Best Speed Bag Reviews 2022

Speed bags are relatively common in the combat sports department and come in different sizes and shapes. Due to their diverse nature, it’s often confusing when it comes to picking the right one. And so in our usual fashion, we’ve gone researching and have come up with top 5 brands with the best speed bags in the market. This review is based on one product per brand, but be informed that the featured brands have other great speed bags you may want to see - and we’ve included links for easy navigation.
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Our Top Choice
RDX Double End Ball Speed Bag
RDX caters to sports enthusiasts, providing them with reliable gear and apparel. Its speed bags are of good quality and technically designed to bring out the best.
Rubber bungee strap for user to adjust ball. Enhanced motion in all directions. Tough Nylon strap ensures the ball is well-positioned.
On the flip side, the strap could come undone as the ball is being hit.
Split seam
M; 1.2 pounds
Hide leather
Extra durability
Best Value
Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag
Pro Impact is a principal producer of top line sporting goods and equipment. It distributes its own products and that of other major sports brands all over the world.
Welted seams. Pear-shaped design for targeted rebounds.
The bladder seems to leak past the needle point, so the bag needs to be topped off regularly.
Triple reinforced seam/loop
S; 0.5 pounds
Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag
Title Boxing is famous for creating quality sporting goods. Its utility speed bags are well-constructed to help users achieve their workout goals.
Internally balanced bladder for optimal results, which is available for replacement if need be.
Has to be re-inflated periodically.
Triple reinforced seam
XXS,S,M,L; 0.5 pounds
Rapid recoiling
Everlast Leather Speed Bag
Everlast is a manufacturer and licensor of boxing gear and sports equipment, and it provides high-class speed bags suitable for professional athletes and champions.
Welted seams and fortified lacing. Its shape and balance ensure targeted strikes on every rebound.
Doesn’t come with its own swivel mount. This can, however, be bought separately.
Reinforced seam
M, L; 0.72 pounds
Lasting durability
Ringside Maize Ball Speed Bag
Ringside features exceptional boxing gear and training equipment. It stocks speed bags that are built to enhance the user’s endurance and increase punch speed.
Durable and made of high-grade fortified leather. Convenient for beginners. Comes fully assembled.
Chain needs to be longer.
Balanced pear shape
L; 2.6 pounds

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What is the Best Speed Bag?

To get the best speed bag, there are several pertinent features and factors that you ought to consider. Now that you’ve carefully gone through our detailed buying guide where the different features of an ideal speed bag were discussed, you should now be able to confidently pick the speed bag that best meets your requirements.
Our Top Choice
The RDX Double End Ball Speed Bag is made from quality leather and is split seam-reinforced for increased durability. It’s sturdy, easy to mount, and has great rebound capacity. If you want a speed bag with different features, check out the RDX Leather Boxing Speed Bag with a double end dodge ball.

RDX Double End Regular Rope Speed Bag- Available in 2 Colors

RDX was founded in 1999, in Manchester England. The company caters to sports lovers, providing them with technically designed sporting goods. It’s a leading brand in the production of contact sports apparel, has a large customer base, and is focused on bringing out the best in athletes and fighters through its collection of gears. RDX regards the customer as key and its speed bags are the highest quality to ensure they give an outstanding performance.

The RDX Double End Ball Speed Bag is a 40.5-centimeter (16-inch) dual-end ball speed bag, fashioned from original Maya Hide leather. It features an internal dual textile layer and split seam-reinforced for maximum durability. This bag is sturdy, easy to mount with a 48-inch flexible rubber bungee strap that makes for enhanced movement in all directions. This calibrates the ball so that it comes back to position after being hit from different angles and helps the user adjust the bag to suit their level and height.

This speed ball features a flex string for swift motion and balance, while the heavy-duty nylon strap ensures the ball is positioned correctly. This speed bag can help fighters and boxers improve their punching speed and accuracy.

The ball is inflatable and easy to mount on the floor or ceiling with a built-in V-gravity technology that adds a stable base to it. It comes with a strong polyvinyl chloride buckle, fittings, and four metal S-shaped rings. The RDX Double End Ball Speed Bag is quality-tested to ensure that the hands are not hurt while in use, and it makes provision that it can be used with bare hands, bag gloves, or hand sheathes.

This bag can be used by amateurs, boxers, martial artists, or any sports professionals whose game involves punching. It helps to train the muscles and hone the reflexes maximally. It’s recommended for endurance training as it challenges and tones the body during these sessions. This speed bag is available in two colors, and with a weight of only 1.2 pounds it’s super easy to move from one place to another as needed.

RDX has other speed bags in its collection:
  • RDX Maya Heavy Boxing Punch Speed Bag Gloves: These are Velcro closure speed bag gloves with long straps, perforations for ventilation, and a snug fit.
  • RDX Heavy 3-in-1 boxing Punch Bag with Double End Ball: This is a handmade zero-impact punching bag with floor straps and a steel chain. It comes with leather bag gloves.
  • RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Speed Bag: It’s a lightweight speed bag with fast rebounds. It’s made up of a stainless steel swivel and cow hide leather, lined with 4 layered poly cotton.
  • RDX 12 PC Heavy Platform Speed Ball: This is a 12-piece complete set speed bag, that comes with all the required items and is suitable for professional use.
Best Value
The Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag is made of top-quality leather and comes with a heavy-duty latex bladder, a loop, and triple reinforced seams. If you want a smaller speed bag, check out Pro Impact’s Durahide Speedbag XS.

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Punch Speed Bag

Pro Impact is a foremost supplier of a wide variety of top line sporting goods. It distributes its own brand of products and those of other major brands in the world. The company has a mission to make available top-notch sporting items, gear, equipment, and services to its consumers. Pro Impact provides a range of services for individuals and sporting communities, and its speed bags are sold at affordable prices and enjoy accelerated shipping.

The Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag is an 8-ounce speed bag made of 100% high-grade leather. This speed bag is fashioned with a heavy-duty latex bladder, triple reinforced seams, and a loop. It’s rugged, incredibly responsive, and built to withstand intense hitting and targeted blows. It has a pear-shaped design, is non-bulky, and is simple to control. This speed bag can come already pre-assembled by an expert or not, depending on the customer’s preference.

The Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag has other features:
  • It comes with a moderate length strap that makes for a great pendulum swing and optimal action when struck.
  • This speed bag is suitable for training beginners and amateurs.
  • It features welted seams and a well-balanced pear-shaped design for improved targeted rebounds.
  • This speed bag comes in an attractive black color.
The Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag is made of high standard leather, triple fortified with seams for balanced workouts. It’s well-built to ensure accurate rebounds. If you want a speed bag with different features and a decent price, check out Title Boxing’s Title Classic Speed Bag.

Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Leather Speed Bag - Available in 4 Sizes

Title Boxing is a well-known company in the boxing industry that’s focused on creating quality sporting goods. It was established in1998 and has since carved a niche for itself as the best of the best. The company has always felt the power of boxing - the challenge in it, and the way it changes lives and creates stars out of ordinary people. Title Boxing has far become the one-stop-shop for a lot of combat sports athletes.

The company is well-known for its contribution to cage fighting, mixed martial arts, and kickboxing. It combines its experience in boxing with what is obtainable in the world of sports at present. Title Boxing is concerned about helping its customers achieve their dreams with the lasting speed bags it offers. It’s a dependable brand known by every good fighter, trainer, or coach.

The Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag is well-constructed to ensure accurate rebounds and swift recoiling. Its exterior is made of high standard leather, with three-way fortified lacing and seams for balanced and constant workouts. This speed bag is quite essential in the development of sharp reflexes, improved speed, and hand-eye coordination and control. It features a butyl double end ball bladder, well-balanced for optimal results and usually available in case of replacements. This speed bag comes in black, and weighs only 0.5 pounds.

Title Boxing has other speed bags in its collection:
  • Title Boxing Colossal Filled Double End Bag: This speed bag is made of a durable leather covering with welted seams and riveted loops for added security.
  • Title Boxing Platinum Atomic Speed Bag: This is a black and platinum-colored bag with quick atomic power speed. It’s triple-stitched, has nylon threading, and features a latex butyl rubber bladder.
  • Title Boxing Leather Speed Bag: It’s an all-leather, triple-stitched speed bag with reinforced handles. The loops are quad bundled for long life of the swivel.
  • Title Boxing Pro Mex Victoria Speed Bag: This bag is fashioned from the best goatskin leather for long-lasting wear and incredible performance. It’s triple-stitched and provides incredible rebound.
  • Title Genuine Leather Super Speed Bag: It’s built from original ‘baseball glove’ tanned, micro suede leather. It’s suitable for amateur or professional boxing, at home or in the gym.
  • Title Quick-Tek Super Speed Bag: This is a training speed bag that allows for easy changing of the bladder. It is crafted from genuine cowhide and is reliable, yet lightweight.
The Everlast Leather Speed Bag is crafted with premium synthetic leather. It’s strong and easy to clean, and is available in medium and large sizes. If you want a heavy kit bag, look up Everlast’s 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit.

Everlast Premium Leather Speed Bag

Everlast was founded by Jacob Golomb in 1910, originally as swimwear manufacturer. Seven years later, the company became a full retail store, stocking a complete line of sports equipment. Everlast broke through and became the chief manufacturer of sports gear in the world, when the company designed a gear that was worn by a world champion in a knockout match. Everlast is based in Manhattan and is a forefront manufacturer, licensor, and marketer of boxing gear. It is the choice brand of generations of champions and professional athletes. Everlast speed bags are resilient, state-of-the art pieces that hold up under rigorous exercising.

The Everlast Leather Speed Bag is a premium synthetic leather speed bag with dimensions of 4 x 12 x 5.5. The leather construction increases its functionality, while its reinforced seams increase endurance and balance for correct rebounds during training. It comes in two sizes: medium - 9 x 6 inches and large - 10 x 7 inches. The medium size is fit for long-time learners and professionals, while the large is most suited for beginners. The Everlast Leather Speed Bag can be used to work on head movement, hand coordination, and foot conditioning. And with a limited warranty of 120 days from the date of purchase, this is a speed bag you can rely on.

Everlast makes available a variety of speed bags:
  • Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag: This bag is made of high-grade leather with reinforced seams and balanced for good rebounds.
  • Everlast 70 Pound Platinum Heavy Bag Kit: This is a platinum-built heavy bag with gloves, adjustable chain, and cotton wraps to protect the hands.
  • Everlast Hyperflex Free Standing Heavy Bag: This speed bag features an individual locking spring, which allows for easy movement and is best for fast punches.
  • Everlast Double End Striking Bag: It’s made of superior synthetic leather and has a dual ended ball design for targeted strikes.
  • Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag: This is a set with comfortable cotton hand wraps, a speed bag, flexible chain, reinforced webbing, and a heavy bag.
  • Everlast Everhide Speed Bag: This is a lightweight speed bag with welted seams and is well-balanced. It has a carbon fiber pattern construction.
  • Everlast Free Standing Reflex Bag: It has an easy-to-fill base that takes sand or water. It has an adjustable height and is easy to set up.
The Ringside Maize Ball Speed Bag is durable and lightweight with a teardrop-like tipped out end. Its design enables it to swiftly cut through air for smooth rebound. If you want a speed bag with improved features, check out the Ringside Golden Gloves Speed Bag.

Ringside Maize Ball Thai Fitness Workout Training Punch Speed Bag

Ringside has been in business for over 30 years, producing exceptional boxing gear and training equipment for coaches, professionals, and even amateurs. Its range of products is from punching bags and gloves to shoes and boxing rings. The company is without a doubt the source of the best boxing items in the world, and has a reputation as being the largest and most dependable distributor of gear for athletes and sport participants. Ringside ensures that its customers have the right gear for every occasion, and its speed bags are built to enhance the user’s endurance, reaction time, and increase punch speed.

The Ringside Maize Ball Speed Bag is a 10 x 6 x 1-inch speed bag, weighing 2 pounds. It’s a great defensive tool and quite suited to slipping punches. With its tear-drop shape and more tipped out end, it can cut swiftly through the air, creating a balanced rebound. It’s durable and lightweight, made of fortified high-grade leather. This bag doesn’t need to have its parts rearranged, as it comes fully assembled and ready to use. Even better - it requires no filling whatsoever.

Ringside presents some other speed bags:
  • Ringside Apex Boxing Punch Speed Bag: This is a sleek, reinforced speed bag with a tear-drop shape that makes for accurate rebounds.
  • Ringside Boxing Speed Bag: It’s a durable leather speed bag, with fortified triple-stitched seams for sharp rebounds and swift recoiling.
  • Ringside Heritage Speed Bag: This is a thick, drum-dyed genuine cow hide leather speed bag with engraved logo detailing and fortified seams.
  • Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed Bag: It’s a handmade leather speed bag with precise detailing, showing smooth response with every hit. It features a tough nylon lining.
  • Ringside Ultra Rebound Double End Bag: This is a durable speed bag with double leather at the top and bottom of its striking area for accurate rebounds. The bag includes two rubber cables at both ends.
  • Ringside Apex Double End Bag: It’s a shimmering synthetic leather speed bag that comes with two end cables and a rubber bladder.

How Do I Choose the Best Speed Bag?

Martial arts is a traditional form of sports and physical fitness exercise in Asian parts of the world, but has rapidly grown in popularity elsewhere. One of its major components is the use of a punching bag or a speed bag to stay fit both physically and mentally. Although both of them serve basically the same purpose, a punching bag differs from the speed bag mainly in size. While a punching bag is big and bulky, serving majorly for practicing hard punches on wide target surfaces, the speed bag adds speed and well-targeted precision to the practice on small target surfaces.

As far as speed, precision, and coordination goes, a speed bag offers more than the contemporary punching bag. Its small portable size makes it easy to set up on an overhead support either in a gym or at home. Because of its lightweight design and size, it serves to improve hand speed, tone and increase muscle endurance, and enhance timing, rhythm, coordination, and general precision for boxers and those who want to stay physically fit and agile.

Working out with a speed bag is a great way to improve cardiovascular health with the same mechanism as a treadmill, but in this case, working on your upper body. It also plays a big role in emotional release for a more tranquil and relaxed mind, enhances eye control, and makes for better footwork, similar to yoga. It comes in different sizes for different levels of expertise.

Knowing some of the reasons why you need to get a great speed bag, let’s now take a close look at some features that may affect the performance of the speed bag. These features include: size and shape of the speed bag, type of swivel, construction, material, the cost, and other important extra features. All these features are adequately covered in this buying guide, so keep reading.
The amount of money you can afford to spend on a product goes a long way in determining the type of product you end up with. The more expensive products usually come with more features and better designs than less expensive ones. Nowadays, there are almost always several varieties of any product with different feature combinations, so you’re likely to get a product with the features you need at a price that’ll suit your budget.

The speed bags reviewed here range from about $20 to $40, which are competitive and affordable prices from renowned brands featured in this review. While conducting our research, we stumbled on some cheap speed bags made from not-so-reliable materials which are likely to fall apart in no time and could lead to injuries. We decided to ignore them and present only trusted products and brands to you.
Choosing and buying a top performing speed bag may not be an easy feat, but once you understand the key features your selection process becomes quite simplified.

Here are some of the important features to look out for:
  • Size of the speed bag
  • Type of swivel
  • Material
  • Construction
  • Extra features
  • Shape
Construction and Design
Speed bags are physical fitness tools designed for boxing or other combative sports and activities requiring fast hands. Every speed bag is constructed with three major parts, which are the bladder, the loop, and the shell.

The bladder is found in the interior of the bag and is inflated from time to time to give the speed bag its rigid shape.

The loop is, maybe, the most important part of the speed bag as it serves to connect the bag to the swivel, which then attaches to the support. If the loop frays and cuts, the speed bag is as good as useless.

The last part is the shell, which is the outermost part where all the punches are landed. This part is made with a material that’s tough, and at the same won’t injure the hands and knuckles.

The shell or outer covering of a speed bag is most often made from leather, as a leather-bound speed bag - although more expensive - slows the speed of the bag’s rebound and has a better texture with a slightly softer “give” that’s mild on the hands. All these features are great for a beginner and thus make leather-bound speed bags more preferable than other options.

Other materials for the shell include synthetic materials and polyurethane which are cheaper, but give a harder feel and faster rebounds. So, if you require fast rebounds or reaction from your speed bag, you should go for a speed bag with a synthetic or polyurethane shell.

Speed bags come in different sizes which are oftentimes designed in line with the level of expertise of the users. There are 3 main sizes of speed bags.

We have those in the 11 x 8 inch to 14 x 9 inch range, which are the biggest sizes meant for beginners because of their manageability and reduced speed to help build endurance and speed. The speed bags in the mid-sized range of between 9 x 6 to 10 x 7 inches are for more experienced users, while the smallest sizes ranging from 6.5 x 4, 7 x 4, to 8 x 5 inches are for super-fast professional users who have mastered the proper techniques and styles.

Generally, the smaller the speed bag, the faster the rebounds and the shorter the reaction time. So, needless to say that you should check the size of the speed bag you wish to buy to ensure you’re going for the one that will be most compatible with your skills and level of training.

A typical speed bag is designed in a teardrop shape, with the tapering end bearing the loop and swivel for attachment to an overhead support. Outside the teardrop shape, a speed bag can have a double-end design, which gives added stability to the bag because you get to fasten it from the floor below and to the roof above. Another less common shape is the banana shape which is referred to as the “Mexican shape”, where the speed bag is much narrower than the traditional teardrop-shaped speed bag.
Performance and Ease of Use
Setting up a speed bag is relatively easy and although it’s something that you can do on your own, you’ll still need some form of instruction or guidance. Most manufacturers include a setup manual in their product package, as well as things like bungee cords, metal O-rings, buckles, and straps for easy and reliable setup and fixing. Once your speed bag is securely fixed to the overhead support, you can then happily punch away as much as you’d like.

A swivel is the joint where the speed bag is hooked and then attached to the roof and it controls the movement and rebound of the bag, and thus the general performance of the bag rests on it. There are different types of swivels and each type plays a big role in the performance of the speed bag attached to it.

The ball hook swivel is popular among beginners and although it jumps, forcing you to hit with the precise trajectory, it slightly slows the bag’s movement and allows hitting or punching from all angles. It also has a special sound that goes rather well with music, which makes the workout much more fulfilling.

The U-hook swivels respond poorly to hits from the sides, but don’t jump. They’re quite easy to adjust and disassemble, although it might require more effort or the use of pliers to remove the pin.

Chain link swivels allow the speed bag to move in all directions with extremely fast rebounds and reactions. It’s best suited for speed work, but doesn’t perform well for precision or accuracy workouts.

A speed bag with a leather-bound shell can be used with bare hands without sustaining injuries because of its softer “give” on impact. On the other hand, a synthetic or polyurethane-bound bag has a hard plastic feel which can injure your hands, and can be used only with gloves or hand wraps.

A great performing speed bag is well-balanced with measured and smooth rebounds for better coordination, improved reflexes, and higher precision. Most speed bags have their bladder inlet at the top of the bag, making it somewhat difficult to access the bladder for changing or refilling.

Others have theirs at the side so you can easily reach the bladder for refilling or changing. Also, the smaller speed bags require less bladder fill-up time, unlike the bigger ones. You may want to go for smaller speed bags if you don’t need the hassle of having to constantly fill up the bladder.

For enhanced durability, most speed bags feature triple-reinforced seams or welted seams which ensure the shell stays together for longer without tearing apart. Some even feature careful, resilient, and top-notch hand stitches. Most of them have either a single or double layer of textile material underneath the shell for increased durability and performance.

Get the Best Speed Bag of 2022!

Now that you’ve taken the time to go through our review, we’re sure that you’ll be able to choose the speed bag that best suits you from the ones we reviewed. So go ahead and place your order now.

Our Top Choice
RDX Double End Ball Speed Bag
Best Value
Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag
Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag
Everlast Leather Speed Bag
Ringside Maize Ball Speed Bag