Best Spanish English Dictionary Reviews – Translate English to Spanish and Vice Versa with Ease

Hola amigo! Como estas? Lol. We’re just feeling silly. Anyway, we guess you know what that means, but if you don’t know, then oops! Someone needs a good Spanish English Dictionary. The good thing is that we have already done the back-breaking research and have compiled five of the best comprehensive Spanish English Dictionaries around. Feel free to browse through and if you don’t find something that works for you, our brands are trusted ones so you can always get something else. In addition, in our buying guide we also have some specialized dictionaries designed for specific industries, travel and more to help you translate Spanish to English.

PS: that was “Hi friend! How are you?” in Espanol.
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Our Top Choice
Larousse Concise Spanish English Dictionary
Larousse is no stranger to the making of reference works from encyclopedias to dictionaries. Its quality materials have come to be a top choice for students and educators alike.
About 230,000 words, expressions, and translations. Covers professional and general Spanish and Latin-American terms. Info on Latin-American language and culture.
It’s a bit too bulky.
Supplement for life & culture
Hardcover & paperback
Best Value
The New World Spanish English Dictionary
Salvatore Ramondino is an erudite editor and author of several educational materials, especially Spanish English dictionaries which have found wide usage across several platforms.
Over 70,000 entries. Up-to-date vocabulary including idiomatic expressions and slang. Shows nuances of different meanings of words in different contexts. Full pronunciation guide.
Comes with a rather tiny print.
70,000 +
Idioms; slangs; students
Oxford Spanish/English Picture Dictionary
The Oxford University Press is a world-class publishing house that stands out head high among fellow university presses. Its standards for excellence are quite unbeatable.
About 4,000 entries of practical vocabulary presented in 12 thematic units including: people, food, and recreation. Practice activities aid a more fluent use of the language.
Might be a little pricey for some.
Pictures; lifestyle
Barron’s Spanish English Pocket Dictionary
Although mainly known for its SAT and ACT test prep materials, Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. is also one of America’s leading publishers of all kinds of educational materials.
American-style English to Spanish and back. Separate bilingual lists for numerals and abbreviations. Contains words for the computer and the internet. With free downloadable version.
Not exactly pocket-sized.
American English; pronunciation
Merriam-Webster Spanish English Dictionary
When it comes to providing excellent language information, Americans—and indeed the whole world—have always known that Merriam Webster is one name they can trust completely.
Comes with over 80,000 entries and 130,000 translations of up-to-date essential vocabulary. Pronunciation given by International Phonetic Alphabets. Suitable for kids too.
The print is quite small.
Added numbers and abbreviations
Paperback; library binding

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What is the Best Dictionary to Translate Spanish to English and/or English to Spanish?

We’re pretty sure our guide has helped you figure out the best Spanish English Dictionary for you. Why not go ahead to our review and pick out your fave? We featured five of the most comprehensive dictionaries, but during our research we also came across some great resources for beginners to learn how to speak Spanish too. Check these out if that's more of what you were looking for.

Our Top Choice
So you think your Spanish could use some brushing up? Check out the Larousse Concise Dictionary: Spanish-English/English-Spanish Bilingual Edition. It’s got a staggering 230,000 words, expressions, and translations to get you fluent in no time. Or see this one for middle school students; it’s less bulky and comes with over 20,000 words and phrases with example sentences: the Larousse Spanish English Student Dictionary.

Larousse Concise Dictionary: Spanish-English/English-Spanish Bilingual Edition – Available in Hardcover or Paperback

Since its inception several years ago, Larousse, a French publishing firm, has been in the business of making high-quality reference works used by several people around the globe. Its reference works range from encyclopedias to dictionaries, and have become top choices for students and educators alike around the world. Beginning with the French language, Larousse has provided a good stock of high-quality bilingual dictionaries which offer their users a practical way to learn the French language among other languages as well, with up-to-date vocabulary and essential expressions. In addition to the French dictionaries, it also carries Spanish English dictionaries. And in keeping with its standards of excellence, Larousse prepares all its books with only high-quality paper and a fantastic binding.

The Larousse Concise Spanish English Dictionary is a super-excellent Spanish English Dictionary and its name hardly does justice to its quality. This dictionary claims to be concise but boy, is that anything far from er… well, far from correct?! It comes with over 230,000 entries! That’s huge!

This ultimately means that there’s hardly any word you’ll be looking for in this dictionary that you won’t find. In fact, a customer commented that this was one dictionary where he could find 99.99% of every word he was looking for. For a dictionary, that’s definitely a huge plus.

But this plus also presents the big but… it’s a bit bulky. But that’s because it’s got loads of info for you, so you think you could just overlook that? You probably should.

Also, this book gives an extensive coverage of words useful in general and professional fields that will help you hold a more-than-decent level of conversation with your Spanish neighbors or co-worker.

Plus, it also comes with supplemental info on the lifestyle and culture of the Latin Americans. So, it’s not just about knowing the language; you get to know much more that will help you fit in smoothly when next you stop by at Mexico or someplace else.

If you’re worried about print type and durability, squelch the doubt. It’s totally legible and made of high-quality paper with a superb binding to ensure durability. You can hardly get it wrong with this book.

So, here you have it: all the reasons you should have gotten this dictionary since like yesterday! Order yours now!
Best Value
Spanish English dictionaries hardly get better than the New World Spanish/English English/Spanish Dictionary. It comes with 70,000 entries of not just words, but also idiomatic expressions and slangs with full pronunciation guides! Or you could see this more-affordable one with lots of words from various professional fields and an accompanying CD-ROM: The New World Spanish English Dictionary with CD-ROM.

The New World Spanish-English / English-Spanish Dictionary

Well-versed and erudite author of several educational materials, Salvatore Romandino is not new to his field at all. With a proudly Spanish heritage, he seeks to transfer this knowledge to others; hence, his decision to go into language learning materials, especially in Spanish. Romandino has also worked with several other writers to co-author other materials such as encyclopedias, journals, magazines, and more, for Spanish-, Italian-, and English-speaking audiences alike. With a wealth of experience spanning several years, it becomes obvious why his books have found a wide usage among different kinds of people.

So students and travelers, we know you like anything but bulk; that’s why we included the New World Spanish English Dictionary. This is the dictionary for you. It’s compact and not too heavy, yet it’s totally comprehensive.

Nonetheless, probably in a bid to make this book compact, the manufacturers made the print rather tiny, and a few customers seem to have a problem with reading it. But then, it appears it’s only those who have issues with their eyesight to begin with. So, if you use glasses, you’ll need them for this guy. Otherwise, you’re fine.

Now, let’s see the million-and-one reasons this dictionary rocks…

It comes with 70,000 entries of up-to-date vocabulary, slangs, and idiomatic expressions that will get you speaking the Spanish language like you were born to speak it, and pretty soon too. Also, it’s got selective labeling which helps to point out the different meanings of different words when used in different contexts—another way it polishes your Spanish.

All the words come with a pronunciation guide which follows the International Phonetic Alphabet standard. And it even gives summaries on both Spanish and English grammar. As you can see, Salvatore Ramondino is pretty serious about getting you to speak your best Spanish, and that’s not even all.

There are extensive tables for numerals, prefixes and suffixes, and model verbs (including geographical names and their derivatives). It also covers synonyms and gender! We told you, a million-and-one reasons why! You need to get this book now!
Your locker will not be complete without the Oxford Spanish/English English/Spanish Picture Dictionary as it’s designed for students. With about 4,000 entries containing practical vocabulary, you’ll sure enjoy using this book! Or you could try this more-affordable dictionary that comes with over 40,000 words and phrases with 60,000 translations all in ultra-clear text: The Oxford New Spanish Dictionary.

Oxford Spanish/English English/Spanish Picture Dictionary – Third Edition

The Oxford University Press is a well-known publishing firm with an incredibly varied publishing program. Though this surprises different people who expect a regular university press and its usual offerings, it actually shouldn’t. This department of the world-class Oxford University simply keeps in step with the tradition of excellence which the university already sets. Publishing across nations and in over 40 languages, the Oxford University Press serves its readership with both digital and print materials which have aided the learning of various languages. Its materials are widely used by preschoolers, high school students, and educators alike.

Studying the Spanish language as a student requires a quality dictionary, and a fantastic one is the Oxford Spanish/English Picture Dictionary. Of all its great features, perhaps its greatest is the fact that it is made by a team of educators affiliated with one of the best universities in the world, known for its longstanding tradition of excellence in education. That should make you more confident about this book.

So, we already mentioned that this book is specifically designed for students, or if we didn’t, well, now you know. And it’s got over 4,000 entries spanning across several real-life contexts such as food, recreation, housing, people, everyday language, and lots more.

Also, understanding that the needs of students are progressive, it supplies them with words relating to job search, career planning, and digital literacy to equip them with the language they need for success.

To further foster quick understanding and faster fluency with the use of the language, this dictionary comes with practice activities that aid the student with conversations bordering on work, school, and citizenship.

It’s pretty engaging for a dictionary and students who have used this book (thousands of them, by the way) have agreed to enjoying the use beyond a dictionary to a really interesting companion on their journey to Spanish literacy.

So, students especially, and everyone else, here’s a dictionary you shouldn’t miss. Place your order now!
Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be so difficult; let the Barron’s Spanish English Pocket Dictionary show you. It’s got thousands of entries translated from American-style English and even covers words for the internet. There’s also something for the kids too. This dictionary comes with lots of pictures and illustrations: See the Barron’s Children’s Visual Dictionary: Spanish-English.

Barron’s Spanish English Pocket Dictionary – 2nd Edition

The Barron’s Educational Series Inc., was founded over 70 years ago and has since then been setting the pace for quality when it comes to educational manuals and school directories. Although most-popularly known as one of America’ leading SAT and ACT test prep masters, Barron’s has expanded its offerings and right now offers much more that border on areas of pet care, arts, foreign languages, finance, children’s books, and lots more. Increasing its product lines regularly, it remains a go-to source for current and up-to-date materials made of the highest quality you can possibly find for miles.

The Barron’s Spanish English Pocket Dictionary is another great offering by the Barron’s team. Great job Barron’s! This dictionary has received lots of plaudits from different people and you’re about to know why.

First off, it’s written in American-style English and translated to Spanish and the other way ‘round. This is essential, especially when you factor in the obvious fact that you’re American and an American-style English Spanish English dictionary will be a lot friendlier to approach than a dictionary filled with British lingo.

Also, all words in this book come with their translations (of course), their parts of speech, and their pronunciation (International Phonetic Alphabet standard). This gives you a deeper understanding of the words and helps you pronounce them like a true native with all the accents and what have you.

Because the world is already a global room (village seems too large these days, the way we’re connected), it also comes with words for the computer, for the internet, and for ICT in general. So, the next time you find instructions on how to set up your gadget and it’s all in Espanol, it won’t be such a big deal now, will it?

Lastly, but probably most importantly, there’s a free downloadable version! Yippee! Now we can study on-the-go! So, the fact that this dictionary isn’t exactly what you’ll call pocket-sized contrary to its name, doesn’t have to be an issue anymore. You can study on-the-go with your phone and leave the bulkier book at home. Either way, you’re the winner.

So, you want to get this dictionary or what? Order now!
Few Spanish English dictionaries get it right like the Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary. It’s not just affordable; it bursts with over 80,000 entries and over 130,000 translations of up-to-date vocabulary! Or check out this budget-friendly dictionary designed for students, with over 40,000 entries and 50,000 translations: the Webster’s Spanish English Dictionary for Students.

Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary – Available in 3 Formats

Who doesn’t know Merriam Webster and what it stands for? Hardly anybody who lives on this side of space. It is simply a global brand with excellent achievements under its belt. For instance, its Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is named among the best-selling books in America’s history, and this is just one of its many offerings. It’s been in the market with a staying power of over 150 years and has diversified from print-only into online products and services produced by one of the world’s largest teams of professional dictionary editors.

Merriam Webster has never failed when it comes to quality dictionaries and its Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary doesn’t disappoint us either. The fact that it’s so affordable kinda makes us think that the price might be a mistake, or Merriam Webster just wants to give away this fantastic dictionary.

All entries in this dictionary are up-to-date and add up to give over 80,000 entries. These 80,000 entries come with over 130,000 translations, nearly twice the number of entries—which suggests to you how in-depth the authors and editors went in preparing this book for you.

Also in this book are hundreds and hundreds of words, phrases, and expressions that cut across various fields of life enabling you to merge in easily wherever you find yourself without having to “cut and join” different words to make simple sentences that apply to the situation in question. Not an exciting fix to be in, we tell you.

All pronunciations are given according to the International Phonetic Alphabet standard, so worry not; you won’t be pronouncing it like an uncouth ruffian. Your Spanish will have all the nuances of a seasoned Latino.

There are 700 core vocabularies in this dictionary and each of these words comes with example sentences that help you see from native speakers of the language themselves, how these words are used in a sentence. It’s like having your very own Spanish language teacher.

Finally, this dictionary is so user-friendly, your three-year-old will be able to use it so easily. This is something you want to get for the family as you plan your next vacay to the Latin Americans. Go ahead and place that order!

Buying Guide — How to Choose the Best Dictionary for Translation of English to Spanish

Learning a new language can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you don’t live around people who speak the language. But, of course, we can’t overlook those who are just good. They just seem to have this dexterity when it comes to learning new languages. Like from seeing movies in a particular language long enough, they can actually pick up the language. Like bro, how do you do it?

Of all the languages on earth, the Spanish language is perhaps the sexiest and most romantic of them all. It’s therefore no wonder that so many want to learn the language. Whether it’s the guy hoping to make his proposal a most memorable one for his girlfriend, or a student in school trying to get some extra credit, loads of people are really digging the language.

One of the most helpful tools in the learning of any language is unarguably a dictionary. In fact, even if you are a native speaker of the language, you’d still require the services of a good dictionary once in a while to help out with some uncommon words or even commonly misunderstood words.

And when traveling to an unknown place, a good language dictionary combined with a great travel guide and of course a map (we wouldn’t want to get lost in a strange land now, would we?), should be able to help you hold basic, intelligent conversations with the locals of the place.

So, however you choose to look at it, a dictionary plays an invaluable role in the understanding and use of any language. This is the same way a Spanish English dictionary plays a pivotal role in the understanding of the language.

We know many authors will try to woo you with the promise that their dictionary comes with all the words and expressions you’ll ever need to speak good Spanish in days, but without mincing words, it’s not true. No Spanish English dictionary, on its own, will ever get you speaking like a native—even in decades. You need to purposely learn the language either by taking classes or living around people who speak the language.

Now that we’ve disabused your mind of unrealistic expectations, we will proceed to give you the low-down on everything you need to consider before settling on any one Spanish English dictionary. Let’s go!

A good Spanish English dictionary can cost you anything from $5 to $100 plus, all depending on a few things. For instance, a paperback costs far more than a hardcover. Also, the higher the volume of the entries and number of pages, the higher the price of your dictionary will be.

Now, there are the cheap Spanish English Dictionaries, and no, we didn’t include them in our review because we care about you and your money. Those cheapies will definitely fall apart in a short time and might come with shabby translations that will confuse, instead of clarify you. A quality Spanish English Dictionary is not too expensive anyway, so why not just get a good one already?
To land yourself a great Spanish English dictionary, here are some features the experts suggest that you consider:
  • Lexicographic technique
  • Organization
  • Up-to-date
  • Size
  • Paper quality and cover
  • Idioms, slang, and others
  • Extras
Let’s get into the details already!

How to Learn Any Language Easily: Tedx Talk

Polyglot and linguist Matthew Youlden explains easy steps to learning a new language and debunks popular myths about language learning.
Construction and Design
Taking into account the construction and design of your Spanish English Dictionary is vital, and there are three large factors you’ll need to look closely at. These are: lexicographic technique, size, and the quality of its paper and cover. Let’s look at these more closely now.

Lexicographic Technique

Our first stop will be lexicographic technique…

First off, don’t let the big words confuse you. Lexicographic technique simply refers to the way the dictionary is designed, arranged, and presents its content. It's about HOW you will learn the new words.

A dictionary that simply contains a list of translations is a terrible one; don’t go for it. It will hardly help you.

A good dictionary should give you different meanings of words and how they differ in different contexts. It should also be able to walk you through the syntactic and semantic complexities with practical examples.


Next, size does matter. If you’re a student or a frequent traveler, or you need a companion for your tour, then you should already know that you need a small dictionary that can fit into your cross-body or knapsack without being too heavy.

Of course, if you need a really comprehensive dictionary that gives you all the info, then you can’t be looking for a pocket dictionary. You can’t have your cake and eat it too; come on, stop that. You either manage a not-too-comprehensive dictionary that gives the basics and is pocket-size, or you get a comprehensive dictionary that’s not lightweight at all.

Paper Quality and Cover

Paper quality and the cover are also pretty important. If your dictionary is made of good paper, of course, you know it will last longer; but you might not know that it could add to the bulk of your dictionary. A hardcover will be more durable, less expensive, but a little more difficult to open and will add to bulk too. So, choose your camp wisely.
Performance and Ease of Use
When using your new Spanish English Dictionary, you want to ensure it’ll be easy to use and will give you the results you want. To ensure this, it’s vital to look out for good organization, up-to-date language and words (including slang and idioms), and any extras it comes with. Keep reading to find out more about each topic.


Organization is pretty important to the ease of use of a dictionary. Some words have loads of entries under them with various applications. If all those entries end up as an endless sea of black text, it’s going to be pretty difficult—not to mention time-consuming—to get the translations you need. And please, we’re just checking through a dictionary, how difficult should it really be?

A good dictionary should organize its entries into paragraphs with well-labeled titles.


Then of course, a dictionary that isn’t up-to-date isn’t worth a second glance. When checking a dictionary, make sure it’s the latest edition and beyond that, ensure that it contains words that are relevant to the now too. For instance, in our world of today, you can’t afford to get a bilingual dictionary that doesn’t come with words for the internet and computers; you get?

Idioms, Slang, and Others

Also, a dictionary should be full of slangs, idiomatic expressions, and relevant words from various fields and professions, including everyday lingo to help the learner in his conversations at different places, whether at work, at the market, or in other informal situations.

It’s also good for your dictionary to come with cusswords, vulgar words, or derogatory words clearly pointed out. This will help you avoid less-than-ideal situations while holding a convo with a native. Trust us, few things are as embarrassing as insulting a stranger, with a nice accent, while trying to make friends.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that dialects, translations, idioms and slang words will depend upon the "type" of Spanish you want to learn. While Spanish may be a single base language, the ins and outs of it will depend upon the country of origin. For example, Latin American and European Spanish use different words for different things. To give you a comparison, think about how different many words are in the United States, Great Britain and Australia despite the fact that they are all English speaking countries.


Lastly, if you need something for kids, something with lots of illustrations and pictures will be more attractive and reader-friendly to your child than a regular dictionary.

Get the Best Spanish English Dictionary of 2022!

You’ve found it?! Great! You should be speaking fluent Spanish in no time. Write us a “thank you” note in Espanol, maybe? Till then, adios amigo!

Our Top Choice
Larousse Concise Spanish English Dictionary
Best Value
The New World Spanish English Dictionary
Oxford Spanish/English Picture Dictionary
Barron’s Spanish English Pocket Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Spanish English Dictionary

Spanish English Dictionary FAQs

Where do I buy a Spanish English dictionary?
Such a dictionary is readily available online on eCommerce sites such as Amazon. You can get it in paperback and have a quick go-to guide when you are feeling like a little Spanish. We have reviewed five of the best Spanish English dictionaries available if you need help finding one that is right for you.
Is there an audio Spanish English dictionary?
Some Spanish English dictionaries come with CD-ROMs for audio learning. There are also online platforms that offer translation of Spanish to English and vice versa. On such sites, you get to learn pronunciation, phrases, and do some quizzes. In addition, you can find mobile apps that will translate your spoken word and we are sure Siri can help too!
Is a Spanish English dictionary accurate?
Most of the dictionaries are accurate. You need to ensure that you get a credible version from a certified publisher. But yes, most are on point in terms of translation.