Best Snowboarding Helmet Reviews 2023

A snowboarding helmet is similar to a ski helmet, and it’s no surprise that you can use them interchangeably. We also have a review on ski helmets if you are interested in exploring more buying options. For now, let's focus on five of the best snowboarding helmet brands with a product to feature from each. The helmets on our list are durable and stylish and will make your snowboarding experience richer and safer!
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Interior Pads
Our Top Choice
Giro Nine Adult Ski/Snowboarding Half Shell Helmet
Giro makes top-quality helmets for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. The Giro Nine is popular, well-built and suitable for numerous types of winter sports.
Durable materials. Available in several sizes. Attractive and eye-catching. Great ventilation system. Comfortable to wear.
Isolated complaints regarding the dimensions of the helmet. Make sure that you buy the correct size.
Snowboarding helmet
Comfortable; slots for earphones
Black or white
14 super cool vents
In-mold construction
Best Value
Lucky Bums Half Shell Snow Sport Helmet
Lucky Bums specializes in outdoor equipments and sport accessories. The Snow Sport Helmet is designed to offer utmost protection whether you are skiing or snowboarding.
Good value for money. Available in multiple sizes and colors. Washable interior lining. Eye-catching design. Superior ventilation system.
Few customers complained that it is too small for them. Make sure you buy the right size.
Ski and snowboarding helmet
Antibacterial, removable ear pads
Multiple colors available
Multiple air flow channels
ABS material ensures durability
Smith Optics Vantage Adult Unisex Adult Snowboarding Helmet
Smith Optics is a reputable manufacturer of optic devices and winter helmets. The Vantage Adult helmet is suitable for both men and women and it comes at a reasonable price.
Available in numerous colors and sizes. Superior ventilation system. Washable interior lining. Comfortable and stable.
Small complaints regarding shipment. This has nothing to do with the quality of the helmet.
Unisex snow sports helmet
Snapfit SL2 ear pads
31 colors available
21 Vents
Aerocore Koroyd construction
POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS Snowboarding Helmet
POC makes high-quality winter sports equipments and accessories. The Fornix snowboarding helmet provides utmost protection and it is comfortable to wear.
Available in numerous sizes and colors. Excellent chin strap system. Compact and lightweight. Ensures proper air circulation.
Few complaints about dimensions, make sure that you order the right size for you.
Lightweight winter helmet
Interior foam lining
9 colors available
Efficient adjustable ventilation
Aramid bridge reinforcements
Burton Anon Women's Greta Ski and Snowboard Helmet
Burton manufactures high-quality sports and clothing items for men, women and kids. The Women's Greta Ski and Snowboard Helmet is stylish, safe and comfortable to wear.
Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes. Affordable. Compatible with various audio accessories. Superior ventilation system.
Doesn't feature more color options.
Women's snowboarding helmet
Comfortable, soft lining
4 colors available
Multiple front and rear vents
Audio accessory compatible

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What is the Best Snowboarding Helmet?

Before buying a snowboarding helmet, make sure that you know exactly what size you want and set your budget. Also, the color of the helmet will set you apart from the crowd on the slope or mountain, so make sure you pick a color that fits your style. Let's begin with a popular model from Giro!
Our Top Choice
The Giro Nine is one of the most popular and practical winter helmets money can buy today. It is suitable for snowboarding and skiing and it has a sophisticated ventilation system. If your budget is smaller then go for the Giro Bevel Snowboard Helmet instead.

Giro Nine.10 Snow Helmet with 14 Super Cool Vents, In-Mold Construction, Available in Multiple Sizes

Giro is a prestigious manufacturer of winter sports equipments. This brand currently makes ski and snowboarding helmets as well as many other winter accessories such as gloves and helmet visors. The Giro Nine is durable and resistant to wear and tear. This helmet is excellent for beginners as well as experienced snowboarders.

Here are more features related to this product.
  • This helmet is available in several sizes and 2 color options.
  • It features in-mold construction.
  • It comes with 14 Super Cool Vents that ensure proper air circulation.
  • It is made from durable materials that will protect your head against injuries.
  • The helmet is compatible with Giro audio systems.
Remember to take a look at the other winter helmets made by Giro as they come at reasonable prices and come in numerous colors options. Giro also makes bike helmets if bicycling is your favorite sport.
Best Value
The Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet comes in multiple colors and sizes and it is ideal for skiing and snowboarding. The internal padding has an allergic and antimicrobial treatment. If you prefer a helmet with a fleece lining then go for the Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet with Fleece Liner.

Lucky Bums Snowboarding Helmet with Washable Foam Liner, Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

Lucky Bums is a brand that specializes in outdoor equipment and sports accessories. This company is known for making high-quality backpacks and winter helmets such as the Snow Sport Helmet one. We loved this model because it offers excellent value for money.

Here are the highlights of this snowboarding helmet.
  • It is available in 4 sizes and more than 12 color options for you to choose from.
  • The ABS material ensures long-lasting protection.
  • It comes with internal lining which is removable and washable.
  • The chin strap is secure and keeps the helmet stable on your head.
If you ever need a sleeping bag or a camping table for kids, check out the affordable products made by Lucky Bums.
The Smith Vantage Unisex Adult Snow Helmet is a popular and sophisticated winter helmet. It comes with a superior ventilation system and it is available in numerous sizes and color options. If your budget is slightly smaller then go for the Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet.

Smith Optics Vantage Winter Helmet with Hybrid SL Shell Construction, Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

Just as the name implies, Smith Optics is a company known for making high-quality optic devices, but this brand also makes highly popular and appreciated snow helmets such as the Vantage Adult Helmet.

Let's find out the highlights of this product.
  • It features 21 vents.
  • It is available in multiple sizes and more than 20 color options.
  • It has removable goggle lock
  • The helmet is compatible with Skullcandy audio systems.
  • It is compact and lightweight, yet remains durable and strong.
Don’t hesitate to check out the line of sunglasses made by Smith Optics - you will definitely love the design of these optic devices.
The POC Fornix Helmet features an attractive design and provides superior protection while you power down a slope or mountain. This helmet is also available in many sizes and color options. If you prefer a competition helmet then go for the POC Skull Comp 2.0 Helmet instead.

POC Fornix Snowboarding Helmet with Aramid Bridge Reinforcements, Goggle Clip, Multiple Colors Available

POC is renowned for making high-quality ski and snowboarding helmets. The products from this brand are toughened and strengthened to protect your head against accidents and injuries. We loved the Fornix model and we are sure that you will find it attractive and useful as well.

Here are the advantages of this snowboarding helmet.
  • You can choose from several sizes and up to 9 color options.
  • It is lightweight, yet it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • The helmet features frontal and rear vents for proper cooling.
  • It is designed to prevent goggles from fogging.
If you liked this one then maybe you will also like a knee protector from POC or a highly attractive and stylish skateboard jacket!
The Burton Anon Women's Greta Helmet is designed to give ladies a pleasant ride down the mountain while ensuring proper head protection. This helmet is made from strong materials and it is available in 2 sizes. If you want one for your husband as well then go for the Burton Anon Men's Raider Helmet.

Burton Anon Winter Helmet with Removable Goggle Clip, Available in 2 Colors and 3 Sizes

The last product in our list comes from Burton, a brand that specializes in high-quality wintersports accessories and apparel. While we were doing our research, we stumbled upon the Women's Greta Helmet and we thought this would be a fine addition to our list.

Here are the advantages of this snowboarding helmet.
  • It features a stylish design and it is available in 3 color options.
  • The interior pads keep your ears warm.
  • This helmet is compatible with audio accessories.
  • The chin strap system is well-built and easy to use.
  • It features vents that ensure proper air circulation.
Burton also makes high-quality gloves and socks for adults as well as kids if you are interested in more sports and fashion accessories.

How Do I Choose the Best Snowboarding Helmet?

With the realization that you can get hurt pretty badly while snowboarding, the importance of using helmets every time you’re out on the slopes goes without saying. Snowboarding helmets, just like any other kind, such as ski helmets, have undergone a lot of advancements and upgrades to what they are today. It’s now very easy to get a helmet that fits properly, is lightweight and offers utmost protection to your head in case of an incident.

Additionally, the best snowboarding helmet is what you need to protect yourself from falls that could cause injury and even brain damage. They also provide you with warmth you’ll appreciate while in the snow. A helmet is not the reserve of extreme racers and snowboarders, but of every snowboarder to stay safe.

Snowboarding helmets are now lightweight and comfortable, meaning you won’t have to worry about reduced performance once you hit the slopes. With the advancements in snowboarding helmets, you’ll also be able to have your goggles held in place, and you’ll have the ability to communicate easily using audio equipment. There are many more benefits you’ll enjoy when you use a snowboarding helmet.

Helmets are not only meant for men, but also women and kids. Getting the perfect size is easy because snowboarding helmets come in different sizes, with some having the ability to adjust their sizes for a snug and more protective fit. Although you can engage in snowboarding for fun, it also makes a perfect fitness and sports activity, as long as you have on the right protective gear.
The price of a snowboarding helmet depends on its construction and the features it comes with to enhance your safety. Since not all helmets are made equal, investing in a good one is essential for a safe and long snowboarding experience. Cheap snowboarding helmets available on the market might lack critical features, and most come as single-impact helmets; this means that after they save you from an accident they’re rendered unusable.

Since snowboarding is a risky sport, protecting yourself is of great importance. Therefore, you should avoid poor-quality helmets that either won’t last or might compromise your health if an accident occurs. You’ll find a decent snowboarding helmet of good quality for about $30 to $50. High-end models for use in extreme snowboarding might cost more.
The most important feature to look out for in a certified helmet is size. You should ensure your helmet fits properly on your head so it stays on in any kind of collision. Some helmets come with the ability to customize the fit so it fits snugly and comfortably as required. You also have the option of choosing a color of your liking based on personal preferences and personality. Consider a color that matches your snowboarding outfit for an enhanced appeal.

Here are some features you should look for in your snowboarding helmet:
  • Certified standards on the helmet for safety
  • The right helmet size to fit your head
  • The ability to adjust the helmet size for a comfortable fit
  • Enough air vents for proper ventilation
  • Goggle straps and clips to hold your goggles in place while in use
  • Removable ear pads for added comfort
  • Removable liner for easy cleaning
  • Breathable interior padding for comfort and air circulation
  • Moisture wicking and microbial liner to absorb sweat and keep germs away
  • Ability to mount a camera to record your moves
  • Materials used to make the helmet for durable use
With the right snowboarding helmet, you can enjoy your favorite sport or hobby without worrying about getting injured in case of a fall.
Construction and Design
Whether you’re a beginning snowboarder or a seasoned one, you need to protect your head from injuries by wearing a good helmet. The following factors will help you pick a good snowboarding helmet for you:

Type – Snowboarding helmets are available on the market in two main types, although there are other rare types. The first common kind of snowboarding helmet is the hard shell helmet. These are made by attaching the inner shock-absorbing material, usually EPS foam, to a hard outer shell, usually made of ABS plastic. These helmets provide durability and good protection from the everyday knocks you’ll be subjected to as a snowboarder.

The second common type of snowboarding helmet is the in-mould helmet. These are made by fusing the shell and the lining foam together. The end product of this infusion is a helmet that’s much lighter. Although these helmets are highly protective, look out for a certification stamp to assure you of its quality.

Interior Pads – The interior padding of a snowboarding helmet is also important because it absorbs shock and keeps it away from your head in case of an impact. The padding should be made of a material that’s forgiving to the head. EPS foam is the most commonly used padding material in snowboarding helmets. The padding also offers comfort, warmth and breathability. It should have a liner that’s flush, removable and washable so your helmet stays fresh and clean always.

Color – While choosing a snowboarding helmet, bright colors are recommended because they make you more visible, even when far away or when visibility is low. Some helmets might have a reflective strip or color to enhance this. Choose a helmet that makes it easy to identify you. Also, you might want a color theme for your snowboards, as snowboarding helmets are available in various colors.

Ventilation – Air vents are also important because they regulate the temperatures inside your helmet. Due to a helmet’s thick padding and lining, it can easily become hot on the inside, making it uncomfortable. Ventilation helps to get rid of the hot air and circulate fresh air inside your helmet. Look for a helmet with enough fixed and adjustable vents that can be used for those moments when you need more air.

Design – The most common design of snowboarding helmets is the half shell design. It’s the most popular among snowboarders because it’s stylish and gives a better experience with the helmet. The half shell helmet comes with removable ear pads you can take off for enhanced hearing. It also allows you to use other listening and audio devices with the helmet because your ears will be free.

Another design of snowboarding helmets is the full shell, a traditional helmet. It comes with a complete shell passing over the ears with the ability to inhibit hearing. This helmet is mostly used by racers in competitions for enhanced safety. The last design is the full face, which is a full shell helmet with a visor and a chin guard so even the face is completely covered by the helmet.
Performance and Ease of Use
You can get maximum protection when snowboarding by getting yourself a perfectly fitting helmet. If it’s too loose, it can be knocked off easily on impact, leaving you exposed. The vents allow air to circulate inside the helmet, keeping you comfortable, while a removable and washable liner keeps you fresh; you’ll want your helmet to have these two features. For enhanced safety, you should go for a helmet built to offer multidirectional protection.

Store your helmet in a storage case if it came in one, and keep the liner clean and dry all the time. Ensure that the chin strap’s clasps and clips are not broken or spoilt so your helmet always stays on your head. Choose a color of your liking to match your outfit for an appealing look.

Get the Best Snowboarding Helmet of 2023!

Remember that snowboarding or skiing without a helmet is very dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. These five helmets have been designed by experts to provide you with utmost protection and safety. They are also quite comfortable too, so get one and you’ll have more peace of mind!

Our Top Choice
Giro Nine Adult Ski/Snowboarding Half Shell Helmet
Best Value
Lucky Bums Half Shell Snow Sport Helmet
Smith Optics Vantage Adult Unisex Adult Snowboarding Helmet
POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS Snowboarding Helmet
Burton Anon Women's Greta Ski and Snowboard Helmet