Best Solar Watch Reviews 2023

A solar watch can come in handy when you don't have time to change the batteries in your watch or you prefer to use environmentally friendly products. Take a look at our 5 contenders which we’ve picked from some of the best solar watch brands. Solar watches can be used for 5 months or more without needing to be recharged.
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Closure Type
Case Size
Our Top Choice
Citizen Eco-Drive Ladies' Solar Watch
Citizen, founded in 1930, manufactures highly-acclaimed watches. This brand explores new possibilities in order to fabricate high-quality products.
This solar-powered watch from Citizen charges in natural or indoor light. The strap has a double push-button for safety and the dial has a mineral window.
It is not suitable for swimming, but it is water-resistant.
Stainless Steel
Fold-over clasp
24 mm
5 years
Best Value
Casio Men's Sport Solar Watch
Casio is a popular brand that was founded in 1946 and manufactures consumer electronics such as mobile phones, cameras, calculators, and watches.
This solar watch from Casio has an interesting design and is suitable for medium or large wrists. It has a backlit display so you can also read it at night.
Some customers consider the digital display and the numbers too small.
Fold-over clasp
52 mm
Digital and analog
1 year
Seiko Women's Solar Watch
Seiko was founded in 1881 and manufactures watches with multiple functions and innovative designs. This brand is focused on creating emotional technologies.
This solar watch from Seiko is most suitable for women and has a gold-colored dial. It is easy to read and use, and comfortable to wear.
The watch band might need to be adjusted for small wrists.
Stainless Steel
Push-button clasp
22.5 mm
3 years
Q & Q Smilesolar Solar Watch
Q&Q SmileSolar is a brand founded in 1976. Its watches are user-friendly and environmentally conscious, and come with an interesting design.
This watch has a sport design and a color that fits most outfits. It displays the time in hours, minutes, and seconds and can be charged quickly under light.
The display is not backlit.
ABS Resin
Tang buckle
45 mm
2 years
Fanmis Men's Solar Watch
Fanmis was founded in 2014 and it sells multiple products such as alarm clocks, watches, jewelry, wristwatches, and more that are affordable and innovative..
This watch has a sporty design and a rubber strap. It has the stop function included and 4 buttons. It is backlit and also has a standard battery to keep it working.
Some customers say that the watch looks bigger in the pictures.
PC plastic
Tang buckle
44 mm
Digital and analog
2 years

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What is the Best Solar Watch?

Before buying a solar watch, check to see if it has a stainless steel or rubber strap, and if it has the features you are looking for such as a waterproof case, an alarm function, or if it displays the date. Similarly, if you have a large wrist you should go for watches that have an easily-adjustable tangle buckle.
Our Top Choice
The Citizen Eco-Drive Women's Stainless Steel Watch is a light-powered stainless steel watch that displays the date and is water-resistant. It has a sleek design and a round dial that matches all outfits. Looking for a solar watch with leather strap for your husband or boyfriend? Check out the Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Stainless Steel Watch which is also water-resistant up to 100 meters (330 ft).

Citizen Eco-Drive Women's Solar Watch - Stainless Steel Bracelet, Water Resistant up to 30 Meters

Citizen’s products are greatly appreciated by people who love watches in general. Its products are innovative and come with multiple functions. Whether you prefer a leather strap watch or a stainless steel strap, this is a brand you should take into consideration. It manufactured the Eco-Drive watch in 1995 and since then it has innovated more and more on its products’ design and functions.

If you are the type that loves stainless steel watches and silver bracelets on your watch, the Citizen Eco-Drive Women's Stainless Steel Watch is a great choice. It is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry if it rains, and you can even charge it under your lamp. The battery will keep it working for up to 5 months. The dial is round and slim and the display is analog. It is universally-sized so it fits most wrists and comes with an elegant black case.
Best Value
The Casio Men's Solar Sport Combination Watch is water-resistant and displays the date and the current time. It has a power-saving function and 2 countdown timers. If you want a more feminine solar watch, then you should check out the Casio Women's Stainless Steel Watch which is water-resistant up to 165 feet.

Casio Men's Solar Sport Combination Watch - Water Resistant up to 100 Meters, LED Light

Casio is a popular brand that manufactures multiple products. Its watches made this brand popular, designed with great functions and reasonable prices. In 1971 this brand invented the world’s first inkjet printer. Since Casio was founded it has designed its watches to do more than just display the time. A large part of its watches are solar-powered and can keep on ticking for up to 20 years without needing new batteries.

If you are concerned about the electronics’ impact on the environment, you should take a closer look at the Casio Men's Solar Sport Combination Watch. Because it’s solar-powered, it helps you save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. It has an LED that shows you the battery level. This watch also has a power-saving mode and can memorize up to 5 alarms on a daily basis. Charging time will vary depending on the type of light you expose the watch to. It can display various time zones, and best of all, you can also set up to 5 different alarms to wake you up in the morning. Have you seen a more practical watch than this?
The Seiko Women's Solar Watch is a gold-toned watch with Swarovski crystals and analog display. It is water-resistant and elegant. It can be charged under all types of light. This brand also makes watches for men; if you are interested in that, you should check out the Seiko Men's Excelsior Gunmetal Solar Watch which is water-resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet.

Seiko Women's Stainless Steel Solar Watch - Swarovski Crystal-Accented Design, Water Resistant up to 30 Meters

Seiko is known worldwide for its high-quality and stylish watches. Since 1881, Seiko is recognized for making great watches. Even though Seiko is currently known for its wristwatches, it was a clock repair shop when it first was founded. Seiko is the company that created the first quartz watch and the first digital watch with multiple functions. The watches from this brand are known for their accuracy and are used to keep the official time in world events like the Olympics and the World Cup.

If you are the type of person that prefers elegant and stylish watches then you should go for the Seiko Women's Solar Watch. It is gold-colored and has Swarovski crystals on the case. It has a hardlex dial window and can be charged through natural or indoor light. The display shows only the hour and the minutes, and has a rechargeable lithium battery which is known for its durability. It has a Japanese quartz movement and although it is water-resistant it’s not suitable for swimming.
The Q&Q SmileSolar Series Black Dial is a solar watch crafted from recycled materials and has a waterproof case. The dial window is made of acrylic resin. On the other hand, if you prefer a smaller watch then you can go for the Q&Q SmileSolar mini Series Watch which comes with a waterproof casing.

Q & Q Smilesolar Solar Watch - Black Dial, Dark Blue Strap and Waterproof Case, Made from Recycled Materials

Q&Q SmileSolar wants to give everyone access to technology through its multi-functional and solar-powered watches. It manufactures affordable and high-quality watches. This brand concentrates on blending actual designs with classical looks and Japanese quality. This brand considers that watches accompany its customers everywhere, which is why it desires to manufacture high-quality watches that fit every outfit and personality.

We have chosen to review the Q&Q SmileSolar Series Black Dial solar watch because it is reasonably-priced and the brand is known for its quality. This solar watch has a black dial and a dark blue resin bracelet than can be adjusted with the tang buckle that fits every wrist. As it has a waterproof casing you can use it when you run or do sports and you don’t have to hide it when it rains outside. After it’s fully charged under light it can operate continuously for up to 4 months.
The Fanmis Men's Solar Powered Quartz Watch is suitable for outdoor activities and it has analog and digital display. It shows the current time and date and has a snooze alarm function. If you want a similar watch with red color accents, then go for the Fanmis Men's Solar Powered Watch which is water-resistant and comes with a rubber band.

Fanmis Men's Solar Powered Watch - Digital & Analog Display, Quartz Mechanism, Multifunctional and Casual Sports Watch

Fanmis is a brand known for its multifunctional watches that are suitable for men, women, and children. Its products are preferred because they have affordable prices, innovative designs, and multiple functions available. Apart from sport watches, Fanmis also sells gold-colored elegant watches or classic watches, so you will definitely find the one you are looking for. This brand also sells smart watches, so if you prefer one of those you should check them out.

We have chosen to review the Fanmis Men's Solar Powered Casual Quartz Watch because it is affordable and has multiple functions. It can be used for outdoor activities, and if there is no sun or light the watch will function by standard battery. It can be read during the night as it has a backlit display and can wake you up in the morning with its alarm function. You can set it to show you two different times zones and it has an auto calendar function.

How Do I Choose the Best Solar Watch?

The first solar clock used in antiquity was the Obelisk. It was invented by the ancient Egyptians and it used the sunlight and the shadows to show the time of day. The next step in the clock evolution was the hourglass, which first shows upin a 1328 painting Italian artist Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Maybe you’re now wondering when the wrist watch appeared. Well, it was invented during the First World War, and the first man to wear such a contraption was the French physicist Blaise Pascal. Nowadays, there are all kind of watches. Smart watches connect to your smartphone and have functionalities that go beyond timekeeping. The same thing applies to android watches.

As you’ve found out above, prior to the existence of watches, people measured time with the help of the sun or, more precisely, with the shadows that the sun creates. Things have evolved so much today that the only link between solar watches and the ancient method of finding out the time is the sunlight, but in a completely different sense. Solar watches are based on a type of rechargeable battery. In fact, they have Quartz mechanisms and batteries that get recharged with sunlight. Similarly, if you like the idea of harnessing the power of sunlight, then you really must add solar spotlights in your property. These devices will bathe your yard in a bright light and of course won’t add anything to your energy bill!
The price of a solar watch completely depends on the brand you’re choosing and of course the functions it features. Usually, the price range for these devices starts at around $50 and can go up to $3000, so it doesn’t matter if you have a smaller or larger budget, as you’ll be able to find a solar watch that fits your needs.

Obviously, you can also find plenty of cheap solar watches, but we advise you to think twice before purchasing one, as they’re usually made from poor quality materials and the mechanisms they feature aren’t built to last.
Solar watches are a very good choice because they’re reliable — essentially, they’re mini-gadgets — and there are few chances for them to give you unpleasant surprises or to leave you when you need them the most. On the contrary, solar watches are really precise. Quartz-type mechanisms also generally have the advantage of being more resilient to shocks and are therefore likelier to retain their precision.

Let’s continue and find out the most important features you may want to look for when purchasing a solar watch:
  • Dial — The dial, the centerpiece of a watch, can be described in terms of color, window material, size, type of display and embedded decorative elements. Each of these features defines the style of the watch and how it can be worn
  • Strap — The strap is as important as the dial. Whether it’s made of leather, metal or polyurethane, it’s very important that the two elements of the watch, the dial and the strap, fit together
  • Display type — You can choose between analog — which is stylistically considered more classic and elegant — and digital — which is considered more casual
  • Other characteristics — Depending on the mode in which it was created, the watch can provide calendar information or features such as a stopwatch, a compass, or even depth measurement of the water
Construction and Design
Solar watches come in multiple styles and colors. You’ll be able to find elegant and classic designs or sport designs if you usually dress more casually. They’re comfortable to wear and can look good on anyone. When it comes to dials you’ll be able to find any shape you desire, even if it’s round, square or anything else. The same thing applies when we speak about the strap, as you can choose between multiple styles, patterns and colors for that as well.
Performance and Ease of Use
Solar watches have a photovoltaic panel (usually located immediately below or around the dial) which, when exposed to the sun, produces electricity that charges the battery. Like any other battery it has a maximum number of recharging cycles, and, as it’s loaded, its duration and resilience begin to diminish.

However, when we speak about solar watches we generally refer to an average running time of up to 10 years, if you constantly expose it to sunlight and consistently load it to the optimal parameters. When it comes to maintenance, you’ll be happy to learn that these devices require minimal maintenance, as you really only need to wipe the dial every once in a while to keep it free of fingerprints and other smears.

Get the Best Solar Watch of 2023!

Some solar watches come with standard batteries, while others are only powered by the sun. It is important to get the right one because you will have it for a long time. Now, choose the right solar watch for you, get it from Amazon, and take it with you everywhere!

Our Top Choice
Citizen Eco-Drive Ladies' Solar Watch
Best Value
Casio Men's Sport Solar Watch
Seiko Women's Solar Watch
Q & Q Smilesolar Solar Watch
Fanmis Men's Solar Watch