Best Sports Sunglasses Reviews 2023

If you’re a fan of the Tour de France, Formula One, volleyball, or baseball, then you’re familiar with the importance of proper premium sports sunglasses. When out on the racetrack, basketball court, or baseball field, it’s necessary to protect your sensitive eyes from harsh elements such as sun glare and wind. Unfortunately, knowing which glasses to buy for which sport can be a tad overwhelming. For this reason, the team at Top Products has searched far and wide to bring you the five top products from some of the best sports sunglasses brands. Without a doubt, these great sports sunglasses are sure to bring out your inner champion sportsperson.
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Our Top Choice
Oakley Flak XL Prizm Golf Sunglasses
Oakley was started in 1975 to give athletes products that will help them remain competitive despite various challenges.
Exceptional clarity; Incorporates great technology; Impact resistant; Lightweight; Holds in place
May be a bit taller than previous 1.0 model
Non-polarized, Golf
High-quality, lightweight plastic
Curved with PRIZM technology
Best Value
Under Armour UA Nitro L Kids’ Sunglasses
Under Armour was founded in 1996 to help athletes perform their best by providing them with dependable products.
Snug fit; Holds firmly despite sweating; Free air flow; Lightweight frame
Comes with a cloth bag, not a hard case; Non-polarized
Non-polarized, various sports
Fusion frames with Auto grip
Composite curved lens
Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor Sunglasses
Adidas is one company that loves sports and has continued to provide different industry players with simple yet highly dependable products.
Non-polarized; Ultimate UV protection; Light in weight; Wraparound for a great fit
Doesn’t accommodate prescription lenses
Non-polarized, outdoor games
Wraparound SPXT frame
Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses
The Julbo brand has existed since 1888 and continues to give the world innovative optical wear.
Timeless design; Unwavering eye protection; Snug fit; Shock resistant lenses
Polycarbonate lenses are not as sturdy as glass
Non-polarized, mountaineering
Metallic with leather straps
Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglasses
Duduma focuses on providing consumers with fashionable and stylish products that will bring out their personality.
Polarized; Ultimate UV protection; Ultra-light; Comfortable fit
May not be ideal for a wide face
Polarized, various sports
TR90 unbreakable frame
TAC polaroid lens

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What is the Best Sports Sunglasses?

As you have read our review thus far, you’ve probably noticed that design factors such as the contour of the lens and the quality of the frame influence the effectiveness of sports sunglasses. Let’s explore more pointers that will help you land the most ideal sunglasses.
Our Top Choice
The Oakley Flak 2.0 Golf Sunglasses will bring your gaming skills to a whole new level thanks to its revolutionary PRIZM technology that gives the lens exceptional sports-specific vision. Not digging this design? Check out the Oakley Squared Sunglasses that boast of 100% protection from UV rays.

Oakley Flak Plastic 2.0 XL Prizm Golf Sunglasses – Available in Multiple Colors and Lens Colors

California based sports giant, Oakley, has steadily and professionally etched its mark on the sporting industry for the last 42 years. With over 600 patents under its belt, Oakley means business when it comes to giving athletes innovative and quality products for their respective sports. They clearly understand just how competitive sports can get, so they’re constantly providing sportsmen and sportswomen with top notch articles. In fact, it’s what has made this brand one of the best in the industry. Oakley has also expanded into providing consumers with superior active lifestyle products. If you’re a golfer that’s aiming for that elusive championship, then the Oakley Flak XL Prizm Golf Sunglasses is a must have! From its stylish design to its innovative lens technology, this pair of sports glasses will have you hitting those golf balls like a pro! Its patented O-Matter frame material is built to resist impact and is so lightweight that you can wear these glasses all day without feeling any discomfort. Oakley is not done yet! Here’s what else they have to offer:
  • Innovative PRIZM lens technology that gives you exceptional vision
  • Unobtanium ear socks and high-grip nose pads that hold glasses in place despite sweating
  • High Definition Optics is patented and gives you clear vision from all angles
  • Its lens curvature strategically protects your eyes from wind and impacts
  • Boasts of 100% UV protection
  • It’s non-polarized, so your vision won’t be distorted
  • The package includes a large micro bag and a soft vault sports case
With over twenty lens colors to choose from such as bronze polarized, dark violet, jade or even chrome iridium, you really can’t exhaust your options. Not lov’in this black prizm color? Don’t worry, these sports glasses are available in a multitude of other colors such polished black with red iridium, matt root beer, and many more!
Best Value
The Under Armour UA Nitro L Kids’ Sunglasses is just what a youthful champ will need since its 3 Grip design allows the frame to fit snugly on their face and doesn’t slip due to perspiration. Are you an adult that needs a pair of sunglasses designed for your particular sport? We believe that the Under Armour Igniter Multiflection Sunglasses will be a great fit!

Under Armour Non-Polarized Youth’s Nitro L Sunglasses – Available in Multiple Colors and Lens Colors

When Kevin Plank founded Under Armour in 1996, he sought to provide the sports industry with a high-performance t-shirt that regulated an athlete’s body temperature, enhancing performance. Twenty years later, the company has not only grown its product base but has also managed to enter the list of top sports gear providers in the industry. As a university footballer player, Plank was in a position to understand the various needs of an athlete when it came to clothes and performance accessories. This experience led him to gather a team of able professionals, and together they’ve made Under Armour a remarkable brand. The Under Armour UA Nitro L Kids’ Sunglasses is what a sports youth needs to perform at the top of their game. These lightweight sunglasses use Under Armour’s signature Fusion frames and have a stylish appeal. Although they’re innovatively designed to be light, they’re also extremely durable and are so tough that they rarely become damaged upon impact. With Under Armour UA Nitro L Kids’ Sunglasses, you can jump, roll, run or do pretty much anything without fear of damaging your eyes. Here’s more on these glasses:
  • Non-polarized with razor sharp vision
  • 100% protection from UVA, UVB & UVC rays
  • 3-point grip that affords you comfort and a snug fit
  • Increased vision with edge-to-edge lenses that are stronger than polycarbonate lenses
  • Excellent airflow which prevents fogging
  • Enhanced vision for increased performance
Are you just not into these sunglasses or the white shiny frame with gray/blue multiflection lenses? Well, how about you get a satin black frame and pair it up with gray multiflection lenses? You will be glad to learn that these sunglasses come in five different colors and four lens colors. Check them out ‘cuz you may just fall in love!
Their Tycane Pro Outdoor Sunglasses are non-polarized with quality plastic lenses that provide ultimate protection from harmful UV rays. Not digging this wraparound design? Then the Adidas Kumacross 2.0 Sunglasses that come in a fitting design are an ideal choice.

Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor Rectangular Sunglasses – Available in Multiple Colors and Different Lens Colors

Adidas is one brand that needs no introduction due to its dominance in the sport industry. Loved for its stylish and fashionable products, Adidas never disappoints in any of their projects. Here’s some figures that show that this brand means business; over 60,000 employees, produces over 840 million goods annually, and their sales for 2016 were about 19 billion euros. Whoa! Impressive, right? Their multiple-brand principle has seen the company lure all manner of customers; from world-class athletes to individuals looking to make a fashion statement. A fashion statement is exactly what you will make with the Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor Sunglasses that come in an elegant unisex design. If you have a sporty lifestyle, then these sunglasses are made with you in mind and have a wraparound design that encircles your head to give you a snug fit. Whether you’re a baseball player or a golf fanatic, these well-designed glasses will offer your eyes 100% UV ray protection. Here are more fantastic Adidas features:
  • Quality SPXT material that has amazing tensile resistance
  • Has a single bridge for added stability
  • Ideal for outdoor sports and games
  • Non-polarized to effectively reduce sun glare
  • Includes a protective case for safe storage
  • Proudly displays the Adidas logo on its temple
  • Comes with a soft cloth for cleaning
Not feel’in this black and red matte frame with LST Bluelight Silver lenses? There are other frame colors such as grey matte/grey and black matte/blue that can be coupled with a grey lens.
Their Vermont Classic Sunglasses are a timeless masterpiece that have detachable leather sides which provide mountaineers with constant wind and sun glare protection. Not intrigued by this design? Check out the Julbo MonteBianco Mountain Sunglasses instead that boasts of advanced Spectron 4 lenses.

Julbo Vermont Timeless Mountaineering Sunglasses – Available in Multiple Colors and Lens Colors

Julbo is a company that first ventured into the optical wear business back in 1888. That’s 129 years of optical wear experience! Jules Baud, the founder of Julbo, had a passion for designing innovative eyewear which is what the company continues to do. Their first line of glasses was used by hunters who wanted to protect their eyes from harsh elements as they trekked on the mountains in search of prey. Since then, the brand has expanded remarkably with timeless pieces under its belt. Consumers looking for innovative eyewear at reasonable prices have found a refuge in Julbo’s wide range of optical products. The Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses are masterfully engineered with mountain enthusiasts in mind. With over a century of understanding optical wear design, you can be sure that this pair of sports sunglasses was manufactured to withstand the test of time. Mountaineers and hiking aficionados, don’t you hate it when you’re climbing and the sunlight keeps bouncing off the snow, essentially blinding your vision? Well, with the special round lenses on these glasses, you no longer have to squint as you climb since they block up to 86% of light. Here’s more that you will appreciate on these sunglasses:
  • Adjustable strap that goes around your ear for a snug fit
  • Detachable straps made of leather that shield you from wind and other harsh elements
  • Leather nose bridge that fits nicely
  • Ultimate protection against harmful UV rays
  • Metallic frame that’s light in weight and built to last
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
Are you frowning at the brown color? Well this traditional eyepiece also comes in black, gun/white and even white/blue. Instead of the Spectron 3 lenses, you can also go for brown lenses that have equally incredible eye protection.
Its Polarized Designer Sunglasses with TAC polarized lenses provide you with ultimate protection against harmful UV400 rays as well as other types of UV rays. Do you prefer a different sunglass design? Check out the Duduma Fashion Aviator Sunglasses instead and enjoy a stylish look!

Duduma Polarized Ultra Light Designer Sunglasses for Golf, Baseball, Cycling - Available in Multiple Colors

Duduma has a passion for making stylish and fashionable eyewear which has made it a favorite among many sports lovers. Its ability to incorporate the latest trends into their designs has endeared it to many consumers who proudly wear this brand whenever out and about. With excellent customer service, this brand has managed to rise to the top as a true favorite. Whether you are out for a baseball game or canoeing in the open waters, this brand has just the right pair of eyewear for you. Do you want to a pair of sunglasses that you can wear and feel like you have nothing on your face? Then the Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglasses is just what you need. Due to its TR62 frame, it’s so light that you won’t even realize you are wearing shades. What’s more, having this type of frame will ensure that your eyes are protected both at work and at play. Hold up! There’s more:
  • Has Polaroid lenses for enhanced visibility
  • Ideal for outdoor sports such as cycling, golf and even cricket
  • Polarized to provide 100% protection from UV400 rays
  • 7 layered lens technology for ultimate eye protection
  • Shatterproof build that withstands heavy impact
  • Includes a cleaning cloth and hard storage case
  • The frame and lenses come with a lifetime warranty
With over 9 colors to choose, such as white/blue, black/blue and even silver/yellow, you can go ahead and spoil yourself!

How Do I Choose the Best Sports Sunglasses?

Presently, Adrian Solano, a Venezuelan skier, holds the title for ‘world’s worst skier’ due to a disastrous 2017 performance at a sports event in Lahti, Finland. Aside from skiing on snow for the first time ever in his career during that event, Solano had several sporting accessory issues from the start. Regardless of the fact that he trained with wheels on asphalt as opposed to skis on snow, one of his biggest winter game problems was snow glare. Since his entire training was limited to Venezuelan and Jamaican climates, his improper eyewear caused him additional skiing difficulties. In the end, in order to compete optimally and go for the gold, athletes need the proper gear and apparel to perform their best. When it comes to sporting success, proper vision is an absolute must and can only be accomplished by investing in a good pair of sports sunglasses. Whether polarized or non-polarized, sports eyewear is designed to give you enhanced visibility while out on the track, field, or court. Picture this: you are mountain climbing, but you keep losing your balance because the heavy backpack you’re carrying is dragging you down and that sun overhead glares off the snow directly into your eyes. Now, that doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? As your eyes are an important organ, you need to suitably safeguard them against harm or damage, especially in a high-stakes sports setting that may result in injury if you can’t adequately see what you’re doing. Regardless of the sport you want to engage in, you need to ensure that you have one of the best sports sunglasses on the market. When it comes to safety, a cyclist can’t take to the road without a helmet and a golfer can’t play without a set of quality clubs. The same is true for sports eye wear when you engage in sports, especially outdoor games. The lens in these sunglasses offer you the ultimate protection from glare and harmful UV lights. Additionally, when selecting an ideal pair of sports sunglasses, you should take into account which frame would be sturdy enough to withstand high tensile forces.

10 Strange (But Interesting!) Facts About Sunglasses

There are more benefits to wearing sunglasses than UV protection! | Courtesy of Real Men Real Style

Exposing your eyes to excessive harsh elements such as direct sunlight and sand particles can damage them. In the end, that translates into pain, necessary down time, and expensive medical bills. Instead, you can avoid these problems by spending between $15 and $240 on a quality, dependable pair of sports sunglasses. This is a huge price range, however that’s due to the vast differences in types of sports sunglasses. In this range, you will find reliable shades that are equipped with optical protection features. As you’ll notice, prices do vary, and that is mainly due to the brand name on the sunglasses. Sometimes, you just can’t afford to dish out the extra dough on items you really need. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t tempt you to go for cheaper sports sunglasses. These lower priced options often lack the right lens layering that shields your eyes from harmful elements. What’s more, these glasses typically have flimsy frames that can’t withstand a heavy impact, a common occurrence when you are playing sports.
The market is flooded with all manner of sports sunglasses as everyone has their preferred shape and design for eyewear. That said, there are several vital factors that one needs to keep in mind when out shopping for an ideal pair. They are:
  • Type - Any type of sunglasses falls either in the polarized or non-polarized category. Polarized sunglasses are preferred to their non-polarized counterpart due to their enhanced vision and 100% UV protection.
  • Design - Sunglasses can be round, rectangular or even square shaped. The lens can be curved to enhance vision from whichever angle
  • Frame - From the material used to make the frame, be it plastic or metal, to how well it holds when you are playing, these factors all influence the performance of the glasses.
  • Lens - Polaroid lenses are the most ideal choice when it comes to sports eyewear since they provide you with exceptional vision and ultimate UV ray protection.
  • Recommended Use - Some sunglasses are gender specific while others come in a unisex design. Different sports require different eyewear thus it’s essential to get the right product for that particular game.
Construction and Design
One key thing that you will notice with sports sunglasses is that most of them have colored lenses. Aside from making you look like a cool trendsetter, it also blocks off as much light as possible without compromising your vision. In your search for an ideal pair of sunglasses, you will encounter two common terms in the industry: polarized and non-polarized. Polarized lenses are well liked since they enhance your vision by blocking sun glare, a real nuisance as it gives a false perception of depth. However, for mountaineers, non-polarized lenses are more effective since they need sun rays to bounce off snow for a better climb. Recent trends in sunglass design incorporates both sports function and signature name brand fashion. Although these sunglasses are meant for sports, they are now available in funky, colorful frames and a myriad of different lens shapes. While some frames may feature fashion forward designs, you can still get timeless, classic-looking sunglasses. In terms of sunglass lens material, the most common is polycarbonate, an extremely strong plastic that is highly resistant to shattering. However, designer brands still use glass for their premium grade models. When using glass, the most ideal is optical glass which doesn’t distort images, doesn’t scratch and is chemically treated to help withstand impact. The frames are made of plastic or metal such as silver, graphite or even stainless steel. The more expensive the metal used, the higher the price. As for frame engineering, the design incorporates nose pads for a better fit and, more often than not, self-locking screws. Some glasses may feature a wraparound frame which encircles your head for a snugger fit.
Performance and Ease of Use
Sports sunglasses’ performance is gauged by its ability to protect your eyes from harmful and distracting sun rays so you can perform optimally at your specific sport. Above all else, it is the color of the lens and its protective coating that allow sportsmen and athletes to achieve their best without distraction. Depending on the sport you are engaging in, you will need to go for a pair designed for that particular sport. For example, cyclists require enhanced vision which is better achieved by polarized lenses, while mountaineers need lenses that filter out light and are commonly referred to as blue blockers. In terms of maintenance, avoid cleaning your glasses with water and soap since this tampers with the lens and surface protection. Instead, use a soft cloth, often provided by manufacturers to wipe glasses. When it comes to storage, go for a hard storage case since this delivers better protection and your glasses won’t get damaged when dropped accidently.

Get the Best Sports Sunglasses of 2023!

Now that you have made it to the end of this review, we hope that you are in a better position to select your ideal sports sunglasses. Better yet, we hope that you found a suitable product on here that will help bring out your innermost award-winning athlete. Still not there yet? Well, these expert brands have plenty of other options that will give you really good value for money.

Our Top Choice
Oakley Flak XL Prizm Golf Sunglasses
Best Value
Under Armour UA Nitro L Kids’ Sunglasses
Adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor Sunglasses
Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses
Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglasses