Best Sports Goggles Reviews 2022

How do you feel when a speck of dust enters your eye? Horrible, right? Now imagine you are out playing your favorite sport with your eyes unprotected from such harmful elements. You’re bound to underperform. But with sports goggles you are sure to up your game and even emerge as the champ. Here you will find five products from some of the best sports goggles brands that will keep your eyes safe so that you can bring that trophy home!
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Lens Design
Our Top Choice
HEAD Pro Elite Racquetball Eyewear
HEAD is guided by a philosophy of providing superior sport products using revolutionary technology to help athletes achieve outstanding performance.
Sturdily built frame; polycarbonate lenses that don’t distort; scratch & fog resistant lens; adjustable temple; non-slip nosepiece
Nosepiece may fit a bit loosely at first
Polycarbonate & spherical
99.9% UV protection
4 ounces
Best Value
Global Vision Eliminator Goggles
34 years ago, Global Vision was started with the aim of selling high quality and reasonably priced eyewear.
Shatterproof tinted Polycarbonate lens; UV filter; vents to keep off fog; soft padded foam; no scratch coating; keeps wind and dust out
Strap needs to be modified to allow for more length adjustment.
Polycarbonate & shatterproof
Non-scratch coating
1.6 ounces
Ponosoon Multipurpose Sports Goggles
Ponosoon is a leading provider of quality products that add fun to indoor and outdoor activities.
Strong, foam-lined, light frames; dual polycarbonate lens; soft and well-fitting nose pad; accommodate prescription lenses
May have limited peripheral vision; rubber pad may be a bit uncomfortable
Ball games e.g., basketball
Dual anti-fog lens
Dustproof & windproof
6.7 ounces
4 colors
Pyramex Safety I-Force Sports Goggles
Pyramex Safety was started with the aim of providing individuals with protective wear as they went about their activities.
Double paned anti-fog lens; quick release strap; vented foam; enhanced contrast.
Doesn’t accommodate prescription lenses.
Indoor games
Anti-fog & dual pane lens
99.9% protection from UV A/B rays
2.4 ounces
8 colors
Lancer Tactical CA-221 Airsoft Safety Goggles
Lancer Tactical is a marketer and manufacturer of airsoft gear with a wide range of products for consumers to choose from.
Fully sealed; padded foam lining; built-in lens protector & cleaner; adjustable strap for better fit
May be too large for people with smaller heads
Airsoft & tactical games
Polycarbonate lens
Slanted vents to prevent debris
16 ounces
5 colors

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What is the Best Sports Goggles?

From the design of the frame to the quality of the lens, there are various features to consider before you buy a pair of goggles. Let’s explore each brand and product in detail to ensure you make the right choice for your sporting needs.
Our Top Choice
The HEAD Pro Elite Eyewear has a stylish, sturdily built frame that resists impact and a reliable PVC nosepiece that stays put even during hard play. If racquetball is not really your sport, but swimming is, then HEAD also have the goggles for you! Check out their Venom 2.0 Adult Swim Goggles which have mirrored lenses.

HEAD Racquetball Pro Elite Adjustable Eyewear with 99.9% UV Protection

HEAD understands that sportsmen and women sacrifice a lot of time and energy while training in order to excel in their various sports. Therefore, the team at HEAD works tirelessly to bring these hardworking athletes quality products to help them achieve outstanding performance. By incorporating the latest technology into their products, HEAD has managed to come up with functional and innovative pieces that retail at an affordable price. Be it swimming equipment, skis, snowboarding equipment or even racquetball merchandise, HEAD has got it all.

The HEAD Pro Elite Eyewear is designed to help sports lovers play without any impediment. The Pro Elite has polycarbonate lenses that are shaped into a sphere and don’t distort. The scratch resistant lens doesn’t fog, which ensures that you still perform well even on a sweaty day.

For the champion you are, here are more features that the Pro Elite has for you:
  • Sturdily built, lightweight frame that resists impact
  • PVC nosepiece that doesn’t slip
  • Adjustable temple that gives you a nice fit
  • Gives 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays
  • Adjustable elastic strap to help clip them on
  • Includes a quality bag to carry the lenses
Best Value
The Global Vision Eliminator Goggles have polycarbonate lenses that are shatterproof with a filter to keep harmful UV rays at bay, giving you maximum eye protection. Do you prefer goggles that have a frame rather than an elastic strap? We believe that you will love the Global Vision Outfitter Motorcycle Glasses with a black frame and smoke lenses that are quite powerful.

Global Vision Shatterproof Tinted Lenses All Terrain Goggles

Richard Wright, the founder of Global Vision, sold his first pair of glasses in 1983, and 34 years later, his company is a well-known wholesaler of eyewear. Their mission is to enable you to see the world in a whole new light by providing you with functional and reliable eyewear products that are loved by consumers around the globe. Their customer service is exemplary and satisfaction is guaranteed. Their affordable products are stylish, comfortable and well-fitting.

Similar to their other eyewear products, the Global Vision Eliminator Goggles have polycarbonate lenses with a UV400 filter to keep harmful UV rays at bay. The lens is also shatterproof, which means that your eyes are fully protected as you carry out your activities. Designed for motorcyclists, the lenses have a nice and stylish tint that keeps dust away as you ride.

Here are more features of the Eliminator:
  • No scratch coating for extended service
  • Padded foam that’s soft and airy
  • Vents to keep fog away
  • Adjustable elastic strap for a better fit
  • Microfiber pouch for safe storage
  • Suitable for all types of terrain
The Ponosoon Basketball Sports Goggles have a strong, light frame with dual lenses that don’t fog and allow myopic users to place their prescription lenses in them so that no one is locked out of a game due to their eyesight. Does your little one love ball games and need goggles for eye protection? Get him or her the Ponosoon Sports Goggles for Kids which are great for basketball, football and volleyball.

Ponosoon Multipurpose Basketball Football Volleyball Hockey Paintball Sports Goggles – Available in 4 Colors

Ponosoon is a leader in the production of sports goggles designed for indoor and outdoor activities. Their sports goggles are built to last and provide you with quality service. Consumers love their products since the brand goes out their way to accommodate their diverse needs. At an affordable price, you can be guaranteed reliability and comfort as you use Ponosoon sports goggles.

The Ponosoon Basketball Sports Goggles also allow you to play a variety of ball games such football, volleyball, hockey and even paintball without any discomfort or poor vision. If you need to, the goggles allow you to place your prescription lenses in them to further assist your games. Such flexibility makes these goggles perfect for all sorts of people.

What else can you expect from these amazing sports goggles? Here you go:
  • Soft and well-fitting nose pad made of rubber
  • Foam-lined and unbreakable frame
  • Polycarbonate lenses that don’t scratch or fog
  • Adjustable accessories
  • Safe protection from UV rays and any impact
  • Fashionable frame design
  • Frame comes with a breakage warranty for a lifetime
  • Soft cloth for cleaning the goggles
  • Pouch to store the goggles
Is transparent gray or black too dull for you? How about choosing the transparent goggles with a touch of orange or blue?
The Pyramex Safety I-Force is a pair of goggles with double paned amber lenses that don’t fog, and has a strap that quickly releases and interchanges for maximum comfort. Not digging the double paned lenses? Then the Pyramex Ztek Safety Eyewear, that comes with single lenses, is a great choice.

Pyramex Safety I-Force Dual Pane Anti-fog Sport Goggles – Available in 8 Colors

Founded in 1991, Pyramex safety seeks to provide its users around the world with protective wear as they carry out their tasks. With a wide distribution network across the world, Pyramex products are used in over 40 countries. The company is trusted by various organizations to provide employees with safety gear that’s reliable and functional. Pyramex holds to the promise of providing its consumers with the best products they can and meeting all their expectations.

True to that promise, the Pyramex Safety I-Force meets and surpasses the expectations of its users as it is a pair of goggles that really stands out. This pair of goggles has a double pane of lenses for enhanced performance. The outer lens has polycarbonate, which keeps harsh elements like dust away while the inner lens has acetate, which is anti-fog. Both lenses are coated with H2X technology, which hinders fogging.

Hold up! Here’s more about this incredible pair of goggles:
  • Black temple with adjustable straps that quickly release and interchange
  • Withstands impact, making it safe for your eyes
  • Almost totally keeps away UVA/B/C rays
  • Foam carriage that’s vented keeps away dust
  • Thermal system that prevents fogging in extreme weather
  • Vent to release any heat that may buid up
In case you are not digging these amber lenses, Pyramex also has these goggles in seven other shades of lenses including plain mirror lenses.
The Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles are fully sealed and have a padded foam lining for added comfort. Its vents are slanted, which is designed to keep them from fogging. Would you prefer a pair of goggles that allows you to interchange lenses? We believe the Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Eye Protection Interchangeable Lens Goggles will be a perfect fit!

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Eyewear with Foam Padding and Tint – Available in 5 Colors

Lancer Tactical deals with airsoft gear as well as tactical merchandise of superior quality. When out in the field, Lancer Tactical realizes how much having the right gear matters without feeling overwhelmed. To them, the comfort of their consumers comes first with a wide array of products for beginners and even professionals. Their mission is to add value to your life by providing you with affordable and dependable gear.

The Lancer Tactical CA-221 Airsoft Safety Goggles have a sturdily built, black frame made of high quality polyurethane that will last for a long time. The hard plastic frame fits comfortably and is slanted to keep away dust and other elements. This strong pair of goggles has polycarbonate lenses that are strong and can withstand impact without cracking. They have built-in guards that also clean the lenses.

Here are more features to look forward to once you get this hardy pair of goggles:
  • Fully sealed for ultimate eye protection
  • Padded foam lining for increased comfort
  • The vents are slanted to keep away elements
  • The elastic head strap is adjustable
  • Comes in a good size that can fit most people
There are four other colors to choose from such as black, green frame with clear lens, tan frame with clear lens and tan frame with smoke lens.

How Do I Choose the Best Sports Goggles?

Did you know that an eagle’s eyesight is about 8 times better than that of a human being? Yes. An eagle can easily spot its prey even from a distance of 3 kilometers in the sky. Amazing, right? Most of us, however, are not so lucky as to be endowed with this vision and when it comes to playing sports, you want all the advantages you can get. All sports goggles will protect your eyes from physical threats and they should also keep your vision clear from sunlight, dust and other particles.

Some sports goggles are specially designed to help sports lovers enjoy their activities in the field while wearing quality eyewear to improve their vision and protect their eyes. Most are just there to simply protect your eyes from whatever dangers the sport may hold. The best sports goggles should have lenses that can block dust and other elements and resist impact without shattering or scratching. Cyclists can attest to the importance of having the right shoes to pedal and the right goggles to keep sweat from dripping into their eyes.

When shopping for the right goggles, ensure that the area around the temple fits well without pressing your skin too much. The nosepiece should fit snugly and shouldn’t keep slipping since this will affect your performance. Just like you can’t ski without your ski boots, you can’t swim or even cycle without a pair of quality sports goggles, especially if your vision is not so good.
Sports goggles are fairly inexpensive, ranging between $10 and $25. As you can see, the difference in the pricing of these goggles is minimal since most have similar features, although some may have advanced technology which makes them a bit more costly. Such technology includes an innovative design that has vents and an advanced lens that keeps away fog. Nothing messes you up like a fog forming on your goggles since it hinders your vision, undermining your performance.

It’s advisable to keep away from cheap sports goggles that have flimsy frames that easily break upon impact. The nose piece in such goggles keeps slipping, which is not only uncomfortable but also quite annoying, especially when playing a competitive game.
Here are the features to look out for before adding that pair of sports goggles to your cart:
  • Type - Ensure that you get the right goggles designed for the sport you want to undertake so that the goggles can help you perform to the ultimate.
  • Lens design - Most quality goggles feature a polycarbonate lens and you may find others with a double lens. The shade of the lens varies depending on the intended contrast.
  • Protection - Sports goggles shouldn’t just improve your vision, but should also offer you protection from harmful elements such as UV rays and dust.
  • Size - The sports goggles should be lightweight, especially the frames, so that you can comfortably play without them pulling you down.
  • Fit -Do the goggles have a frame or an elastic strap for better fit? Can you adjust the straps to fit better?
Construction and Design
Sport goggles are designed to withstand intense play and are sturdily built for this purpose. The lenses are mostly made of polycarbonate and often has antifogging features for the maximum comfort of the player. Lenses are also often resistant to scratches and may be double paned to keep harmful elements out. The color of the lens varies and can be smoky, clear, or amber among others. It’s all up to your personal preference and preferred light contrast.

Some goggles allow you to insert your prescription lenses into them. The sports goggles may have a frame or an elastic strap for proper fit. For those with frames, the design may be slanted to shield your eyes from dust and sweat. The elastic strap should be adjustable and of adequate length to fit your head snugly.

Another important part of the sports goggles is the nosepiece, which should fit your face well. The nosepiece can be made of rubber or PVC and possibly have anti-slip properties. Vents are also common in goggles to act as an outlet for steam so that the goggles don’t get foggy.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of the ski goggles depends on how well they fit your face and the quality of the lens. A polycarbonate lens is often loved by users due to its clarity and protection from harmful elements. Ensure that you don’t drop your glasses in case the design can’t handle heavy impact. However, most brands have ensured that their goggles are shatterproof for increased performance.

Cleaning the goggles requires a soft cloth that you may find provided in the package and you should avoid using soap to clean your goggles to prevent them from any damage. Goggles are often stored in a pouch that may be made of microfiber to resist damage.

Get the Best Sports Goggles of 2022!

Awesome! You have made it to the end of this review and it’s our wish that you have learnt a lot that will help you buy the best sports goggles. Have you found anything you liked? If not, explore these expert brands for more sports goggles that will shield and improve your vision as you play.

Our Top Choice
HEAD Pro Elite Racquetball Eyewear
Best Value
Global Vision Eliminator Goggles
Ponosoon Multipurpose Sports Goggles
Pyramex Safety I-Force Sports Goggles
Lancer Tactical CA-221 Airsoft Safety Goggles