Best Soundbar Speaker Reviews 2017

Flat screen TVs are great for stunning HD video, but because of how they’re built, they lack impressive sound. However, there are numerous solutions for that. While this review will focus on soundbars, we also have reviews for surround sound soundbars and home theater systems as well. Check them out and see which one is right for you.
Our Top Choice
Bose SoundTouch 300 Sound Bar Speaker
Bose is a leader when it comes to home audio systems. Their SoundTouch 300 soundbar offers rich, immersive sound for movies, music, video games, you name it.
Wide soundstage. Compatible with any room size. Sleek design. Distortion-free bass. Multiple wireless capabilities. Works with multiple streaming services.
Inputs are limited. Pricey but a good investment.
Best Value
Vizio 38” 2.1 Sound Bar Speaker System
Vizio is considered by many the #1 brand in HDTV systems. The VIZIO 8” 2.1 Sound Bar System is an affordable, impressive system that shows why.
Super affordable. Brilliant, rich sound. Wireless capabilities. Little to no harmonic distortion. Comes with a remote control.
A few users didn’t like the extra bass.
Klipsch G-42 Passive Sound Bar Speaker
Klipsch was created by a man who just wanted to listen to music in his living room. But over time his dream developed into a company that now delivers great audio products like the G-42 soundbar.
Sleek and stylish design. Comes with its own tweeters and cabinets. Horn-loaded technology delivers impressive sound. Versatile and easy to install.
Pricey but a good investment.
Sony 2.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth
Sony is a global brand that has a hand in every form of entertainment. The Ultra-Slim 2.1 Ch Soundbar is another sign of their commitment to delivering quality with impeccable design.
Ultra-slim design is great for installation. Multiple wired connection options. Wall mountable. Built-in NFC and Bluetooth. Has a wireless subwoofer. Rich sound quality and bass.
Pricey but a good investment.
JBL Cinema SB200 2.0 ch Sound Bar Speaker
JBL offers reliable audio systems to both everyday consumers and large companies. Their Cinema SB200 soundbar offers impressive sound quality and features for a great price.
Remote learning feature. Sound is dynamic and bass-heavy. Nice design. Delivers dialogue well. Overall sound is balanced. Built-in Bluetooth.
Some users spoke of limited connectivity.

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What is the Best Soundbar Speaker?

When it comes to soundbars, there are a few things to consider. These include the size, wireless capabilities, and number of inputs among other features available. Soundbars are great, but they each offer something different. Don’t worry: we’ve done the work for you so they’re easy to compare, and you can pick the best one for you.
Our Top Choice
The Bose SoundTouch 300 is a great soundbar that offers multiple ways to wirelessly stream music either through Bluetooth with NFC pairing or Wi-Fi technology. But if you have a flexible budget and want something more high-end, then check out the SoundTouch 130 which uses wireless technology along with 4 HDMI ports for a crystal-clear sound.
Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar with Surround Sound – Installation Bundle Available

Bose Soundbar 767520-1100

Bose was started in 1964 by Amar Bose, and as the company has grown, so has their reputation. The Bose Corporation is known for its high-quality audio equipment such as noise-canceling headphones, automobile sound systems, home speakers and more.
The Bose soundbar which stuck out to us for this review was the SoundTouch 300. It’s built with premium glass and has a metal grille, which gives it a sleek, sophisticated look. The technologies featured in the SoundTouch 300 are modern and allow it to deliver rich, immersive sound that will take your entertainment to a whole new level.

It uses NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology to allow you to easily stream music and use popular services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Prime music. The adapted audio room calibration feature tweaks its sound automatically, so it’s perfect no matter which space you’re in. The SoundTouch 300 retails for $699, and if you want more you can add the optional Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module for more bass and/or the Virtually 300 Wireless Surround Speakers for a fuller audio experience.
Best Value
The VIZIO 38” 2.1 Sound Bar System is a great and affordable soundbar with Dolby Digital, DTS TruVolume and DTS TruSurround for impressive and rich sound that can easily compete with higher-end models. Another great soundbar from Vizio is the SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar which has expansive audio of up to 95 dB.
Vizio 38-Inch 2.1 Channel SoundbarSpeaker with Wireless Subwoofer – Installation Bundle Available

Vizio Soundbar SB3821-C6

Dubbed the #1 HDTV brand in America, Vizio has been delivering affordable, consumer-driven products for years. They are focused on creating smart products that aren’t overly complex, but instead offer simple features that will make your life and your experiences better than they have ever been. Whether it’s a display screen or an audio system, you can get a great product from Vizio without breaking the bank.

Our review features the VIZIO 38” 2.1 Sound Bar System which retails for $159.99, which is a great price for soundbar of this caliber. It can be mounted on your wall, sit comfortably on your tabletop, or fit effortlessly into your entertainment stand. It brings you rich and immersive sound thanks to Dolby Digital, DTS TruVolume, DTS TruSurround and expansive audio that gives you up to 100dB of sound with less than 1% harmonic distortion. On top of that, you can keep your space clutter-free thanks to wireless streaming and its wireless subwoofer. The G-42 is a part of Klipsch’s 5.1 channel speaker packages and Gallery speakers line.
The G-42 soundbar is sleek with horn-loaded technology in its flat speakers, which make for hours of beautiful sound. Another great soundbar from Klipsch is the R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar which is compatible with most Bluetooth devices and uses aptX Audio Coding Technology to produce rich, clear sound.
Klipsch Gallery™ G-42 Passive Soundbar - Ultra-slim, Three-Channel Soundbar Speaker

Klipsch Soundbar G-42

Klipsch was founded in 1946 in a tiny little tool shed when one man named Paul Klipsch built the Klipschorn speaker so he could play music in his living room. Fast forward to present day, Klipsch is now a well-known company responsible for providing “hyper-efficient horn loaded products” from cinema speakers to studio-quality in-ear-monitors.
The Klipsch product we’re featuring in this review is the Klipsch G-42 soundbar. It’s a sleek audio system that’s considered a cross-over audio solution. It has flat panel speakers that are the product of 70 years of acoustic technology for an experience unlike any other. The horn-loaded technology is present in its thin speakers and produces accurate sounds that can give you hours of pure auditory bliss. It also comes with a Titanium tweeter with linear travel suspension and sleek minimalist cabinets. The G-42 costs $699.99 and offers you an experience you can only get from a Klipsch soundbar.
The Sony Ultra-Slim 2.1 Ch Soundbar is easy to set up and offers S-Force Front Surround for that movie theater quality sound. But if that’s not to your liking, check out the Sony HTXT2 2.1 Channel Sound Base which has a built-in subwoofer so it fits perfectly under your TV or in your entertainment stand.
Sony Ultra-Slim 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Bluetooth and Dual Position Wireless Subwoofer – Installation Bundle Available

Sony Soundbar HTCT390

Sony was founded in 1946 and has since then grown to become a multinational media powerhouse. They are known for mobile phones, appliances, music, movies and more. Sony has been an integral part of taking entertainment to another level for decades. Whether it’s in your home or the movie theater, Sony has had a hand in bringing you something you enjoy.
The collection at Sony is extensive, and when it came to soundbars we had many to choose from, but one that really stood out was the Sony Ultra-Slim 2.1 Ch Soundbar. Its slim design makes it easy to install. It looks great whether it’s mounted on your wall or fitted in your home theater setup. The S-Force Front Surround feature mimics the surround sound you find in the theaters, immersing you in rich audio that’ll make your movies that much better. Plus, the wireless subwoofer allows you to set up nearly anywhere.

When it comes to connections, you can use either wired, HDMI, optical or analog connections to hook up the Sony Ultra-Slim 2.1 Ch Soundbar to your TV or use Bluetooth, USB, or NFC to stream/play music with ease. It also works with SongPal, making it easier to play the right songs. After all, whoever controls the music controls the life of the party.
The Cinema SB200 is a great and affordable soundbar by JBL. It has built-in Bluetooth for easy streaming of music either from your phone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth device. Another great JBL soundbar is the Compact Speaker 2.0-Channel Home Theater Speaker System, which has a dual bass port design for impressive bass.
JBL Cinema SB200 Soundbar with Harman Display Surround and Bluetooth – Available with Installation

JBL Soundbar CINEMASB200

JBL was founded by James Bullough Lansing in 1946. The company is now split into two focuses: JBL Consumer and JBL Professional. The former provides everyday consumers with high-quality audio systems, and the latter produces professional audio equipment for a range of clients.
We’re reviewing the Cinema SB200, one of JBL’s numerous soundbars. It uses exclusive HARMAN Display Surround technology to deliver theater-quality surround sound in your home. The Dolby Digital decoding prevents the quality of film soundtracks from being diminished by getting rid of the conversion stages which results in rich, quality sound for you and your company to enjoy.

Bask in the bass thanks to the dual bass port and the bass boost for improved bass and audio. The dual-position equalization adjusts the soundbar’s performance no matter where you put it. The TV volume learning feature allows the Cinema SB200 to “learn” how to be controlled by your remote, thus saving you the stress of having to find yet another remote. Built-in Bluetooth technology allows for easy streaming from phones, laptops, tablets and more. And the plug-and-play design of the Cinema SB200 makes setup a breeze, saving you time on installation and giving you more time to sit back and enjoy your new soundbar.

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Thanks for reading our soundbar review. Whether you need a high-end model or something much more affordable, we’ve made sure to feature soundbars at different price points so no matter what your budget, you can find great value for your money.

Our Top Choice
Bose SoundTouch 300 Sound Bar Speaker
Best Value
Vizio 38” 2.1 Sound Bar Speaker System
Klipsch G-42 Passive Sound Bar Speaker
Sony 2.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth
JBL Cinema SB200 2.0 ch Sound Bar Speaker