Best Sports Cone Reviews 2022

Sports cones can be used for a vast range of sporting activities and can also be used in recuperation and physiotherapy to help get people steady on their feet again. It works great for many things such as marking out areas on the pitch or setting out barricades to be maneuvered by players. Therefore, as a coach, it’s pretty much a necessity to get some proper sports cones, although getting one that’s perfect for your sport or for whatever you want to use it for might be quite difficult. That’s why we made the research for you and arrived at 5 of the best sports cones from the best brands out there to make your choice much easier. Just know that aside from these ones we featured, these brands have so much more on offer.
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Our Top Choice
Franklin Sports Soccer Flexi Cones
Frankly speaking, Franklin Sports has got you covered in terms of sporting equipment, providing you with top-notch gear and supporting it through a brilliant customer service system.
Incredibly flexible design. Easily visible and bright color. Highly affordable. Good for kids, youths and professionals. Lightweight. Great for blocking areas off.
The cone’s light weight can pose a problem in windy situations.
Long high cone; slit
9 inches
4; 8
Best Value
Kwik Goal Mini Disc Soccer Cones
Kwik Goal is a well-known brand that’s respected because its products are portable, innovative and efficient, and come at the most affordable prices!
Amazingly lightweight. Come in really bright colors for easy visibility. Really portable and easily transportable. Easy to stack. Work great for dribbling drills.
You’ll need a lot of mini cones to cover a large area.
Mini disc cones
1.3 inches
Soft rubber
4 colors
Trademark Innovations Plastic Disc Cones.
A company that started with a great idea, Trademark Innovation remains one of the leading brands in the sports manufacturing sector, and is known to consistently produce top quality products.
Lightweight yet not too light to fly around in the wind. Come with a cone carrier for easy storage and transportation. Come in bright and vibrant colors.
They lose some of their brightness and color over time.
Mini disc cones
2 inches
3 colors
Champion Sports 18-inch High Visibility Vinyl Cone
Champion Sports is a brand that literally champions sports, as it sits proudly among the top manufacturers in sports because of its great products and excellent customer service.
Bright, highly visible. Features a heavyweight base for greater stability. Single piece assembly. Sufficiently durable to last years of use and abuse. Flexible.
It’s quite difficult to transport because it’s fairly large in size.
Long high cone
18 inches
7 colors
Nike Polyethylene Training Cones
Nike is one of the best known brands when it comes to the sports industry. Its name comes from the Greek goddess of victory, who assures you of victory in whatever you do, so just do it!
Extremely lightweight. Comes in a sturdy design. Nike swoosh logo present as brand seal. Easy to stack and easily transportable. Vividly colored for great visibility.
They’re short and so may be difficult to spot amidst tall grass.
Mini disc cones
2.5 inches
Green; blue; yellow

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What is the Best Sports Cone?

Now that you’ve noted all the necessary features you’ll be looking out for in your sports cone, move on to our best five sports cones that we’re certain have most, if not all of the features we’ve noted.
Our Top Choice
The Franklin Sports Soccer Cones come in a fantastic and flexible design so that even when they get stepped on, they bounce back and are good to go for another game. If you’d prefer some flexible sports cones that easily collapse to help prevent injuries, try out the Franklin Sports 9-Inch Flexible Soccer Cones.

Franklin Sports 9-Inch Flexible Soccer Cones – Available in Pack of 4 or Pack of 8

There’s a vast market out there when it comes to manufacturing of sporting equipment and Franklin Sports ranks among the highest in terms of quality, delivery, customer service and affordability, all qualities a great brand should possess. What makes it stand out from the rest (even the top dogs) is right there, embedded in its name. While most people think that names are just for referencing, others believe a person’s name follows that person one way or another and the same applies to this brand. It goes about its business with the utmost seriousness, performing all tasks, services, manufacturing of products in the frankest way possible. Such seriousness should give you the courage to patronize this brand!

Why should you get the Franklin Sports Soccer Cones? Is it because of its amazingly flexible design? Or its astonishingly bright and easily visible color? Or because it stands high at 9 inches? Well, your answer is simple, it’s because of all these things and more.

If you’re thinking of getting something the kids can use to map out a goal post for a junior soccer match, or you’re coaching professionals and need something to get them dribbling, or you’re a fitness trainer just looking to keep your students fit with drills and maze runs, or you work at a physical therapy clinic and need something to get your patients up and running again, this is the cone for you.

The flexibility of this cone makes it resilient against anyone clumsy enough to stumble over it – something that its bright, vivid color makes pretty hard to accomplish. This clear visibility is also helpful when marking off a certain area of the road with, such as when you’re playing street hockey and need to redirect traffic around your game.

Its amazing height, standing at 9 inches, also increases its visibility, especially in situations where the pitch is a slight slope. It also comes in handy when the cone is being used as a goal post or something to mark areas of the pitch with.

If you’d like more than just the 4 cones, they also come in packs of 8 for a better value!
Best Value
The Kwik Goal Mini Disc Soccer Cones are sport training cones. They serve the exact same purpose as the larger cones but consume less space, allowing you those extra precious inches during training drills. If you need a whole lot of mini cones, get the Kwik Goal Mini Disc Cone Kit, which comes with no fewer than 50 cones and a strap to help carry them around to boot!

Kwik Goal Mini Disc Soccer Cones, Pack of 25 Cones – Available in Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow

It all started from one conversation in 1980, a conversation that would come to change the whole game of soccer in America. The co-founders of Kwik Goal, the Caruso brothers, changed the idea that soccer posts couldn’t be portable and transportable. Imagine what the company is innovating today! This brand has grown and improved on its strategy to move soccer from place to place until it gets to all of America. No wonder all of its products have a mark of both portability and transportability! They also come at an affordable price, because how else does soccer get to the whole of America if it’s too expensive for working families to afford the kind of gear required to play it?

Portability and transportability are the key words when talking about the Kwik Goal Mini Disc Soccer Cones. While the larger cones may prove effective in some situations, they’re still not very portable, and in cases where you live miles away from your training center and have to move them every day, they might pose a problem. This cone performs all the tasks you may need the larger cones for, and you won’t have to worry about how to stack and unstack it or move it from one place to another.

This product comes as a pack of 25 cones, so you shouldn’t have to bother about buying more, as one pack is usually enough (depending on what kind of training you’re involved in, of course). It also comes in really bright, beautiful colors which increase visibility especially when the day is getting dark and bright sunshine just shows its beauty. Available in blue, yellow, orange and red which retail for slightly different, almost insignificant amounts.

Because of their size, these training cones can be used both outdoors and indoors, for personal training, general skill drills or to mark areas to avoid and so on. You shouldn’t be too worried about mild winds either because, unlike the bigger cones, these have greater gravity to them as they’re closer to the ground, so any wind capable of turning these over isn’t even safe for you to be training in anyway. Even when you notice the storms coming, this is easier to pack up as you can just throw them into everyone’s back pack and take off.

For your convenience, you may choose between blue, orange, red or yellow cones.
The Trademark Innovations Plastic Disc Cones come as a pack of 24, so you don’t have to bother with looking for more, because one pack is usually more than enough to do the job. Looking for something that’ll give your barricade more height during training and still guarantee your players’ safety? Get the Trademark Innovations 9-inch Sports Cone.

Trademark Innovations Plastic Disc Cones, 24 Pack – Available in Red, Orange, or Mixed Colors

Trademark innovations was founded on the basis of a ground-breaking, revolutionary idea which then metamorphosed into the company we see today. It was founded on the belief that innovation met with the right attitude towards work, coupled with the right technology, breeds excellence. That’s why, after all these years of hard labor, it still focuses on its main agenda, which is to continue revolutionizing sports as we know it, regularly producing new and improved sport equipment. Its entire staff has imbibed this right attitude to work and that’s simply what makes this company excellent.

We often find ourselves longing for the woods, to go camping, and perhaps to play some sports during our free time (far away from the fire, of course). The Trademark Innovations Plastic Disc Cones is one set of equipment you wouldn’t want to leave behind because of its amazing versatility. It can be used for so many things while camping. You can use it to mark sections of the camp where campers are not granted access to, or you can use it for recreational purposes such as soccer goal posts and field markings or for drills and exercises. All these uses and so much more.

In places where there are tall grasses this cone would still function properly. We know you might be thinking, “how will they battle with tall grasses with their small height?” Well, they won’t need to. There’s something to be said about standing out from the crowd, and that quality is exactly what these cones exhibit. They come in vibrant and bright colors which ensure they never stay hidden, no matter where they are. These cones are also extremely sturdy, which will prove highly critical in mildly windy situations where the larger cones may fail you.

Coming in a pack of 24 guarantees you confidence in your purchase as you most likely will have to buy just the one. But for reasons such as more colors or having a larger area in your training ground or camp, as the case may be, you might need just two or three, unlike those that come in a pack of just 4 or 5 where you have to keep buying more.

Speaking of colors, these cones come in red, orange, or a variety of different colors.
Standing tall at an amazing 18 inches, the Champion Sports High Visibility Vinyl Cone is really great for marking out areas on the training field and for setting out barricades that mild to moderate winds won’t uproot. Did you know that you can also get a 6-pack of 9-inch cones with 6 different colors? Check out the Champion Sports Fluorescent Plastic Cone Set!

Champion Sports 18-inch Flexible High Visibility Vinyl Cone – Available in 7 Colors

Champion Sports focuses on the production of sport equipment and gear that bring out the champion in you. It’s one company that champions the pack of leading manufacturers in the world of sports. It provides top-quality products produced with the aim of breeding champions, and it does this while also providing amazing customer service and unbeatable warranty policies. A combination like this is one that’s very hard to find. While some companies exemplify maybe one or two of these three qualities, only a handful actually exhibit all of them, and we can assure you that Champion Sports is one of them. Its many years in the industry only go to prove how much customers love and appreciate its products and services.

We sometimes look for something more tasking, more intriguing, more challenging. The Champion Sports 18-inch High Visibility Vinyl Cone provides you with more difficult tasks and closer to real-life situations. Standing tall at 18 inches, this product provides you with the challenge you need to really breed amazing players for whatever sport you want to use it for.

Its height also reduces the chances of injuries sustained by falls because it’s highly visible even from a really far distance and in the tall grasses. So you get to see it from far enough away to enable you to swerve early enough before tripping over it. In cases where the fall is inevitable, you shouldn’t be too worried either, because these are made from vinyl material, whose flexibility reduces chances of injury or of destroying the cone.

There are times when we want to go outdoors and do a little training or drills, but then those slight summer breeze begin to blow. In times like this, most cones prove useless as they just get easily blown out of position by the wind. This is why this cone comes with a heavyweight base that ensures stability and extreme sturdiness, even in slight windy conditions.

P.S: We strongly advice that in extremely windy situations, you stay in safety, because the cones might survive the hit but you need to be at a safe distance.

Finally, this cone is available in a wide array of colors; choose between green, purple, red, yellow, fluorescent orange, and royal blue.
The Nike Training Cones come in a bright color design so you’re able to see them even in not so bright environments. They’re available in three different beautiful colors, which only increase their visibility even more. A bright orange color for this sport cone is also available, which looks amazing even at night. Do well to check out the Nike Orange 10-Pack Cones, you’ll be more than impressed by their rugged use.

Nike Polyethylene Training Cones, Pack of 10 – Available in Green, Photo Blue, or Varsity Maize

When we talk sports, we talk healthy competition; when we talk competition, we talk victory; when we talk victory, we talk Nike – literally. The word Nike comes from a Greek goddess of victory which is the name the original founders of the company adopted on May 30, 1971, 7 years after the company was initially birthed under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. Accompanied with its swoosh logo which shows speed and agility and can also denote the wing of the Nike goddess, you can see that Nike is one company that knows all about branding itself. Furthermore, it never lets it customers down by delivering them with world class products that give you that edge over your competitors and bring you a step closer to victory.

The Nike Training Cones are small and sturdy, which means they can be used even in slight windy conditions, unlike the larger ones that may sometimes get blown over. Their small size also comes as a perk when you have a small training facility and long for that extra bit of space. This would achieve the same results the larger cones would achieve with the advantage of more room for you to showcase your skills. Because it’s so small, you can even use this around the house if you have a large porch or backyard.

These cones come in bright and really visible colors that ensure easy visibility even from a distance; you or your players, as the case may be, can easily spot the cones from the corners of your eye and make that last second swerve that increases footwork and body movement.

They’re also made in soft plastic materials that guarantee no injuries to either you or it when you mistakenly step over it. If you do step on it, it jumps right back into shape and you just continue moving without any injuries, or simply start the training over because you didn’t follow the rules properly.

The worst time for the coaches is always that time when all the players are done with training and there are cones all over the place (and because these cones are small, they might be twice as many to pick up because you’ll definitely need more than the larger cones to cover larger areas). It can get tiring but we’ll throw in a free tip: just tell your players that they get extra points for the one with the highest cones stacked and see how fast those cones get recovered. You’re welcome.

How Do I Choose the Best Sports Cone?

We always want to do our best in whatever we do, and even in the spirit of sportsmanship we all want to win, even though we shouldn’t get overly worked up if we don’t. The joy of winning often involves a unique feeling of self-confidence, and it’s something all of us want to experience, but all too frequently, we don’t know how to get there.

They say that ‘practice makes perfect,’ and even though we agree, we have a slightly different way of thinking, which is, “right practice makes perfect”. Sometimes we practice but we do the wrong thing in training and often end up with a less-than-ideal result. That’s why sports cones are so effective. There are 4 things you need for the right training: the right mindset, the right sports gear (depending on which sport you are training for), the right meals (before and after each training exercise) and the fourth is the right equipment, which is where sports cones come in.

When these 4 things are present, you’re good to go. You can see how important these cones are as they’re the most basic piece of sporting equipment you’ll ever need. They have a wide range of applications, and ultimately help to improve agility, speed, footwork, body movements and more. They can also act as soccer goal posts during training and junior team matches.

So, relax and check out the most important features to keep an eye on when getting your team the right sports cones.
Because sports cones are basic training equipment and highly important in every training session, they’re really affordable and sell for as low as $3 to as high as $100. Their prices differ because some come in larger packs which include as many as 50 pieces and some come in smaller packs of about 10, 5 or even as a single piece. Also, the price of the cone is affected by its size; some come as small as a single inch and some can get as large as 18 inches. While some brands out there may offer cheap sports cones, these products are often not durable, so we decided not to bother you with such low quality products here.
So you want to make that purchase, yeah? These are the features to look out for when it comes to selecting a premium sports cone:
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Color
  • Weight
  • Flexibility
  • Visibility
  • Accessories
Construction and Design
When buying sports cones, their size is often your number one priority. Depending on what you want to use them for, in terms of what drills you want to use them for or what areas you want to use them to mark, the size will often be the determining factor. Some come as small as 1- 2 inches while others can get as large as 18 inches. The average height for theses cones is about 9 inches, so many of them that you’ll find out there will be this size, although there are also a lot of 2-inch and 18 inch cones as well. Remember, we advise that you determine what size to buy not by its price but by what it’ll be used for.

Smaller cones are good for skill drills and give that extra freedom your players need on the training pitch, especially if your training pitch isn’t full sized. The average height cones are useful for creating goal posts in junior matches or a normal 5-a-side friendly training match. The larger cones are useful in marking out sections of the field in cases where you might want to use one pitch for two different matches at the same time.

The color of the cones also plays a critical role. You’ll probably want a brightly colored cone for those dark morning and evening training sessions. You wouldn’t want to get a green when you train on grass, or an orange when you train on the sand; it’s pretty common sense, but getting the right color that suits your needs is really important.

You’ll also want to look out for the weight of these cones; some are extremely lightweight, which is good for storage and prevents injury when they’re stumbled over, while some come with a heavyweight base and a lightweight body, which is good for standing strong in windy conditions.
Performance and Ease of Use
There’s one major accessory you may want to look out for when getting yourself a sports cone, and that’s the cone-carrier. The cone-carrier is an accessory that only comes with some sports cones, so pay extra attention to these ones. It’s most important in cases where you don’t really have storage facilities and need to move your cones frequently, since it makes the movement and transportation of the cones a lot easier.

Some cones come in a pack of 50, some come in a pack of 25, others 10 and still others come as a single piece. The quantity of the cones in their packs is highly critical depending on what you want to use them for. The smaller ones tend to come in larger packs while the larger ones tend to come in smaller packs. Again, it all boils down to what you want to use them for.

Get the Best Sports Cone of 2022!

Let the games begin, because we’re sure with these sports cones in your training, you’ll build a better team. Hurry and get yours today. If our review of some of the best sports cones around hasn’t pointed out your next set, however, remember that these brands have plenty more to choose from, so don’t despair before you check these out as well!

Our Top Choice
Franklin Sports Soccer Flexi Cones
Best Value
Kwik Goal Mini Disc Soccer Cones
Trademark Innovations Plastic Disc Cones.
Champion Sports 18-inch High Visibility Vinyl Cone
Nike Polyethylene Training Cones