic used is very strong and resilient. These are also the lightest bindings available to you. Other, more high-end ones are made with aluminum and carbon fiber parts. Aluminum and carbon fiber ones are stiffer than the plastic ones, so they’re for more advanced riders, as we said. Bindings are usually made with a base plate that goes directly onto the board, straps and a highback, but not all of them feature a highback. There are also bindings with rear entry and a single strap that covers the entirety of the boot just before your toes. These are usually for kids.
Performance and Ease of Use
Usually, bindings are pretty easy to use. Before, people had to carry screwdrivers to adjust the lean of the highback, or had to do it at home with no hope of readjusting once on site. Nowadays, with the technology of the bindings much improved, you can adjust the leaners quicker and easier. The straps feature special cranks that allow tightening and can be released with one click. Your bindings’ performance is affected by the price, of course, but, more precisely, by the material. This we explained above.

Get the Best Snowboard Binding of 2022!

At last, we come to the end of our little article. We hope by now that you’re pretty familiar with what makes a pair of bindings great and that you’ve found a couple just for you. If you still haven’t found the right ones, feel free to check out the other excellent snowboard bindings from these fine brands!

Our Top Choice
Flow Alpha Snowboard Bindings
Best Value
Rossignol Cobra V1 M/L Bindings
Flux DS Snowboard Bindings
Ride DVA Snowboard Bindings
Avalanche Summit Snowboard Bindings