Best Sports Water Bottle Reviews 2023

Water covers nearly three quarters of the Earth's surface, and it's the most crucial resource we need to support our health and active lifestyles. Whether you're cycling 100 miles, or simply need to focus on consuming enough water during your day at the office, we've chosen five of the best sports water bottle brands to help you stay hydrated!
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Our Top Choice
Under Armour Draft 24-Ounce Tritan Bottle
Kevin Plank started Under Armour to design better, cooler, high-performance t-shirts for athletes. Now after 2 decades, Under Armour has expanded to a full line of sports apparel and accessories.
Available in five colors. No-slip grip and ergonomic design. Leakproof lid. Eastman Tritan copolyester fabrication. BPA-free. Impact resistant. Dishwasher safe.
While it may be versatile, some athletes may want an insulated bottle for the summer.
Flip top
Fits cup holders and bikes
24 ounces
Eastman tritan copolyester
Charcoal, gray, blue, red, royal
Best Value
Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle
When it comes to sports, Nike needs no introduction. As the world's most recognizable sports brand, Nike is a major manufacturer of athletic equipment and accessories.
Pliable, translucent design. Ergonomic grip for drinking water one-handed and tracking hydration.
The Hyperfuel is one of Nike's non-insulated options, and the pliable material may crush under heavy weight.
Leak-proof valve spout
Fits cup holders and bikes
24 ounces
BPA-free plastic
6 colors available
Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle
Hydro Flask specializes in customizable, stainless steel water bottles that support parks and recreation.
Easy to clean. Features a straw top for convenience. TempShield insulation. Keeps liquid cold 24hrs and hot 6hrs. Wide mouth at 2.19”. Made with BPA-free, safe materials.
With Hydro Flask, you're paying for durability and quality, and its bottles may be more costly due to materials and construction.
Wide mouth, double wall vacuum
Does not fit cup holders or bikes
32 ounce, 40 ounce
Stainless steel, flex cap
10 colors available
Polar Bottle 24 oz. Insulated Water Bottle
Polar Bottle is favored by cyclists worldwide. It's known for its highly insulated water bottles and hydration packs.
Designed to fit into standard bike bottle cages. Squeezable for one-handed operation. Multiple designs to choose from. 100% Phthalate and BPA free. Dishwasher safe.
Water might not stay cold for as long as expected.
Flexible insulated wide mouth
Fits cup holders and bikes
24 ounces
BPA-free copolyester
Available in 37 different colors
Nalgene Tritan 32oz Wide Water Bottle
Since 1940, Nalgene has dedicated its effort to making safer, more sustainable storage containers.
32-ounce reservoir. Impact-resistant and dishwasher safe. Leak proof. BPA/BPS free. Multiple sizes and colors available. Made in the USA.
Although this bottle is great for carrying large amounts of liquids, the base is wider than some cup holders.
Wide mouth, impact-resistant
Fits cup holders but not bikes
1 quart, 16 or 32 ounces
BPA-free tritan copolyester
30 colors available

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What is the Best Sports Water Bottle?

Now that you've learned quite a bit about different types of sports water bottles, let's take a closer look at five of the top brands for sports hydration and the awesome bottles they have to offer!
Our Top Choice
The Under Armour Draft 24-Ounce Tritan Bottle is leakproof and has a protected nozzle. Need a bottle with some insulation? Take a look at the Under Armour Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle!

Under Armour 24-Ounce Tritan Bottle with Flip Top Lid - Available in 5 Colors

Under Armour started with the quest for a high-performance athletic shirt, and within two decades it's expanded to be one of the world's leading sports apparel brands. It has a wide variety of sports equipment, shoes, training gear, and fitness wearable technology, and its gym accessories and water bottles are designed for performance. The Under Armour Draft 24-Ounce Tritan Bottle takes a classic design and improves it with details for a truly rugged and ready water bottle.

The BPA-free copolyester fabrication lets you hydrate your body without any chemical residue or buildup over time. The flip top cover with carrying loop protects the mouthpiece and attaches to backpacks or gym bags for carrying convenience. The ergonomic design is squeezed in the middle and textured for a non-slip grip, making this a spill-proof, durable water bottle with a generous 24-ounce capacity. This bottle is available in five different colors and sports a sleek and athletic design for on-the-go hydration.
Best Value
The Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle is thoughtfully designed and comes in a variety of colors. It also has an ergonomic grip. Looking for a smaller bottle? Get the Nike Sport Water Bottle with Hang Tag.

Nike Hyperfuel 24-Ounce Sports Water Bottle - Available in 6 Colors

Nike is quite possibly the most recognizable sports brand in the entire world. Since 1964, it has made the highest quality sports apparel and accessories. Originally founded as Blue Ribbon Sports, it was rebranded and named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. It's especially well-known for its shoes, but Nike also creates equipment for a variety of team and lifestyle sports.

The Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle holds 24 ounces and is made from pliable, BPA-free plastic. With its translucent material, the bottle is designed so that you can track hydration throughout the day. The strategically placed hand grips and ergonomic design allow one-handed, squeezable drinking that's perfect for cyclists, runners, and athletes on the move. This bottle is available in six different colors.
The Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle is double wall vacuum insulated, with a wide mouth. It's available in a variety of colors and sizes. Looking for a straw-free lid? Check out the Hydro Flask Water Bottle with Free Flex Cap!

Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Sports Water Bottle - Available in 12 Colors and 2 Sizes

Hydro Flask opened in 2009 with a single line of high-quality, vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles that blew away the competition. As a company with a great appreciation for the outdoors, it created Parks for All to donate $85 million dollars towards parks preservation and maintenance. With seven different sizes, two lid types, four interchangeable parts, and fourteen available colors, Hydro Flask offers 183,456 custom, unique combinations for a variety of containers.

Every Hydro Flask features outstanding durability, insulation, and their beautifully colored powder coat finish. The Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle keeps hot liquids hot for up to six hours, and cold liquids cold for up to 24. It's made from 18/8 stainless steel, with a BPA-free straw lid that can be switched out with other Hydro Flask lids or accessories. This bottle comes in 32-ounce and 40-ounce sizes with twelve different color options, and the gorgeous powder coating provides a non-slip surface for outdoor adventures.
The Polar Bottle 24 Ounce Insulated Water Bottle is the design that started it all, and it's available in 37 different colors and patterns! Looking for water on the go? Check out the breakaway top on the Polar Bottle Zipstream!

Polar Bottle 24 Ounce Insulated Water Bottle - Available in 37 Colors and 3 Sizes

The original Polar Bottle was created by a mechanical engineer and avid cyclist in 1994, and the company's success has catapulted it into worldwide advocacy and philanthropy. Polar Bottle has a commitment to U.S. manufacturing, sustainability, and a lifetime guarantee. If you accidentally damage or drop a cap, you can simply call or email, and the company will take care of it.

Every Polar Bottle is 100% BPA- and phthalate-free. The Polar Bottle 24 Ounce Insulated Water Bottle fits standard water bottle cages on most bicycles. It features a wide mouth for dishwasher cleaning and easily adding ice, and you can freeze your bottle with confidence knowing it won't shatter. The removable urethane drinking valve is simple and easy to replace, and the double-wall construction has a thermal barrier made of foil to reflect sunlight.
The original Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle is iconic and versatile, with measurement markings and plenty of colors to choose from. Looking for something lighter for portability? Check out the Nalgene LDPE 22-Ounce ATB BPA-Free Water Bottle.

Nalgene Tritan 32oz Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle - Available in 30 Colors & 2 Sizes

Nalgene revolutionized the glass container industry by inventing a plastic that was lighter, stronger, and more durable than glass. Labs and medical facilities all over the United States quickly took notice, and shortly afterwards hikers and conservationists started drinking from the reusable, recyclable bottles we know and love today. Since then, Nalgene has expanded its product line to feature a large selection of sizes and shapes in dozens of available colors!

The original Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle has a 32-ounce (1 liter) capacity, an extra-wide mouth and a sturdy, screw-on cap. Measurement markings on the side help you track your hydration throughout the day, and the impact-resistant Tritan copolyester is BPA-, phthalate-, and BPS-free. The material is dishwasher safe, and non-porous to prevent odors or absorption over time.

How Do I Choose the Best Sports Water Bottle?

Over 70% of our body is composed of water, and staying hydrated is one of the cornerstones of a fit, healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated increases productivity and performance for physical and mental tasks. Water improves the appearance of one's skin, balances mood, regulates temperature, and improves memory. In fact, proper hydration is linked to everything from better immune system health to weight loss!

Understandably, it's important to keep water nearby at all times. It's easy to hold off on getting a drink of water when you're in the middle of the workday, so keeping a water bottle nearby can help make hydration convenient and simple. Whether you choose a glass water bottle for easy cleaning, a shaker bottle for meal replacement or protein supplements, or an athletic sports water bottle like the ones we're looking at today, you can be sure that the best sports water bottle is out there waiting for you!
Quite a few factors determine price, and water bottles usually range from $8 to $60. It may be tempting to get a cheap sports water bottle, but a quality beverage holder will remain clean, sturdy, and leakproof for years. The cheapest sports water bottles may have a similar design and features to higher-end models, but the plastic used could warp or release unhealthy chemicals into your water over time.

The size and materials used are the major factors. Water bottles can be made of plastic, glass, aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel. Some are colored, and some can even be engraved or etched to customize them as gifts. Certain plastics have been carefully developed to be 100% recyclable while remaining stronger and more durable than glass.
Water bottles aren't necessarily complex, but they usually come with accessories such as a lid holder, carrying bag (or strap), or extra replacement parts. Some feature a flip top lid to protect the mouthpiece from getting dirty or damaged. Others have a piece that prevents the lid from traveling too far or being lost during physical activity. If you want to carefully measure how much water you drink in a day, check to see if a water bottle has measurement lines. These are especially useful if you're mixing protein powder into a bottle for a post-gym recovery drink.
Construction and Design
The construction and design of a bottle usually takes years to perfect. Chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, and designers collaborate to choose the best material, shape, and functionality. Small details such as indentations or textured grip make sports water bottles versatile for all types of activities. When you're buying a sports water bottle, check to see if the mouth is wide enough to clean with a dish brush, or if the bottle is dishwasher safe. Regular cleaning will make sure you water tastes pure every time.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of your water bottle depends on what you need it for. Some are specifically designed to fit into car cup holders and bicycle bottle cages. Others are wide for easy cleaning and large capacities. Stainless steel may be the most durable and easily cleaned, but it's also the heaviest to carry on a backpacking trip. Glass is nonporous and easy to sanitize, but it may shatter after impact. Plastic sports water bottles are usually versatile, and they can be squeezable for one-handed operation or hard-bodied for tough durability.

Get the Best Sports Water Bottle of 2023!

Remember that the best sports water bottle is a personal choice depending on your lifestyle, activities, and hydration needs! With a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to choose from, there's a limitless number of possibilities. Because there are so many different colors available, you can buy multiple bottles for different purposes, or outfit your friends and family to keep them healthy.

Our Top Choice
Under Armour Draft 24-Ounce Tritan Bottle
Best Value
Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle
Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle
Polar Bottle 24 oz. Insulated Water Bottle
Nalgene Tritan 32oz Wide Water Bottle