Best Spinner Luggage Reviews 2022

Unlike other types of luggage items, spinner luggage feature 4 or more wheels which facilitate the moving process. Therefore, you don’t have to use your muscles and get tired while carrying your personal belongings. You just drag or push the spinner around and have a more comfortable travel experience. Spinner luggage are increasingly popular and luckily, they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. For this review, we picked 5 spinners from some of the best spinner luggage brands out there, but if you want to explore more options, check our lists on carry-on luggage, luggage sets and even kids luggage!
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Our Top Choice
Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner
Samsonite is the go-to brand when it comes to travel accessories such as briefcases, spinner luggage, suitcases, backpacks, bags and more.
Available in multiple colors. Made from durable 100% polycarbonate. Includes a TSA lock. Spacious and eye-catching.
Few customers encountered problems with the zipper, but remember that this product comes with warranty.
28 x 19.8 x 12.5 inches
12 colors available
Polycarbonate and fabric lining
Organization zippered pockets
Best Value
American Tourister Star Wars Spinner
American Tourister specializes in travel gear and it makes spinner luggage, bags, backpacks and briefcases for more than 75 years now.
Available in multiple designs. Compact and relatively lightweight. Made from durable ABS plastic. Star Wars branded zippers. Large interior mesh pocket.
Relatively small in size, but American Tourister makes large spinners if that's what you're looking for.
21 x 14.75 x 9.5 inches
6 colors available
ABS plastic
Large mesh pocket
Travelpro Maxlite Expandable Spinner
Travelpro makes spinner luggage and many other travel accessories since 1987 and it is the go-to brand for frequent travelers and flight crews.
Available in multiple colors. Easy to use. Compact and lightweight. Rigorously tested before sold. Water-repellent interior and exterior coating. Airline-grade aluminum handle.
Some spinners arrived with minor defects, but these units were quickly replaced by the manufacturer.
23 x 15 x 9.5 inches
7 colors available
Zippered side mesh pocket
Horizontal straps
Kenneth Cole 4-Wheel Carry-On Suitcase
Kenneth Cole is a fashion brand specialized in apparel items, travel gear and accessories. Its products are breathtakingly beautiful and reasonably priced.
Available in multiple colors. Compact and lightweight. Easy to maneuver. Multiple interior zippered pockets. Attractive, eye-catching design. Durable ABS exterior. Impact-resistant.
Rare cases when the telescopic handle got stuck, but remember that this product also comes with warranty.
21.8 x 14.5 x 8.5 inches
10 colors available
95% ABS / 5% Hardware
Zippered side pocket
Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay Carry On
Ricardo Beverly Hills creates eye-catching travel accessories in various designs. Its range of products includes spinners, backpacks, shopping bags and suitcases.
Available in 2 colors. Compact and lightweight, yet very spacious. Interior zippered pockets with adjustable straps. Padded handles.
Just 2 color options available, but these 2 ones are still very beautiful and attractive.
20 x 14 x 8 inches
Gray or indigo blue
2 zippered pockets
Horizontal straps

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What is the Best Spinner Luggage?

At the end of the day, the amount of personal belongings you want to pack will significantly influence your decision when it comes to shopping for spinner luggage. Now that you know more about these items, let's take a look at our 5 products and discover their main assets!
Our Top Choice
The Winfield2 Fashion Spinner Luggage from Samsonite has a TSA lock for increased security and it is available in multiple color options for you to choose from. If you are traveling with your wife and kid, you might also be interested in the Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner which includes 3 spinners of 20, 24 and 28 inches respectively.

Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion Spinner Luggage – 28 Inches, Made from Polycarbonate, Multiple Colors Available

Samsonite doesn’t need any introduction as it is a leading manufacturer of luggage sets, carry-ons, suitcases, bags, backpacks and briefcases. This brand is renowned worldwide for making high-quality and durable products. If you are traveling a lot and you need a spacious and attractive bag or backpack, you should definitely check out Samsonite's items.

The Winfield2 Fashion Spinner Luggage from Samsonite is available in multiple color options such as charcoal, burgundy teal, purple and more. This spinner is 28 inches in length and made from durable polycarbonate with fabric lining. One of the greatest advantages of this spinner is the simple fact that it comes with a TSA lock which adds further protection to your personal belongings.

This travel accessory incorporates multiple interior pockets where you can keep your gadgets and sensitive stuff such as mobile phones, CDs, USB sticks and so on. It features a zipper enclosure and there is a handle on the side of the spinner, if for some reason you need to carry it on its side. You would want to go for this spinner if you are interested in a durable and fashionable travel gear which incorporates a lot of space to use for your stuff.
Best Value
The Star Wars Hard Side Spinner from American Tourister is available in multiple colors and it is made from durable ABS plastic which makes it durable and resistant to wear and tear. This model is 21 inches in length, if you prefer a larger one, check out the Ilite Max Softside Spinner which is 25 inches and features a classic design.

American Tourister Star Wars Hard Side Spinner – 21 Inches, Made from Abs Plastic, Multiple Colors Available

We continue the list of quality spinner luggage with a product from American Tourister, a brand with more than 75 years of experience when it comes to travel accessories. This company doesn’t only make spinners and backpacks, but also hand luggage items, briefcases and many other travel accessories. We like the fact that American Tourister has multiple spinners and backpacks featuring a sober, business-like design as well as travel accessories boasting famous cartoon or movie figures which are more suitable for kids.

The Star Wars 21 Inch Hard Side Spinner from American Tourister is one of those accessories designed for kids, but it is also suitable for adults too. If you are a fan of the famous Star Wars series then this spinner is meant to be yours! It is 21 inches in length, so compact and relatively lightweight, and made from ABS plastic. You can have it in multiple colors and designs which portray famous Star Wars personages such as R2-D2, Stormtroopers or even Darth Vader!

Inside this spinner you will find a large mesh pocket which features cross straps and it is ideal for carrying your laptop, tablet and other accessories. The luggage is fully lined with soft fabric which adds further protection to your belongings. Even the zippers are eye-catching and they are made from a durable material to prevent breaking. The beauty of this spinner is that it allows you to carry your personal stuff with you while expressing your love for one of the most famous and appreciated movie series worldwide!
The Maxlite 4 Expandable 21 Inch Spinner Suitcase from Travelpro is available in multiple color options and it features a water repelling coating both at the interior and the exterior. If you require a larger spinner, check out the Maxlite 4 Expandable 29 Inch Spinner Suitcase from the same manufacturer.

Travelpro Maxlite 4 Expandable Spinner Suitcase - 21 Inches, Telescopic Handle, Multiple Colors Available

Travelpro is another prestigious brand specialized in travel accessories and luggage items. It began its journey in 1987 and according to its motto, it is "the choice of flight crews and frequent travelers". Not only that Travelpro sells multiple types of spinner luggage at affordable prices, but it also undertakes rigorous testing to ensure the durability and practicality of its products.

The Maxlite 4 Expandable 21 Inch Spinner Suitcase from Travelpro is available in multiple color options such as merlot, purple, blue, black and more. This spinner is ideal for people who want a lightweight and compact travel accessory without compromising on aesthetics. The interior and the exterior of this spinner feature a water repellent coating, so your personal belongings, particularly your gadgets, will be protected inside.

The telescopic handle features a Contour Grip Design which basically follows the shape of your hand and makes this item more maneuverable. If you need to carry this suitcase on its side, there is a special handle designed for that which you can take advantage of. Best of all, this spinner undertook serious quality tests such as zipper wear test, fabric abrasion test, temperature testing and much more. In other words, this is one of the most durable and reliable spinner luggage money can buy today!
The Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 4 wheel Upright Suitcase is 20 inches long and is available in multiple attractive colors for you to choose from. If you need a larger spinner for your travels, check out the Kenneth Cole Reaction 28 Inch ABS 8-Wheel Upright Pullman Suitcase which is built to last and very spacious.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 4 wheel Upright Suitcase – 20 Inches, 95% Abs/5% Hardware, Multiple Colors Available

Kenneth Cole is a fashion brand which makes multiple clothing items for boys and girls such as t shirts, shoes, sweaters, jeans and boots. It even sells beautiful hand watches and numerous travel accessories such as spinner luggage, bags and suitcases. This brand is renowned worldwide for the quality and pleasant designs of its products, so we definitely needed to include it in our review.

For example, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 4 wheel Upright Suitcase is available in multiple enticing colors such as charcoal, silver, blue, red and more and it measures 20 inches in length. Although this spinner might be compact, it is built to last as it comes with reinforced molded corners for added protection during an impact. Overall, it is made from ABS plastic except for the hardware components which are made from metal.

At the interior, you will discover zippered pockets and a cross strap designed to hold garments in place. This spinner is also ideal for various types of gadgets such as your laptop, tablet or Kindle device and when it comes to maneuverability, you can easily move it in any direction thanks to its clever four wheel construction. At the end of the day, if you want a fashionable and really spacious spinner without having to buy the largest one on the market, this one might be suitable for you!
The Malibu Bay 20-Carry-on Spinner from Ricardo Beverly Hills is available in gray or blue colors and it is made from durable Polypropylene which ensures a long service life. If this spinner is too small for your needs, check out the Ricardo Eureka Deluxe Superlight 26" Luggage Spinner which is available in several color options.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay 20-Carry-on Spinner – Made from Polypropylene, Available in Grey or Indigo Blue Colors

Finally, we reached the final product in our list which is brought to you by Ricardo Beverly Hills, a brand which combines aesthetics with practicality in an interesting and attractive way! This brand creates multiple fashionable spinners, backpacks and even shopping bags for its customers and sells them at affordable prices. If you want to express yourself through the design of your spinner or backpack, definitely go for the products from Ricardo Beverly Hills.

Let's take, for example, the Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay 20-Carry-on Spinner which is available in gray and indigo colors. The spinner bears the name of the famous beach city in California where many Hollywood celebrities live and it is as exciting as this exotic place! Although the luggage is just 20 inches high, it can take a lot of personal belongings thanks to its clever design and ingenious construction.

The spinner is made from Polypropylene which is a much lighter than other types of materials such as polyester. It features padded top and side handles for a more comfortable grip and inside you can find several zippered pockets and adjustable straps. You can easily take your laptop and tablet with you as well as plenty of clothing accessories when you travel. Lastly, you would want to go for this spinner if you appreciate classic, yet still attractive and interesting designs, and you want to put an emphasis on aesthetics, not only practicality.

How Do I Choose the Best Spinner Luggage?

What the main advantage of a spinner is? Simple, it has wheels! This allows you to move your stuff around with much less effort in comparison with using a backpack or a briefcase, for example. There are also multiple types of spinner luggage to choose from such as hardside luggage, carry-on luggage or even kids luggage which are basically designed to be used by little ones. Hardside luggage is usually made from tough materials such as ABS plastic or polycarbonate while carry on luggage are ideal for those who travel by plane.

A spinner can also have multiple interesting features and benefits such as incorporating locks to protect your personal belongings from prying eyes and intruders. These travel accessories come in various sizes and they are easy to maneuver thanks to their telescopic handle.

Whether you are buying a spinner luggage for the first time or not, take the time to read this guide as you will find interesting details about them. You will learn how to select a good one and what budget you should prepare for these accessories, so keep reading.
When it comes to the cost of a spinner luggage, prices can vary depending on their size, materials, features, and of course, the manufacturing company. For example, a larger spinner which might be 28 inches long will definitely cost more than a smaller spinner which is just 20 inches high. Similarly, spinners which have reinforced components and use tough materials might cost more, but this means that they are more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

To give you numbers, the price of a high-quality spinner starts at $50 for a more compact model and it can go up to $150 or $200 for larger spinners which are also equipped with locks or incorporate other useful features. Of course, there are also cheap spinner luggage out there, usually priced way below the $50 mark, but you should avoid these poor quality products for obvious reasons. You don’t want your vacation to be ruined by a spinner with a broken zipper, do you?
Knowing what a spinner luggage can bring to the table is essential to make a good decision when buying such travel accessories. These items can be quite sophisticated, but let's start with the basics.
  • Size - This is one of the most important aspect. Some spinners can be 20 inches tall, others can be up to 29 inches or more. Obviously, the larger the spinner, the more spacious it is, but you'll be surprised to find out that even compact spinners can pack a lot of stuff
  • Material - Some spinners are made from ABS plastic or polycarbonate. These models are very tough and can handle a lot of wear and tear
  • Color - This is also an important aspect. Apart from the classic nuances of black, gray and silver, spinners can also come in other colors such as red, blue or yellow. Some manufacturers even make spinners with eye-catching designs which might depict characters from famous movies
  • Compartments - Almost all spinners have a large interior pocket as well as several other organizational pockets. These compartments might be zippered or not and in some cases, the interior of a spinner might be water repellent
We know that this is a lot to grasp at once, but take it step by step. First of all, set a budget and then analyze your travel habits. Do you like to pack a lot of things or do you prefer to travel light? This will determine the size of the spinner which is most suitable for you. Afterwards, you have to decide upon color and materials and you're all set!
Construction and Design
We also need to talk about a few things when it comes to how spinners are made. They incorporate 3 handles in most cases – one on the top, one on the side and a telescopic handle. Usually the top and side handles are padded for increased comfort while the telescopic one features an ergonomic design, making it easier for you to carry your beloved spinner.
In some cases, you will also find spinners which come with reinforced corners. These add extra protection and keep your belongings safe in case you accidentally drop the spinner on its side. For the interior, most quality spinners are lined with a soft fabric which absorbs shocks and vibrations. To help you keep your clothes organized, a spinner luggage also has horizontal or cross straps which are completely adjustable.

Finally, take advantage of the extra zippered or mesh pockets you can find inside a spinner luggage. These can be used to keep your sunglasses, phone charger and other personal belongings. As mentioned earlier, spinners can pack a lot of things in a tight space, so they are ideal for business as well as pleasure trips to exotic destinations.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using a spinner is also much more convenient thanks to the telescopic handle which can easily extend and retract when necessary. The wheels of the spinner are also made from durable materials and sometimes they can be locked, so that your precious luggage doesn’t roll away on its own. It is important to know that top manufacturers also accompany their spinners with reassuring warranty periods which can be from 1 or 2 years in most cases. Take advantage of this, so that you can protect your investment and have more peace of mind!

Get the Best Spinner Luggage of 2022!

Many people agree that spinner luggage provide a simple and elegant opportunity to carry your stuff around, especially if you travel frequently by plane. These are some of the best spinner luggage currently on the market, so feel free to pick your favorite one and enjoy safer and more comfortable trips around the world!

Our Top Choice
Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner
Best Value
American Tourister Star Wars Spinner
Travelpro Maxlite Expandable Spinner
Kenneth Cole 4-Wheel Carry-On Suitcase
Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay Carry On