Best Soap Scum Remover Reviews 2022

Soap scum isn’t anybody’s favorite thing to look at while having what’s supposed to be a refreshing bath; neither does it make for a good view in your kitchen sink or anywhere else. For these reasons, it makes plenty of sense to have a soap scum remover on hand. There are many of them to choose from and deciding on which is the best soap scum remover might be tricky. So, in our usual helpful nature, we’ve gone through what’s on offer in the market and found the top five brands with great scum removers.
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Cleaning Time
Our Top Choice
Bring It On Cleaner Water Spot Remover
Bring It On makes reasonably-priced scum, stain, and spot removers that remove the toughest and oldest of scum build-up.
Special oxygen bleach formula. Removes scum from practically any surface. Economical; a little delivers a lot. Disinfects the surfaces. Easy to use. Multi-functional application.
May require some elbow grease.
10 minutes
16; 32; 128 ounces
Water spot, lime, rust remover
Oxygen bleach
Best Value
Tilex Bathroom Cleaner
Tilex offers a range of bathroom cleaning solutions for a complete, step-by-step clean-up routine, removing surface mineral and microbial build-up.
Cleans different surfaces. Kills disease-causing germs. Smart tube technology for every last drop. Effective no-bleach formula. Non-abrasive.
Fumes may be somewhat stifling.
10 minutes
16; 32 ounces
Stain remover/disinfectant
Scrubbing Bubbles Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner
From general touch-ups to the deep, all-out bathroom cleaning, Scrubbing Bubbles does the tough and dirty jobs, sparing your time and energy to do the things you love.
Deep-cleaning action. Cleans multiple surfaces. Effective against bacteria and viruses. Fresh rather than overpowering fragrance. Protects surfaces from scum.
Isolated complaints about shipping taking too long.
Aerosol cans
10 minutes
22 ounces
Water stains/anti-viral/bacteria
Fresh clean; fresh citrus
Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner
Kaboom makes a line of innovative bathroom cleaning solutions that are 100% tough on soap scum, stains from hard water, mold, and mildew, leaving it with a clean you can see.
Powerful cleaner. Removes soap scum and all types of stains from bathroom. Contains OxiClean for increased effectiveness. Requires minimal scrubbing. Non-abrasive.
Some might find the fumes somewhat strong.
Scrub immediately
32; 60 ounces
Lime stain/grease/grime/calcium
Fresh clean
EarthStone International Bathstone Cleaning Block
If you’re looking for how to maintain an enviably clean toilet while contributing your own quota to a greener earth, Earthstone International exists for people like you.
100% chemical-free. Made with recycled glass. Delivers amazingly brilliant results. Fast-acting. Requires minimal scrubbing. Pocket-friendly. Non-abrasive.
Might be tedious for daily cleaning.
Scrub immediately
1.6 ounces
Rust/mineral build-up/mold
No scent

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What is the Best Soap Scum Remover?

We would like a scum-free space, considering their unaesthetic quality and disease-causing potential, but we wouldn’t want to sacrifice our nostrils and lungs inhaling strong fumes from scum removers to get them. With the information we provided, we’re hopeful the following reviews will be great pointers.
Our Top Choice
The Bring It On Cleaner Water Spot Remover with Oxygen Bleach is specially-formulated to remove unsightly scum build-up from practically any non-porous surface, leaving it as sparkly as new and free of microbes. If you’d like to be able to forestall future soap scum build-up after cleaning, there is the Bring It On 32oz Water Spot Cleaner Plus Protect Shield package on offer; check it out.

Bring It On Cleaner Water Spot Remover with Oxygen Bleach – Available in Multiple Sizes

Bring It On, is a division of IIVUS Marketing Inc., and sister-brand of Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner and Touch of Beeswax Wood Preserver. This company is committed to creating products which deliver results that are nothing short of astounding; to achieve this, it ensures that no corners are cut in the process of product development. An example of this commitment to thoroughness is seen in the 12 years of research it put into finding the correct ingredients and combination to weaken and dissolve the molecular bonds holding stubborn stains to surfaces. It’s quite confident in its merchandise, so confident that it offers a money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. Thanks to its partnership with Ace Hardware, one is sure to find its products in any of Ace Hardware’s 5000 outlets worldwide.

The Bring It On Cleaner Water Spot Remover tackles soap scum on any non-porous surface including tiles, glass, ceramic, fiberglass—the list is endless—and it doesn’t matter how long the stains have had to build themselves a fort in your space, this cleaner has been designed to wipe them off the face of the earth (or much less dramatically, your space).

The Bring It On Cleaner has a specially-developed formula; it contains oxygen bleach (which is actually hydrogen peroxide and shouldn’t be mistaken for chlorine bleach) which dissolves the strong bonds that exist between the stains and the surfaces they’re on. It also contains a light abrasive, which works with the oxygen bleach to take out difficult stains without any damage to the surface underneath. The oxygen bleach is also a disinfectant, so you get not just a physically clean surface, but a biologically clean one too.

We love the fact that with this cleaner, there’s no need for gloves as it’s safe, lacking in chemicals that can cause any harm to your hands. It has a minty fragrance that’s sure to expel odors, leaving an invigoratingly welcome ambience behind. Some of the applications to which it can be put to include: removal of mineral deposits, rust, organic stains, cleaning of stovetops, BBQ grills, kitchen ware, etc.
Best Value
The Tilex Lemon-scented Bathroom Cleaner cleans different surfaces, dissolving soap scum and killing disease-causing germs with every wipe. With its smart tube technology, you get to enjoy great results to the very last drop. It sure would be nice to have an elbow-grease-free way to keep the scum at bay after it’s been cleaned up, which is why you should take a look at the Tilex Daily Cleaner – 32-oz .

Tilex Lemon-scented Bathroom Cleaner with Smart Tube Technology – Available in 16 and 32 Ounce Sizes

The Tilex brand is owned and operated by The Clorox Company, an establishment with more than a hundred years of experience to call its own. It’s renowned for its long-standing tradition of integrity, ethical practices, and fair dealing. A strong desire for results and the collaborative effort of every team member has also served as an important propellant in this company’s ride to the leading edge of its industry. Tilex is one of its many successful brands and features a line of bathroom cleaning solutions that not only removes water spots and stains from mineral accumulation, but removes mold and mildew from their very roots as well.

This Tilex Bathroom Cleaner comes as a pack of 3 cleaners, each of them a 16-ounce size. The cleaner is designed to break up soap scum build-up on your bathroom tile, sinks, glass doors, and all the spaces in between—so long as they are non-porous, that is. In addition to this, its bactericidal action has been shown to kill germs commonly found in the home such as Staph, Salmonella, etc. It comes in a spray which will give the product a stronger propelling force into spots or corners that would have been difficult to reach with a different application method. The content is dispensed as a foamy solution; this allows it to stick to the surface instead of rolling off it in beads.

It has a refreshingly pleasant lemon scent that will leave your bathroom smelling just as good as it looks. Further, a Smart Tube Technology in the container design means that you don’t have to watch those precious last drops of the cleaner go to waste, as it delivers every drop of the content, giving you complete value for your money.

Other soap scum removers from Tilex include:
  • The Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner, Refill Bottle, 64 Ounces which comes in a pack of 6 bottles to be sprayed on bathroom surfaces daily to prevent scum, mold, and mildew from accumulating or growing
  • The Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover Spray - 32 Ounces which is tough on mold and mildew, attacking them from the roots, and is also effective against soap scum
  • The Tilex - Disinfects Instant Mildew Remover which is 32 ounces
The Scrubbing Bubbles Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner cleans deeply, removing soap scum, water stains, and more on most bathroom surfaces. It’s effective against bacteria and viruses, increasing your protection. If you’d like to bring the aura of a citrus garden into your bathroom with each wash, we recommend you have a look at the Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner – Citrus Scent.

Scrubbing Bubbles Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner – Fresh Clean Scent Fragrance, 22-oz Aerosol Can

Scrubbing Bubbles has been in the business of making short work of gunk in bathrooms since 1972. It’s constantly reinventing itself so that its customers always get an easier and quicker bathroom-cleaning experience. Scrubbing Bubbles produces cleaners for every area of everyday life, from the bathroom to the outdoors. It’s a member of the S.C. Johnson family of brands, a company that was founded in 1886. By a steadfast commitment to its people-oriented principles, hard work aimed at profit-making, and a re-investment of those profits into the general community, it has remained a name to reckon with ‘til date.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner has a deep-cleaning, foam formula that expands into those nooks and corners that give one a hard time when cleaning the bathroom. It works on an impressive variety of surfaces to break down soap scum, remove hard water spots and stains, rid your space of dirt, and fight 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that are commonly found in homes.

The foam it dispenses stays on the surface you want to clean, putting it in longer direct contact with the ugliness that is soap scum and its bedfellows. This makes it a lot more effective as it does most of the work of dissolving soap scum into nothingness, saving you time and energy. It can even be sprayed upside-down so that you’ll have better access to hard-to-reach areas such as under the toilet rim.

According to the manufacturer, it shouldn’t be used on brass, acrylic, or natural marble and a spot test is recommended on other non-porous surfaces before use.

Scrubbing Bubbles makes other soap scum removers which include:
  • The Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach which removes mold, mildew, and soap scum from your bathroom tiles, glazed porcelain, sink, counter, etc.
  • The Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Clean Scent Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner kills virtually all household bacteria while delivering brilliantly clean results
  • The Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer with Ultra Cling Trigger with a foam that clings to surfaces for about 4 minutes, penetrating and dissolving messes, giving you less cleaning time
  • The Scrubbing Bubbles Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner which gives you faster cleaning results on more surfaces
  • The Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner with Color Power Technology changes color to indicate when the surface is clean
The Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner with OxiClean Stain Fighters is a powerful cleaner that tackles soap scum, mineral buildup from hard water, lime, and all types of stains in your bathroom for a thorough, complete clean. If you’re interested in a larger quantity or would like more Kaboom for less, you can take a look at the Kaboom Shower, Tub And Tile Cleaner – 60-oz Refill Pack.

Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner with OxiClean Stain Fighters – 32-oz, 2-Pack

Kaboom has always been keen on creating the best way for home and business owners to get the cleanest, fastest, and least-exerting of bathroom cleaning experiences without having to break the bank. It has a team of skilled men and women who are devoted to creating innovative products with powerful formulations that will deliver cutting-edge hygiene to its customers. Kaboom is one of the Church & Dwight Co., Inc. brands; it’s a leading manufacturer of household products.

The Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner is a bathroom cleaning solution with an effectiveness of herculean proportions. It has been specially-formulated with OxiClean to penetrate through the grime and yuck in your bathroom. Thanks to this special ingredient, when the Kaboom Shower Cleaner is sprayed onto a surface, it disintegrates soap scum and mineral deposits that have accumulated on your tiles, glass doors, tubs, sinks, shower heads, and other fixtures, regardless of how much time they’ve had to form.

It’s also effective against all types of stains whether it’s hair dye, grease, or any other stains. Moreover, there are a lot of surfaces it can be used on making it a convenient and versatile cleaner. It’s quite easy to use as well; simply pull back its trigger and a fine spray of foam is released. It sticks to the sprayed surface for some minutes—this is the part where you leave and attend to other matters. At the end of those few minutes, a simple wipe-down or light scrub is all that’s required to reveal a beautifully clean surface underneath.

Here are some other soap scum removers from Kaboom:
  • The Kaboom Plus Disinfex Fresh Scent 3-in-1 Bathroom Spray which is formulated to clean, deodorize, and disinfect your bathroom surfaces
  • The Kaboom Foamtastic Bathroom Cleaner, Fresh Scent, 19-ounce with foam that changes from blue to white to indicate that the cleaning has been completed
  • The Kaboom Shower Guard Daily Shower Cleaner coats walls, tiles, doors, and other surfaces with a water-repellant sheet thus preventing accumulation of dirt
  • The Kaboom Professional OxiClean, Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner which is used to take out the toughest scum and stains
The EarthStone International Bathstone Cleaning Block, a 100% chemical-free scum remover, is made with recycled glass to effectively remove soap scum, hard water stains, and mineral buildup with brilliant results. For more of this scum remover in a value pack, check out the Earthstone International Soap Scum Remover 3 Pack.

EarthStone International Bathstone Cleaning Block

In 1995, Gay Dillingham and Andrew Ungerleider created Earthstone International as a solution to their growing concerns about the adverse effects of the strip-mining process that is conventionally used to source materials from the mountains of New Mexico and other parts of the world. Its mission is to produce an eco-friendly household cleaning alternative that people can trust for equal and even better results. How are these cleaning blocks made? First, glass that has been recycled and crushed is collected and ground to a fine powder. The powder is mixed with Earthstone’s special foaming agent which causes it to rise; it’s then baked, cooled, cut, packaged, and delivered to you.

EarthStone International’s Bathstone Cleaning Block provides a safe, fumeless bathroom cleaning experience; it doesn’t contain any chemicals in its composition and is quite easy and comfortable to use. This scum remover is quite versatile and can be used on lots of surfaces including tiles, porcelain, grout, tempered glass, and a number of other surfaces. It’s not just effective at making soap scum disappear; it also works against mold, mildew, rust, and mineral buildup from hard water. When used on recommended surfaces, it gives an almost instantaneous gleaming result without scratching or causing any damage to the surface underneath the scum or stain.

It’s a safe alternative that can be used by every member of the family and gloves aren’t a necessity to use. What’s more, unlike sponges and scrubbers, it doesn’t provide a suitable environment for the growth of viruses or bacteria within its body.

We love the inventiveness behind the creation of these blocks; it’s an ingenious win-win solution for the homeowner looking for a clean bathroom and for the environment.

How Do I Choose the Best Soap Scum Remover?

Since it’s only a natural reaction between the calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water and the fatty acids in our soaps, there’s isn’t much that can be done to stop the formation of soap scum. But we can do something about having to share our space with it and that’s where the soap scum removers come in.

Soap scum removers are preparations that are formulated to eliminate not just soap scum found in our bathrooms, kitchen sink areas, laundry areas, and pretty much anywhere hard water and soap interact; they can also be used to during our pool cleaning routines to remove the mineral deposits that accumulate there over time or to remove rust and many other types of stains.

Most scum removers are also designed to kill microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, mold, and mildew. They can be used on a great variety of surfaces that include ceramic, marble, porcelain, glazed porcelain, and a host of other non-porous surfaces. Such scum removers have an antibacterial or disinfectant ingredient added to them. However, here is something you may not be aware of: germs capable of causing gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases can be found in soap scum.

Choosing the best scum remover means that you get to save some cash as you don’t have to spend money amassing a cabinet full of cleaning agents—soap scum removers are so versatile. It also means that you don’t have to go through the hassle—and potentially dangerous route—of mixing powders, detergents, and chemicals to create a cleaning cocktail. We understand that your needs differ from the next fellow’s, and all we’re offering is a guide in this review to help you on your soap scum remover search.
Soap scum removers come in different types and designs, and this is one factor that is responsible for their differences in price. You can find them in aerosol spray cans or in sprays with a trigger mechanism; they can also come as pour-on or as a block.

Other things that can affect the price of these cleaners include the brand, the ingredients, and the seller. Many brands are already big names in the game and may already have a system of operations or networks that allow them to take advantage of economies of scale. This may not be the case with some other brands, so one will find that the latter group may have cleaners as efficient as those of bigger brands, but may have to sell theirs at a higher price.

Soap scum removers are sold at a price range of $4 to $20 and may even be found for more. We know how easy it is to come across cheap soap scum removers on the market, and while they may look like godsends, we want you to take the time to think about the frustration that will inevitably result after a great deal of the product and elbow grease leaves your tiles, tub, and doors unchanged.
While it’s important that a scum remover leaves the washed surfaces with a brilliance that calls for dark shades (like in those commercials on TV), you have to ensure that the ingredients in such strong cleaners are safe and will not irritate your skin upon contact. Also, be careful to note the cleaning instructions as some are not suitable for certain surfaces.

Here some other noteworthy features:
  • Type (i.e. spray, pour cap, block, etc.)
  • Cleaning time
  • Quantity
  • Use (i.e. surfaces it can clean)
  • Scent
Construction and Design
One is sure to find a great variety of scum cleaners on the market, with different designs and formulations all aimed at making the consumers’ cleaning sessions shorter and more effective. One important difference is the means by which the cleaners are dispensed; there are sprays, scrubbing blocks, and pour caps. With sprays, one is able to get more surface area coverage as the cleaning solution is propelled higher and further than we would normally reach with other methods of dispensing. There are also solutions that are to be poured onto the surfaces to be cleaned, and then there are blocks which are designed to scrub the annoying off-white stuff out of existence.

Let’s spare a moment to talk about the consistency of these solutions; generally, if these cleaners are not in a solid block, they can be found in liquid or foam forms. The foam cleaners cling for a much longer duration of time to the tiles, porcelain, grout, glass, and whatnot. This increases the contact time—more on that shortly—between the cleaner and the soap scum for a thorough, stress-free cleaning. The liquid cleaners are of a looser consistency and will tend to flow in the direction of gravity, leaving trails of spotlessly clean tracks behind. So with these types, you’ll want to apply the cleaner evenly on the surface to be cleaned.

The basic ingredients in a soap scum cleaner may include an abrasive agent, disinfectant, bleaching agent, and foaming agent. All of these combine to deliver a multi-faceted approach to cleaning as the resultant compound is not only effective against stains, but against potentially harmful microorganisms as well.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are a number of us who find cleaning therapeutic, but for those who don’t, we’d like the process to be done as quickly and as effectively as possible so that we can move to other things on our to-do list. Even cleaning for therapeutic purposes will not achieve its aim when you have to repeat the process after looking back at your work and finding that there isn’t much of a difference. So, what we all agree on is that a scum cleaner should deliver noticeably good results within the shortest time possible.

Now, when we’re talking about time, it’s important to note that it includes the time taken for the entire cleaning process. While this may depend to some extent on the individual doing the cleaning, the soap scum remover contributes greatly to how soon you’re going to round off with the cleaning. As a general rule, after you’ve applied your scum remover to the surface, you let it sit for a short period before coming in to wipe or scrub it off. The length of time you have to wait depends on the remover you’re using; while some do not require any waiting at all, take the blocks for instance, some others may take a few minutes.

The whole point of taking the time to search for the best scum remover is so that we can have great-looking sinks, tubs, tiles, and all other surfaces without having to go through much elbow grease in the process. The scum remover should be able to get into the gunk and dissolve it all. The soap scum remover should also be able to do more than that; it should be able to attack and remove mineral build-up from hard water and other stains.

We all want to get the best value for our hard-earned dollars, so it’s understandable that we should be concerned about how much of the cleaner we get in a container. Ensure that the volume of the soap scum remover to dollar ratio is well-balanced. To get an even clearer picture, throw in the remover’s versatility in cleaning surface options (i.e. how many types of surfaces it’s suitable for and how many types of stains it can remove) into the equation.

Many scum removers are scented and will bequeath your space with the pleasant fragrances they carry, improving the overall experience. However, you’ll find others with strong, overwhelming fumes; for these, we advise that windows be opened during use where a total avoidance of use isn’t convenient. As a parting shot, we advise that before purchase and use, ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions. This will lead to proper use of the scum remover, preventing disappointments after use.

Get the Best Soap Scum Remover of 2022!

We’re here at last and we hope we were of help. Make that order and get set to obliterate the scum. We’ve reviewed one from each brand here, but if you’d like to consider more options, these brands have more soap scum removers for you.

Our Top Choice
Bring It On Cleaner Water Spot Remover
Best Value
Tilex Bathroom Cleaner
Scrubbing Bubbles Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner
Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner
EarthStone International Bathstone Cleaning Block