Best Sports Headphones Reviews 2022

Looking for the best sports headphones?The best of conventional headphones deliver rich sound, but they restrict music lovers who would like unlimited access to their playlists irrespective of conditions, time, and location. Sports headphones, on the other hand, take the limits off. So, if you are a music addict, you can now have your music everywhere you go. You can stand in the rain, get some work done at your desk, or sweat it out in the gym while listening to your favorite music. We have done an extensive research on the best sports headphone brands in the market and have come up with one from each. Please, note: we also have a review on Best Bluetooth Earbuds if you would like more options
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Play time
Our Top Choice
Anker SoundBuds Slim Sport Headphone
With Anker, you have the freedom to do whatever and go wherever. It opens a world of endless possibilities, making your dreams come true.
Defies rain, sweat, and splashes. Bluetooth connectivity. Noise canceling technology keeps noise out. 8 hours on single charge. 18-month warranty.
Bass sound is considered rather loud for some.
Pliable over ear lobes; mic
Noise cancelation; skip-free
8 hours
Black; blue; red
Best Value
Mpow Sports Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless In-Ear Sweatproof Headphone
Mpow is a renowned brand in the world of consumer electronics. It offers innovative and simple products that are easy to use and can serve you for a long period of time.
Resistant to sweat and rain. Long talk and playtime. Great audio quality from expertly tuned drivers. Compact travel case. Interchangeable ear tips.
More bass would be amazing.
With mic; nano coating
Noise reduction technology
6 hours
Black; blue
Bose SoundSport In-ear Headphones
Bose is unarguably the boss of great audio. With Bose, customer service is not just a necessity, it is a promise kept. Choosing Bose means choosing to be the boss of what you hear.
Deep, clear sound. Inline remote control to switch between music and calls. StayHear tips fit snugly. Moisture and weather resistant. Carrying case in matching colors.
Doesn’t have noise canceling feature.
With ear hook; mic+controls
Triport technology
Depends on device used with it
5 colors available
Skullcandy Method Sports Ear Buds
Since Skullcandy gained entrance into the market, it has pushed the boundaries of sound to a level of high fidelity and style.
Supreme sound™ produces rich sound. In-line remote switches between calls and music. In-ear stability. Prevents germ buildup in the ears. Clip for cable management.
A few isolated reports of the ear buds falling out.
DualLock ear fit; ear gels
Supreme Sound technology
Depends on device used with it
10 colors available
ROVKING Sport Earphones
Rovking is a leader in the production of innovative and quality headphones. A listen into what its customers had to say proved it values and responds to their needs.
Lightweight. Isolates noise. Comfortable and firm-fit ear buds. Remote control switches between calls and music. Rich sound delivery. Money back guarantee from Defway.
There’s just one garment clip.
Formable wire; over ear
Noise isolation technology
Depends on device used with it
4 colors available

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What is the Best Sports Headphones?

Now that you’ve had a swell time with our buying guide, you have all the information you need to get the right pair of sports headphones.
Our Top Choice
Make hands-free calls and listen to your favorite songs in the gym, at work, and even in the rain with the Anker SoundBuds Slim Headphones that are designed to take in all the moisture without getting damaged. Want to take your calls and music to the gym and in the rain? Try the Anker NB10 SoundBuds Sports Headphones. You can enjoy crystal clear sounds with the noise canceling feature.

Anker SoundBuds Bluetooth Sports Headphone with Built-in Mic – Available in 3 Colors

Founded in 2011 by a group of friends that started out as colleagues at Google, Anker has grown into an industry leader in the world of mobile accessories. Anker strives to create a world of endless possibilities for its customers by empowering them to achieve more with their mobile devices. It aims to take the limitations off and help people all over the world get the best of mobile technology. Simply enjoy your life and live it to the fullest with its line of products that include, mobile chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and ear buds. The company has a customer support group that is passionate about helping its customers get the best of its products any day.

The Anker SoundBuds Slim Headphones are designed for your pleasure and comfort. Move to the rhythm on an early morning workout with these amazing headphones and be treated to crisp and high-quality stereo sound.

Want to place a call to your office assistant on the go? These headphones make that easy. The Bluetooth feature allows you make clear and noise-free calls even when you are 33 feet away from your mobile device while the noise canceling technology shuts out noise and straying sound so that perfect sounds are delivered to you at every given time.

Take advantage of its 120mAh battery that offers a remarkable 8-hour playtime on a single charge. This means long hours of talk and playtime. You can also pause, play, stop and change your music quickly and easily with its on-ear controls.

When you own a pair of these lovelies, you will soon discover how light and compact they are. You may have gone long hours drowned in music and work life before you realize you actually had headphones plugged in the whole time. You'll also get a Micro USB Cable, a travel pouch for storage, a welcome guide and an exclusive worry-free manufacturer’s warranty of 18 months.

Anker offers other exciting headphones and they include:
  • Anker SoundBuds Wireless Headphones with 6-hour Playtime – Available in two colors: It features patented AirWings for firm grip and superior comfort
  • Anker SoundBuds Wireless Sports Headphones with 8-hour – Available in three colors: It has three pairs of ear hooks and tips for comfort and extra hold on your ears
  • Anker SoundBuds Digital IE10 Lighting Headphones with Sound Adjustment for iPhone, iPad, and iPod: You can customize the sound you hear from the super bass, clear voice and balance modes
  • Anker SoundBuds Wireless Curved Sports Headphones with 12.5-hour playtime: It features protection from sweat and water
  • Anker SoundBuds Lite Bluetooth Sports Headphone with Built-in Mic – Available in two colors: It features 10-hour audio time and 12-hour talk time
Best Value
The Mpow Sweatproof Sports Headphones offer the best of audio quality from their expertly tuned audio driver. Run in the rain and sweat it out at the gym because its Nano-coating design makes it moisture-resistant. Need sports headphones for all your devices? Try the universally compatible Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Sports Headphones. It features a 2-way carrying method for style and comfort.

Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 Sweatproof Sports Headphone with 3 Pairs of Eartips and Carrying Case – Available in Black and Blue

Mpow offers a line of innovative products in consumer electronics. Its product line includes Bluetooth receivers and iPhone headsets. Since its inception, Mpow has spread its tentacles to the cities of California, London, and Berlin. It also boasts of a strong online presence across many retail shops in 10 countries. Mpow’s strengths lie greatly in its passion and dedication to the provision of simple and easy-to-use products for its customers. This strategy has helped Mpow grow into a giant in the industry and has positioned it as a strong force in consumer electronics.

The Mpow Sweatproof Headphones are made of soft and premium lightweight material that will leave a soft feel on your ears. You can go long hours enjoying your favorite songs and making all the necessary calls for the day without knowing you’ve had the headphones plugged in the whole time.

You would most likely look the other way if you met a pair of headphones that would fall out of ears at the slightest movement. Not to worry, this pair has been ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your ears for as long as you would love to have them on. You’ll have the luxury of pairs of ear hooks made from soft silicone and ear tips that can be interchanged as you like. So, you can jump, run, crawl, and do all the routines of your workout without having to check or hold the headphones in place.

Podcasts, messages, songs, and motivational talks on your mobile device sound even better with its crystal clear high-quality sound. You can take advantage of its expertly tuned driver and enjoy natural and balanced sound anytime any day.

Your sense of value will still be rated high if you jog in the rain or sweat it out in a gym while you have these headphones on just because it has a sweat-proof Nano-coating that can withstand heavy rains, sweat, and splashes.

Enjoy 6-7 hours of quality playtime on these headphones when you make a single charge of just about 2 hours. Of course, you know it varies with the volume and style of music you may be listening to. But for all its worth, you can bank on uninterrupted talk and play time. Meanwhile, the noise canceling technology shuts the noise out from your talk and play time so that you can have seamless sound transmission during your conversations.

There are more exciting offers from Mpow, here are a few:
  • Mpow Bluetooth Sports Headphones with Hi-fi Stereo: It allows you answer and end calls without getting to your phone
  • Mpow Magnetic Bluetooth Sports Headphones with Mic and Case: It features a robust sound from a CSR 8640 chip
  • Mpow Wireless Earbud with 2 Magnetic Chargers: This earbud can be used with two different Bluetooth-enabled devices and allows you stream from them
The Bose SoundSport Headphones deliver deep, crisp, and clear sound from the incorporated TriPort technology. Your comfort is guaranteed with the interchangeable soft tips that fit into your ears snugly and comfortably. Want a pair of headphones with a heart rate sensor? Then get the Bose SoundSport Pulse with Charging Case. Its charging case built-in battery provides 18 hours of playtime.

Bose SoundSport In-ear Headphones – Available for Apple, Samsung and Android Devices in 5 Colors

Bose was founded in 1964 and named after its founder, Dr. Bose. For over five decades, Bose has consistently upheld the ideals of value, innovation, and respect. Although regarded as a research-based company, Bose is equally passionate about its customers’ feedback and opinions. Its mission is to develop better solutions and products that will help people all over the world enjoy the things they love to do. When it comes to audio and everything sound, Bose promises to give you utmost satisfaction any day. It works on the premise that people deserve the right to find utmost joy in the sheer fact that goods and services they purchase serve them the way they want them to. With Bose, excellent customer service isn’t just a necessity, it is a promise it keeps.

When it comes to great sounds, Bose is the boss! Its SoundSport Headphones say it all. They are designed to help you get the best of your workout with your favorite songs at the best level of audio delivery possible. They definitely beat the conventional sports headphones hands down. These headphones are sweat-resistant and are designed to fit in your ears snugly and comfortably. So, you can go through your vigorous routines and still enjoy your playlist on the go.

Missing important calls may be construed as lack of seriousness even when they are not intentional. Such impressions about you can be eliminated with the SoundSport Headphones because they feature inline mic/remote that allow you receive calls without touching your Samsung or Android device. You can also change tracks, and control the volume of audio you listen to with this button.

And if you have a busy schedule that tends to take you away from your music time, you can smile knowing you can now have your work and play time together without one suffering for the other.

The quality of your audio from these headphones is top notch, deep, crisp and clear owing to the TriPort technology incorporated in it. So, you can get serenaded with the best of R & B and country music on a day when your skies seem to go gray.

With these sports headphones, you would have gone several hours deep into your playtime before you realize they had been in your ears for that long simply because these headphones are really lightweight. They come with patented StayHear® tips that are designed to truly ‘stay there’ as soon as you fix them in your ears. So, the chances that they will fall out of your ears are pretty slim.

Other headphones offered by Bose include:
  • Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones for Apple Devices with Acoustic Noise Cancelling – Black: It is compatible with most smartphones
  • Bose QuietComfort 20 Headphones for Apple Devices with Acoustic Noise Cancelling, Black: Incorporated technology allows you control the level of noise canceling you want
  • Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones: It has a comfortable lightweight neckband that holds it to your body for as long as you want
  • Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones for Apple devices – Available in 2 Colors: It comes with a protective carrying case for storage
Don’t forget that you can get these sports earbuds for a variety of devices, including Samsung and other Android devices, as well as Apple devices. You also have the freedom to choose between 5 cool colors
The Method Sports Ear Buds deliver rich, warm and natural sounds to you in the most stylish and colorful way. It features the StickyGels™ technology ear buds that enhance in-ear stability during sweaty activities. Love to listen to your best songs during intense workouts? Then try the Skullcandy XTplyo Sports Ear Buds. They have a safety glow clip that keeps you visible in dark areas.

Skullcandy Method Sweat-Resistant Sports Ear Buds with StickyGels™ Technology for In-Ear Stability – Available in 10 Colors

Skullcandy was born out of the desire to break the norm with what existing headphones offered. Nonconformist, Rick Alden, had a frustrating episode once. He had been listening to music from his player and needed to pick a call. So, he had to yank his headphones from his music player to be able to use them on his phone. Right there and then he got his ‘Eureka!’ moment. His thoughts ran wild as he imagined the possibility of creating headphones that could switch between calls and music. Rick didn’t let that idea slide down memory lane but threw himself into achieving his dream. Today, Rick and his like-minded team of experts have made Skullcandy a world-renowned brand known for producing affordable, high fidelity and durable headphones that aren’t just for fancy but designed to go with you through thick and thin.

The Method Sports Earbud Headphones feature natural, warm and clear sounds from the Supreme Sound ™ technology. This means that owning a pair of these will open up a window of great music and talk time to you. Your songs sound better and your conversations go on smoothly without hassles.

Available in a cool 10 colors, the ear buds are designed in such a way that as soon as you plug them into your ears, they stay right there and won’t budge or fall out. This amazing privilege is as a result of the unique StickyGels™ technology incorporated in the design of the ear buds. It is even 30% more secure when you are sweating and it enhances in-ear stability under such conditions. But, oh well, a few customers have complained that it didn’t stay put when they used it. I guess we can blame it on peculiar anatomies of certain ears.

It has a remote control with microphone that is sweat-proof and constructed with a low profile. This helps you stay in touch and in control at all times. You can change, pause and play your songs and even take or make calls whenever you choose to.

Using headphones for a long period of time may allow germs thrive around them. But this isn’t so with the Skullcandy Method Sports Headphones. They are designed with the PureClean™ ear gels that prevent germs from building up in the ear buds. This ensures that they stay clean and fresh always.

Here are a few more from Skullcandy:
  • Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 Earphones – Available in 17 Color Variants: It features a flattened cable for durability and style
  • Skullcandy Uproar Wired Headphones – Blue/Green Color: It features soft ear buds that provide comfort when used
  • Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Built-In Mic and Remote – Available in 9 Colors: Offers 10 hours of uninterrupted playtime
  • Skullcandy Chops Buds Flex with Mic: It produces rich sounds
The Rovking G10 Sports Headphones isolate noise and deliver only the good and purely natural sounds to you. You can go long hours without feeling a thing in your ears because of the lightweight feature. If you prefer a premium metal pair of headphones to match your Apple phone, then you should try the ROVKING Wired Metal Headphones with Mic. It comes with a portable carrying case.

ROVKING Wired Sports Headphones with Remote and Mic Ear Hook – Available in 4 Colors

Rovking’s lifelong dream has been to focus on its customers’ demands when it comes to sports headphones. This is why, over the years, it has thrown itself into extensive research and production of the lightest, high quality and most comfortable sports headphones. Its customer service team constantly offers customers the necessary support they require with its products. Rovking continues to pursue excellence and professionalism with sport headphone brands all over the world. And today, many customers can testify that Rovking has truly lived up to the expectations of those who love great and functional headphones.

Available in 4 cool colors, the Rovking G10 Sports Headphones offer in-ear stability and firm fit. They produce powerful bass and quality sound that makes you get in the music anywhere anytime.

They feature ear buds that are relatively smaller than other headphones just in case you have pretty small ears. So, you really don’t have to stretch and pull your ears wide for the ear buds to fit in. The over-the-ear ear buds can work well for persons with small and average-sized ears without causing any pain. You can run or work it out for long hours without feeling uncomfortable because of the lightweight feature.

They will stay put no matter how rigorous your workouts get or how sweaty you may become because of the in-ear angle design and the ear loop. The ear loop fits gently around the ear so that the headphones are properly in place always.

A pack of these headphones also comes with 4 pairs of ear buds and seal to ensure that you have a custom fit for the size of your ears. The seal shuts out the noise and isolates only the good stuff so that you can have exclusive access to the best of your favorite music.

The cord is long enough for you to place your device in front without feeling restrained. More so, it is thick and tangle-free, so you don’t get tied up in cords.

Its phone call and music switch attribute combine the features of its remote and microphone so that you can answer a call when your arm is in a phone case. You can also control what you hear by pausing, playing or changing the music,

How Do I Choose the Best Sports Headphones?

Headphones that can go wherever you go and do whatever you want them to do are coveted items every music and audio loving person wants to have. They are called sports headphones. You can play all your songs on the go without restrictions because they are designed to go through thick and thin with you, unlike your regular headphones.

‘No pain no gain’ is a mantra everyone chants about things that require discipline. Talk about a grueling workout session or a demanding task you have to do often. But connecting your smartphone and MP3 player to a pair of sports headphones may ease the pain in that activity and make it something to look forward to.

With sports headphones, your music is literally yours and no one else’s. Once they are plugged into your ears, you tune out into that world that only you have the power to create – a world of perfect sounds and music.

Sports headphones also help you live an organized and responsible life as a business person or an employee.

We know those important calls from college professors, hiring managers, and scholarship bodies that come in when we are at the gym or neck deep in another task. Some of such calls, when missed, can paint an otherwise negative impression of you to the caller.

To avoid this, having some sports headphones will give you access to your mobile phone even during a busy day so that you are notified of incoming calls in real time.

The consumer electronics market has seen a lot of sports headphones in the last few years that make choosing the perfect headphones a chore. If you are a sound expert familiar with audiophile headphones and the motions of selecting them, you’ll know that you require as much information as you can get before you make a choice of sports headphones.

We can safely say that to get good value for your money, you must know what to look out for. Not to worry, we will let you on those things in a bit to make you an informed buyer.
The price of sports headphones varies with brand, features, technology incorporated, and functionality. Headphones with noise canceling features tend to be pricier than those without. This is one of the few factors that significantly affect the price of sports headphones.

Nevertheless, sports headphones generally fall within a price range of $20 to $1,000. We are also aware that there are cheap sports headphones that get damaged after a few months. We have left them out, leaving you with just the good stuff.
Ready to make a choice? Here are a few things you must consider:
  • Accessories: Ear buds, ear hooks, garment clips
  • Sound Quality: crisp, clear, deep bass
  • Moisture Resistance: water-resistant, sweat-proof
  • Type: In ear, ear buds
  • Connectivity: wireless or wired
  • Extra: Noise cancelling feature, microphone, carrying case
Construction and Design
Rich and quality sound will be great music to your ears (pun intended), but there are some electrical factors that determine the quality of sound that you must consider. They include impedance and sensitivity.

The sensitivity level of sports headphones is often measured in dB/mV and it determines how efficient the sound from the headphones is. Impedance, on the other hand, determines how loud the headphones are. Low impedance means louder and richer sounds, and should be between 16 ohms and 32 ohms. Low impedance sports headphones often require good internal amplifiers and equalizers, too.

The effect of these factors is heard in the depth and richness of the bass sound as well as the clarity and crispiness of the sounds delivered.

Any pair of headphones you decide to go for should be lightweight and small. This important but often overlooked factor determines your comfort and ease-of-use. Heavy headphones will weigh down on you and may require a lot of getting used to for them to quit slowing a jogger down. Wireless headphones also contribute to easing the load you’ll have to carry because they don’t require you to carry the bulk of your smartphone or other music devices up to a considerable distance.

They are either moisture and weather-resistant or they don’t pass as sports headphones. Sports headphones ought to allow you to jog, run, or walk in the rain. They should also be able to stay in the ears even when you are sweating it out profusely at the gym or during the gruesome activity of unpacking in a new apartment. Sweat-proof headphones should not react to or get damaged by the sweat you produce. Neither should they start to slide out of your ears from getting slippery. Most sports headphones can even withstand splashes and spills from drinks.

Noise isolation is another point worthy of note. Headphones with noise isolation feature make you focus on tasks you have to carry out by shutting out sounds from cars and other people. This will increase your productivity and level of concentration. On the flip side, the noise canceling feature becomes an issue in a case where you have to be conscious of your environment. This may go against the ideals of being security-alert.

If you hate missing your calls then you should go for sports headphones that allow you switch easily and conveniently between your music and calls. The headphones should also feature a microphone so that you don’t have to reach for your phone at all.

It should also allow you change tracks, pause and play songs in the most efficient way possible so that it doesn’t impede your activities.
Performance and Ease of Use
Sports earphones can either be wired or wireless. Wireless headphones usually incorporate technologies like Bluetooth for connectivity to smartphones and music devices. They allow more flexibility in terms of distance than the wired ones. Wired headphones come with a couple of wires and are connected to the music device’s earphone jack.

This type of headphones may become stressful to use because of tangling wires and may also limit the distance to which you can use them. In some occasions, you may accidentally yank the cable out your device’s earphone jack and damage the jack or cable when this happens quite a number of times. Nonetheless, some wired headphones come with cable management features like clips, which hide and tidy the cables neatly. Either ways, one thing most wired and wireless headphones have in common is that they are pretty easy to transport because of their lightweight nature.

Most ear buds often have a certain technology or design that makes them sit in your ears without falling off. However, there are no one-size-fits-all ear buds. This is why many brands give buyers the option of choosing from about three to four pairs of soft ear buds that will fit their ears snugly, comfortably, and firmly – a feature you must be sure to look out for.

This feature, in some cases, goes hand-in-hand with the ear hook feature to give extra hold on the ears. When they are included, ear hooks also come in pairs of different sizes. The idea is for you to match the pair of ear buds and ear hooks that will work perfectly together to fit in your ears. A perfect fit ensures that the headphones do not fall out of your ears during intense workouts and activities.

Sports headphones with neck chain design may be designed in two ways. One way is to have the connecting cord hung over the ears and the other design comes with a garment clip to hold it down to your shirts or blouses. These designs help to hold the cable connecting both ear pieces down and in place so that it doesn’t jump up and down or tickle your neck (if it sensitive) while you are running or jogging.

Finally, to enhance mobility, look out for carrying cases as well. A carrying case will store your headphones safely and may also provide a home for your keys other small items you may need when you are using the headphones on a workout or while you are running.

Get the Best Sports Headphones of 2022!

There’s no doubt you now know what to look for in a pair of sports headphones. We invite you to check our review section for the best choice. You can also use the navigation links we have provided to check for more products from these brands.

Our Top Choice
Anker SoundBuds Slim Sport Headphone
Best Value
Mpow Sports Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless In-Ear Sweatproof Headphone
Bose SoundSport In-ear Headphones
Skullcandy Method Sports Ear Buds
ROVKING Sport Earphones