Best Soldering Iron Reviews 2023

Whether for the hobbyist or the professional handyman, we all agree there are specific features and specifications one needs to consider before choosing the best soldering iron to suit requirements. Doing that might be a bit time-intensive, so we’ve decided to help you out. We have done extensive research and pinpointed top five brands for soldering irons. This review features one soldering iron per brand to give you a general idea of what each has to offer. Remember, however, that these featured brands have other soldering irons you can also check out.
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Our Top Choice
Sywon Electric Soldering Iron Kit
Sywon is committed to manufacturing innovative soldering kits and accessories for the convenience of its numerous customers.
This soldering iron has 6 soldering tips which makes it versatile, a PU carrying case and a cleaning sponge.
It may require getting a bigger stand.
60 watts
7.4 x 1 x 0.75 inches; 1.1lbs
5 tips
Best Value
Weller Butane Soldering Iron
Weller works towards making handy and convenient electronics that are not only durable but highly functional and state of the art.
It’s self-igniting, heats up in 3 seconds, melts solder in less than 40 seconds, cuts off automatically when cap is replaced and can be used as a mini torch.
The tip is a bit big for smaller wires.
Gas powered
Info not provided
15 x 5 x 1 inches; 2.9lbs
2 tips
Portasol Super Pro Soldering Iron Kit
As manufacturers of the first pocket portable soldering iron, Portasol is a world leader in the manufacturing of gas-powered soldering iron and tools.
It has adjustable power, interchangeable tips, is lightweight and it has a safety cut-off switch to avoid burns.
Butane refilling can add to the cost.
Gas powered
125 watts
8.5 x 1 x 1 inches; 7lbs
7 tips
SOAIY 6-in-1 Soldering Iron
SOAIY is known as one of the top producers of household speakers and is also a leader in the manufacturing of other household electronics and repair tools.
It has a pocket-friendly price, is lightweight, has a soft-grip handle and comes with a cleaning sponge.
Stand may not be stable enough, so you may need to purchase another stand to go with it.
60 watts
9.1 x 7.2 x 1.8 inches; 7.5lbs
5 tips
Vastar Adjustable Temp Soldering Iron
Not only does Vastar create usable and functional household electronics, it also listens to its customers’ feedback and factors it in on upgrades.
It has an adjustable temperature thermostat, is budget friendly and made with a durable iron plated tip.
The iron tip may not be grounded.
60 watts
13.4 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches; 1.3 lbs
5 tips

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What is the Best Soldering Iron?

We trust our buying guide has illuminated the features of a good soldering iron. Now you have a good understanding of what to look out for in a soldering iron, let’s look at some of the best soldering irons we have picked out for this review with their varying prices and features. Let’s go!
Our Top Choice
The Sywon Electric Soldering Iron Kit has ventilation holes to help cool off easily to avoid burning of the heating element and also comes with soldering suction which removes excess solder from the circuit board. For a less expensive soldering kit with almost the same features, you can check out the Sywon 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Tip Cleaner .

Sywon 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron & Includes a De-Soldering Pump Along with Other Accessories

From adhesive tapes to de-soldering suction pumps to soldering kits to soldering mesh, Sywon has made its mark in the manufacturing of convenient and innovative soldering kits and accessories. It is committed to creating repair tools that are convenient and easy to use by its customers.

The Sywon Electric Soldering Iron Kit (Selling for $64.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) comes with an LED indicator and a PU carrying case. It works at adjustable temperatures of between 200 and 450℃, making it a temperature resistant soldering iron. It comes with a cleaning sponge and is convenient for de-soldering and soldering. This soldering iron is plug and play, requiring no further settings. Its ventilation holes help it cool fast to avoid burning of the heating element and it heats up quickly due to the inner-heated ceramic technology. Made of upgraded heat resistant material with 6 soldering tips for different soldering needs, this soldering iron has a soldering suck action which removes solder from the circuit board.

Here are other soldering irons from Sywon you might be interested in:
  • Sywon 60W ESD Soldering Iron Station Kit with ON-OFF Switch Temperature Adjustable, Soldering Stand Holder, 5 Extra Tips and 104 Inch Power Cord - Its silicone cord is anti-abrasive and flexible, even in winter
  • Sywon 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit with Carrying Case, including 60w Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron, Solder Wire, Solder Sucker, Solder Stand and Soldering Tips - This comes with a heavy duty metallic stand with cleaning sponge
  • Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit, Adjustable Temperature, Iron Stand, 5pcs Tips, Desoldering Pump, 2pcs Tweezers, Tin Wire Tube and 6pcs Aid Tools in PU Carry Bag, White - This heats up quite fast with the inner-heated ceramic technology
Best Value
The Weller Butane Soldering Iron is cordless and self-igniting; you do not need electricity to operate it and it is electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe for your sensitive tasks. Looking for a heavy duty LED soldering iron instead? Check out the Weller SP80NUS Heavy Duty LED Soldering Iron featuring a triangular area for maximum of tip control.

Weller Cordless Self-Igniting Butane Powered Soldering Iron & Hot Air Tool

A brand that has concentrated on the manufacturing of hand soldering irons since 1952, Weller can be trusted to have gathered enough expertise to make it an authority in soldering iron manufacturing. It has gone from extending tip life to improving battery soldering technology; always pushing boundaries to ensure it meets its customers’ needs and expectations for either a safe work environment or arming them with intelligence in the use of its products.

Weller created the lightweight Weller Butane Soldering Iron (Selling at $36.78 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) to meet the needs of people who want a soldering iron they can easily carry around. It is a cordless soldering iron and self-igniting with no need of electricity for its operation. You do not need to bother about your sensitive elements since this soldering iron is Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe.

Here are other features that make this soldering iron a great buy:
  • It heats up fast
  • It melts solder in less than 40 seconds
  • The gas capacity allows you work for 1 hour nonstop
  • You can refill in 20 seconds
  • Automatically cuts off heat when cap is replaced
  • Durable plastic and metal construction
  • It has a PPT12 flame tip which can be used as a mini-torch
  • Fills with butane gas
  • It has a 12-month warranty
With the Portasol Super Pro Soldering Iron Kit, you get an ultrasonically welded gas tank which means no gas leakage and you also have a butane powered soldering iron. If what you need is a soldering iron with less wattage, the Portasol 011289250 Pro Piezo 75-Watt Heat Tool Kit with 7 Tips, with adjustable temperature control, could be your option.

Portasol Super Pro 125-Watt Butane Powered Soldering Iron – Available in 2 Styles

Portasol has established itself as the world leader in the manufacture of gas-powered soldering irons. As its name implies, it believes portability should be a major concern in manufacturing of heat tools, hence it produced ‘Technic’ – the first pocket portable soldering iron to ever hit the market. This tool was highly welcomed by servicemen and technicians which gave Portasol the needed endorsement to delve into research and development in producing quality gas-powered soldering tools.

The butane powered Portasol Super Pro Soldering Iron Kit (Selling at $73.61 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a highly temperature resistant tip; holding a temperature of up to 5800C. This soldering iron offers you a runtime of 2 hours’ continuous use and even when you run out of gas, it can be refilled in just 10 seconds. You can adjust the power between 25 Watts and 125 Watts; this helps it melt solder within 30 seconds of ignition. It is also made with butane compatible plastic which means the gas stays inside. The soldering kit includes 7 interchangeable tips with a patented front end. When you are done with your soldering, its cut-off switch automatically cuts off heat from the tip thus avoiding burns. It also has a hard-sided case for storage and transport and 12-months replacement warranty.

Following are other soldering irons from Portasol you might be interested in:
  • Portasol P-1K Professional Kit – This kit includes 11 Nickel and iron plated soldering tips available with a maximum temperature of 400 Degree Celsius
  • Portasol 010368100 P-50 Butane Powered Soldering Iron – Features unique tip system in which tiplets are attached to a replaceable heater
  • Portasol SOLDERING IRON KIT – Compact, powerful precision soldering tool that converts to a blow torch, hot knife, and hot air blower
SOAIY 6-in-1 Soldering Iron gives you good value and quality at a price that doesn’t break the bank. It also has an LED indicator for keeping tabs. Do you need a soldering iron with more accessories and a power switch? Check out this SOAIY 7-In-1 Soldering Iron with ON\/OFF Switch.

SOAIY 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Gun with Carry Case & Cleaning Sponge Along with Other Accessories

Since 1996, SOAIY Technology Company has been in the business of manufacturing household electronics and repair tools. It is guided by the principle that “products are the number one productive force”. It has lived up to this mantra in the production of its speakers and other electronics.

The SOAIY 6-in-1 Soldering Iron (Selling at $29.98 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a lightweight soldering iron which has 5 solder tips to serve different soldering needs. It comes with tool carry case, soldering iron, 5 solder tips, soldering sucker (desoldering pump), solder stand and cleaning sponge. It is 60W power which makes it heats up within 2 minutes. It also has adjustable temperature with thermostat range 200~450℃ and 6 interchangeable tips from broad chisel tip to super-fine tip. Its soft grip handle helps to reduce slippage. The LED indicator helps you know what temperature and power you are working with. The cleaning process is also taken care of with an accompanying cleaning sponge for removing solder after use. It comes with a carry case for ease of travel and storage and has a 1-year warranty with friendly after sale customer service.
Vastar Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron has a fixed chip resistor which controls flow of electricity and it’s a plug and play soldering iron. Would you rather have a soldering iron with more accessories and a carry case? The Vastar 16-in-1 60W 110V Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron could be your choice.

Vastar Adjustable Temperature 60-Watt Soldering Iron Kit with an Additional Solder Tube & Accessories Included

Vaster is a subsidiary of Alizon Tech Corp. known for its manufacture of innovative consumer electronics and accessories such as Bluetooth headsets, charging cables, and phone & tablet mounts. Its mission is to help you experience the easy life and this is shown in its creation of products with simplicity and usability. The Vastar Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron is an example of such products.

The Vastar Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (Selling at $17.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a good heat dissipation efficiency due to its upgraded steel pipe design. It has a chip fixed resistor which controls the flow of electricity into the soldering iron and a thermostat range of 200°C - 450°C. Little wonder it heats up within 2 minutes. It’s a plug and play soldering iron with no need for a soldering station. Its 5 soldering iron tips meet different soldering needs and it has a special thermostat circuit to control the temperature. This soldering iron is also made with an iron plated tip and stainless steel shaft and it has a working voltage of 110V and power is 60W. The soldering iron length is 7.0 inches while wire length is 59.0 inches. It also has an 18-month warranty.

Here are other soldering irons from Vastar that may pique your interest:
  • Vastar Professional Solder Assist Tools and Accessory Kit (10 Pcs) – It has six solder assist tools with 12 unique ends
  • Vastar 60W 110V Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron with 5pcs Tips - WH#G4832 TYG43498TY4-U671423 – It has 5 tips that can meet 5 soldering needs
  • Vastar 16-in-1 60W 110V Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron with Desoldering Pump, 5pcs Different Tips, Stand, Anti-static Tweezers, Additional Solder Tube, and Carry Case – This is made of iron plated tip and stainless steel, ensuring quality, stability and reliability of product

How Do I Choose the Best Soldering Iron?

Imagine this. You’re in the middle of a cleaning session and you mistakenly step on your vacuum cleaner’s cord. It stops working suddenly and upon investigation, you discover this happened because the wire was disconnected from the device. It could even be your electric iron with the same issue. It’s very easy to toss these appliances aside and plan to purchase a new one or send it for repairs if you don’t know better. In fact, all it would take you is probably a soldering iron and solder to fix it.

A soldering iron is an important tool most especially for DIYers who prefer to handle their repairs themselves and that is why we thought it necessary to talk about what you need to know while choosing a soldering iron or kit. But first, you need to know there are various types of soldering irons:

Simple Iron: This is arguably the most common of all types of soldering irons as it operates on a power rating of between 15 and 35 watts. This is ideal for DIYers as this is sufficient power for many electronic repair jobs in homes and offices. These simple irons run at uncontrolled temperatures determined by environment and conditions.

Soldering Station: This is particularly for the highly experienced professional working on mission critical soldering jobs. The soldering station is made up of an electrical power supply, a soldering head which comes with a temperature sensor tip and temperature and display control circuitry. This also features a stand for storing the soldering iron when not in use and a wet sponge to clean the dripping from the surface of the soldering iron. As a professional, you may want to consider getting a hot air gun, a vacuum pump and a vacuum pickup tool as well.

Soldering Tweezers: These are mainly used for soldering and de-soldering small components that are surface-mounted on an electronic unit with two electrical terminals. Soldering tweezers are mostly used on resistors, capacitors, batteries and diodes. Tweezers are either free standing or operated from a station. You require steady hand control to use them effectively.

Soldering Gun: These are designed to look like cordless hand drills. They possess rapidly cooling wire looped tips and so the guns do not need holsters for safe storage. This means you rarely experience fire hazards with these guns, thus they are great for DIYers. Soldering guns’ easy to grip handles and convenient trigger mechanisms endear them to DIYers as the tin-made tip is activated only when the user pulls the trigger.

Soldering Torch: These are usually powered by acetylene or propane gases which ensures delivery of heat in short bursts. This is deployed by jewelers who use torches to melt precious metals like copper, silver and gold. We recommend soldering torches for highly skilled electronic professionals because of safety concerns.

Let’s look more deeply into the factors to consider when choosing your soldering iron.
Price should not be the only factor you consider when choosing any product and that also applies to soldering irons. This holds true because a lot of factors determine the price of a product.

You will notice there’s a wide range of prices for soldering irons, starting from as high as $1,000 to as low as $6. That’s quite a range and there must be a reason for this disparity. We trust you don’t want to buy a cheap soldering iron that will not serve the purpose for which you got it either because it is not well earthed or it is made of a less durable material.

There are many factors affecting the price of a soldering iron such as accessories, the number of tips, temperature capacity and the material the soldering iron is made of. It is advisable that you consider these factors before making your choice.
Apart from the brand name, the determining factor for the cost of the soldering iron lies in the features it bears. And most brands ensure they create soldering irons that are so feature-laden, you can’t ignore them. Here are some features to consider when shopping for your soldering iron:
  • Cord or Cordless
  • Temperature Controls
  • Good tips selection
  • Durable materials
  • Trustworthy brand
When you have selected the most important features to you, you can then compare prices of soldering irons with those features to make your choice.
Construction and Design
With the advance in soldering iron technology, many soldering irons include a method of controlling temperature. These methods range from controlling temperature range for variable power control, usually the simplest method, to a thermocouple working in conjunction with the circuitry of the station to adjust tip temperature. There are others that have a thermostat which automatically switches power on and off depending on the power settings for a particular soldering job. When it comes to handling delicate soldering jobs, professionals depend on temperature controlled soldering irons, like when soldering or desoldering the motherboard of a television set.

When it comes to tips, most soldering irons have tips that can be easily interchanged. These tips, sometimes referred to as bits, are in different sizes and shapes and are intended to deliver flexibility to the user. Some of these tips include tapered, pyramid, fine conical and chisel. So, when choosing a soldering iron tip, you should pay attention to the type of job you want to do. It’s been proven that copper, chrome and nickel solders provide the most durability.

One more thing to consider is the power output, otherwise known as wattage. This determines the amount of power supplied to properly heat objects. Too much power or wattage could burn through electronic parts or boil the flux before it has the chance to clean the electronic components. Professionals can handle power of up to 60 watts but novice DIYers should stick to a power range of 15 to 35 watts.
Performance and Ease of Use
In working with soldering irons, portability and convenience are two things that should have your careful attention. Both professionals and DIYers prefer cordless soldering irons because of these two factors. Depending on the kind of job you’re doing, working with a cordless soldering iron means you are not restricted by a cord, so you can easily move from one point to the other. Cordless soldering irons depend on gas combustion from a distinct self-contained tank.

For the DIYer, you are safer going with a known brand. These known brands give you warranty on their products which shows the amount of confidence they have in their product. Users should consider brands that have, over the years, created a track record for making top-class soldering irons. These brands are known for products that are easy to grip while delivering the right amount of heat for every soldering job.

The runtime and refill time is of utmost importance in your gas-powered soldering irons as you do not want to be working and suddenly be cut off because you have exhausted the gas need to refill. You may also need to consider how to access your solder wick for refill when you have decided on which soldering iron to go for.

Get the Best Soldering Iron of 2023!

Now you are here, we believe you have sufficient information on what the best soldering iron for you should be and you are well on your way to making your purchase. If, however, you did not find the exact soldering iron for you, feel free to check out other products from the selected brands above.

Our Top Choice
Sywon Electric Soldering Iron Kit
Best Value
Weller Butane Soldering Iron
Portasol Super Pro Soldering Iron Kit
SOAIY 6-in-1 Soldering Iron
Vastar Adjustable Temp Soldering Iron