Best Snowboard Rack Reviews 2022

A snowboard rack is an essential accessory for snowboarding enthusiasts because it allows you to transport your favorite snowboards across hundreds of miles in a safe and elegant manner. For our review, we have picked five great snowboard racks for your vehicle from some of the best brands out there. Analyze these options and see which one fits your vehicle. If you are interested in ski car racks, we have a separate review on that as well and you might be happy to find out that ski car racks and snowboarding car racks can be used interchangeably.
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Locks & Keys
Our Top Choice
Yakima Big Powderhound Ski/Snowboard Rack
Yakima is a renowned manufacturer that specializes in vehicle racks and accessories. The Powderhound rack offers the best bang for your buck and it is easy to operate.
Can hold up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards. It comes with safety locks. Easy to install. Fits most vehicles. Durable construction.
Doesn’t fit 6 pairs of skis, but Yakima has other racks that do.
Ski and snowboard rack
28 x 9 x 4 inches/ 12lbs
2 pairs of skis, 2 snowboards
Most factory bars
Locks included
Best Value
Inno Racks INA940 Grab Max 6 Snowboard Rack
Inno Racks makes high-quality vehicle racks for skis, snowboards, bikes and other equipment. The Grab Max 6 rack is easy to install and can be operated without taking your gloves off.
Can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Sticks well to the vehicle. Doesn’t scratch your snowboards. Available in numerous sizes.
Isolated complaints that this rack is too big for some vehicles.
Ski and snowboard rack
Available in numerous sizes
6 pairs of skis, 4 snowboards
Most factory crossbars
Locks and keys included
Whispbar Rail Bar Ski/Snowboard Rack
Whispbar manufactures high-quality vehicle racks at affordable prices. The Rail Bar Roof-Rack System is designed to carry skis and snowboards while fitting most vehicles.
Can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Available in many sizes. Lifetime warranty. Easy to install. Attractive, minimalistic design.
Some complained it didn’t fit their vehicles. Make sure that you select the right size.
Roof rack system
Available in numerous sizes
6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
Most factory running rails
Key locking mechanism
Thule Snowcat 5401 Ski/Snowboard Rack
Thule makes a wide variety of ski and snowboarding vehicle racks. The Snowcat 5401 rack is easy to operate, safe, durable and can be installed quickly on your car.
Can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Push-button mechanism. Sturdy, metallic construction. Comes with 4 locks.
Isolated complaints that it arrived with missing parts. This item can be replaced.
Roof mount carrier
23.8 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches/ 12lbs
6 pairs of skis, 4 snowboards
Raised rail factory racks
4 locks included
Rhino Rack Ski/Snowboard Rack
Rhino Rack sells a multitude of ski and snowboard vehicle racks at reasonable prices. The Rhino Rack Universal Ski Arm Carrier can fit most rack types and is easy to install.
Holds 2 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards. Rubber arms prevents scratching. Key locking system. Universal mounting hardware included.
Doesn’t fit more equipment, but Rhino Rack has cargo carriers that can fit 4 pairs of skis.
Universal ski/snowboard carrier
18.4 x 6.8 x 5.8 inches/ 6.5lbs
2 pairs of skis, 2 snowboards
Most rack types
Key locking mechanism

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What is the Best Snowboard Rack?

The good news is that manufacturers design snowboard racks to fit most vehicle models, not to mention that these accessories come with universal mounting hardware. Now all that you have to do is to pick your preferred snowboard rack from the following five options we recommend!
Our Top Choice
The Yakima Powderhound snowboard rack comes at an affordable price and it can easily accommodate 2 snowboards or 4 pairs of skis. However, if you want a rack that can accommodate more skis then go for the Yakima FatCat Locking Ski and Snowboard Rack instead.

Yakima Powderhound Ski/Snowboard Vehicle Rack with Locks, Fits Most Factory Crossbars, SkyLift Technology

Yakima is a company that makes a wide variety of vehicle racks, specially designed to carry your bike, your water sports equipment or your skis and snowboards. The Powderhound vehicle rack offers excellent value for your money and it will keep your snowboards safe and sound during your journey.

Let's discover some of the features of this product.
  • It can hold up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards.
  • This rack comes with universal mounting hardware so it can fit most crossbars.
  • The integrated Skilift feature offers a vast amount of space for bindings.
  • The rubber edges will prevent scratching your skis and snowboards.
If you want to transport more cargo on top of your car, then take a look at Yakima's specially designed roof cargo boxes, which are spacious and safe.
Best Value
The Grab Max 6 vehicle rack from Inno Racks has adjustable height. It is designed to accommodate 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. If you want a vehicle rack with a split design, then go for the Dedicated High Type Ski\/Snowboard Rack from Inno Racks.

Inno Racks Grab Max 6 Pair Skis, 4 Snowboards, Includes Locks and Keys, Adjustable Height

Inno Racks specializes in ski and snowboard racks for vehicles, but it also makes other types of car accessories, such as Volkswagen badges, Bluetooth speakers and even glass office desks. For this review, we needed a rack with a great capacity and the Grab Max 6 fits this spot perfectly.

Let's find out more interesting details about this vehicle rack.
  • It can accommodate up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.
  • Available in numerous sizes.
  • It comes with locks and keys in the package.
  • The height can be adjusted for tall bindings.
  • This rack features an universal mounting system that fits most factory crossbars.
Inno also makes high-quality magnetic snowboard carriers if this type of design is more useful for you.
The Rail Bar Roof-Rack System from Whispbar is compatible with most factory-installed rails, comes in multiple sizes, and it can be used to transport up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. If you prefer a snowboard rack with a more aerodynamic profile, then go for the Whispbar Flush Bar Roof-Rack System.

Whispbar Rail Bar Roof-Rack System with Lifetime Warranty, Carries Skis and Snowboards, Available in Multiple Sizes

Whispbar is a brand that specializes in vehicle racks for transporting different types of sports equipment, such as skis, snowboards, bikes, kayaks and more. The products made by this company fits most vehicles and they are made from durable and lightweight materials. We picked the Rail Bar Roof-Rack System because it is versatile and easy to install.

Let's discover some more features related to this car rack.
  • You will enjoy lifetime warranty.
  • The rack is designed to minimize wind noise.
  • It is available in numerous sizes.
  • It can hold up to 220lbs/ 100kg of weight.
  • No fitting kit is required to install this car rack.
If you need more space for carrying your stuff around, then take a look at Whispbar's cargo carrier. These can be mounted on the roof of your vehicle and feature an aerodynamic profile.
The Thule 5401 Snowcat snowboard rack is a versatile cargo carrier especially designed for raised rail factory racks. It can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. However, if your budget is slightly smaller you should check out the Thule SnowPack Roof Mounted Ski\/Snowboard Carrier instead.

Thule 5401 Snowcat 6-Ski Roof Mount Carrier for Raised Rail Factory Racks, 4 Locks Included

Thule is another great company that manufactures top-notch vehicle racks and cargo carriers. This brand has an extensive line of winter sport vehicle racks from which we have chosen the versatile Thule Snowcat 5401 rack.

Let's learn some more details about this product.
  • It can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.
  • The rack features rubber arms to protect your equipment and prevent scratching.
  • You can operate this rack while wearing gloves as it features oversize buttons.
  • In the package you will also find 4 locks for added safety.
We are happy to report that Thule also makes practical laptop and tablet cases, so if you need to take your gadgets with you during your business trips or vacations you can feel confident that they will be transported safely.
The Rhino Rack Universal Ski Arm Carrier is designed to fit most rack types thanks to its versatile mounts which are included in the package. This rack can fit 2 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards. On the other hand, if you want to carry more equipment, then go for the Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount.

Rhino Rack Universal Ski Arm Carrier, Holds 2 Pairs of Skis or 2 Snowboards, Key Locking, Easy Operation

As you have probably guessed, Rhino Rack specializes in vehicle racks and it currently sells a wide variety of rooftop car racks that can accommodate different types of equipment. This company also makes outdoors equipment such as camping chairs or awning extensions. For our review, we have chosen the Rhino Rack Universal Ski Arm Carrier because of its excellent combination of cost-efficiency and quality.

Here are the highlights of this product.
  • The rack can be locked using keys for extra safety.
  • It can carry 2 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards.
  • The rack features rubber molding which prevents scratching and deterioration.
  • You can open this rack easily, even if you are wearing gloves.
Before wrapping it up, we would like to mention that Rhino Rack also makes a high-quality and versatile bike rack system that can be mounted at the end of your car. This will allow you to easily transport your bikes wherever you go.

How Do I Choose the Best Snowboard Rack?

Ski racks, snowboard racks, aren’t they the same thing? You are asking a good question and yes, some ski racks can be used for transporting snowboards and vice versa. It really depends on the rack model you choose. At the end of the day, a snowboard and a ski are very similar as they basically resemble a wooden board with different widths, so both snowboard and ski racks can safely accommodate them.

More and more people engage in winter sports each year, and that’s why sports equipment manufacturers have created special racks which can be installed on vehicles to transport snowboards safely. Such a rack usually attaches to the factory installed rails on top of your vehicle and can transport up to six snowboards at a time. Obviously, you also need to preserve some space in the trunk of your car for your snowboard helmet, goggles, and boots as these cannot be accommodated by the snowboard rack, but we're sure you have plenty of space left for that! Keep reading this guide to familiarize yourself with snowboard racks and how to buy a good one for your car.
Snowboard racks are cleverly designed accessories which come with locks and keys. They are also specially designed to carry virtually any type of snowboard, regardless of its size. When it comes to prices, you'll eventually pay between approximately $130 all the way up to $500 for a high-quality rack, depending on various factors such as the size of the rack, how many bars it comes with, how many snowboards it can carry, and so on. For example, racks which can safely hold six snowboards at once are going to be a little more expensive than those which hold four snowboards.

There are also very cheap snowboard racks if you are interested in that, and they are usually priced below 100 dollars, but we don’t advise you to go for them. Keep in mind that you are entrusting your entire collection of snowboards to a piece of equipment designed to keep them safe on the road. Would you do that with a cheap rack which is most certainly built from cheap materials? Of course not. Stay on the safe side, buy from a reputable manufacturer and your snowboards will remain in one piece.
We already mentioned a few factors related to snowboards; let's give them more credit in this section and learn more about them.
  • Materials - snowboard racks also need to be lightweight, not only durable, so they are usually made from a combination of aluminum and magnesium which sounds very sexy, doesn’t it? These racks also have rubber components to prevent scratching your beloved snowboards
  • Capacity - this basically refers to the number of snowboards and skis your rack can transport, and it ranges from two to six pairs of skis or two to six snowboards
  • Accessories - as mentioned earlier, snowboard racks come with universal mounting hardware, locks, and keys. In the package you will also find installation instructions, so you are not left to your own devices
By the way, if you want to skip the DIY part, you can also request expert assembly for certain snowboard racks if the manufacturer provides it. In other words, for a small fee, you can have your rack up and running while you read the newspaper and enjoy a fresh lemonade as a trained professional will do the installation job for you.
Construction and Design
Just like ski racks, snowboard racks usually consist of two or more bars which are installed horizontally, directly on the factory rails on top of your vehicle. The rack is made from several metal components which open up when you want to place the snowboards on them. When the snowboards are set, you lower the upper bar and use the provided locks and keys to secure your snowboards in place, so no one can grab them unauthorized. Even better, the rack secures itself to the factory rails with locks and keys too, so everything is kept safe, giving you more peace of mind when you leave your car in a parking lot, for example.

We mentioned earlier something about universal mounting hardware, and we think now it is a good time to give more details about that. This accessory is designed to fit most factory rails, whether we are talking about crossbars, or round or square rails. In the package, you will find small nuts and bolts which can be used to attach the snowboard rack to the rails of your vehicle. The installation process is fairly simple and ensures that the rack is firmly attached to the vehicle which is ideal especially when traveling at high speeds on the highway.
Performance and Ease of Use
Another advantage of snowboard racks consists of the fact that they usually come with oversized buttons, so they are fairly easy to use, even if you are wearing gloves. We were also surprised to find out that manufacturers can seriously protect your investment by backing up their snowboard racks with long warranty periods, even for a lifetime in some cases. Always inquire about the warranty period when buying such a rack because it is highly convenient to have it at your disposal, just in case.

Get the Best Snowboard Rack of 2022!

Snowboards are pretty expensive pieces of equipment, and we are sure you want to keep them safe and sound when traveling long distances. Some of the best snowboard car racks are reliable, elegant, and don’t cost a fortune, so pick yours today and prepare your next vacation in a snowy resort!

Our Top Choice
Yakima Big Powderhound Ski/Snowboard Rack
Best Value
Inno Racks INA940 Grab Max 6 Snowboard Rack
Whispbar Rail Bar Ski/Snowboard Rack
Thule Snowcat 5401 Ski/Snowboard Rack
Rhino Rack Ski/Snowboard Rack