Best Snowboarding Goggles Reviews 2023

Most snowboarding goggles are similar to ski goggles, and you may be pleased to know that these products can be used interchangeably. We have a review for ski goggles too, so if you're interested in what other products are available to you, make sure you check it out. For now, however, let’s focus on snowboarding goggles! To help you choose the ideal snowboard goggles, we have selected some of the best snowboard goggle brands on the market today, featuring a from each to give you a better feel for the different types of snowboard goggles available and what different brands have to offer.
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Our Top Choice
Fuel Optics Magnetic Snowboard Goggles
Fuel Optics is all about having fun, looking good and making sure you kick butt on the slopes without anything holding you back. This is evident in its High Performance Magnetic Snow Board Goggles.
Helmet compatible. Removable lens. Well ventilated. Thick padding. Distortion-free vision. Comfortable fit over glasses. Magnetic quick change lens.
Occasional difficulty when trying to remove the goggles.
Frameless design
100% UV protection
Spherical VX-Vision lenses
Adjustable, extra-long strap
Frameless design
Best Value
OutdoorMaster Snowboard Goggles Pro
OutdoorMaster specializes in providing affordable ski and snowboard wear that is highly effective and looks great too, as demonstrated in its Pro Snowboard Goggles.
Big, interchangeable spherical lens. Frameless design. Mirrored lens with dual anti-fog coating. Soft TPU frame. Over the glasses (OTG). Full helmet compatibility. 6-month warranty.
Difficult to see through them in darker/foggier weather.
Frameless design
15% VLT
Mirrored panoramic spherical lens
Elastic strap
Soft TPU frame
Zionor Lagopus Snowboard Goggles
Zionor is a great brand for anyone looking for high-quality ski and snowboard wear that will stand the test of time. Take a look at its Lagopus X2 Snowboard Goggles collection if you don’t believe us!
Oversize spherical view. Fog-free view. UV400 protection. Enhanced ventilation. Durable quality. Comfortable fit. Detachable strap. Helmet compatible. Anti-ultraviolet radiation.
Clarity not as good as more expensive brands.
Spherical Lens
UV400 protection
Double layer PC lens
Detachable stretch Jacquard strap
TPU frame
Oakley Flight Deck Snowboard Goggles
Oakley is THE top brand for sports-related eyewear and accessories that protect efficiently and look good. This is the case for Oakley’s Flight Deck Snowboard Goggles.
Rimless design for improved peripheral vision. Platonize lens material. 100% UVA, UVC, blue light protection. Optically correct. F3 anti-fog coating. Lens sub-frame attachment. Flexible O Matter faceplate.
Oversized lenses may be uncomfortable for some.
Rimless lens design
UVA, UVB, UVC protection
Platonize lens material
Adjustable strap
Lens sub-frame attatchment
Bolle Volt Black Graffiti Snowboard Goggles
With over a century in the outdoor skiwear industry, Bolle is a brand you can trust to deliver high-quality products that look and feel great, like the Volt Black Children’s Snowboard Goggles.
UVA and UVB protection. Flow-Tech venting. Double lens. P80 and Anti-Fog. Carbo-Glass outer lenses.
Children’s goggles, not for adult use.
Children’s goggles
UVA and UVB protection
Dual Pane lens
Adjustable strap
Vented frame

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What is the Best Snowboarding Goggles?

Choosing the best snowboarding goggles for you can be tough. You need to consider things like the style, size, how often you will use them, what sort of snowboarding you’re going to do and of course, your budget. Fingers crossed, however, after reading through our buying guide you will have figured out what snowboard goggles are most suitable to your needs as well as all the features you would like included. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to narrowing down your options and selecting the ideal snowboard goggles for you and your next adventure! So let’s get looking at our top 5 picks, shall we?
Our Top Choice
We LOVED Fuel Optics Magnetic Snowboarding Goggles due to the huge range of styles and impressive list of handy features. If you are after a sturdy case to keep your new goggles protected, check out the Fuel Optics Black Carrying Hard Protective Case too!

Fuel Optics High Performance Anti-Fog Snowboard Goggles with Magnetic Quick Change Lens-Blue

Fuel Optics Magnetic Ski Snowboard Goggles have magnetic lens changing technology that allows quick and easy lens replacement, and an ultra-wide frameless design, great for use over helmets. The layered triple foam design improves moisture management and comfort. These goggles also feature Dual-Pane lenses, creating a thermal barrier which reduces fogging and increases the flow of air inside the lenses, perfect for when you're halfway down a mountain!

The extra-long, adjustable head strap on these goggles is compatible with the majority of ski and snowboarding helmets. It fits a variety of head sizes for both men and women, and fits over glasses comfortably. The lenses of this product are possibly its best feature. Not only are they 100% UV protected, but they contain a unique coating which prevents scratches and lens damage, ensuring crystal-clear vision while you are bombing down the slopes! These goggles come in a HUGE variety of different colors and designs, to ensure you look your best when snowboarding season rolls around.
Best Value
The affordable and intricate design of OutdoorMaster’s Pro Snowboard Goggles makes them a winner in our (well- protected) eyes. If you need something to go with your new goggle purchase, try Outdoor Master’s Waterproof Ski Gloves too! Remember, frostbite is never fun.

OutdoorMaster Snowboard Goggles PRO-Detachable Anti-Fog Lens

OutdoorMaster’s Snowboard Goggles Pro have great reviews and are affordably priced in comparison to other snowboarding brands. The large, detachable magnetic lens and anti-fog technology allow excellent optical clarity and a wide field of view, making it easier for you to see while you're out on the slopes.

The 3-core face foam padding in this product also adds a level of comfort that many other brands fail to include. For those of you who (sensibly) wear a helmet when you are out snowboarding or skiing, the adjustable strap on these goggles allows for ultimate helmet compatibility, meaning they will fit just about anyone!

The Snowboard Goggles Pro also include a protective case, a carrying pouch and a handy little 6-month warranty for those more extreme snowboarders out there.
We think the Lagopus X2 Snowboarding Goggles are the best fit for anyone looking for high-quality ski and snowboard wear with a whole host of features. If you need a pair of goggles that has a quicker lens change system, look at Zionor’s Lagopus X4 collection instead!

Zionor Lagopus Snowboard Goggles With Detachable Lens

Zionor specializes in creating affordable, high-quality ski and snowboarding sportswear that’s not only durable, but looks pretty darn good too! With over 20 different styles of goggles to choose from, suitable for every kind of winter sport you can imagine, Zionor is THE brand for anyone shopping for fantastic sportswear that’s easy on the eye!

Zionor’s Lagopus X2 Snowboard Goggles have a long list of premium features. The oversized spherical style of these goggles allows a wider field of vision, with a peripheral design that allows for less distortion when skiing and snowboarding. The double layer PC lens also has a unique fog-free coating that makes your vision clearer and protects your eyes with UV400 protection. The TPU frame is made from a strong PC material which provides strong impact resistance, making your sking or snowboarding experience that much safer.

These goggles are comfy too! The multiple layer foam attached to the part of the frame that’s in contact with your face adds a level of comfort and safety often only seen in pricier goggles (it keeps your face nice and warm as well). They come in a whole bunch of styles and colors too, great for the fashion-conscious snowboarders among you.
We loved the eye for detail Oakley had when creating its Flight Deck range, and the fact that the collection is available in such an extensive range of colors and styles. If the frameless style doesn’t quite float your boat, get Oakley’s Canopy Snowboard Goggles instead!

Oakley Flight Deck Snowboard Goggles-Matte White/Fire Iridium

We chose to feature Oakley’s Flight Deck Snow Goggles due to their stylish design and the fact that they are probably some of the best rimless snow goggles we have ever come across. The idea behind Oakley’s Flight Deck collection is to maximize your field of view as well as your peripheral and downward vision, something that is unique to Oakley’s design. This allows you to be more aware of your surroundings during skiing or snowboarding, and leaves less room for nasty accidents. The interchangeable lens system also allows you to adapt to your surroundings so you can wear these goggles come rain or shine!

The minimized frame of these goggles allows for more comfort during your sporting activities, as does the helmet compatibility and flexible O-Matter face plate. The durability of this product is also unmatched anywhere else, meeting ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact resistance. It's made from molded polycarbonate in order to withstand extreme pressure. These goggles are also 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protected, meaning your eyes are protected from harmful light when wearing them.
Bolle’s Black Graffiti Children’s Goggles are the perfect fit for your little monster when hitting the slopes. With their wide range of safety features, you can rest easy knowing your child is well protected. If you're looking for an adult set, check out Bolle’s Mojo Shiny White Vermillon Goggles instead!

Bolle Volt Black Graffiti Children’s Snowboard Goggles

With products that meet the needs of everyday purposes and styles, Bolle is renowned for delivering the highest quality sunglasses and goggles for protection and performance and is constantly looking for ways to develop the fit, style and comfort of its products further.

Bolle’s Volt Graffiti Children’s Snowboard Goggles are one of the best choices in children’s snow-wear. Why should your little one not get the same great-looking, high-tech goggles that you do? The lens technology in Volt’s design means your child will see what’s coming, while being protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The double lenses in this product create a thermal barrier which keeps your little one warm and stops condensation. The anti-fog technology also disperses water molecules that can appear on the outside lenses, keeping your little monster’s vision clear and ensuring safety.

The venting system in the Volt also reduces the levels of moisture inside the goggles themselves, once again improving your child's vision when they are sliding down the slopes. Bolle’s goggles are covered in a protective Carbo-Glass armour that prevents scratches and cracks, meaning this product will last you and your little snowboarder a lifetime. All of Bolle's products are also helmet compatible. You can even purchase helmets from the same collection that match!

How Do I Choose the Best Snowboarding Goggles?

If you’re a fan of snowboarding, then you know the importance of a quality pair of goggles, along with a protective helmet, boots and your favorite snowboard…obviously. When you are snowboarding through the mountains, the weather can change almost immediately, which can be a problem when the sun is particularly bright. The brightness from the sun is amplified by both the snow and the altitude, which is why it is crucial you wear a pair of goggles that will protect you from UV rays. Goggles are also useful when it comes to protecting your eyes from snow and rain and allowing you to see clearly when you are gliding down the slopes.

Before you go rushing off and buying just any old pair of snowboard goggles, however, there are a few considerations to make. Firstly, snowboard goggles come in many different shapes and designs, suitable for a range of head and face sizes. It is important that you choose a good fitting pair of goggles as this will allow for a greater field of vision and a comfortable fit. You will also want to make sure that the goggles you choose are compatible with your helmet.

When purchasing goggles designed to be used in the snow, it is important to think about the type of lenses they have and decide which is right for you. The lenses in snowboard goggles vary depending on the light conditions you will be in as well as your own personal preferences.
  • Polarized lenses are ideal for reducing glare from both the sun and the snow, preventing your eyes from becoming tired whilst sliding down the slopes. They also don’t sacrifice any visibility when skiing in low-light conditions either.
  • Photocromatic lenses are perhaps the most versatile out of all the lenses as they can automatically lighten or darken depending on the light conditions of where you are skiing. The product’s clever design will adjust depending on the level of UV radiation, making them perfect for a variety of light conditions.
  • Mirrored lenses also known as or chrome lenses, are either slightly or fully reflective on the outside of the goggles, blocking additional sunlight in particularly bright light-conditions. They are also great at reducing glare as they reflect light away from the lens. If you will be snowboarding in overcast weather, however, then these goggles may not be suitable.
  • Non-mirrored lenses have no reflecting properties whatsoever so will allow ALL light to come through the lenses. These type of goggles are best suited to overcast weather or night time snowboarding as they will cause too much glare on bright, sunny days.
Once you know what kinds of lenses you want, you will need to take a look at your budget, important features, design as well as performance factors.
The cost of your new snowboard goggles is going to depend on a variety of factors. The majority of snowboard goggles will cost you between $25 and $225 depending on the style of the product, the features they include, and the level of UV protection they offer. Products at the higher end of this scale will usually have spherical lenses as they will offer a clearer image in comparison to other lenses. They also tend to have polarized lenses that will allow you to use the goggles in a variety of light conditions too.

Pricier goggles also tend to have higher levels of UV protection as well as silicone straps and fixtures for a comfortable fit. Products at the lower end of this scale work just as well, however, but may be more suited to those who only snowboard occasionally for recreational purposes. Cheaper snowboard goggles are available on the market ($15 or less), but be aware that these products won’t be as durable and will be more prone to scratches and damage, and most likely lower or no UV protection.
The features you will want included in your new snowboard goggles will depend entirely on your own personal preferences as well as your gender and the weather conditions of where you will be snowboarding. There are a few features we recommend keeping an eye out for, however, to ensure you select the best possible product for you!

UV Protection - The UV protection you choose will depend on where you will be snowboarding as well as your skins sensitivity and the amount of protection offered is going to vary dramatically between models. Some models offer 100% UV protection whilst others offer less than this. You will want to ensure your eyes are well protected, however, to prevent any long term damage. When searching for a pair of high-end snowboard goggles we recommend choosing a product that has 100% UV protection. This will give you ease of mind whilst gliding down the slopes and prevent you from damaging your eyes and surrounding areas.

Proper Fit and Size - When looking for goggles with a good fit, you will want to ensure that the seal of the goggles fit around your face and nose perfectly and that there isn’t a gap that will allow air and snow to get through. Goggles made specifically for women often have less volume, especially over the bridge of the nose. The frame of the goggles will also be smaller than a standard adult sized goggle. Children’s goggles are much smaller in size and are far less bulky. They also have a simpler design to keep the product durable and low cost. If you wear glasses, then you may want to opt for a pair of OTG goggles that allow you to wear your glasses underneath the goggles themselves. OTG goggles are deeper in design and have more space at the front of the eyes to ensure your glasses fit comfortably.

Helmet Compatibility - Another useful feature to look out for in your new snowboard goggles is helmet compatibility. This means that the goggles won’t get in the way of your helmet or prevent you from fastening it securely. A helmet is an incredibly important part of snowboarding and is something that shouldn’t be compromised. Therefore, we highly recommend selecting a product with this feature.
Construction and Design
When searching for a pair of high-end snowboard goggles we recommend choosing a product that has 100% UV protection. This will give you ease of mind whilst gliding down the slopes and prevent you from damaging your eyes and surrounding areas. It also means you don’t have to carry around a bottle of sunblock with you either which is always a plus!

One of the most important things to consider in terms of design is the shape of the lenses in your new goggles. The shape of the lens you choose will affect your field of vision as well as your peripheral vision too. Goggles with spherical lenses work well as the lens shape matches the curvature of your face and eyes. This means you will have a less distorted image whilst skiing and a clearer, sharper field of vision. Although these products are often more expensive, they will offer you far better optics than other lens designs.

Flat lenses, or cylindrical lenses, have a limited field of vision in comparison to spherical lenses as well as a poorer peripheral view. They are also far more likely to cause glare. You can also get double layered lenses which are made up of two separate lenses with a silicone seal to separate them. Double layer lenses trap in heat whilst reducing fog too. If fog is something that you have particular issues with then double layer lenses may be a good option.

Finally, we recommend looking for snowboard goggles with a wide silicone strap. This will make the product much more comfortable as well as secure and durable too. Products with this feature are much less likely to slip and shift in use and will keep your field of vision clear at all times.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new snowboard goggles, you are going to want to make sure you only clean the products lenses with the bag or cloth that the goggles are sold with. The fabric in the bag or cloth is specially designed to clean your goggles effectively. Using a tissue or clothing will actually scratch the lenses and cause more damage than good! You also can only clean the lenses once the product is dry.

If your goggles get full of snow, you will want to leave them to dry before cleaning them. It is also important that you don’t put the goggles down directly on the lenses as this will damage them too. Moreover, try and make sure you don’t wear the goggles on the top of your head as this may cause them to fog from moisture (and depending upon the quality of the strap, may stretch them out); instead, use them on your eyes only.

Get the Best Snowboarding Goggles of 2023!

Now that you’ve taken a look at five of the best brands for snowboarding goggles, you can feel well-informed to make your decision. If you’re still on the fence, why not pop over to our skiing goggles review and check out some more brands and products! Lucky for you, skiing and snowboarding goggles are interchangeable, so we have more choices to look at. Once you’ve made your decision, you can feel confident you’ve got a quality product and get up on those slopes with no reservations - other than the ones for the ski lift!

Our Top Choice
Fuel Optics Magnetic Snowboard Goggles
Best Value
OutdoorMaster Snowboard Goggles Pro
Zionor Lagopus Snowboard Goggles
Oakley Flight Deck Snowboard Goggles
Bolle Volt Black Graffiti Snowboard Goggles