Best Speed Chute Reviews 2022

There is nothing that builds confidence for victory like a well-trained and fit athlete. Perhaps it's not about competition for you, but about staying healthy and fit. Making the right choice of speed chute to help you train for speed and agility can pose as some form of uphill task, but we've run that hill for you. Here, we present you with some of the best speed chute brands that we picked after our extensive research and consideration of basic requirements for an ideal speed chute. We acknowledge that these brands have other speed chutes that may appeal better to you so, it's okay for you to go ahead and check them out but rest assured that you are picking one of the best from these here.
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Harness type
Our Top Choice
AGPtek Speed Training Resistance Chute
AGPtek ensures that its products pass stringent quality control tests before release. Only a brand with integrity will enforce this.
It’s stable, easily foldable, and lightweight. The mesh panels provide the required stability, and the adjusting harness can be attached easily.
No cons were reported as at the time of this review.
0.5 lbs
Carry case
Adjustable belt
Best Value
JUMPING YIMAN Resistance Parachute
Jumping is a well-known for the distribution of a wide range of high-quality household and fitness products. Versatility is its driving force.
It has an adjustable Velcro belt, fits a wide range of sizes and provides up to 30 lbs. resistance..
It works great for bigger adults only because of its large waist size.
0.45 lbs
Adjustable belt
SKLZ Speed Chute Resistance Trainer
SKLZ is committed to overall fitness and helping athletes prepare themselves for competitions. This, it shows in the quality of the fitness products it makes.
The belt rotates 360 degrees, is tangle-free and also has a free motion ring for easy direction change.
It’s a little pricey, but that comes with the quality you get.
0.9 lbs
Adjustable belt
OSG Speed Training Resistance Chute
OSG’s 25 years in business and ranking as the UK’s fastest growing online sports store has made it a brand to trust in fitness and sports.
This speed chute is waterproof, lightweight and it is also easy to clean
No cons were reported as at the time of this review
0.41 lbs
Carry bag
Adjustable belt
Goplus Exercise Speed Resistance Chute
Goplus is known for its sustained evolution in the manufacture of innovative fitness products that are affordable without compromising quality.
It’s affordable, packs easily into a carry bag, the belt has Velcro closure, and it’s suitable for even 5-year old kids.
No cons were reported as at the time of this review.
0.43 lbs
Carry bag
Adjustable belt

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What is the Best Speed Chute?

Some people want to be fit for competitions; others want to be fit for their health. Some need a speed chute for their kids, and others need speed chute for full grown adults. Whatever category you fall into, do note that we have considered these factors before selecting these top brands that we chose. Now that you have a clear picture of your requirements, go ahead and pick a speed chute that fits your needs.
Our Top Choice
Is one of your concerns choosing a speed chute without shifting issues? The Professional Speed Training Chute is the solution you need because the mesh panels take care of that. For a bigger sized chute, the 56 inch Speed Training Resistance Parachute could be what you need.

AGPtek Professional Speed Training Resistance Parachute Chute Power with Premium Quality – Variety of Sizes Available

A brand that is careful not to risk the trust and confidence of its customers by ensuring that all its products are passed through rigorous and stringent quality procedures before being sent into the market is a brand you can trust any day, any time. AGPtek is committed to releasing only products that have passed their quality tests. There is little wonder why its products get rave reviews as exemplified by the Professional Speed Training Chute.

The AGPtek Professional Speed Training Chute (selling at $14.14 – manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is an excellent tool for increasing both your speed and strength while running. It has other features which include the following:
  • It has Velcro Quick Release for overspeed training
  • It can be adjusted for all waist sizes (up to a 42 inches waist)
  • It has 15-20 lbs. of resistance
  • It is made of top quality polyester material
  • It is light but strong
  • It has mesh panels which provide stability and reduce shifting
  • It easily folds down to fit in the carrying bag
  • Its diameter is approximately 48 inches
  • It opens when running begins and the adjusting harness is easy to attach
  • The quick release strap provides easy release into over speed
Best Value
Do you need a speed chute that is budget friendly, of high quality, durable and lightweight? Get the Yiman Resistance Parachute. You won’t have to bother about the weight of your chute bearing down on you with this chute. Do you need safety gears to help keep you protected while speed running? The YIMAN Safety Protective Gear does just that. You can check it out.

JUMPING Resistance Parachute YIMAN Running Parachute for Power Speed

Jumping has been in business for over a decade and has been producing a wide range of top quality products from home care to fitness, getting better with time. It is reputed for making professional fitness equipment and gear that serve their purpose while being gentle on your pocket.

The Yiman Resistance Parachute (selling for $9.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is top quality even though it is lightweight. Following are some features that make it a great buy:
  • It is 56 inches in diameter
  • It can provide 25-35 lbs. of resistance
  • Adjustable Velcro belt fits all sizes up to 42 inches waist
  • It has a lightweight umbrella body
  • It has an outer bag configuration
  • It is easy to carry
  • It easily folds down to fit in the carry bag
  • When packed, it can fit into a suitcase
Do you want to improve your speed and acceleration? Then you simply can’t go wrong with the SKLZ Speed Chute Resistance Trainer that provides great resistance of up to 30 lbs. Looking for more resistance that what’s offered by the featured chute? The Chrome Speed Chute Pro Dual has double the resistance.

SKLZ Original Speed Chute - Resistance Sprint Training Parachute w/ 54” Diameter and 360-Degree Rotation Belt.

An interesting tagline on the SKLZ web site reads: “In the history of human endeavor, no man has ever achieved anything with almost, ” and this is a snapshot of what its total commitment is. It believes that a fit player makes a fit team and creates victories. Therefore, its overall goal is to produce winning teams with products that help them get to their best. There is no doubting this when you go through the array of fitness products it has in its catalog, ranging from massage rollers to speed ladders to training ropes. Its products are for rigorous training that will produce a completely fit athlete. It also has programs for coaches and teams.

The SKLZ Speed Chute Resistance Trainer (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price –$ 29.99) is an interesting product with appealing features that include the following…
  • It is 54 inches in diameter
  • It provides approximately 15-30 lbs. of resistance
  • The built-in mesh panels keep strings from tangling
  • The built-in mesh stabilizes the chute during training
  • Adjustable belt that fits most athletes
  • The quick-release belt buckle makes for acceleration bursts during training
  • The 360° rotation belt has a free motion ring which allows for movement in any direction
  • It is synthetic
  • It stores easily in its carry bag
When running against the wind, what you need is a speed chute that can withstand the pressure from the wind and not lose its shape. This is what you get with the OSG Speed Training Resistance Chute. Looking to train for football with a partner? The OSG Agility Training Evasion Belt comes highly recommended.

OSG Speed Training Resistance Running Drill Speed Chute Parachute – Great for Sprint Fitness, Football, Soccer

OSG had been in the business of selling sports equipment and tools from other brands as distributors for over 20 years. In 2011, it decided to go into manufacturing sports equipment for itself, and this was as a result of the feedback it had from its customers over the years. By then, it understood what customers were looking for exactly and knew how best to satisfy them. Using their knowledge and feedback from customers, it has put together in the manufacture of the Speed Training Resistance Chute and other fitness items.

The OSG Speed Training Resistance Chute (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price - $13.99) is waterproof, making it easy to clean with water and soap and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The following are some other features of this speed chute:
  • It attaches to your waist by a harness
  • The neoprene material is lightweight
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water
  • Packs easily into carry bag
  • Adjustable waist belt with Velcro closure
With a large surface area to combat the wind, the Goplus Exercise Speed Resistance Chute will give you maximum resistance to help build the speed and agility you need. If you’re in the market for an exercise bike, we recommend the Exercise Bike Cycling Fitness Bicycle.

Goplus Exercise Speed Resistance Training Parachute Running Chute Cycling

With products like hyperextension bench chairs, weightlifting bench chairs, and fitness bicycles, Goplus has carved a niche for itself in the manufacture of sports and fitness equipment. Goplus has built trust over time with products that are pocket-friendly without any compromise to quality.

The Exercise Speed Resistance Chute (selling for $7.99 - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is one of the most pocket friendly speed chutes you will find around and this doesn’t affect its quality. The following are some of its features:
  • Waist can be adjusted from 28 inches to 44 inches
  • It is made of 190T silver coated cloth
  • Waist belt has Velcro closure
  • Packs easily into the carry bag
  • Weighs about 0.43 lbs.
  • It is 56 inches in diameter

How Do I Choose the Best Speed Chute?

Speed and agility are very essential in many sports. Whether it’s sprinting, soccer, football, basketball, baseball or martial arts, your speed will always be a huge factor in your performance. The faster athletes usually receive the most acclaim. Simply being able to reach places faster and do things more quickly than your opponents is often enough to win the game for your team.

Knowing this, most athletes will train rigorously to improve their speed and stamina, sometimes even purchasing equipment such as a treadmill so they can run at home, rain or shine. This can be done in a number of ways that have been practiced for years. Some athletes will practice with dumbbells to target specific regions, while others will choose to incorporate more fitness tools to achieve their goals.

One of the best tools to help you stay abreast of new training methods is a speed chute. This piece of training equipment helps you improve your speed and endurance. It operates by slowly inflating as you pick up speed, and providing your whole body with drag and resistance. This resistance forces your body to work harder to maintain your speed. If you practice with the chute a lot, you’ll be amazed by how much your speed has increased once you run without it.

Speed chutes have been used most recently by players in major sporting leagues like the NFL and UFC because of their huge training capabilities. They are very effective because, unlike other workout tools such as ankle weights, they work the entire body, so they train every major muscle together.

We realize how important it is to all true athletes to reach their maximum potential, so we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best speed chute for your training routine. In it, we’ll show you features to look out for and how these features can affect your use of the chute.
Purchasing a speed chute can be a big step towards reaching your maximum potential. When you’re shopping for one, it’s only natural that you go for one that gives you the greatest value. This value can be judged in how well it works for you and how much it justifies the price you paid for it. In our research, we found that you can find a good chute for $8 to $30, but be aware that factors like its size, materials, and accessories will affect the cost.

There are expensive chutes that have more features, so you may not necessarily need them. Generally speaking, you’ll want to be wary of cheap speed chutes because they may tear, which ruins how effective and useful they are. Because this type of product is already pretty inexpensive, it’s better to go with a reputable brand, even if the price is slightly more.
While all speed chutes might look alike, they are not. They can differ in their types, how they’re used, and in many other ways. We’ve taken time to explain some important features of speed chutes to make it easier for you to find the best one for your athletic needs.

Here’s what to look out for:
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Resistance
  • Material
  • Harness Type
  • Usage
  • Carrying bag
  • Quick Release
We recommend looking at these attributes because they’re the most likely to influence your purchase. To help you better understand what some of these features are, we’ve explained them in the sections below.
Construction and Design
The size of your speed chute is probably one of the more important factors to consider because it’ll partially determine how much resistance you feel when using it. Note that a chute’s diameter—not necessarily its length or height—will tell you how large it is. If you’re an experienced runner, a larger chute may be better for you because you’ll feel more resistance. On the other hand, people who’re new to using speed chutes may want to initially start with a small one and then work their way up as they become more accustomed to it.

Weight is the second aspect that’ll determine the chute’s resistance. If it’s quite heavy, it’ll drag more on the ground as you run. Because using a chute puts a lot of additional stress on your body, we recommend looking for heavier, larger ones if you’ve used a chute before and are comfortable with it. For beginners, going lighter and smaller is ideal to avoid accidental injury. Also, be aware that you’re most likely going to be using your chute outside, so you may want a lighter chute for the hot, summer months and a larger one for the cold, winter months.

Speed chutes are all about adding resistance to your run so you’ll be faster once you’re actually out on the track or field. The resistance also helps build your leg muscles while training your lungs to breathe through the additional weight. If you know you’ll be using your chute often, take a look at the material it’s made from. Some are polyester, neoprene or synthetic cloth, and each has a different weight as well as durability. For heavy users, the synthetic cloth may be better than the thinner polyester material.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you’re shopping, you’ll notice that chutes have two types of harness—one that fits around your waist and one that fits around your chest. Before you begin really running or training, make sure the harness is fastened tightly around your body. You want to even do a brief “test” run to ensure that the chute’s not too heavy and that the harness isn’t pulling on you in a way that’s uncomfortable. Some chutes do have adjustable belts so you can easily fix any issues associated with proper fit. If you’re new to chutes, look for one that’s adjustable so you can get the most comfortable fit.

Since you’re probably going to carry your chute with you when you go to practice or to your training spot, you may want to look for one that comes with its own carrying bag. You can purchase the bag separately, of course, but it’s usually cheaper to buy both at the same time. If you do decide to buy a bag later, just make sure it’s the same brand (that way, you’ll know for a fact that your chute will fit inside it).

For runners looking to hit their top speed, a chute with a quick release may not be a bad idea. The quick release function simply detaches the chute from the harness, which drops the overall weight on your run and gives you a big burst of speed. Beginners can also benefit from the quick release function, especially if they suddenly feel tired or if they’ve capped out what their lungs are capable of doing. As you use the chute more, your lungs will be able to handle the changes in weight, but the quick release function can really be a lifesaver when you’re at the very end of your workout and need a little boost.

Get the Best Speed Chute of 2022!

After going through our top 5 products, we believe that you have become very informed on which speed chute to purchase. You can now go ahead and make your purchase (if you have not made one already).

Our Top Choice
AGPtek Speed Training Resistance Chute
Best Value
JUMPING YIMAN Resistance Parachute
SKLZ Speed Chute Resistance Trainer
OSG Speed Training Resistance Chute
Goplus Exercise Speed Resistance Chute