Best Snowboarding Boot Reviews 2023

Winter sports are epic, but only if you're equipped with the right gear. Well-designed snowboarding boots are essential when engaging in different ventures in the mountains. They provide comfort, protection, and grip to keep your feet stable when riding. They not only ensure your safety but also influence your performance. This makes it necessary for every rider to choose snowboard boots wisely. We have looked at what the best snowboarding boot brands have on the market and put together a review of five boots from these companies with outstanding qualities in terms of performance and value. We hope that you’ll find them worthy of your consideration. "What is the Best":: The ultimate goal is to find comfortable and safe snowboard boots. However, that’s not the only concern a shopper will have. Every rider’s feet are unique, and so is his/her budget, taste preferences, and so on. Fortunately, the following five options represent the highest caliber of the three essentials of snowboard footwear: comfort, durability, and performance. Hopefully this information provides a solid foundation for the process of finding the right pair for you.
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Upper info
Sole info
Size range
Our Top Choice
Burton 275270 Sapphire Snowboard Boots
Founded in 1977, the Burton Company has risen to be a revered brand in snowboarding due to its superior products, like the Burton Sapphire Snowboard Boots.
Lightweight. Durable. Low profile for better performance. 1-year warranty.
Color of images on websites may vary slightly from actual product.
Women's / Lace-up
DynoLITE EST Optimized
Velcro Liner
4 - 11
Best Value
K2 Raider Snowboarding Boots
K2 Snowboards was founded in 1987 and has gained immense popularity for its innovative snowboarding products, like the K2 Raider Boots 2017.
Easy fit. Stylish.
Some clients complained of weak stitch work.
Men's / Double Boa
Boa® Coiler
6 - 15
Thirtytwo TM-Two Stevens Snowboard Boots
As a creation of top-notch skiers, the Thirtytwo brand is a true leader in addressing snowboarders’ needs with skillfully designed products like the Thirtytwo 8105000268/260 Boots.
Elegant design. Durable. Free returns on defective orders.
Sizes may be slightly smaller than usual, requiring you to get a larger size.
Men's / Internal Lacing
Power Strap
6 - 13
DC Women's Snowboard Boots
To keep abreast with changing fashion trends, the DC brand has always distinguished itself by producing highly stylish and superior products, like the DC ADJO100010 Boots.
Lightweight. Classy design. Boots come in several shades to suit your taste.
Stains easily.
Women's / Boa
Boa® Coiler
6 - 10
Ride Anthem Snowboard Boots
Ride has a passion to offer the best riding experience to skiers. The rider-inspired brand strives to design unique products like the Ride Men's Anthem Boots 2016.
Easily adjustable. Warm. Comes in 4 shades. Easy fit. Built for the right sizes.
Tightening mechanism may not work properly if the boa connector gets abstracted by things like loose pant lining.
Men’s / Boa
Boa® Coiler
6 - 15

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What is the Best Snowboarding Boot?

The ultimate goal is to find a comfortable and safe snowboard boot. However, that’s not the only concern a shopper will have. Every rider’s feet are unique, and so are budget, taste preferences and so on. Fortunately, the following 5 options represent the highest caliber of the three essentials of snowboard footwear - comfort, durability and performance - and provide a solid foundation for the process of finding the right pair for you.
Our Top Choice
Specially built for women, Burton Sapphire 275270 Snowboarding Boots come with special Thinsulate™ insulation for sufficient protection against very low temperatures. If you need a men’s option, get the Burton Ion Snowboard Boots. Built for optimal performance, these ski boots have light 2 level PEVA insoles to absorb shock during hard landings.

Burton Sapphire Womens 275270 Snowboarding Boots

The Burton Company is best known for manufacturing snowboards. It has contributed immensely towards the growth of snowboarding sport in America and beyond. Burton campaigned for acceptance of snowboarders by Vermont local resort owners in the early 1980s, and those efforts bore fruit with the establishment of the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships. The popularity of the sport saw the growth of the Burton brand as it diversified its business by producing other high-quality products related to the sport.

The elegant Burton Sapphire Women’s Snowboard Boots are one of these products. Built to last, these ski boots are available at only $269.99. Here are the features that attract many snowboard riders to these boots:
  • Fitted with special foil that reflects heat to keep your feet warmer
  • Comes in a True Fit™ design specifically for women
  • Fitted with Aegis™ coating to keep foot odor at bay
  • Snow-proof for added comfort
Best Value
The K2 2017 Men's Raider Snowboard Boots are designed with the K2 Conda™ system for easy liner adjustment even when riding. For a women's option, get the K2 Sendit Boots. Specially designed for starters, these boots are super comfortable, and it's easy to tighten or loosen the lacing.

K2 Men's Raider Snowboard Boots - 2017

The K2 brand is dedicated to building snowboarding equipment and accessories. It provides skiers with a one-stop-shop for their needs, with products ranging from snowboards to safety eye goggles. K2 goes further to specially design the products for both men's and women's preferences.

The sturdy K2 Raider Boots 2017 is specially built for men, giving them unparalleled performance for any freestyle skiing. For only $219.00, you can own these professional-grade snowboarding boots. Here are some of their great features:
  • Available in 4 shades, giving you a wide range of selection depending on your taste
  • Built with special Intuition™ foam liner for exceptional comfort
  • Fitted with an excellent combination of BOA CONDA technologies for superior support
The Thirtytwo 8105000236 Snowboard shoes’ cuffs are well articulated to prevent the shape of the shell from being distorted. For the ladies, the Thirtytwo TM-Two Women's Boots are a good option. Fitted with heel holding kit pockets, the Thirtytwo TM 2 W's-W boots are the dream of up-and-coming lady snowboarders.

Thirtytwo Team Two Stevens Snowboarding Boots

Since 1995, the Thirtytwo brand has been producing skiing boots and rider apparel with stunning elegance. Its products are built to the liking of globally renowned professional snowboarders, and designed to offer you an exceptional riding experience.

With an evenly flexible tongue, the Thirtytwo 8105000236 Ski Boots offer uniform lacing, ensuring equal distribution of pressure. Selling at only $309.99, this snowboarding footwear is a great catch for anyone with intermediate expertise in ski riding. Here are the features that make many excited about this product:
  • Designed with an internal lacing feature for unparalleled heel holding
  • Interior is built with high-density foam for increased comfort
  • Power strap closing mechanism
  • Built with special tongue tension mechanism which is hand controlled when riding
  • Comes with 3rd level footbed
Built for fast and easy fit, the DC ADJO100010 women’s snowboard is designed to offer maximum traction for an awesome performance. If you are shopping for a men’s option, consider the DC Men's Phase Snowboard Boot, fitted with snow-grade basic insoles. These boots are light, giving you an exceptional skiing experience.

DC Women's Search Snowboard Boot - Available in 3 Colors

DC is renowned for designing trendy casual wear, and produces equally fashionable snow sporting products. Many clients praise its snowboarding products for the easy feel and comfort they offer.

The DC ADJO100010 Women's Snowboard Boots come in a very attractive design that draws the crowd's attention. These boots are simply comfortable and snow-proof, and go for only $199.95. Here are the features that attract many to these boots:
  • Fair flexibility with a rating of 6/10
  • Comes with a fleece liner for added warmth
  • Convenient to put on
  • Good fit
The Ride 2016 Men's Anthem Boots are fitted with an Intuition™ liner to offer warm, comfortable and firm fit for a safe and enjoyable ride. If you're looking a premium option, check out the Ride Jackson boots. This versatile snowboard footwear is designed for quick adjustments and for use by anyone, regardless of expertise level.

Ride Men's Anthem Snowboarding Boots 2016

With professional riders with global standing at the helm of its designing team, Ride's products are sure to meet snowboarders’ needs. The Ride brand is keen on comfort and weight of boots, and it seeks to outperform other brands in delivering an exhilarating skiing experience.

The Ride Men's Anthem 2016 snowboarding shoes are designed to last while offering exceptional riding experience for only $167.96. These boots have a well-articulated cuff for a distortion-free shape. Features of these ski boots include:
  • Aegis™ Antimicrobial technology to fight foot odor
  • Average flexibility for superior performance
  • 3D designed tongue for added comfort
  • Built-in Lock Down™ lining for superior support
  • Suitable for a wide range of snowboarding activities
  • Great traction

How Do I Choose the Best Snowboarding Boot?

As winter beckons, it’s time to gear up for epic sports such snowboarding. Just like any other sport, you’ll need to get quality gear that ensures your comfort and safety for exceptional performance. Some of the important things you may need to replace include your snowboard, snowboarding helmet, and clothes. It’s also a good idea to grab an action camera to capture your activities firsthand. And when it comes to securing your feet, you’ll need quality snowboarding boots.

Investing in your own snowboard footwear comes with lots of benefits. For once, you enjoy the freedom to choose boots that suit your taste and preference. It also allows you to select boots that fit you well and guarantee your comfort. On the other hand, if you opt to hire, you’re never guaranteed that you’ll get boots that are built to fit the size and shape of your foot. It also comes with recurrent cost every time you go snowboarding. To avoid this, it’s wise to get your own boots that’ll give you value for your money.
The price of snowboard boots depends on their size, construction materials used, and other design features such as lacing mechanism. For example, a quality size seven boot with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) sole can cost about $150. On the other a hand, the price of size 13 boots with a rubber sole, top-notch power strap lacing mechanism, and hand-controlled tongue tension can go up to $300. Therefore, the more the features a pair of boots has, the more you should expect to spend on it.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t come across cheap snowboarding boots on the market. However, you should scrutinize them carefully as they are likely to be made of poor-quality materials that won’t hold together for long. Fortunately, we haven’t included such products in our review; therefore, there is no reason for you to worry.
When shopping for snowboard footwear, you ought to prioritize your comfort, flexibility, and safety above cost. This is because these factors determine your performance – something you can’t afford to gamble with if you’re in competitive snowboarding. You’ll, therefore, need to check the salient qualities of snowboard boots before buying them to make sure that they meet your sporting needs.

Here are the important features to look for in snowboard boots:
  • Type – Applicable gender or riding style(e.g. freestyle, all mountain, etc.)
  • Upper Design Details – Materials and style used for construction of boots’ upper section
  • Sole Info – Materials and style used for construction of boots’ sole section
  • Closure Mechanism – Closure mechanism of the boots
  • Size Range – Available sizes of the boots
  • Flexibility – Are the boots flexible or stiff
These features will be helpful in choosing boots that meet your snowboarding style and are within your budget.
Construction and Design
Snowboard boots come in both men’s and women’s designs. In addition, leading manufacturers go a step further to make these boots suit specific riding styles such as all mountain, free ride, and freestyle. This is done to help snowboarders get the most out of the boots. It’s also important to note that these boots feature two major parts in their design. An outer shell that’s often hard and inner liner that’s soft.

The sturdy, outer part is commonly made of synthetic leather or fabric. It features a design that allows for ample ankle movement and closure mechanism that’s meant to tighten to ensure a firm foothold. The closure mechanism can either be a Velcro or lacing system. So as to provide consumers with a wide range of boot fastening options, manufacturers have come up with many lacing systems. Some have a single point of adjustment while others have multiple fastening dials. Examples of these lacing mechanisms include power strap, single dial Boa® coiler, Boa focus (dual zone dials), speed zone, and lockdown.

Similarly, inner sections of snowboard footwear can either be attached to the boots or removable. Some of the materials used for making these liners include molded foam, fleece, and soft fabric. It’s also common for these liners to be antimicrobial treated. Since they are somewhat separate from the outer shell, they also have separating lacing systems to allow for added grip and firm fitting.

The soles of snowboarding boots can be shaped from rubber or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). They are also designed according to the size of the boot. Since people have varying feet sizes and shape, boot soles can come in wide or narrow types to suit diverse customer needs. So, as you shop for snow boots, pay attention to these factors to make sure that every part of the product meets your standards.
Performance and Ease of Use
Your choice of quality boots for snowboarding should be driven by ease of use, comfort, durability, flexibility, and safety. This narrows down to how the boots are built. For example, soft boots come with great flexibility that allows you to ride with ease. In addition, lacing systems that are adjusted using dials are easy to use and adjust compared to their traditional counterparts.

Moreover, snow proof materials used for the outer shell of the boots ensures that your feet don’t get wet while in action and cause any discomfort. The snug inner liner also taps warmth to your feet for added comfort. Liners that are antimicrobial treated prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for bad odor thereby keeping your boots fresh. When it comes to the soles of the boots, rubber is used to offer unmatched grip and durability while the lightweight EVA is great for light and flexible boots. So, whatever your riding style is, don’t compromise on qualities that leverage your riding efficiency.

Get the Best Snowboarding Boot of 2023!

An informed shopper is an empowered shopper. We hope that this review on the best snowboarding boots has made your search for snowboard footwear convenient and that one of our featured products meets your needs. The best part is that our selected brands have numerous options in ski boots which are likely to match your personal taste and budget. So, go on and find more options through the given links.

Our Top Choice
Burton 275270 Sapphire Snowboard Boots
Best Value
K2 Raider Snowboarding Boots
Thirtytwo TM-Two Stevens Snowboard Boots
DC Women's Snowboard Boots
Ride Anthem Snowboard Boots