Best Spill Stopper - Silicone Boil Over Spill Stopper Lids and Splash Guards for Pots and Pans

Making pasta and other starchy foods usually results in a spill-over on the stove. If the pot is not watched, you are certain to get a messy stove top and spend time cleaning up. To avoid this kind of mess, you need to get yourself a spill stopper. Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea of where to start, we’re here to help.

We have taken the time to do some research on the best silicone boil over spill stoppers for pots and pans. But just in case you were looking for spill stoppers for the microwave, some of our featured either work in the nuker or they have ones made just for the microwave. And to make things even easier for you, here’s a look at some of our favorites!

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Our Top Choice
Kuhn Rikon Kochblume Spill Stopper
118 years of experience has placed Kuhn Rikon as a brand that knows its onions in the manufacture of innovative kitchen products.
Can handle temperatures of up to 400 degrees. Also serves as film cover for raising bread.
Care is needed when removing it from a pot to avoid steam burns.
Available in 4 sizes
Heavy food grade silicone
Available in 4 colors
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
Best Value
Zoie + Chloe Silicone Spill Stopper
As a brand that makes a wide range of kitchenware, Zoie + Chloe has a good knowledge of what works best for its customers.
It’s affordable, functional, easy to use and available in two appealing colors.
No cons were reported as at the time of writing this review.
10 inches
BPA free silicone
Red and green
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
Internet’s Best Silicone Spill Stopper
Internet's Best is a trusted brand for household items, ranging from French presses and shoe racks to pet accessories and spill stoppers.
Spill stopper is lightweight and the smaller flower cover can be folded.
Water may evaporate before food is cooked
10 inches
Food grade silicone
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
Altruism Multi-Function Spill Stopper Set
Altruism is environmentally conscious and makes household items that won’t have adverse effects on the environment or on customers.
It’s 100% silicone, BPA-free, is easy to stack, easy to clean, can be used for multiple functions, has suction function that makes it act as a seal, and is microwave safe.
Water tends to spill easily when this lid is lifted off.
13 inches
Food grade silicone
Red and green
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
Jobar Pot Cover Spill Stopper Lid
Jobar International has been in business since 1972. It makes items for computers and technology, beauty products, and home and houseware.
Conveniently fits pots of 6-10 inches and is heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Doesn’t have a handle
Adjusts 6" to 10"
BPA-free Silicone
Red or Green
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe

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What is the Best Boil Over Spill Stopper? Read Our Spill Stopper Reviews!

After going through our buying guide, you’re probably wondering where you can purchase the best spill stoppers. Well, kick your feet up and read through our individual brand/product reviews below for information on the best spill stoppers available.

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Our Top Choice
Kuhn Rikon shows its expertise in kitchenware manufacture with the Kochblume Spill Stopper, which easily serves as a pot lid and also stops spills. Have trouble opening jars? Then you will love the Kuhn Rikon Strain Free Gripper Opener for Jars and Bottles.

Kuhn Rikon Kochblume Silicone Spill Stopper – Boil Over Spill Stopper Available in 4 Colors and 4 Sizes


Kuhn Rikon has been in operation since 1889 and has consistently evolved in manufacturing functional and convenient kitchenware. The Kochblume Spill Stopper with dual function exemplifies Kuhn Rikon’s goal of creating cookware that helps its customers “make healthy cooking faster, easier and more enjoyable.”

Available in multiple sizes - ranging from 11 to 14 inchess — the Kochblume Spill Stopper fits perfectly with your pot of s a lid and a spill guard. Its heavy-duty silicone material makes it resistant to temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, and serves as a great splatter guard while cooking rice, pasta, and starchy foods.

Best Value
Do you want a spill stopper that embodies functionality and convenience? Then you can’t go wrong with the Zoie + Chloe Silicone Spill Stopper. It gives you peace of mind when cooking foods with starchy liquids, so you are not bothered about cleaning up later. Do you need a strainer for your pasta? We recommend the Stainless Steel Spaghetti Strainer Lid. It fits all pots up to 10 inches

Zoie + Chloe Silicone Spill Stopper Lid - Prevent Boil Overs, Splatter Guard, Four Color Choices


One of the factors to consider when purchasing an item is how much knowledge the company has about the niche it manufactures in. Zoie + Chloe makes a wide array of products, ranging from crockpot cookers to dumpling makers and vacuum food jars, placing them in a position of authority in the kitchenware niche. Its customers simply love its products. You just have to see their reviews to understand how they feel.

The Silicone Spill Stopper is an embodiment of functionality and convenience, because it also serves as a pan or pot lid besides its function as a splatter guard. It comfortably fits pots and pans of 6 to 11 centimeters. It is made of heavy-duty silicone material that withstands temperatures of up to 465 degrees Farenheit. It is perfect for use when making pasta, rice, soups and other foods with starchy liquids.

Internet Best's Silicone Spill Stopper has an advantage over other spill stoppers due to its light weight. It can be easily lifted off a pan or pot while you're cooking. Want to prevent splashes, splatters and boil overs in the microwave? Get this Set of 5 Heat Resistant Microwave Covers. These various sizes silicone lids are also stovetop, oven, fridge and freezer safe — making them good for bowls, pots and pans.

Internet’s Best Silicone Boil Over Spill Stopper - Pot and Pan Splash Protector, Kitchen Cooking Splatter Guard Screen


One major selling point that Internet’s Best has in the household items niche is its great diversity. It has a wide range of products, including French presses, magnetic spice holders, pet accessories and shoe racks.

Its Silicone Spill Stopper is sturdy and durable, giving you good value for your money. It is heat-resistant for up to 400 degrees, therefore it is safe for the microwave, oven or stove. It is also safe to clean in the dishwasher.

The Altruism Multi-Function Spill Stopper comes in handy when you need a lid for anything, because of its suction function. It can be used from freezer to oven to table, not only as a spill stopper. Altruism also has the Silicone Baking Mats, in case you need them to keep your food from sticking and pans clean.

4 Piece Silicone Kitchen Gadget — Silicone Spill Stopper Lid Cover for Pots and Pans, Clip On Strainer, Anti-Spill Deflector Soup Funnel and Spoon Rest


Altruism’s clout in the kitchenware industry has been proven by its non-conventional and versatile products. It makes household items with diverse functions, such as a baking mat that also serves as a decorating rolling pin.

The Altruism Multi-Function Spill Stopper serves as both a splatter guard and a lid for different pots, pans and plates. Its other features include the following:

  • Stylish design with semi-transparent light green color
  • Can be used for multiple functions
  • Its suction function makes it act as a seal over pots, plates and pans
  • Has a temperature range between -4 degrees to 450 degrees
  • Can be used as food wrap
  • Durable, food grade, 100% silicone, BPA-free
  • Microwave safe
  • Seals any bowl in fridge or on dining table
  • Very easy to clean and store
  • Creates a tight seal on glass, ceramic and metal rims
If you need a flexible but rigid spill stopper, you won’t have any regrets with the Jobar International Handy Gourmet Boil-Over Safeguard. It conveniently serves as a stopper and a lid. We also think you will enjoy this Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer. This clip on silicone colander will help avoid spills and splashes when straining pastas and foods.

Jobar Silicone Boil Over Spill Safeguard - Silicone Lid Stops Pots and Pans from Messy Spillovers, Universal Lid Fits Pots 6" to 10"


Jobar International invests in developing new products regularly. It currently has 700 items in its catalog, and it increases the number of products in its catalog by 100 items annually. It also specializes in providing private label products and custom packaging for brands that need them.

Its Handy Gourmet Boil Over Safeguard has some striking features. It is flexible but sturdy and durable, and rigid enough to stand alone over a pot. It does not allow foam or bubbles to go beyond the lid. It is deep enough to let you steam some vegetables on it while cooking your pasta. It fits pots with a 6-10-inch diameter. It handles temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby making it stove, oven and microwave safe. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Best Silicone Spill Stopper Buying Guide — What to Look for in a Spill Stopper Lid to Prevent Boil Overs, Splashing and Splatters

And so goes the saying: if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Spill stoppers can take the heat, whether from the stove or the dishwasher, because many versions are made of silicone. Many can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees, which is more than sufficient for almost all dishes. Although they are called "spill stoppers," the name may seem a bit misleading - what they are really designed for is to stop your pots from overflowing when food starts to bubble and boil, preventing spills on to your stovetop while cooking.

Quite unlike some of these other metal splatter guards that rust over time or those ones made of mess with handles (both of which are typically designed more for preventing grease splattering), the silicone spill stopper fares better in its kitchen life.

And have you seen the cute and lovely shapes, patterns, and colors they come in? Spill stoppers are those pretty functional must-haves that can spruce up your kitchen and add some cheer to your cooking quite unlike those mean, serious-looking splatter guards.

So checking off the mental list: Can withstand the heat? Check. Can endure dishwashing? Universal shape or size to fit a wide variety of pots and pans? Check. Check. So cute it makes you cry? Check. So efficient it makes you cry again? Check. (Or is that the onions you're cutting?)

So is the idea of a spill stopper sold or what? If so, let's take a look at some of the things to consider when purchasing one.


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Preventing Milk from Overflowing. | Courtesy of ANYBODY CAN COOK

Because everybody should have a spill stopper, manufacturers have made it so affordable that even the “high-end” stoppers are still pretty affordable. Spill stoppers rarely, if ever, exceed a range of $10 and $35 so now you have an even better reason to purchase even a cheap spill stopper. Many of them are, put gently, a total waste of money. So rest assured, you won’t see poorly designed spill stoppers in our product reviews here. You deserve the best.


If you are going to get a spill stopper that will serve you well then look out for these features:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Color
  • Heat capacity
  • Cleaning

Let’s now slide into the details.

Construction and Design

A spill stopper is quite different from a splatter guard with which you might be familiar. They are made of silicone which ensures their durability for a very long time, as they won’t rust. They also come in different attractive designs, with many resembling a flower.

Spill stoppers are made to fit your pots perfectly, so as you can guess, they come in different sizes. Before you purchase one, it might do you some good to actually know the size of your pot so that you can pick a fitting stopper. Sizes can range from about 6 centimeters to about 12 centimeters. Some stoppers are also deeper than others, so please note that.

Also, you can pick from multiple colors for your spill stopper depending on the brand you purchase and your required specifications.


Video: How to Keep Kitchen Clean During Cooking

How to Prevent a Messy Kitchen. | Courtesy of GeoBeats Science
Performance and Ease of Use

Spill stoppers are very easy to use, clean, and store. All you need do is place the right size stopper on top of your pot or pan and leave to boil. Usually, these stoppers have vents at their crown which allow the steam to exit while condensing the bubbles. The condensing keeps the bubbles in the pot so that there is no spill.

You should allow your pot cool down for a minute or two before removing your spill stopper. With this method, you are sure to get no spill. Cleaning your spill stopper is as simple as placing it in the dishwasher. The product will come out spotless and ready for the next use provided it is dishwasher safe. Often, spill stoppers come with hooks with which you can hang them to dry and store anywhere in your kitchen.

Finally, you already know that all spill stoppers can withstand heat to a very high degree. Therefore, they can be used with microwaves and sometimes ovens. The maximum temperature range is typically between 400 and 460+ degrees Fahrenheit. So, depending on the type of cooking you’ll be doing, look out for the heat capacity that’s best suitable for you.

Get the Best Spill Stopper of 2023!

Now that you have taken the time to read our review on spill stoppers, you may have already made a decision on which one to get. We trust that you can now go ahead and buy with confidence, knowing that you have enough information to make the right choice.

Our Top Choice
Kuhn Rikon Kochblume Spill Stopper
Best Value
Zoie + Chloe Silicone Spill Stopper
Internet’s Best Silicone Spill Stopper
Altruism Multi-Function Spill Stopper Set
Jobar Pot Cover Spill Stopper Lid

Spill Stopper FAQs

What is a spill stopper?
A spill stopper is a device you use to prevent boiling pots from spilling their contents. It comes in the form of a bowl that captures the overflowing liquid before spilling onto the stove. After the fluid has accumulated, it slips back into the pot.
How to use a spill stopper?
To use a spill stopper, pick one that perfectly fits onto your pot. Then go ahead and attach it to the pot. It will allow steam to escape through the vents while retaining the liquid bubbles. When you finish cooking, you should wait for the pot to cool down before removing the spill stopper.
Where to buy a spill stopper?
It would help if you bought a spill stopper on Amazon, your online store with the widest variety of products, and incredible deals. If you are looking for a spill stopper to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.