Best Speed Harness Reviews 2022

You've already heard of harnesses, but you probably thought they are only meant for climbing. Well, you will be pleased to realize that there are speed harnesses specifically meant for speed and power training. The market is full of speed harnesses for athletic training, and getting the best model for your specific purpose can be tricky. We have sorted them out to present you with five speed harnesses from some of the best speed harness brands around. If you are training on speed, you may also want to check out our other review on the best speed chutes.
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Our Top Choice
Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness
Skiing, climbing, sports and fitness come to mind when you mention Black Diamond. It has mastered the art of keeping fit with its innovative gear designs, making it a notable trend setter.
Pre-threaded quick-adjust buckle. Simple design and size that fits all. Lightweight and durable. Nylon webbing for durability.
Has no padding making it a little uncomfortable but this doesn’t affect its efficiency
Pre-threaded quick-adjust buckle
Waist 23-42 inches; 0.9 pounds
Best Value
CCS Harness with Pull Strap
Since it opened over thirty years ago, CCS has remained true to its values and mission of producing top-notch, dependable and unique outdoor apparel.
Easy on-and-off pullover style and vest design. Metal connectors that last. Padded rib guard for less chafing. Upper torso attachment to build core muscles.
Too large for younger users.
Metal connectors, pullover style
Vest design
For adults 50" & under waist
Titan Power Weighted Drag Sled
Titan has become synonymous with fitness items, and its products don't disappoint when put to the task.
For speed development and quadriceps strength. Requires little assembly. Can be used on carpet, grass and concrete. Powder-coated finish.
Isolated complaints of the center post being too big for weights to slide down.
Used with Olympic plates
Hips and legs
Adjustable strap; 37 pounds
Nylon and steel
SKLZ Recoil 360 Resistance Trainer
SKLZ is a notable sports development company. It offers support to serious athletes by giving them the opportunity to get the best training for their games.
Cable stretches from 8 to 22 feet for comfortable distance. Offers multidirectional training. Can switch between assistance and resistance. Resistance can go up to 50 pounds.
Isolated complaints of weak elastic band.
Multidirectional trainer
Belt style
14- 38 inch waist; 2.8 pounds
Onlysportsgear 360 Resistor Sprint Harness
Think of any common or uncommon sports training apparel, and you're likely to find it with Onlysportsgear. It provides quality training tools at an affordable price.
Comfortable, hardwearing design. Easy to use. Carry bag for efficient transportation. Black webbing with hook. Designed for quality heavy-duty power training.
Pull strap not long enough.
Carry bag included
Vest style
Adjustable harness for 10 yrs+

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What is the Best Speed Harness?

The ideal speed harness means that you are fully in control of your speed and strength training. Now that you have our tips on what to look for, read our reviews of the five speed harnesses we have picked out. Keep in mind the specific features you are looking for as you read along.
Our Top Choice
The Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness stands out with a simple design and size that fits all, making it ideal for rock gyms, guide schools and outdoor programs. Need a harness built specifically for women? Go for the Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness. The bullhorn-shaped waist belt makes it more comfortable to wear.

Black Diamond Nylon Vario Speed Harness — Grey

When it comes to fitness, skiing and climbing, Black Diamond understands what works best. After its humble beginnings, the company has steadily grown and now has offices spread across three continents. Its mission has always been to focus on sports, fun and fitness. Its exemplary gear designs have constantly set the bar in various areas of sports and fitness. All this can be attributed to the diligence and dedication of an incredible team of experts that dares to dream and is its own harshest critic.

The Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness stands out with its simple one-size-fits-all design. It has no gear loops or buckles and is thus ideal for groups, rappelling and top-ropping. The waist belt features a big quick-adjust buckle and is pre-threaded, so there's no need for doubling back. The fact that it’s made from wide nylon webbing makes this harness not only durable, but also lightweight and simple to strap on. You’ll love the convenience that comes with the leg loops and their quick-adjust option.
Best Value
The CCS Harness with Pull Strap stands out with its professional quality. It features an easy on-and -off pullover style and a vest design that adds leg power and increases sprinting speed. Prefer a smaller youth size instead? Then the CCS Youth Sled Harness is what you need. It's ideal for users with a 40-inch or smaller girth.

CCS Professional Quality Speed Harness with Pull Strap & Metal Connectors

CCS opened in California in 1995. Since then, it has grown to be one of the premier producers of snowboarding, skateboarding and fitness apparel. Nothing beats the designs and innovative products that this company creates. Its loyalty to the demands of its clients has kept it at the top, and it's always ready to keep up with change and adapt to emerging technologies in the market.

The CCS Harness with Pull Strap is a professional-quality, vest design harness with an on-and-off pullover style. It allows for added leg power, thus increasing sprinting speed. Unlike harnesses with plastic buckles, its metal connectors are strong enough to prevent cases of frequent breakage.

Here are its other notable features:
  • Forces distributed across the whole body for superior comfort
  • 1.5-ich wide belt with a padded rib guard for less chafing and maximum comfort
  • Upper torso attachment to help build core muscles and improve leg strength
  • Comfortable three-inch wide shoulders
  • Hand washable for better hygiene
  • Comes with nine-foot pull strap with steel hooks
  • Back and front, steel O-rings for backward and forward pulling
  • Balance training made possible with steel shoulder d-rings
:: The Titan Power Weighted Drag Sled with Leash & Harness lets you focus on speed development and quadriceps strength through its forward-facing and backward-facing drags. Prefer a speed harness with proprietary handles instead? Get the Titan Power Speed Sled with Harness. It helps you build up your hamstring.

Titan HD Running Power Weighted Speed Drag Sled Fat Boy Harness

Titan has health clubs spread across Texas, North Carolina and Nevada. This company understands what works and what doesn’t by keeping up with the sports and fitness field and improving its products based on the users' requests and needs. Its fitness line mainly focuses on gym equipment, cages, racks and strength training programs.

The Titan Power Weighted Drag Sled with Leash & Harness is made to help you develop speed. Its main target is your posterior chain, but at the same time, it improves your leg and hip drive. Its backward facing drags make it an ideal tool to build quadriceps strength. You’ll love the fact that it requires little assembly and can be used on carpet, grass or even concrete. With a maximum capacity of 500 pounds, this speed harness works best with Olympic plates. What’s more, its powder coated finish not only improves its physical appearance but also helps ensure durability.
The SKLZ Recoil 360 Dynamic Resistance/Assistance Trainer offers multidirectional training, whether you have a partner or not Prefer a parachute version instead? Try the SKLZ Speed Chute Resistance Sprint Trainer. It will help you maximize both speed and acceleration.

SKLZ Recoil 360 Dynamic Resistance and Assistance Multi-Sport Trainer — Solo or Partner Belt with Bungee

SKLZ doesn’t take fitness and sport performance lightly. This informs the company's strict dedication to making quality, flexible and dependable sporting gear that matches the market needs of users. Whether it’s for performance training, baseball, football, basketball or even golf, SKLZ has got it all in terms of the gear you need. Since its opening, the company has fulfilled its mission of helping dedicated athletes prepares for their games through top-of-the line sports equipment.

The SKLZ Recoil 360 Dynamic Resistance/Assistance Trainer takes into consideration the fact that sport training doesn’t take place in one direction. This harness gives you maximum balance, power, speed and vertical jump. Its sheathed cable stretches from eight to 22 feet, to give you the right distance needed for each type of sport movement and drill. This lets you switch between assistance and resistance. This trainer can be used without the help of a training partner. The resistance increases from eight to 50 pounds, keeping you active through explosively powerful movements. For even more safety, it features a bungee cord, an adjustable 46-inch belt and a partner safety handle.
The Onlysportsgear 360 Strength Training Resistor Sprint Harness promises heavy-duty strength training with its comfortable, hardwearing design. Need a specific version for soccer training? Go for the OSG Soccer Training Exercises Shoulder Resistance Harness with 10-foot-long nylon webbing.

Onlysportsgear 360 Strength Training Resistor Sprint Harness with Carry Bag

If you are a sports or fitness enthusiast, then you know the importance of getting dependable training gear. Onlysportsgear has made a name for itself in the sports industry by combining quality and affordability. Whether you are looking for apparel and training gear for the major sports, or for specific, little-known disciplines, you can rest assured that Onlysportsgear doesn’t disappoint. It is now one of the fastest-growing online sports stores. This company can also provide customized teamwear solutions to sports clubs, schools and charities.

The Onlysportsgear 360 Fitness Training Power Speed Resistor Sprint Harness lives up to the expectation of a 360 training harness with its dependable, heavy-duty strength training. It's one of the most affordable and easy ways to gain explosive speeds. The comfortable, easy-to-use and durable design with black webbing will most likely make this your favorite training companion.

How Do I Choose the Best Speed Harness?

Are you a professional athlete looking to looking forward to conquering the world with your talent, or simply a fitness enthusiast seeking to keep fit by improving on your speed, power and muscle build? To achieve the best results, training should be a top priority. Looking at how the top athletes in the world play or run to win races with so much ease, you may be tempted to think that it is as simple as it looks. On the contrary, a lot goes into their training regimes before they can post such impressive results. When it comes to speed and strength training, nothing works better than a speed harness. This tool of wonder may just be what you have been looking for to help you achieve your dream form in terms of your performance. Now you no longer have to depend on a treadmill that may not really target specific regions of your body.

It should be noted that speed harnesses come in various forms, designs, sizes, types and styles. It’s therefore prudent to look at each in terms of the features offered, so you can select the best option for your specific training program.

Unlike other strength training apparel, such as the resistance band, some speed harnesses are specifically meant for certain genders while others are unisex. This is because of differences in body builds and features between men and women. Men usually prefer to wear their harnesses at their hips, while women find it more comfortable with the harnesses at their waist. People should wear whatever version fits well and feels comfortable. Adjustable harnesses are a better choice for men and women who prefer versatility in terms of how and where they strap their harnesses. So put those running shoes on and get your speed training on track with the best speed harness.
Sport and strength training is a sensitive undertaking, so you don't want to get a cheap speed harness that will end up wearing out quickly or breaking down on your first use. However, you don't have to break the bank in order to get a good speed harness. There are fairly affordable options out there. Typically, the price of a speed harness is affected by factors such as size, type, and other accompanying accessories and material used. Based on these factors, you can expect a good speed harness to cost around $8 for the basic models, and around $90 for larger and advanced versions with durable materials and multipurpose functionality.
To find the right speed harness, there are several features to consider. Because there are various types and designs out there, some of these features may apply to some harnesses but not others. These qualities should be taken into consideration based on the type of speed harness you are looking for. The following are some of the common features in a speed harness:
  • Weight
  • Leg Loops
  • Rise
  • Padding
  • Belay Loop
  • Gear Loop
  • Haul Loop
  • Size and Fit
  • Wear Indicator
  • Tie-In Point Protectors
We will now look at each of these features.
Construction and Design
The weight of the speed harness plays a critical role in terms of its flexibility and ease of use. Usually, this will be determined by the amount of padding, number of gear loops, and other notable accompanying accessories. In most cases, a heavier harness is ideal for local cragging. Sport and speed training work best with a lighter harness, since less padding means less absorption of moisture.

There are three main types of leg loops: detachable, adjustable, and non-adjustable. In most cases, the non-adjustable versions are best for working in similar climates or doing the same type of training. Adjustable leg loops are meant to be used in cases where different types of exercises, training or running is concerned, since they are custom-fit. Detachable loops come in handy when one needs to answer the call of nature or put on crampons while still roped.

The rise is the distance between the waist belt and your leg loops. A good rise shouldn’t be too long or too short. It should fit well to keep the user balanced in case of a fall. Some harnesses have an adjustable rise that lets you control its length.

Padding is meant to offer comfort to the user and help prevent unnecessary injuries that result from pressure. However, the amount of padding also depends on the type of speed harness. While most climbing harnesses have considerable padding, the same cannot be said of sport and speed training versions, since they are expected to be as light as possible.

The haul loop is a loop of webbing usually found on the inside of the waist belt. It works best for big-wall climbing. The belay loop helps connect the leg and waist loops, in front. This is meant to make is easier to clip or belay on sport route anchors. Usually, a conventional speed harness has four gear loops, but this can sometimes vary between two and none gear loops. For easier access, gear loops should be placed a little forward, but not too far forward, as this will mean your gear meets your thighs and gets in the way.
Performance and Ease of Use
A speed harness has to fit properly if you are to get satisfactory results in your speed and strength training. It has to ensure that pressure and force are spread evenly across the body during training. Even the best harness won't feel comfortable if it’s the wrong size for the user. Size and fit are determined by your waist and hip sizes. If you have wider hips compared to your waist, you are better off wearing the harness on the waist. This mostly applies to women.

A good speed harness is fitted with a wear indicator that warns you early, in case it’s no longer safe to use it. These indicators are usually strips or nylon threads at the back of an external layer of the harness. To keep your harness from wearing out too fast, get one that has tie-in protectors, especially for mammut harnesses. These are fixed on the high wear spots that get subjected to friction from time to time.

With all these factors considered to make the harness much easier to use, comfort is paramount. A good speed harness should offer comfort throughout the exercise.

Get the Best Speed Harness of 2022!

There you have it! We hope that this information has been helpful and will go a long way toward helping you get the best speed harness. In case you are yet to make up your mind, you can also check out many other options from the trusted brands we have just reviewed.

Our Top Choice
Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness
Best Value
CCS Harness with Pull Strap
Titan Power Weighted Drag Sled
SKLZ Recoil 360 Resistance Trainer
Onlysportsgear 360 Resistor Sprint Harness