Best Soccer Shin Guard Reviews 2023

Soccer is one of the most exciting games on the planet but, at the same time, a quite dangerous one. Of course, if you are admiring it from the comfort of your own living room, sitting in the middle of the couch, with one hand petting your French bulldog and the other one holding a beer, you're pretty safe! However, if you go out there on the field and get sweaty running after the soccer ball, you'll need a pair of good shin guards. We picked five great sets from five of the best soccer shin guard brands on the market, and these products will go excellently with a pair of soccer shoes or soccer cleats – of which, by the way, we have reviews on too!
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Our Top Choice
Nike Charge 2.0 Football Shin Guards
Nike is one of the most popular and appreciated sports brands in the world. It makes soccer accessories, shirts, headbands and other athletic equipment.
Available in multiple size options. Easy to put on and take off. Zipper closure. EVA foam padding for enhanced protection.
Not available in more color options, but you can’t go wrong with black.
Pull-on design
From small to extra large
Molded EVA foam backing
Polypropylene shell
Best Value
Champion Sports Sock Style Soccer Shin Guard
Champion Sports creates plenty of sports equipment and accessories for kids and adults of all ages. Its products are colorful, reliable and lightweight.
Can be carried in a pocket. Easy to put on. Excellent for casual games and practice. Come with ankle protection.
Isolated complaints regarding the quality of the fabric.
Compression sleeve & shell
Youth large; ages 8 – 10
4 colors available
Fabric, machine washable
High impact EVA foam
Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guards
Adidas is one of the most prestigious and popular sports brands out there, selling shirts, soccer cleats, shin guards, backpacks, headbands and many other accessories to its clients.
Available in multiple colors and sizes. Lightweight and easy to put on. Durable and flexible guards. Attractive design.
A few customers complained about receiving just one guard in the package but, the second one was supplied immediately after contacting adidas.
Compression sleeve & shell
From small to extra large
10 colors available
Fabric, machine washable
EVA foam
Diadora Scudo Soccer Shinguards
Diadora manufactures reasonably priced sports equipment and soccer accessories, such as shirts, cleats, soccer balls, shin guards and more.
Available in several color and size options. Lightweight and comfortable. Excellent for kids and adults. Includes two compression sleeves.
Some customers received the guards in the wrong size.
Compression sleeve & shell
From small to extra large
3 colors available
Polypropylene shell
Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guard
Vizari makes a wide range of sports equipment and accessories for kids as well as adults. Its products are not only affordable and reliable, but also visually pleasing.
Available in multiple colors and sizes. Comfortable and lightweight. Machine washable. Easy to put on and take off.
The shells are not vented.
Pull-on design
From XX-small to large
5 colors available
Foam-padded backing
Polypropylene shell

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What is the Best Soccer Shin Guard?

Now that you learnt more about soccer shin guards, it is time to check out a couple of products and see how they stack up. Remember to always be careful when picking the size of the desired guard, to avoid confusion and problems.
Our Top Choice
The Charge 2.0 Soccer Shin Guard from Nike is specially designed for adults and is available in four size options for you to choose from. If you prefer a lighter, but equally strong soccer shin guard, check out the Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards, which are also available in multiple colors and sizes.

Nike Charge 2.0 Unisex Adult Soccer Shin Guard with Zipper Closure - Multiple Sizes Available

Nike is one of the most famous sports brands in the world, up there with adidas and Puma. This company makes reliable and eye-catching sports accessories such as shoes, shirts, hoodies, caps, headbands, wristbands, backpacks, bags and many, many more. Even if you aren’t a professional athlete, we are sure you have a product from Nike somewhere in your house.

The Nike Adult Charge 2.0 Soccer Shin Guard is available in an elegant black/green color scheme, and it comes in four size options – small, medium, large and extra large. Make sure that you consult the size chart before ordering, to make sure your shin guards will fit. This particular model features a "one-piece" design, meaning that you simply pull it over your leg, and the guard will follow the contour of your shin.

For additional protection, these guards feature a polypropylene shell with molded EVA foam backing to keep your shins safe while you play soccer. You know how painful it can be to receive a direct hit to your shins but, with these guards, you will have more peace of mind! Best of all, these soccer accessories are easy to put on and take off, thanks to their cleverly designed zipper closure. If you are looking for a comfortable and safe shin guard from a prestigious manufacturer, the Charge 2.0 model from Nike might be suitable for you!
Best Value
The Youth Sock Style Soccer Shin Guards from Champion Sports are comfortable, lightweight and incorporate an ankle protector, which gives you more peace of mind out there on the field. This model is designed for kids and teenagers – if you prefer an adult shin guard, check out the Pro Bury All Homeplate Shin Guards, which come at an affordable price.

Champion Sports Youth Sock Style Soccer Shin Guards – Available in 4 Colors & in a 2 Pack

Champion Sports sells more than 2,000 types of sports equipment and accessories at affordable prices. You can choose from baseball belts, soccer shoes, shin guards, dodgeballs, even jump ropes. This brand is renowned for making eye-catching and colorful accessories so, if you have a kid who needs some sports gear, make sure you check out Champion Sports' products.

Speaking of children, the Youth Sock Style Soccer Shin Guards from Champion Sports are specially designed for kids, and they are available in a classic, but elegant, black color with white straps. If you don’t fancy this color, you can opt for the white with black stripes, white with Champion logo or black with Champion logo. This model can be worn just like a regular sock and the protection covers the shin area perfectly. It incorporates EVA foam, which keeps the shin safe and absorbs any hits, shocks and vibration.

These shin guards also include an ankle protector, which is a useful addition. Soccer is a game where players get injured quite often, so the ankle protector combined with the shin guard will make your kid feel safer out there. Also, this guard will make the parents happy too, as it can be easily washed. Just throw it in the washing machine, and that's it! If you’re kid plays soccer often, you might want to consider getting the black/white 2-pack to save on the washing for a couple of days!
The Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guard are available in several size options and multiple colors for you to choose from. This model is excellent for beginners as well as experienced athletes. If you are interested in a shin guard similar to what Lionel Messi wears during his games, check out the adidas Messi 10 Pro Shin Guard.

Adidas Ghost Pro Soccer Shin Guards with Soft and Durable EVA Backing - Multiple Colors and Sizes Available

We are happy to include yet another product from adidas in our reviews, as this brand is well known for making high-quality sports equipment and accessories. Whether you are looking for shirts, shin guards, soccer cleats or fitness bottles, adidas is the go-to company for these items and many others. This brand doesn’t only create reliable products, but also puts an emphasis on design and visual appeal, and this is probably one of the reasons why it is so popular all over the globe.

The Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guards are available in several size options, from small to extra large, as well as multiple colors, such as black, silver, green, metallic, etc. The design of this shin guard set is a "two-piece" one, meaning that the sock is separate from the actual guard that gives protection to your shin. To put this guard on, you place the shield on your shin, then pull the compression sleeve up, covering the shield. These accessories are designed to follow the shape of an athlete's leg, and they are vented and highly comfortable.

The guard itself incorporates EVA backing, which adds to its strength while making it lightweight. When you play, this accessory won't feel like a burden on your legs, and your shins will be protected if you accidentally (or voluntarily) get a hit at your legs. Best of all, the compression sleeves and the guards are easy to clean, and they can easily last for several years of continuous use.
The Diadora Scudo Shinguards are available in several color and size options, and they incorporate a vented shell which improves breathability and comfort. If you require a stronger guard, we recommend the Diadora Gamma Carbinio Shin Guard, which actually has seven layers of fiberglass and Kevlar built into its design.

Diadora Scudo Soccer Shinguards Made with Synthetic Materials - Multiple Colors and Sizes Available

Diadora might not be as popular and prestigious as its competitors – adidas, Puma, Nike – but it definitely fights its way to the top and we were pleasantly surprised by its products. This brand sells sports equipment, particularly soccer accessories, in different colors, sizes and shapes. You can go for soccer balls, goalkeeper gloves, shin guards, shirts, soccer cleats, even whistles for referees.

For now, let's focus on the Diadora Scudo Shinguards, which are available in blue, red or silver, and also in sizes from small to extra large. This particular model is an affordable and practical one, as it is made of synthetic materials that can take a lot of wear and tear. In the package you will also find two compression sleeves, which keep the guards stable on your legs.

We like the fact that these shin guards are made of a special type of ventilated foam, which improves breathability and makes you feel more comfortable while playing soccer. The shell itself is made of polypropylene, which is known for its durability and lightness. At the end of the day, if you are looking for a reliable pair of guards without spending a fortune on soccer accessories, the Scudo model from Diadora might be exactly what you need.
The Vizari Malaga Shin Guard is available in several color and size options, and incorporates a lightweight polypropylene shell, which guarantees your safety out there. If your kid loves pink, check out the Vizari Blossom Shin Guards which will definitely stand out on the field!

Vizari Lightweight Polypropylene Malaga Shin Guard – Multiple Colors and Sizes Available

The last product in our list comes from Vizari which, just like Diadora, is a well-established sports brand selling lots of attractive athletic equipment and accessories. You can choose from soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer balls, backpacks, headbands and even goalkeeper gloves and jerseys, which are available in multiple colors and sizes, and suitable for both boys and girls.

The item which caught our attention is the Vizari Malaga Shin Guard, which is available in multiple size options, from XX-small to large, as well as five color options, including red, blue, black and more. This model is easy to put on, as it can be worn as a sock while the guards are secured at your calves using adjustable straps. This design gives additional protection to your ankle, as the guards will remain firmly in place during the entire practice session.

Speaking of the guard, this component is made of polypropylene and incorporates foam backing, which provides additional support. The guards themselves are comfortable and will not feel awkward, even after many hours of play. Once you are done playing, throw them in the washing machine and they will look brand new. Before wrapping it up, we also want to mention that, thanks to the materials used, these shin guards are seriously lightweight, suitable even for toddlers!

How Do I Choose the Best Soccer Shin Guard?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know why it hurts so much when you accidentally hit your shin against a solid object, or someone hits you by mistake while playing soccer. This part of the body is completely vulnerable because the bones and nerve endings are very close to the skin. Therefore, one minor bump and you might be screaming in pain. If you are playing soccer, you need to protect your shins at all costs, otherwise you risk serious injuries.

That's why professional manufacturers out there have created shin guards. Soldiers have their shields, boxers have their mouth guards, soccer players have their shin guards. These accessories are lightweight and comfortable, and they can absorb a great deal of force, protecting your skin and bones. As a result, you can enjoy a soccer game without being afraid of getting injured. To make your soccer experience even more realistic and exciting, don’t hesitate to practice regularly, using a kickball and a pop-up soccer goal. Get yourself a pair of soccer cleats too, and you'll be on top of your game!

If you are new to soccer or you want to protect your kid, but don’t know which soccer shin guard is best for him, then please continue reading this guide. You'll find plenty of interesting details and we promise we won’t get into technical details or complicated mumbo-jumbo!
Everyone is concerned about costs when it comes to shopping for athletic gear. If you want to get serious about your soccer career, you are probably wondering how much you should take out of your pocket for a pair of high-quality soccer shin guards. Well, the good news is that you can easily afford such an accessory, and even have something left to share a beer with your mates after you win the game! For example, most good shin guards start from $10 (give or take a fiver) and go up to $40-$50 for a higher-end model. There are many cheap soccer shin guards out there too, usually priced below $5, but these are made of poor-quality materials that don’t provide adequate protection, so stay away from them.

You might also be wondering what influences the price of a good soccer shin guard. Well, the brand itself can be a factor, as well as the size, color and materials used. For example, an extra-large shin guard from adidas will definitely cost more than a small guard from a less popular brand. The idea here is to set the correct budget (you know, avoid getting into vacation savings) and go for a guard that will serve you well for years to come!
Whether you are buying for yourself or for your kid, here are several aspects you need to take into account to make sure that you are buying a suitable pair of soccer shin guards:
  • Size - As with soccer shoes or soccer cleats, make sure that you double check this aspect and request additional information from the manufacturer, if necessary. You mustn’t get this one wrong.
  • Material - Most shin guards use a polypropylene shell and EVA foam backing for additional protection, but this is not written in stone.
  • Type - Some guards come as a combination of compression sleeve with the protective shell, while others have these two pieces together. There are pros and cons on each side, as we will find out later.
  • Color - If you are buying for a kid, it is mandatory that you take this into account. This will add to the fun of the game for them.
Construction and Design
As mentioned earlier, some guards feature a "one-piece" design, meaning that you pull them over your legs just like regular socks. The protective shell (or guard) is attached to this big sock, and it will fit perfectly on your shin, taking the shape of your leg. This model is quite popular and very comfortable.

Or, you might want to go for a "two-piece" design, which basically incorporates the compression sleeve and the protective shell as separate elements. You fit the guard into place and pull the sleeve up to keep it stable. This model is also popular and, as mentioned by some, easier to work with.

When it comes to materials, it is important to mention that most shells are made of polypropylene, which is a durable material that can take a lot of wear and tear. Polypropylene is also lightweight, so you can move freely and run as fast as you can without feeling that something is holding you back. The shin guard might also incorporate EVA foam backing, which adds additional protection. In some cases, the shell might come with adjustable straps for enhanced stability and comfort while playing. Lastly, don’t be surprised if you find guards including ankle protection. In fact, that's a bonus you will definitely appreciate!
Performance and Ease of Use
Most quality shin guards are pretty easy to put on and take off. They can protect your shin for years and are ideal for other types of games where your legs might get injured, not only soccer. As a word of caution, don’t use them for Muay Thai, though. This contact sport usually involves kicking adversaries in the shin, but a soccer guard doesn’t provide sufficient protection. If you want to take up Muay Thai, use appropriate gear for this sport.

At the end of this guide, keep in mind that soccer shin guards are machine washable in most cases so, if they get really dirty, giving them a clean look (and smell!) is a piece of cake. Use them often, especially if you play against aggressive players, and you will play with confidence and improve your game. Good luck!

Get the Best Soccer Shin Guard of 2023!

All of us have taken a minor or major hit at our shins, and we know how painful that can be. If you don’t want to experience that again, always go for one of the best soccer shin guards out there and have more peace of mind!

Our Top Choice
Nike Charge 2.0 Football Shin Guards
Best Value
Champion Sports Sock Style Soccer Shin Guard
Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guards
Diadora Scudo Soccer Shinguards
Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guard