Best Soccer Cleat Reviews 2022

Staying nimble on the field can take more than skill. The best soccer cleats can totally change your game with supportive designs and strong, durable studs. Most cleats are built to be snug and lightweight so you're never slowed down during a game. We chose five high-quality products from some of the best soccer cleat brands so you can find the perfect fit.
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Our Top Choice
Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Men’s Soft-Ground Soccer Cleat
Nike is an unrivaled leader in innovative shoes and athletic gear. This shoe is part of Nike's Hypervenom line, which means it's built for maximum agility on the field.
Breathable leather and mesh construction. Flywire cable wraps for extra support. Dynamic fit collar for upper support. Responsive feel. Molded cushion for comfort.
On the expensive side.
6A to 13D
Best Value
Adidas Performance Kids' Messi Firm Ground Soccer Cleats
Adidas is driven by a love of sports in creating a range of high-intensity athletic gear. These kids' cleats are built for speed so kids can reach their potential on the field.
Zero breaking-in time. Touch skin upper. Snug-fit.
The included laces may be slightly long depending on the size of your kid's feet.
1 to 13 Little Kid, 3 to 6 Big
Grey/Green, Blue and Silver
Puma Women's evoSPEED 5.2 FG Soccer Cleat
Puma products excel in both lifestyle comfort and athletic performance. These stylish cleats are both comfortable and good-looking.
Low-profile design. Stylish look. Padded collar. Durable outsole with 12 cleats.
Not ideal for wet and muddy ground.
5.5 B to 10 B
White and Pink
Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Cleat for Kids
Diadora specializes in rugged athletic footwear and accessories. These reliable soccer shoes are comfortable and easy to play in.
Shock-absorbing EVA foam. Wide cleat placement for stability. Padded ankle collar.
Not as snug or sleek as higher-end models.
Cotton and EVA Foam
Polyurethane and Nylon
8 Toddler to 6.5 Big Kid
6 Colors
Vizari Infinity Firm Ground Children’s Soccer Cleats
Vizari is a California-based specialty soccer brand. These fun kids' shoes are another good choice with a unique dimpled exterior and durable stiching.
Strong anti-stretch lining. Padded heel. Comfortable collar lining.
Not as snug or sleek as higher-end models.
8 Toddler to 4 Big Kid
6 Colors

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What is the Best Soccer Cleat?

We looked at specialized athletic shoe companies to find tried-and-true cleats you can rely on. We compared the price of each cleat against user satisfaction, comfort, weight and additional features. We chose to focus on cleats in a variety of price ranges, as well as men's, women's and children's cleats, so there's an option for everyone.
Our Top Choice
The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Soccer Cleats offer a responsive, agile foundation for any player on the field so you can make the most of every stride and kick. For a high-quality women's cleat, check out the Nike Women's Mercurial Victory Soccer Cleat.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II SG-PRO Anti-Clog Traction Soccer Cleats - Men's Volt/Black Hyper/Turq Clr Jade Shoes

Nike hardly needs an introduction at all, since it's so widely recognized as a leader in shoes and athletic gear. But not everyone knows how it's able to maintain its status at the top. Nike employees work hard to foster sustainable innovation, solving the problems of tomorrow's athletes, today.

This cleat is part of Nike's Hypervenom line, so you know it's built for snug support and total agility. Let's take a closer look at its features:
  • Flywire cable wraps around the foot to create a supportive fit
  • The dynamic fit collar keeps your ankle steady in the shoe for even more support
  • Nike's innovative ACC (all conditions control) technology offers a consistent feel in dry and wet weather so you won't be thrown off during an important game
  • Molded sockliner cushions limit pressure from the studs so you have a comfortable feel
  • The nylon body has a Pebax base that offers support and responsiveness on the field
  • The studs have strong TPU tips for long-lasting durability
These soccer cleats are available from 6A to 13D in men's US measurements.
Best Value
The Adidas Performance Kids' Messi Firm Ground Soccer Cleats are built with a narrow frame and locked-in fit to add stability and speed. If you're looking for a reliable girl's cleat, check out the Adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat for toddlers and kids up to 12 years.

Adidas Performance Kids' Messi 16.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats– Available in Stylish Designs

Adidas wants to support the sporting lifestyle and help users perform at their best. It has a variety of brands that complement each other to improve all-around fitness. Adidas is firmly rooted in the history of sporting culture, but it's also on the forefront of change and innovation.

These kids' cleats are regarded as some of the best children's soccer shoes available. Let's take a closer look:
  • The snug, lightweight design is great for speed and lets your kids make the most of their effort on the field
  • The shoes are made with flexible synthetic material
  • The touch-skin design offers a fit that locks in the foot for effortless stability
  • The mono-tongue construction means that loose turf won't get stuck inside the shoe and allows easy movement
These shoes are available in two size ranges: little kids (4-8 years) and big kids (8-12 years).
The Puma Women's evoSPEED 5.2 FG Soccer Cleats offer the best of both worlds: speed and style. For a men's version that's built to enhance performance, check out the Puma Men's King All-Around Soccer Cleat.

Puma evoSPEED 5.2 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat for Women - Multiple Sizes Available

Puma stands for ferocious athletic performance and style. It offers gear for teamsports, running, golf, motorsports and more. Before Puma was called Puma, it was a small German shoe factory run by the Dassler brothers. Their first major achievement came athletes in Dassler shoes won seven gold medals in the 1936 Olympics. About 10 years later, Puma was born, and its athletic shoes were soon being worn at national sporting events.

The Puma Women's evoSPEED 5.2 FG Soccer Cleats are made to offer good performance and optimal comfort – and they come at an affordable price. They feature a durable rubber inner and outsole for long-lasting durability. The collar is padded for in-game comfort, and the thin, low-profile tongue gives these shoes a sleek, lightweight feel.

These Puma cleats are available from a 5.5B to a size 10B.
The Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Cleat for Kids is a very popular choice for kids looking to have fun on the field, with wide cleats and padded comfort. For a popular men's version, check out the Diadora Men's Capitano LT Soccer Cleat.

Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Shoe with Cleats –Toddler, Little Kids and Kids Sizes, Available in 6 Hot Designs

Diadora was founded in 1948 in a laboratory meant for creating high-quality mountain boots. It rose to the top of the mountain and work boot industry. In the 1960s, when people started looking for better athletic shoes, Diadora's stylish athletic shoes were soon being worn for both sport and leisure. Today the company offers shoes built for numerous sports as well as apparel and accessories.

The Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Cleats for Kids are a popular choice. Parents are looking for a reliable and comfortable shoe, and they find it with this soccer shoe. Its shock-absorbing insole uses EVA foam to reduce stress on the feet and create a comfortable experience. The ankle padding also helps to make the shoe more comfortable. The cleats on the bottom of the shoe are spaced widely at the heel to improve stability and help prevent falls and slips.

These shoes are available in lime green/blue, black/white, orange/blue, black/pink, green/white/red and yellow/black. They're also available in three size ranges to fit toddlers, little kids from 4 to 8 and big kids from 8 to 12.
The Vizari Infinity Firm Ground Children’s Soccer Cleats offer a durable design and unique look that helps children look cool and kick some tail on the soccer field. If you're looking for a style that little boys will love, check out the Vizari Skull-Imprinted Soccer Cleat with cute cartoon skulls.

Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Shoes with Cleats - Toddler, Little Kids and Kids Sizes, Available in 6 Color Combos

Vizari is based in California and specializes in a broad range of soccer products. It sells footwear, shinguards, balls, bags, training equipment and fun athletic apparel. Vizari guarantees the quality of its products and works hard to make each one unique and well-performing.

The Vizari Infinity Firm Ground Children’s Soccer Cleats combine durability with comfort and a stand-out style. They feature a bright neon exterior in your choice of green, pink, blue, white, red or yellow. They're also available in three major size ranges so they can fit toddlers, little kids from 4 to 8 and big kids from 8 to 12. The Vizari Infinity uses strong anti-stretch lining for long-lasting performance. The heel and collar are also padded for extra comfort.

How Do I Choose the Best Soccer Cleat?

According to Forbes, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two highest-paid footballers in the world, as of 2016. Guess how much they earn? Cristiano makes a whopping 82 million dollars per year, while Messi comes in close at $72 million. Well, those are head-spinning numbers, but the two deserve it, owing to their splendid performance in the wonderful game of soccer. What wouldn’t you give to be in the same room with one of these players? Since chances of that happening are slim, you can come close to playing like them by investing in a pair of quality soccer cleats.

There’s this contentious topic that always comes up when it comes to soccer: ‘Is it the shoes that make a player shine?’ Well, however you choose to look at it, there’s no ignoring that the type of shoes you wear when playing sports like golf, basketball or soccer contribute greatly to your performance. One of the major benefits of wearing cleats is the fact that they provide you with good grip as you play. They also allow your feet to be comfortable as you run and even stand for extended periods of time. Just like in basketball, having the appropriate footwear will definitely let you shine on that soccer pitch.

While soccer shoes are a great addition to your shoe collection, they may not help you score goals on the pitch. Soccer cleats, on the other hand, have been innovatively designed to help you achieve this. In order to get the best soccer cleats, you have to pay attention to a number of factors, such as the shape of your feet, the material used to make the shoe, the surface on which you’ll be playing and the weight of the shoe as well. All in all, you will be unstoppable on the pitch with the right pair of soccer cleats.
Recently, adidas released into the market the same soccer cleats that Messi wears while playing, and it will cost you $230 to get a pair. Usually, soccer cleats cost between $15 and as high as $300. Why such a huge variance? Well, a lot has to do with the design and construction of the shoe. Those that have a padded lining and a molded foot bed for increased comfort tend to be quite expensive. In the price range above, you will find a comfortable pair of shoes with good grip and enhanced performance.

It’s important to let you know that you will come across cheap soccer cleats that we would highly discourage you from purchasing. In our research, we found out that such cleats often don’t provide you with the comfort necessary for you to shine in the pitch. This discomfort arises due to a poorly constructed foot bed, and even when the upper part that hits the ball isn’t user friendly.
The shoe section of a sports store is often filled with rows upon rows of soccer cleats. It can, therefore, be a daunting task to decide which pair will work for you. Below, we have outlined some of the key features you need to look out for before selecting a particular pair of soccer cleats:
  • Use - Soccer cleats are designed for both kids and adults. It’s, therefore, important to get the right shoe depending on who is going to use it.
  • Playing Style - You have to keep in mind which position you like playing when in the field; are you a goalkeeper, midfielder, defender or forward?
  • Playing Surface - You need to pay attention to the type of surface you are going to be playing on, whether turf, natural grass or any other type.
  • Materials - The make of the shoe, especially on the upper side, is important. The material used can either be leather or synthetic materials.
  • Weight - You don’t want a pair of shoes that weighs you down and prevents you from moving easily around the pitch.
Construction and Design
When designing soccer cleats, factors such as speed, control and power are thoroughly considered. In terms of control, the cleat has various elements around the specific control zones, which ensure that the player can make some solid passes in a quick manner. To enhance speed, cleats are made very light through a minimal design. To add the oomph necessary to cruise through the pitch, technology is used to boost power around strike zones. You may also find some cleats that combine some of these elements, such as speed and control, into one design, creating a hybrid shoe.

The weight of the shoe is an important component when designing soccer cleats. In recent times, brands have made their products lighter and lighter. Any cleat that weighs less than 9 ounces is considered to be very light in weight and ideal for speed when playing. In terms of the materials used to make the cleats, there’s a lot of diversity and it all boils down to your personal preference. That said, kangaroo leather has been used quite often to make cleats, but it seems that its use has dwindled over time. Instead, major brands are turning to synthetic leather, with the aim of mimicking the wonderful properties possessed by natural leather.
Performance and Ease of Use
Wearing the right cleats will ultimately affect your performance on the pitch. But, how do you find the right shoes for you? Well, paying attention to the position you intend to play when on the field is a good starting point. Goalkeepers need cleats that will provide them with amazing traction and enough speed for them to make quick lateral moves. Defenders, on the other hand, need to go for a shoe that will protect their feet while allowing them to make some fantastic passes. If you are a midfielder, then you need a shoe that will provide you with ultimate comfort for the entire ninety minutes.

When your shoes fit right, you will play well in the field and produce great results. To get the fit right, you need to understand the shape of your feet and purchase the correct soccer cleats for that. Since sometimes it can get muddy on the soccer field, it’s important to clean your cleats after games. If grass gets stuck on the outer sole, you can smash the cleats together to remove it. Ensure that your cleats completely dry before you store them until the next match.

Get the Best Soccer Cleat of 2022!

Think about how important your games are to you. The best soccer cleats should make a real difference for a passionate athlete, while others may be happy with something that's simply reliable. Pay attention to user reviews if you're worried about comfort and fit. Whatever you might be looking for, we've chosen expert brands who stock a wide variety of options – and there's bound to be one for you!

Our Top Choice
Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Men’s Soft-Ground Soccer Cleat
Best Value
Adidas Performance Kids' Messi Firm Ground Soccer Cleats
Puma Women's evoSPEED 5.2 FG Soccer Cleat
Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Cleat for Kids
Vizari Infinity Firm Ground Children’s Soccer Cleats